Even The Lame Got Tricked By Me Into Standing Up – Chapter 63 Part 1

Chapter 63 Yu Guangtao (ETL) Part 1

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Chapter 63 Giving You a Good Father

Gu Ye brought Lu Yize to his home. It was at 6.00 pm that time. Not long after Yu Guangtao got home, he found that the child was not at home and was anxiously looking for the child. As soon as he saw Lu Yize coming back, Yu Guangtao excitedly hugged his son in his arms and asked anxiously, “Where have you been? Why did you run out alone? What if you get lost?”

Lu Yize realized that his father was now the ‘good’ father, so he happily hugged Yu Guangtao’s waist. Burying his little face in his father’s waist, he said clingingly, “Dad, I went out to find this big brother.”

Yu Guangtao looked at Gu Ye vigilantly, his expression cold, “Who are you?”

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes, “You were the one who asked the child to send me a letter, to save you.”

“What letter? I don’t remember writing a letter to you.” Yu Guangtao took the child’s hand. He pulled the child into the house, wanting to close the door, “Please go back.”

Gu Ye stretched out his hand to block the door, “Don’t you really want to see the letter? The content was very exciting.”

“No need,” Yu Guangtao said coldly, “I have schizophrenia. That is my imaginary personality (who sent you the letter) and he does things crazy. Illness should be treated at the hospital instead. I have troubled you for coming over, sorry.”

Gu Ye stood at the door and asked with a smile, “Then your current personality, is it the child’s mother?”

Hearing that, Yu Guangtao’s expression changed instantly. Staring at Gu Ye warily, he hid the child behind him, with murderous intent in his eyes.

Gu Ye smiled, “Don’t be nervous, my purpose in coming here is for this child.”

“Are you a Taoist priest? I’ve seen you before, you can tell fortunes.”

Gu Ye shrugged, not caring about the title, “You can take it this way, but I am not an orthodox Taoist priest. I have learned a lot of different things. As long as it is useful, I will learn some. So, I am not as rigid as you think in terms of protocols.”

Yu Guangtao became more vigilant instead, “I don’t care what you can do. Leave my house quickly, or I’ll call the security guard.”

Lu Yize didn’t understand why his father was so rude to Gu Ye. He pulled the corner of Yu Guangtao’s clothes and said carefully, “Dad, this brother invited me to a meal. Don’t be so fierce to him.”

Yu Guangtao’s expression turned a little better, and he said to Gu Ye seriously, “Thank you for sending the child back. I really don’t need your help. Please go back.”

Gu Ye sighed. He couldn’t convince Yu Guangtao. Helplessly taking out a letter, he said, “This is the letter I received. You should take a look at it first.”

At the side, Lu Yize raised his little face and said seriously, “Dad, this brother can treat illnesses. He is really amazing, he can tell fortune!”

Yu Guangtao looked at the child’s expectant eyes. After a moment of hesitation, he took the letter. However, after reading the letter, he pursed his lips in anger and his expression became even uglier, “Nonsense!”

Judging from the expression, Gu Ye has verified his thoughts. He asked good-temperedly, “So, we talk about it here, or go to your house?”

Yu Guangtao clenched his fists and gritted his teeth to hide the murderous intent in his eyes, “Come in.”

Gu Ye chuckled. The first sentence he said after entering the door was, “There was a murder case in this house.”

“You think too much,” Yu Guangtao’s expression became gloomier as he looked at Gu Ye’s back coldly. With a sneer on the corner of his mouth, he added, “Nothing happened here, the things in this letter are all fabricated by that personality.”

Gu Ye shook his head and turned back helplessly, “I really came to help you.”

“Thank you.” Yu Guangtao curled his lips, “Sit down for a while, I’ll change the child’s clothes.”

Gu Ye sighed, sometimes the more you tell the truth, the less people believe it.

After Yu Guangtao led the child to the bedroom, he gave him a set of home clothes. Then he knelt down and told his son seriously, “Mom… Dad wants to talk to the big brother about something. You should do your homework after changing your clothes and don’t come out even if you hear any noise, okay?”

Lu Yize nodded obediently, “I understand, Dad.”

“Good boy.” Yu Guangtao held the child’s face and kissed his son’s forehead solemnly as if he had made some kind of decision. After he came out, he closed the door and his eyes turned cold without a trace of warmth.

At this moment, Gu Ye was standing at the door of the bathroom, looking inside.

Yu Guangtao’s eyes turned cold. He walked behind Gu Ye and asked gently, “What are you looking at, mister?”

Gu Ye said slowly, “I’m looking at a murder scene.”

Hearing that, Yu Guangtao’s body gleamed with a flash of black aura. He suddenly stretched out his hand and pushed Gu Ye in. Then, the door of the toilet was closed with a ‘BANG’.

Gu Ye put his hands behind his back and sighed helplessly, “Mrs. Yu, I really came to help you.”

“I knew it, you figured it out.”

Yu Guangtao, no, it should be Yu Guangtao’s wife Lu Ling, exuded a strong resentment. ‘He’ looked at Gu Ye gloomily and asked sarcastically, “Who wouldn’t be tempted by 3 million yuan? You were invited here by that scumbag, and I will never give my child to that scumbag!”

As soon as Yu Guangtao finished speaking, Gu Ye’s eyes went dark, and he found that the layout of the room had changed. He was standing in a huge room, surrounded by mirrors. Ghostly figures were floating in the mirrors, with evil smiles on their faces, making it impossible to guess which mirror a ghost would jump out and kill him.

Gu Ye raised his hand expressionlessly and snapped his fingers. With a ‘PA’, all the illusions disappeared. He was still in that bathroom, surrounded by gloomy air. Lu Ling was standing in front of him, looking at him in horror.

Gu Ye curled his lips, “This little trick doesn’t work on me.”

Lu Ling gritted her teeth and said hatefully, “I don’t want to hurt an innocent person like you but you bumped into me yourself. In order to protect my son, I can only say sorry to you!”

The mirror hanging on the wall suddenly cracked. Countless sharp glass flew up and rushed towards Gu Ye. Lu Ling had already evoked her murderous intentions and showed no mercy.

Gu Ye made a finger gesture, and a flash of purple lightning formed a shield in front of him, turning all the flying glass into powder. Then, a talisman flew over and hit Lu Ling’s forehead directly. The cinnabar pen drew a line in the air, and a red line invisible to the human eye appeared. It hooked the other party’s soul and Lu Ling’s soul was pulled out instantly. The person lying on the ground was a short-haired woman. She was about 30 years old, dressed in professional clothes, looking very capable.

Gu Ye said helplessly, “I didn’t want to do this. But if I don’t catch you, it seems there’s no way to talk.”

Lu Ling struggled to stand up but Gu Ye swished his cinnabar pen. Then, Lu Ling’s soul hit the red line that appeared and was bounced back again, falling to the ground.

Trapped here by a Taoist priest hired by a scumbag, Lu Ling thought of her son and wanted to break free like crazy. The resentment in her body became stronger and stronger, and she was about to lose control.

Gu Ye pinched a finger gesture tiredly, helpless, “This sister, you are making it really hard for me! Why are you so stubborn?”

At this moment, a series of small footsteps ran over, “Dad, big brother, what are you doing?”

Lu Yize heard noises here, as if two people were fighting so he disregarded what his father told him, and ran to persuade him worriedly, “Dad, big brother is really a good person!”

Pushing open the door, Lu Yize found that the mirror in the bathroom had been broken all over the floor, and his father fell to the ground, unconscious. The child was frightened and thought Gu Ye had hit his father. He was so anxious that he blocked his father behind him with tears in his eyes, “Big brother, don’t hit ‘this’ father1!”

Lu Yize couldn’t see but his mother was blocked behind him. Looking at the child’s small back, Lu Ling’s resentment dissipated by half. After she regained her senses, she couldn’t bear to kill someone in front of her son. Even if her son couldn’t see, she couldn’t do it. After taking a deep look at the small back, Lu Ling flew into a broken mirror with red eyes.

At this time, the man lying on the ground moved and slowly opened his eyes. Gu Ye squinted his eyes. The real Yu Guangtao has woken up.

The man looked at the mess in front of him, and his face became uglier. Although his soul was suppressed, he could still see what was happening outside. Looking at the child blocking him, Yu Guangtao’s face turned cold instantly. Before he could get up completely, he already raised his leg and kicked at the child on his back, “You little beast!”

This kick was too sudden and the child was totally unprepared. Gu Ye’s eyes flashed with a cold light. He quickly pulled the child aside and kicked back at Yu Guangtao, “You old beast!”

Gu Ye didn’t hold back the strength of this kick. Yu Guangtao screamed in pain while holding his leg and glared at Gu Ye fiercely, “Are you sick?!”

Gu Ye sneered, “You are the one who is sick! The child is so young, and there are still glass shards on the ground. Don’t you know how much strength you have as an adult man? If this kick hits the child, he will definitely be injured! Do you have any humanity?!”

Yu Guangtao was speechless after being scolded by Gu Ye. Noticing the look in the child’s eyes, which was without any warmth, Yu Guangtao became even angrier. Suppressing his fury, he pointed at Lu Yize and said, “If he hadn’t stopped you, you would have killed her!”

Gu Ye Ye asked sarcastically with a cold face, “Kill who?”

Yu Guangtao paused and got up from the ground. The leg that was kicked hurt so much that he could not exert force on it so he could only stand on the other leg. He said in annoyance, “I asked you to come here to exorcise ghosts. How I manage my child is my business. As long as the job is done, you can take the 3 million yuan today.”

Gu Ye sneered, not bothering to mention the 3 million yuan. “Domestic violence on children, be careful not to die in the stinking ditch and no one will pick you up!”

Yu Guangtao’s face was livid, and he gritted his teeth, “You!”

“Shut up, I want to slap you when I see you talking.” Gu Ye glanced at the other person coldly and said. After that, he took the child’s hand and wanted to pull him forward a bit. However, the child hid behind him in fear and didn’t dare to come out.

Seeing this, Gu Ye’s heart was filled with unspeakable anger. His face was gloomy and he said, “Such a good child was scared like this by you. Are you still considered as the child’s father? You are worse than a beast!”

“What do you know!” At this point, Yu Guangtao opened his mouth in frustration but didn’t say the rest of the words. But Gu Ye understood what he meant and gave an angry chuckle. “Do you think he is not your child? You really don’t deserve such a child. The mother’s genes must be very good to give birth to such a good child.”

After Gu Ye finished speaking, he was too lazy to talk nonsense with such a person. He picked up a mirror fragment from the ground and pulled Lu Yize to leave.

Yu Guangtao called out anxiously, “Don’t leave, you haven’t gotten rid of the ghost yet!”

Gu Ye answered coldly, “She is in this mirror, I will take her back to deal with it.”

“The child…”

Gu Ye added with the same cold tone, “I want to take this child away. I need his virgin blood to get rid of the evil spirit.”

Hearing this, Yu Guangtao was relieved, “You can take him away.” This was said without any hesitation. The man didn’t even frown when he heard that the child was needed for his blood.

Gu Ye gritted his teeth and had the urge to turn around and beat the other person to death. After thinking about it, Gu Ye calmed down. This body is still useful to keep, and it is not appropriate to cripple it.

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