Even The Lame Got Tricked By Me Into Standing Up – Chapter 61 Part 2

Chapter 61 A person without an aura of life Part 2

Yao Zhonghai specially called Gu Decheng, “Old Brother, your third son is so awesome. He saved my life today!”

Gu Decheng said seriously, “Ai! The naughty kid doesn’t learn well and engages in these feudal superstitions.”

“Don’t say that. Things passed down by our ancestors naturally have their own truths. Sometimes you can’t not believe it.” Yao Zhonghai praised, “Your son is really something. He came to look at my Feng Shui, but he actually saved my life in the end. When he left, he didn’t ask for a penny more.”

Gu Decheng’s lips curved up, but he was still very serious when he replied, “He told me he just wanted to make some money and donate to children in mountainous areas. I heard from his mother that he has done a lot of good deeds recently.”

The person on the call was immediately envious, “That’s great. He’s good at studies and has a good heart. If I have a daughter, I won’t need a penny of betrothal gifts and will marry her to him with a thick dowry.”

Gu Decheng subconsciously sat upright, with the corners of his mouth raised, and a smile that couldn’t be hidden on his face. He knew that Yao Zhonghai didn’t have a daughter, but he had a niece about the same age as Gu Ye. Regardless of whether the other party meant this, he blocked the possibility, “Then you are too flattering him. He is still a child, and he can still be pampered by my side for 2 more years.”

Yao Zhonghai said regretfully, “That’s right. The youngest child, they are all treasures.”

At the side, Gu Decheng’s secretary heard the statement and wanted to smile After Gu Decheng hung up the phone, he gave Gu Decheng a copy of the transfer record, “The third young master is already 20 years old, and you still want to dote on him for 2 more years? How will he find a partner in the future? This is his income and transfer record in the past 6 months. He transferred almost half of the money he earned to charities. His own expenses were not much, almost the same as a child from an ordinary family.”

Gu Decheng curved his lips in relief. He was worried that Gu Ye would earn too much and spend money indiscriminately. Now it seems that he has no worries.

Gu Decheng picked up the handle of his office phone and turned to look at the notes on the table. On the notes were the list of his family members’ phone numbers. He found Old Third’s number and dialed it.

Gu Ye had just arrived home at this moment. Upon answering, he asked with concern, “Dad, is there something wrong?”

Gu Decheng asked back with a cold face, “Can’t I call you if there’s nothing wrong?”

Gu Ye smiled awkwardly, “No, it’s just a surprise.”

Gu Decheng snorted and said seriously, “There is a charity auction on New Year’s Day night. You go with me.”

Gu Ye didn’t think much about it, “Okay.”

After a while, Mrs. Gu knocked on Gu Ye’s door, “Son, your father said you have to wear formal clothes tomorrow night. The dressmaker is here. Go down and get your measurements taken.”

Gu Ye was confused, “What?”

“Charity auction!” Mrs. Gu saw that Gu Ye still looked confused and said angrily, “It will be a big charity auction broadcast on TV. Your dad is bringing his son out for the first time, and it’s New Year. Do you want to go in pajamas and slippers? Isn’t your father going to kill you?”

Gu Ye immediately regretted it, “I’m calling my dad now. Can I not go?”

“No!” Mrs. Gu pulled Gu Ye downstairs with a cold face and looked out the window again. Her silly son was having fun playing with the dog. Mrs. Gu suddenly felt a headache. Can this stupid son who doesn’t fight for opportunity or progress still hope to get ahead in the future?

The customized formal attire was made within one day and came out on the morning of New Year’s Day. Gu Ye’s intestines turned green with regret. Seeing his father’s expressionless and serious face, he didn’t dare to ask ‘why you didn’t explain clearly’ and was pulled away to try on clothes.

At this moment, Gu Sen happened to come downstairs, with the same flat and serious face as his father. The moment Gu Ye caught a glimpse of Gu Sen, he narrowed his eyes, and immediately became energetic, “Brother, I don’t know how to tie a tie, please help me ei~!”

Gu Sen paused and came over with a cold face. Picking up the tie that Gu Ye threw on the table in disgust, he scolded Gu Ye while tying it, “Where did you learn the accent from? Speak properly!”

Gu Ye asked with a smile, “Brother, do I look handsome in this outfit?”

Gu Sen looked at Gu Ye’s well-fitting azure suit and his pair of long, slender, and straight legs. This delicate face was as perfect as a carefully carved doll. Hearing Gu Ye’s childish words made him suppress the anger he had been holding in for two days. He complimented helplessly, “Handsome, you look just like mom. You look good everywhere.”

Gu Ye smiled and said flatteringly, “Brother, are you still angry with me? I’m not even angry with you anymore.”

Gu Sen’s mouth twitched and he turned around to leave, “You’re going to anger me to death!”

Gu Ye touched the tied tie, looked in the mirror, and pulled Gu Sen to prevent him from leaving, “Brother, what should I do if one day I don’t look good and Yu Ze doesn’t like me anymore?”

Gu Sen’s expression suddenly turned cold and he shook off Gu Ye’s hand, “That’s just right. Let him go and let yourself go!”

Not long after, Gu Lin entered the fitting room. Closing the door, he looked at Gu Ye helplessly with his hands folded, “Do you really want to piss big bro off to death?”

Gu Ye smiled bitterly, “Be angry now, and he won’t be angry in the future.”

Gu Lin said angrily, “He feels guilty to Yu Ze now, and is worried about whether you will be sad if you are really dumped in the future. He really believed your lies!”

Gu Ye asked guiltily, “Isn’t that good too?”

Gu Lin got angry, which was rare, “You think I don’t know? Aren’t you just protecting him(YZ) with this?”

Gu Ye looked directly at Gu Lin without hesitation, his dark pupils were darker than usual at this moment. He raised the corner of his mouth and said coldly, “None of this is important, the important thing is that I will not let Yu Ze go. Since he dares to flirt with me, he will bear the consequences (of getting my attention). I will use all means to keep him by my side. Even if he dies, he will die by my side.”

Gu Lin has never seen Gu Ye’s expression like this before. He frowned in astonishment and looked at him for a long time, suddenly realizing that he knew too little about his brother.

Gu Ye’s expression returned to normal, he walked to Gu Lin and said apologetically, “Second brother, I know you guys are all doing this for my own good, but what I want is too little. If I don’t use a bit of scheming, I’m afraid I can’t protect it.”

Gu Lin took a deep breath. He raised his hand and clasped Gu Ye’s head, pressing him on his shoulder. “Silly boy, I’ll take care of it from big brother’s side. Don’t be afraid, there’s still second brother here.”

Gu Ye’s eyes heated up, “Thank you to you all.”

There is another sentence that Gu Ye can’t say out loud, thank you to you all for giving me a home.

At the New Year’s Day Charity Auction Party, some collectors took out some collectibles that were not too rare, but had some collectible value, and put them up for auction. The proceeds from the auction are several times higher than the price of the goods themselves. The theme tonight is to donate money to build roads, build schools, and donate school buses to children in mountainous areas.

When Gu Ye got out of the car, he found that there was a red carpet. He looked at his father aggrievedly, “If I had known the charity action was such a big event, I would have watched the show at home.”

Gu Decheng was in a good mood tonight. He raised the corners of his mouth slightly and said, “I’ll give you the auction sign later. You can donate some money and gain some blessings for yourself. Then you won’t have to waste your life from telling fortune.”

Gu Ye followed Gu Decheng onto the red carpet, and then realized what his father meant tonight, and felt warm in his heart, “Then how much do you plan to donate tonight?”

Gu Decheng smiled and said, “It is said that there are a total of 15 auction items tonight. You can take whichever you like and donate 10 million yuan.”

When Gu Ye heard about 10 million yuan, he praised with admiration, “Dad, you are really rich.”

Papa Gu proudly walked onto the red carpet and said, “We can still do this for a few more years.”

Gu Ye chuckled in amusement, the old man was so proud.

When Gu Ye smiled, the media went crazy and photographed him. Many bigshots bring their children with them, saying they want to learn the spirit of charity and cultivate love. But Gu Decheng is used to being serious and does not take his children with him on any occasion. This is the first time he brought his son to show his face, and he brought the 3rd son. The media had to guess, Gu Decheng’s favorite is Old Third? This face is not suitable for business, he is suitable for the entertainment industry!

However, it cannot be said that all good-looking people go to the entertainment industry. After all, a very good-looking business genius just came in—Yu Ze.

The host who hosted the red carpet session saw Gu Decheng and his son approaching and deliberately teased, “Papa Gu, who is this handsome guy next to you?”

Gu Decheng said with a smile, “My Old Third, came to gain some experience.”

Gu Ye listened to the host complimenting him and kept a polite smile on his face, but his eyes were already drawn away by the people at the auction seat. Yu Ze was also there?!

Yu Ze was also surprised that Gu Decheng actually brought Gu Ye. The two looked at each other and smiled. Gu Ye wished he could just run over and hug his handsome man.

“Dad, let’s sit there.” Gu Ye raised his eyebrows, wanting to be with Yu Ze.

Yu Ze stood up and said politely, “Uncle Gu, there is room here.”

Gu Decheng walked over with a smile, shook hands with Yu Ze, and sat down.

Gu Ye stared blankly at where his father was sitting, stuck between him and Yu Ze. His face suddenly showed an aggrieved expression, “Dad, I want to change seats with you.”

Gu Decheng frowned, “This kid…”

Gu Ye will definitely say what he wants, and he definitely doesn’t want to wrong himself. Regardless of whether there was anyone around him, he held Gu Decheng’s arm and pulled him aside, “I want to be next to Yu Ze. Dad, Uncle Yao is here. You sit next to your friend, and I will sit next to my friend.”

Gu Decheng had no choice but to change with Gu Ye. After Gu Ye sat down and saw the media taking pictures of him, he smiled generously and showed a love gesture with his finger. Unexpectedly, the media did not leave but smiled and photographed him. Gu Ye’s expression changed to a helpless one.

Regardless of the media’s attitude, Yu Ze turned slightly sideways and looked at Gu Ye with a smile, “You’re good-looking.”

Gu Ye didn’t even notice how others praised him but with the simple words from Yu Ze, Gu Ye suddenly blushed, “It’s fine if you know it.”

Yu Ze subconsciously put his hand on the back of Gu Ye’s hand, “You didn’t tell me you were coming too.”

Gu Ye smiled and said, “I didn’t expect you to come either. I remember you didn’t attend such events with media appearances.”

Yu Ze explained, “I will participate on the first day of the new year.”

“Just this once a year?”

“No special circumstances, just this time.”

The two chatted as if no one else was around. After Gu Decheng said a few words to Yao Zhonghai, he looked back at Gu Ye, “Old Third, your Uncle Yao asked you to help find someone suitable. His brand wants to find a spokesperson. A celebrity promotion ambassador will come on stage in a while. Take a look at that person.”

“Oh, okay.” Gu Ye agreed hastily and leaned his head next to Yu Ze. “Have you eaten tonight? We were afraid of traffic jams when we came, so we could only eat box lunch on the road.”

Yu Ze laughed and said, “I ate too during the ride to the event.”

“Did you also eat the box lunch?”


“When will this end? Let’s go have something to eat again.” After Gu Ye finished speaking, he thought of his dad and asked, dumbfounded, “Can I take my dad with me?”

Yu Ze smiled, “Okay.”

At this time, a video had begun to be played on the scene. A group of children living in the mountains had to walk more than 20 kilometers every day to go to school. They had to cross mountains, walk on rugged mountain trails, and even cross dangerous suspension bridges. There is not enough time to go home at noon (for lunch), so the children can only bring food with them. In summer, it goes rancid easily, and in winter, they eat cold steamed buns. Under such difficult conditions, these children still persisted in their studies.

The host and the charity promotion ambassador came to the stage and explained to everyone, “We are here tonight just for these children.”

Gu Decheng tilted his head and whispered to Gu Ye, “This is the promotion ambassador.”

Gu Ye read the person’s face and whispered back to his father, “Don’t use him.”

Gu Decheng looked at his son in confusion, why?

“How can a person like this be good if he evades taxes, is not filial to his parents, and fails to do his duty well? Hypocrisy cannot last long, and sooner or later he will be punished.”

Gu Decheng nodded and was about to tell Yao Zhonghai when Gu Ye reminded his dad, “Tell Uncle Yao, it will be an 800,000 yuan fortune-telling fee.”

Yao Zhonghai heard it from the side, smiled, and nodded, “Don’t worry, you won’t miss a penny.”

Yu Ze praised Gu Ye with a smile: “You sure make money very quickly.”

“That’s right, I can support you even if you go bankrupt.”

Yu Ze’s eyes darkened, and the corner of his mouth curved up. He wanted to grab Gu Ye’s hand again. But thinking that the occasion was not suitable, he held back, “Then I will have no worries for the rest of my life.”

Gu Ye nodded with a smile, that’s right.

Then the auction started, with constant calls for bids. Gu Ye took his father’s auction sign and bid for the ones he liked. A piece would cost more than 3 million yuan. If he didn’t like it, he kept silent. Finally, he managed to bid for 3 calligraphy and painting pieces.

After the auction, the media asked Gu Ye why he only auctioned calligraphy and paintings. Gu Ye gave a natural reason, “Because my dad likes it.”

Gu Decheng walked into the group of old buddies in the eyes of everyone’s envy and jealousy, feeling happy. Among these old friends, they heard that Gu Ye had read Feng Shui for Old Yao, and also heard that this young boy was very accurate in fortune-telling. Some even deliberately asked him, “Young man, can you do fortune-telling for me?”

Gu Ye smiled and said, “You are not in trouble or sick, so there is no need to ask.”

When the other party heard this, he was naturally happy, “Then can you calculate for me, how many years I have to work until I retire, and can I play golf with your dad every day?”

Gu Ye replied with a smile, “You have to work for at least 3 more years.”

As soon as these words came out, the scene became cold. Gu Ye didn’t know why. He turned to look at his father. Gu Decheng tutted, “Don’t talk nonsense. Your uncle will retire soon and his successor has already been chosen.”

Gu Ye smiled apologetically and was noncommittal.

The old man said with a smile, “Don’t be so harsh on your children. When you are free, our families will get together. Your family and I have been friends for generations. I even carried you when you were a child.”

Stuck in chitchats, Gu Ye smiled politely at the side and looked at Yu Ze, who was also surrounded by people. He asked pitifully with his eyes, when can we leave? I want to eat!

Yu Ze looked at Gu Ye lovingly and motioned for him to hold on a little longer. They can leave after speaking soon. The two of them were flirting with each other, and Gu Ye suddenly felt a chill behind his back. He turned around and looked over cautiously, and saw a thin middle-aged man passing by behind him.

Gu Ye frowned, watching the other person walk away, and pulled Gu Decheng, “Dad, who is that person?”

Gu Decheng didn’t recognize the man either, but an uncle next to him recognized him, “The boss of Chenyuan Clothing Trading Company is named Yu Guangtao. His wife originally inherited the company from her father. But his wife passed away half a year ago, and he took over the company. This man doesn’t like socializing very much, so he’s just here to make up the number of attendees.”

At this moment, the man just walked to the door. Before going out, he turned his face. He looked at Gu Ye before leaving expressionlessly.

Gu Ye curled his lips strangely. Weird things happen every year, especially at the beginning of the year. There is actually someone without an aura of life here!

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