Even The Lame Got Tricked By Me Into Standing Up – Chapter 60

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Chapter 60 Brother, let’s talk about life~

Not long after Gu Ye left, the school network exploded with gossip. What happened at the gate was too exciting! The entire scene was caught on camera and the video clip was posted on the school forum, attracting enthusiastic comments from students across the school.

[At that critical moment, Male God (GY) stepped forward to help the helpless young lady. Then a handsome guy came driving a luxury car. That man subdued the violent man with 2-3 moves and held Male God in his arms!]

[Yeah! Held him in his arms in full view of everyone! The iceberg expression melts in a second, gently comforting Male God!]

[The most exciting thing is! Male God left with the handsome man!]

[This handsome guy’s looks are incredible, simply OP! Damn it! Who is this, so handsome yet so rich?]

[Go check out the list of top billionaires, you can find out the answer in the first half!]

[They hugged! They hugged! Hugged! My god, I don’t want to eat lunch now. No, I don’t even want to eat today. Gone speechless, the man has abducted my boyfriend!]

[These two people standing together, the visual is simply perfect! If they have a child, the child will be an angel!]

[The one upstairs, what are you thinking about? They are both men, how can they give birth?!]

[Don’t think too much, maybe he is just a friend, or maybe he is Gu Ye’s brother?]

[Stop making excuses! His brothers looked like this! [Attaching a relationship diagram of the Gu family.]]

[Damn it! Gu Ye’s brothers are so handsome! The little brother is so cute!!]

[Crazy, y’all are crazy. Such a big thing happened at the gate, but all of you are just looking at appearance!]

As outsiders, they just watch the fun. Nowadays, even if two men are kissing and hugging each other, it is possible that they are brothers. Moreover, these high-quality talents (students) don’t have time to care about other people’s emotional lives. No one was hurt anyway so after watching the gossip, everyone returned to their study or competition.

But Zhao Pengyu was dumbfounded. He was in a state of confusion. He asked Xia Xiang timidly, “It’s really not what they think, right? My uncle and Gu Ye just have a good relationship, right?”

Xia Xiang said sympathetically, “It’s fine if you believe it that way.”

Zhao Pengyu hugged the bedpost and banged his head anxiously, “I’m not stupid! Others can’t see it, but I can see it clearly, alright? Have they gone crazy?! My grandpa will be pissed to death!”

Xia Xiang sighed, “You are a junior and you can’t control anything. Why do you worry?”

Zhao Pengyu stopped banging his head and suddenly realized a question, “Should I change the salutation and call Gu Ye my aunt instead?”

The corners of Xia Xiang’s mouth twitched, “If you’re not afraid that he’ll beat you to death, just try.”

Gu Ye didn’t know anything about what happened at school. He took Yu Ze to the pet hospital.

“Look, this is Dahei. When it gets better, I will take it home.”

When Dahei noticed that Yu Ze was looking at it, its ears quietly pursed. It shrank back, and the hair on its tail slowly raised bit by bit.

“Aiya! Dahei is scared!” Gu Ye doesn’t know if to laugh or cry, “What on earth have you done to make even cats afraid of you?”

Yu Ze frowned, “It’s just too timid, Langley isn’t afraid of me.”

Gu Ye raised his eyebrows, “Who is Langley?”

“A horse.”

“Why does a horse have such an elegant name? What color is it?”


“Call it Dabai!”1

There was a smile in Yu Ze’s eyes, “Okay, we’ll change its name. Also, I bought a pasture for the horse. When you have a holiday, I will take you to see it.”

After checking on Dahei, the two of them had lunch and went to watch a movie. After having enough fun, Gu Ye sent Yu Ze away and slept all night in a good mood. When he returned to school the next day, Gu Ye found that all the girls in the school looked at him in the wrong way.

Gu Ye walked towards the classroom in a daze. At this time, a short girl ran over and said, “Gu Ye!”

Gu Ye stopped and the other party trotted over and said gratefully to Gu Ye, “Thank you for standing in front of me yesterday. Also, your boyfriend is so handsome! I wish you two a happy marriage for years to come!”

After the girl gave her thanks, she ran away embarrassedly. Gu Ye stood there with a confused look on his face, “Boy, boyfriend?”

“Yes, boyfriend,” Zhao Pengyu chipped in. He has been waiting for Gu Ye so he jumped over and strangled Gu Ye’s neck, “Do you want me to call you aunt now? Who of you hooked up first? When did you hook up? You two are crazy, you know that?”

Gu Ye pinched Zhao Pengyu’s wrist and dispelled the strength in his grip. Then he said with a cold face, “If you continue, I will take action for real.”

Hearing that, Zhao Pengyu quickly let go, “Alright, no more playing. It’s time to be serious.” He pulled Gu Ye to a place where no one was around, holding a stifled breath in his heart.

“I just found out that my uncle had already had a showdown with the family. He said that he has already decided it’ll be only you in this lifetime. My family went crazy a while ago but only I don’t know about this because I was with you every day. Why are you guys hiding it from me?”

Gu Ye’s heart skipped a beat, “…He, he told his family? Is your grandpa okay?”

Zhao Pengyu said with a stern face, “The point is that you hid it from me!”

“No, the important thing now is how your family reacts?” Gu Ye pressed Zhao Pengyu’s shoulders and used force to tell him that his opinion was not important.

Zhao Pengyu said angrily, “What other reaction can there be? My grandpa is very angry. This is the first time that my uncle has gone against his words. The old man was so angry that he took out the ruler2. Even my grandma’s memorial tablet was laid out. If my aunt hadn’t stopped him, my grandfather would have wanted to beat my uncle to death.”

Gu Ye suddenly felt a stabbing in his heart and a faint pain. Counting the time backward, he had not agreed to be with Yu Ze at that time, but he was already paving the way for their future. Where did this person get the confidence to be able to live with him for the rest of his life?

“Idiot.” Gu Ye cursed in disdain, but the corners of his mouth gradually curved up.

Gu Ye didn’t expect the Yu family to know that he and Yu Ze were together, his family seemed to be too. No wonder his second brother had been insinuating something in the past 2 days. Gu Ye was too lazy to beat about the bush anymore. When he got home in the evening, he gave his second brother a call directly, “Second brother, if you have anything to say, just say it. I can handle it.”

Gu Lin’s voice was unusually serious, “Are there still things that you can’t bear? It’s us who can’t bear it, okay? You and Yu Ze can’t be together. If you listen to me, break up as soon as possible. Big brother knows, and he won’t be like me to tell you patiently.”

Hearing that, Gu Ye’s expression became serious, “Alright then. Since you guys found out, I won’t hide it from you. I’m serious. It wasn’t easy for me to feel at ease and happy with a human being. No need to persuade me.”

“With human being?” Gu Lin laughed angrily, “You would want to find a ghost if it’s an option?”

Gu Ye answered seriously, “I have thought about it.”

The reply caused Gu Lin to choke on his breath. His younger brother thought to find a ghost to live with! How could this kid have such dangerous thoughts?!

Gu Ye continued, “People like me, it’s rare to take a liking to someone. Whether it’s a person or a ghost, I just want to find someone who pleases me. I’m too tired.”

Gu Lin sighed, “Tired?”

Gu Ye looked at the stars and smiled self-deprecatingly, “Yes, sometimes I feel that life has no purpose.”

This last sentence made Gu Lin silent for a long time. He sighed and asked earnestly, “Old Third, have you ever thought of the fact that Mr. Yu only has one son? Are you sure you won’t be troubled by his family?”

Gu Ye lowered his eyes, “We can only face it together.”

Gu Lin could hear the seriousness in Gu Ye’s tone and was unusually angry. “I knew it! You stupid kid is going to be deceived by him! We’ll talk again when you come back! I’m furious!”

Gu Ye laughed. In fact, there is nothing to talk about. If Yu Ze doesn’t back down, he won’t back down with his family either.

“I’ll give you a heads-up. Big brother’s temper is as stubborn as our father’s. You should be mentally prepared in advance.”

Gu Ye sighed tiredly, “I know, I will be ready to fight.”

This time New Year’s Day falls on Monday so Saturday and Sunday are also classified as statutory holidays. Since the holiday is just 3 days, those who are far away from their hometown don’t go back, while those who are staying close by are having a small holiday at home.

Zhao Pengyu booked a taxi at 9.00 am. One car picked up the three of them and dropped them off one by one. The first one to arrive home was Gu Ye. After getting out of the car, Gu Ye waved to Zhao Pengyu and Xia Xiang with a smile. After turning away, he took a deep breath, and was mentally prepared to face the ‘strong wind’. At this moment, a cheerful figure rushed over, “Brother!”

Gu Ye staggered after being pounced at, and the naughty kid holding him was still jumping around, “Brother! I’m almost catching up with your height! Are you happy or not?”

Gu Yang is 17 years old, already 1.75 meters tall and strong. He happily hugged Gu Ye and not letting go, smiling with 2 rows of big white teeth.

Gu Ye rubbed Gu Yang’s head lovingly and said, “Happy, I’m happy that you just eat and rapidly grow. How can your brother be unhappy?”

Gu Yang didn’t know for a moment whether Gu Ye was praising him or not. He took his brother’s luggage and just gave silly smiles.

Gu Ye looked at the area between the child’s eyebrows and said in surprise, “Yo, you did well in the test this time.”

Gu Yang immediately got excited and stretched out a hand, “Hey hey hey, advanced 5 places from the previous spot!”

Seeing that Gu Yang was as happy as celebrating the Chinese New Year, Gu Ye also smiled and said, “Okay, I’ll reward you later.”

Mrs. Gu heard Gu Ye and came out of the kitchen. She held Gu Ye’s face and squeezed it with a smile, “My son has lost weight. The food in the cafeteria must not be delicious. Mom will prepare delicious food for lunch. You need nourishment.”

Gu Ye doesn’t know if to laugh or cry. There is a type of thin where your mother thinks you are thin, and you must eat more to make up for it.

In the evening, Papa Gu, Eldest brother, and Second brother came back, but Gu Ye and Gu Yang were not at home. Papa Gu asked dissatisfiedly, “Where are the 2 younger ones?”

Mrs. Gu did not dare to say that Gu Ye took Old Fourth to set up a stall under the overpass, and said hesitantly, “The two children went out to play.”

Gu Decheng knew she was lying when he saw her like this. But he was too lazy to think about it anymore. Taking out a stack of information bound together, he showed it to Mrs. Gu and asked, “Take a look and see which one is suitable?”

Mrs. Gu opened it curiously and took a look. It turned out to be the personal resume of young ladies in their twenties, “What is it for?”

Gu Decheng said seriously, “If there is someone suitable, we can arrange for our Eldest to go on a blind date.”

Gu Sen passed by expressionlessly and said, “Didn’t you also get married late and have 4 children? Why should I be worried about marriage so early at my age?”

But Gu Sen’s ‘not in a hurry’ attitude caused Gu Decheng to be dissatisfied and he asked angrily, “If it weren’t for me getting married at a late age, would your mother have died?”

As soon as Gu Ye stepped through the door, he heard this sentence and didn’t know whether he should go in or not.

When the family members saw Gu Ye’s shocked expression, they all froze. The whole family stared at Gu Decheng with resentment. When Gu Ye’s mother had Gu Ye, she was reluctant to give up on him. So she struggled to give birth but ended up risking her life. How does Gu Ye feel about carrying his mother’s life since he was born?

Gu Decheng coughed awkwardly, “So, in order to prevent more children from being harmed, they have to get married early and have children early.”

Gu Ye almost burst into laughter. Dad’s strong desire to live yo!

“Old Third, come on!” Gu Decheng waved to Gu Ye, “Come here and calculate which of these girls is suitable for your eldest brother.”

Gu Ye sat next to his father with a smile. When he saw the stack of information, he chuckled and said, “Whoa, it’s like choosing a concubine. They are all pretty good!”

Gu Decheng didn’t believe it, “All of them?”

Gu Ye smiled and said, “They are all from famous families, and they are all good ladies. Didn’t you already investigate them? This lady is a strong woman, can be my brother’s right-hand woman at work. This lady is a virtuous wife. With her at home, my brother will not have to worry about anything at home. This one has a very good temper, and brother will definitely have a harmonious family after marrying her. This one has the fate of sons and daughters so you will have both grandson and granddaughter when brother gets married with her. Then you and my mother can prepare gold nuggets as angpows.”

After Gu Ye said this, Gu Decheng also felt that any of them as a daughter-in-law would be good, “In the end, I can only choose one.”

Gu Ye looked at the hopeless Gu Sen and said with a smile, “It depends on my eldest brother. What age are we now? Do you still want to do an arranged marriage?”

“No,” Gu Decheng said helplessly, “If we can arrange the marriage, then it won’t be so troublesome. I just want to see if there is anyone suitable and let him go on a blind date.”

Gu Lin came downstairs and said jokingly, “But my eldest brother doesn’t want it.”

Gu Decheng looked around helplessly, “Where’s your big brother?”

Gu Yang raised his hand to answer, “Brother went to walk the dog.”

Gu Decheng immediately turned his attention to Gu Lin, “How about you come and take a look for you?”

Gu Lin was disgusted, “Why don’t you let Old Third take a look?”

Gu Decheng said seriously, “He is still young, are you asking for him to not study well?”

Gu Lin opened his mouth but said nothing, and hid away under Gu Ye’s sympathetic eyes.

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes and slipped away as well after a while.

Gu Ye found Gu Sen on the lawn in the backyard. Though Gu Yang said he was walking the dog, it’s more to him watching the dog play wildly at the side. It was an excuse to go out to hide for some quiet time. Gu Ye asked with a smile, “Brother, do you want to play chess3?”

Gu Sen’s lips curved up, “You can play?”

Gu Ye shrugged, “I just saw that you are bored, and came to play with you.”

On the other side, Gu Lin stood in the attic on the third floor, looking down. Seeing Gu Ye taking the initiative to find Gu Sen, he suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart.

Gu Ye couldn’t actually play chess, it was just an excuse for him to drag Gu Sen to a quiet place to talk. After a dozen moves, he lost and said, “I can’t do it anymore. Big brother is still better.”

Gu Sen praised Gu Ye with a cold expression, “Not bad, I thought it would end in only 5 steps.”

Gu Ye smiled, “Brother, have you ever lost?”

Gu Sen looked into Gu Ye’s eyes and said, “I did when playing with Yu Ze. I lose more and win less.”

Gu Ye smiled until his eyes were squinted, “Yu Ze is so awesome!”

Gu Sen’s face turned even more ugly, “Your brother lost, what are you proud of?”

In response, Gu Ye grabbed a handful of chess pieces. He arranged the pieces to form the word ‘郁/Yu’ on the chessboard, and chuckled, “My boyfriend is awesome, why can’t I be proud?”

Gu Sen was so angry that he wanted to flip the chessboard over, this rascal!

“I haven’t looked for you yet, yet you dare to come to me on your own.”

Gu Ye replied with a smile, “Because I have grown up and I know what I want. Before the big brother attacks, I will come to surrender myself.”

Gu Sen sneered, “What do you know (about life)? How old are you? Do you know the consequences of choosing this path? Do you know how many terrible looks thrown your way in the future?”

Gu Ye curled his lips and waited for the other party to finish, then said slowly, “I know.”

Gu Sen rebut with a cold face, “If you really knew, you wouldn’t say such childish words!”

With a PA, Gu Ye slapped the table and stood up angrily.

“If you are really doing it for my own good, shouldn’t you give me whatever I want? If Yu Ze doesn’t want to be mine, you guys should form a group to snatch him for me! Are you really my real brother? Why do you teach me a lesson as soon as I get home?”

Gu Sen’s pupils shrank, how dare this brat slap the table with him! Dare to fall out with him! This made Gu Sen furious, “You want me to help you snatch him back?! Even… even if I need to lock you up, break both your legs, and make you hate me forever, I can’t watch you being stupid!”

Gu Ye glared at his elder brother with a cold face for a while. Snorting angrily, he turned around and left.

Gu Lin saw his eldest brother being so angry that he came out from behind the tree and reluctantly advised, “I told you, he has a fierce temper. You can’t be forceful with him. This kid is too assertive. If you force him, he may do extreme things.”

Gu Sen said angrily, “You heard what he said, who can suppress their temper?”

Gu Lin sighed but had a feeling that Old Third left the argument too easily, which was a bit inconsistent with his temperament.

Sure enough, not long after, Gu Ye came out of the back door with a bag on his back. Gu Lin held his forehead with a headache, he knew it!

Gu Sen stood up and pointed at Gu Ye, “Stop, where are you going?”

Gu Ye said seriously, “I’m going to stay at Yu Ze’s house.”

Gu Lin helplessly went over to hold Gu Ye back, “Don’t, we still have something to discuss. Why are you going to someone else’s house so late at night?”

Gu Ye sneered, “Brother is going to lock me up and break my legs. If I don’t run now, you want me to wait for my death?”

Gu Lin persuaded with a headache, “He just said it casually to scare you, he didn’t really want to break your legs.”

Gu Sen’s face turned livid with anger, and he gritted his teeth and asked, “You dare to leave?!”

Gu Ye raised his chin, “Why don’t I dare? You won’t give me anything I want anyway. Do you know how long it took me to hook up with him?”

Gu Sen was choked with anger, “You!”

“That’s right,” Gu Ye said proudly, “I bent him, I’m that awesome.”

Gu Lin grabbed Gu Ye’s shoulders and shook him, “Stop! Everyone calm down! Let’s go back and have a good talk. You are so loud, aren’t you afraid that Dad will know?”

Not feeling afraid at all, Gu Ye replied, “I’m going to talk to my dad now. Sooner or later, he’ll find out.”

Gu Sen and Gu Lin both pulled Gu Ye back, “You are really crazy!”

Gu Lin coaxed nicely, “You can’t just say you want a man out of the blue and start looking for one, right? You have to prepare us mentally. Big brother doesn’t speak nicely, but he cares about you. He was forceful and indeed wrong. But you’re not right either, how can you talk to your brother like this?”

Gu Ye calmed down and looked at the eldest seriously, “Okay, Big Brother should set an example and apologize first.”

“I…” Gu Sen was so angry that his head hurt, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said to lock you up or break your legs.”

Gu Ye jumped up and down immediately, “Second brother, listen! You heard that?! Even Big Brother thinks that he is wrong. If he doesn’t say terrible stuff earlier, can I run away from home?”

Gu Sen: “…”

Gu Lin gave an angry chuckle, how could someone be so noisy?

Gu Sen took a deep breath and said with a headache, “I’m going to calm down. Old Second, keep an eye on him!”

Gu Ye snorted coldly, “I’ll go back and calm down too. Second brother, please talk about him. He is making me angered to death!”

Gu Lin twitched the corners of his mouth as he watched Big Brother and Old Third leave in anger. Inexplicably, he feels like being the second child is like a sandwich. On the other hand, seeing Gu Ye slipping away so fast, Gu Lin also laughed angrily. Him ‘bending’ Yu Ze? This silly kid is really in love, otherwise why would he be so protective of Yu Ze? From now on, Gu Lin thinks that Big Brother may not want to talk to Old Third anymore (about this issue). If he talks to Gu Ye again, he will be pissed to death.

After Gu Ye returned to his room, he put down his bag and took out his cell phone that was vibrating just now. Yu Ze sent him several messages, asking: [Are you busy? Why don’t you reply to the message?]

Gu Ye replied: [I just played chess with my brother and didn’t see your messages.]

Yu Ze: [It’s fine if there’s nothing wrong. Have you eaten?]

Gu Ye: [I’ll eat it soon, my mother is making it.]

The two chatted for a while, and Gu Yang shouted from downstairs. “Third brother, come down for dinner!”

Gu Ye then went downstairs but stopped on the second floor. He secretly observed at the corner of the stairs and saw that Gu Sen was not there but Gu Lin had already sat down. Gu Ye narrowed his eyes and went to sit next to Gu Lin, “Where’s Big Brother?”

Feeling helpless, Gu Lin replied, “Big brother suddenly answered a phone call and was having a business meeting upstairs. I’ll have someone cook him some food later.” The implication was that both brothers knew that Gu Sen was so angry that he didn’t want to come down to eat.

That caused Gu Ye to raise his eyebrows. He grabbed Gu Lin’s sleeve and looked at him with a smile, “Second brother, I think there is a big sister who is very compatible with you on the list that Dad got…”

Gu Lin’s expression turned cold and he quickly stuffed a chicken wing into Gu Ye’s mouth, “Shut up!”

Gu Ye spit out the chicken wings with a half-smile, “Second brother, what do you think…”

Gu Lin stuffed Gu Ye’s mouth with another cherry tomato and said tiredly, “Shut your mouth. Let’s talk nicely if you have anything to say, okay?”

Gu Ye nodded, made an OK gesture with a smile, and gave his second brother a finger heart sign, “I love you~”

Gu Lin held his forehead tiredly, and he also had the urge to hit his younger brother.

After eating, Gu Ye carried a plate of fruit and happily went upstairs. Lying on the bed, he posted a message on WeChat Moments: [I will do a Feng Shu reading tomorrow since I have time. The price is 1 million yuan. Does anyone need it?]

Not long after the post was sent out, several people called Gu Ye to ask about it. They were all introduced by their friends who are Gu Ye’s former clients after seeing the news. He could only choose one among so many people, so Gu Ye wrote down the list and went to the study to find his dad, “Dad, which one of these people has the best character?”

Gu Decheng put on his reading glasses and took a look, “Are you telling fortunes again?”

“No, I’ll go look at their Feng Shui to make some money. Then I’ll donate some money to the children in the mountainous area, and also earn some pocket money.”

Hearing Gu Ye’s explanation, Gu Decheng had a smile on his face and pointed to the last person’s name, “This.”

“Thank you, Dad~ Go to bed early, and don’t stay up late!”

Mrs. Gu came to ask her husband to rest. She was very amused when Gu Decheng told her about Gu Ye’s question, “How can you tell if that person has a good character? Don’t you always say ‘one knows people, knows faces, but don’t know the hearts’4?”

Gu Decheng carefully analyzed, “The most basic thing is that the person’s family is stable, harmonious, and he/she is a responsible person. The person should be patriotic and love the party5, and don’t support foreign things when out in overseas. The person should have their own stand at critical moments and will do some charity within their ability. Those who can do this basically have good character.”

Mrs. Gu said in admiration, “Wow! That’s amazing! Everything you say makes sense!”

The corner of Gu Decheng’s mouth curved up slightly, feeling embarrassed to talk more about this issue. “Do you have the feeling that there is something hidden between the 3 brothers from us?”

Mrs. Gu thought for a while and said blankly, “No, what can the brothers hide from you? With the eldest there, so you should worry less. Take your medicine and go to sleep.”

Gu Decheng thought about it and agreed. With the eldest son here, Old Second and Old Third would not dare to mess with him no matter how lively they were.

The next morning, Gu Ye went out early. He thought he would make some easy money by reading Feng Shui. Unexpectedly, he found out that things were not simple with this trip.

The eldest son who was so angry that he didn’t even eat dinner: (▼へ▼メ) I never want to talk about life with Old Third again!

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