Even The Lame Got Tricked By Me Into Standing Up – Chapter 61 Part 1

Chapter 61 A person without an aura of life Part 1

Gu Ye and Xie Cheng rode a motorcycle to Yao Zhonghai’s home and observed the aura outside the small villa. Gu Ye sighed, “Am I possessed by bad luck? I seldom get a Feng Shui request which is purely just Feng Shui. How come I always see something else happening (apart from Feng Shui)?”

Xie Cheng laughed twice and said cheerfully, “It doesn’t matter. Instant Noodle Superman is fearless. Don’t worry about ghosts and monsters, just go up and face it!”

Gu Ye got out of the motorcycle speechlessly. He was not afraid of trouble, but too lazy to take care of it. This guy is the opposite, he’ll want to take care of everything regardless it’s related to him or not.

The two were invited to the home. Because Gu Ye came early, Yao Zhonghai and his wife had not gone out yet. Gu Ye first looked at Feng Shui and said, “Mr. Yao, are you in the gold and silver jewelry business?”

Yao Zhonghai seems to have a good temper and laughs when he says, “Yeah, I own a jewelry store and make gold, silver, and jade jewelry. I have a good relationship with your dad. I usually call him Old Brother, so you can call me Uncle Yao.”

Gu Ye smiled and said, “Okay, Uncle Yao, let me tell you straight. Remove these gold ornaments from the entrance. Although placing them here looks noble, it will cover your wealth point and it will affect your business over time.”

“Okay, will take it down, I’ll change whatever you want.” Uncle Yao happily asked someone to write the changes down.

Gu Ye likes those who agree to changes without saying a word, so he is in a good mood and will talk more, “You can put a screen here to block and neutralize evil aura. It is best to choose those made of wood or bamboo. Do not use plastic or metal. The magnetic field of metal is unstable, the effect will be much worse, and it will also affect people’s magnetic field.”

“Okay, change!”

“Uncle Yao, let’s take down the kitchen mirror. If the mirror shines on an open flame, you will lose money. The dining area should not have too many decorations, just keep it simple and tidy.”

Yao Zhonghai said happily; “Okay, everything has been taken note. It’s up to you!”

Gu Ye looked at the study again and suggested with a smile: “Uncle Yao, why don’t you change the location of the study?”

Yao Zhonghai paused, “Tell me, how to change it?”

“If I’m not mistaken, your child’s study result… is not ideal.”

As soon as Gu Ye said this, not only Yao Zhonghai was stunned, but his wife who had been busy dressing up also came out. As the mother, the wife said anxiously, “Yes! This child’s academic performance has never been improving. I looked for cram schools and tutors, but still, he couldn’t get better.”

Gu Ye knocked on several walls with a smile and found that two of them were removable, so he said to the couple, “Knock down this wall and move it here, with the door facing this way, thus creating a Wenchang position. Wenchang is one of the 28 constellations, also known as Wenqu (Scholar) Star. Previously, this place is not connected right?”

Mrs. Yao immediately ‘understood’ and said, “That is to say, the Scholar Star can’t descend?”

Gu Ye was amused by the description and said, “That’s right, but this shift can only change the aura of the scholars in your family in Feng Shui. Whether the results are good or not depends on personal efforts.”

Mrs. Yao also has a good personality and said straightforwardly: “We understand. The Scholar Star’s blessing is a waste if he doesn’t work hard himself.”

Gu Ye restrained from laughing and said, “Yes, that’s the truth. This is the only thing that needs to be changed in the house. I actually want to ask, has anything strange happened at your home recently?”

“Something strange? Not really.” As soon as Yao Zhonghai finished speaking, his wife said, “Why not? All the pets at home died within 3 months.”

Yao Zhonghai clicked his tongue and said disapprovingly: “Can that be considered strange?”

“Why doesn’t it count? The bird died, the hamster died, the cat died, and even the dog that I had raised for 3 years died. Isn’t that strange? Would it only be counted as strange after someone died?”

Yao Zhonghai replied helplessly, “That means you don’t know how to raise them. Don’t raise them in the future. It is simply harming life.”

Hearing that, Mrs. Yao’s expression didn’t look good either. She asked aggrievedly, “Who harmed life? I have taken good care of him.”

Gu Ye interrupted the couple, “I think Auntie is right. If this continues, someone will die.”

The expressions of the couple changed at the same time, and they looked at Gu Ye in shock, not understanding what he meant.

Xie Cheng has been following behind Gu Ye and finally couldn’t hold it in anymore. He walked straight to the collection shelf on the wall and pointed at a bronze wine vessel in the anti-theft glass. “Donate this thing quickly. If you keep it, it can eat people.”

Mrs. Yao looked at the ‘thing’ Xie Cheng pointed and asked anxiously, “Is there something wrong with this thing? It’s impossible. This is a present for Old Yao’s birthday. My younger brother sent it to me. How can he harm his brother-in-law?”

Yao Zhonghai took the key and opened the glass cover. He picked up the bronze vessel and took a look. The couple were stunned. The edge of the bronze that had been wiped clean was already stained with a layer of blood. When he wiped it with his finger, a layer of blood appeared, a shocking color on the skin.

Xie Cheng took down the white tray, and the ring of blood on it was even more obvious.

Xie Cheng stood behind Gu Ye and said lazily, “This thing is a funerary object dug out of the ground. It is extremely evil, and it was illegally stolen. That adds to the evil aura and starts to corrode the weakest lifeforce. After the pets, humans will be next.”

When Yao Zhonghai and his wife finally reacted to the statement, they both took a deep breath. Mrs. Yao was even more panicked and almost cried, “It’s impossible. I watched my younger brother grow up. He has a good relationship with us and can’t harm us. What can he get from doing this?”

Gu Ye comforted the woman gently, “Auntie, don’t worry. From what I read in your facial features, your brother and sister’s relationship is harmonious and he didn’t want to harm you. He probably bought it from someone else unintentionally, or someone sold it to him on purpose after finding out that he wanted to give you two something. It’s not something we care about so Uncle Yao will have to check it out himself.”

After hearing Gu Ye’s words, Mrs. Yao immediately breathed a sigh of relief. She clutched her chest, finally taking a breath, “This, donate it quickly. Call the museum now, we don’t want it anymore.”

Gu Ye smiled and said, “Well then, me and my brother have completed our mission today.”

Yao Zhonghai immediately called his wife, “Go get another new check.”

Mrs. Yao understood what he meant and was about to get it when Gu Ye smiled and said, “No need, auntie. Uncle Yao, just give me the one you prepared in advance in your pocket. I don’t need more.”

“How can that be done? That’s just money for Feng Shui reading.”

Gu Ye insisted, “This is considered within Feng Shui. Since I’m here, I have to make your home safe and smooth sailing. 1 million yuan is enough.”

Mrs. Yao said sheepishly: “Can you help me ‘pray’… for my pets? I can add money.”

Gu Ye took out a cinnabar pen and talisman paper from his pocket, and drew a talisman on the spot, “Just stick it in a place where the little animals used to go when they were alive. Just give me 1,000 yuan for this single talisman. No need more than that.”

Yao Zhonghai embarrassedly gave Gu Ye a check for 1 million yuan, and transferred another 1,000 yuan to Gu Ye via WeChat, feeling that he owed him a huge favor.

Gu Ye waved his hand with a smile and pulled Xie Cheng away, who was still stunned by the surprise of earning 1 million yuan just like that.

“1 million ah, did I read that right? 1 million yuan!” Xie Cheng swore that in his whole life, he had never seen so much money when he went on a mission!

Gu Ye looked at Xie Cheng with sympathetic eyes, as if he were a little fool. “Coming to a wealthy merchant to see Feng Shui, 1 million yuan is the current market price. It was the Xuanshu Association who raised the price so high, you know. Then the money is all ended in the hands of your senior brother and the others, and you small fry can’t even ‘drink the soup’ (get the change), you fool!”

Xie Cheng’s face darkened when he heard about his senior brother, “Don’t mention him, my master’s blood pressure will jump to 180 when he heard about him.”

Gu Ye shook his head and stopped mentioning it. He took out the check money with him and donated 500,000 yuan online. “I will hold onto your portion of 250,000 yuan and take you to rent a house now.”

Xie Cheng looked at Gu Ye longingly, “How about you let me touch it? I’ve never had so much money in my pocket.”

Gu Ye rejected Xie Cheng with a cold face, “No, I’m afraid you’ll lose it.”

Xie Cheng held up his forehead and asked desperately, “How do you know I often lose money?”

“Ai!” Gu Ye looked at Xie Cheng ‘bald’1 forehead. He didn’t have the heart to say out that as someone who didn’t even have a shred of ‘wealth line’, Xie Cheng couldn’t protect his money no matter how much he had!

The two came to the agency together, and Gu Ye directly asked to find a house near Elder Tang’s home that could be rented for 3 years. The agency staff heard that they could pay it off in one lump sum and the house they were looking for didn’t have many requirements, an ordinary unit with 2 rooms or even 1 room is fine. The staff immediately took out a list of numerous houses for them to choose from.

In this way, Xie Cheng spent 200,000 yuan with Gu Ye’s help before he could even touch the money. There was still 50,000 yuan left. Gu Ye handed it to Xie Cheng and said sympathetically, “Hurry up and buy a gift for your master. Spend it today.”

Xie Cheng was about to cry, “Why am I so poor?!”

Gu Ye patted Xie Cheng on the shoulder and encouraged him, “Friend, you must have a firm will and work hard to live!”

Xie Cheng took a deep breath, looked at the blue sky, and came back to life in a second, “Okay, anyway, I have a place to live now. This is my first step to independence! I will work hard to survive!”

Seeing how good his attitude was, Gu Ye also smiled. “If Elder Tang holds a banquet, just let me know. I want to go.”

Elder Tang completely broke up with his eldest disciple. Although the resentment had been deep before, the breaking point was still caused by him (GY). The other party is old, and Gu Ye also wants to visit him, buy some gifts, and express his sincerity.

Xie Cheng nodded and took note, “Okay, I’ll call you then.”

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