Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 43

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Table of Content

List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female)
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Winged wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

Ryan (Lion)
Howth (Golden winged lion)
Ba-Ao (Brown winged bear)

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Chapter 43 Searching for ingredients 2

Sasha sat on Locke’s beast form as they fly in the sky. Locke’s beast form is a huge horned lion. From just looking at his spiky fur, one would think it feels very prickly, but in fact, Locke’s fur is very soft. That’s why, although Sasha felt that Patrik is a powerful person, which his beast form is very powerful as well, he(S) still likes Locke’s beast form. Fluffy and comfortable, whether it’s sitting on Locke or touching his fur. Unlike Patrik and Jason’s beast form, although they looked huge, they are definitely uncomfortable to sit on. Therefore, the Sasha who consciously know that he cannot compare to Lin Mu in many aspects, believes that his partner has a much better beast form than Lin Mu’s. Sasha has low-key showed off to Lin Mu before (about how great is Locke), although he didn’t really dare to say it out to everyone, worrying that Patrik might challenge Locke to a duel.

“Sasha, where do you want to go?” Locke’s voice became very thick and deep after transforming to his beast form.

Sasha glanced at all directions. They are flying in high altitude right now and can easily see the scenery in all directions, although not very clear. Sasha saw a patch of different colour in the southeast direction, but he didn’t know what that was. Patting Locke’s head, Sasha pointed to that place and said, “Do you see that? I want to go to that colourful place.”

Locke turned to look at the direction Sasha pointed and flew towards the destination.

Sasha was fascinated by the sight in front of her when they arrived. “It’s so beautiful here, there are so many flowers.”

The location they landed at is a hillside, the scenery here is very peculiar, and the hillside was full of various flowers as if there is a huge flower wreath circling around the hillside. Such a peculiar scene makes one wonder if it is man-made or naturally grown. Sasha stood among the flowers, enjoying the scenery. The flowers grow together in various colour, but they don’t feel messy, aesthetic wise. Sasha feels curious about this place, he must bring Lin Mu to take a look next time. This is really a sea of flowers.

Locke watched as Sasha admired those flowers in fascination. Although he didn’t understand the beauty of these flowers, it’s fine as long as Sasha like it. He picked up a golden coloured flower, but he didn’t know what type of flower it is. The large golden petals were dazzling under the sunlight, just as charming as Sasha’s hair colour. When Sasha squatted down to pick some flowers, Locke walked to Sasha and held out the golden flower in front of Sasha, “Give you.”

Sasha didn’t expect this silly guy to know to gift flowers to make people happy. He stood up and happily accepted the flower. Then he bowed his head to smell it. The floral fragrance was very light, but it smelled good.

“Thank you, I like it very much, it’s beautiful.”

Locke smirked, “Not as beautiful as Sasha.” (Nonsense, even a piece of meat is more beautiful than a bunch of flowers in your eyes.)1

Sasha blushed a little when he heard Locke’s words, “Humph, when did you learn to speak so nicely?”

Locke quickly said, “I’m sincere, I really think that Sasha looked better than all the flowers here.” Locke heard other beastman said before that when describing the beauty of females, they would say that they are as dazzling as flowers, but Locke thinks none of the flowers here is comparable to his Sasha’s beauty. Sasha is feeling sweet because of Locke’s praise, but let’s talk about Phil’s side over there.

The main purpose of Phil’s trip is to look for medicinal herbs. Lin Mu told him to collect more herbs during this season. Because in the late autumn and winter, the plants will become wither, and the herbs will be much difficult to find. He and Lloyd came to a place where the trees were densely grown. In his knowledge, medicinal herbs are generally easier to find, the deeper the jungle. They landed at the foot of a mountain, and because they were looking for herbs, they were in no hurry on their travel; hence the two slowly walked around the forest. Less than an hour after they started walking, Lloyd saw a thin layer of sweat on Phil’s forehead. Feeling his heart aching for Phil, Lloyd crouched down and said, “Phil, come up, I will carry you.”

“It’s alright, Lloyd. I can go by myself.” Phil lightly pushed at Lloyd’s back embarrassedly and made him stand up.

Lloyd stood up but didn’t budge. “Either you let me carry you on my back, or I will carry you on my arms(princess carry), pick one.”

Phil bowed his head shyly. Although he stayed in the same room with Lloyd every day, he would still blush unconsciously when the other party stared at him.

Lloyd simply adored Phil shyly looking at him. So cute! He really couldn’t understand why those beastman can’t see the excellent points on Phil, but it was fortunate that no one can see it. Because then he can get Phil all to himself. He stepped forward to hug the small Phil in his arms, and deliberately moved closer to his small, pale ear and whispered, “Phil, which one will you choose?”

It was nice to see Phil blushing up to his ears.

Phil nervously replied, “Back, please carry me on your back.” Then he heard Lloyd’s loud laugh beside his ear.

“Phil, you are so cute.” Then he kissed Phil hard on his face, before turning around and squatted down to let Phil get on his back.

Blushing, Phil thought to himself, ‘Lin Mu is right. Beastman likes to tease people the most. Yes, tease. This new word is really appropriate.’ He laid on Lloyd’s back and reminded, “If you are tired, you must let me down.”

Lloyd agreed with a smile and then carried Phil on his back. Holding Phil’s b*tt in his hands, Lloyd’s heart started to get bothered, so he couldn’t help but gave it a squeeze. En, feels good.

Phil was already feeling embarrassed by the warm feeling coming from his b*tt. Who would have expected Lloyd to take further action? Phil’s face was so red that blood can almost drip out. He felt that he had made the wrong choice. Being carried on his arms is definitely better than on his back

“Lloyd…” A hint of complaint could be heard in his voice, but the shy tone caused Lloyd’s blood to boil.

It seems that their tribe leader’s decision to build more houses is really wise. They need to make it as soon as possible, alas, his female is too shy. He really envied that their tribe leader could soon hold a ceremony with Lin Mu. Seriously, there isn’t any beastman who could win their female so easily like their tribe leader. As expected of their tribe leader!

Lloyd calmed his mind, in case he turned into a ‘beast right now. So he tried to not think about Phil’s b*tt in his hands.

“Phil, Lin Mu and our tribe leader will hold their ceremony after the God Offering day, so when do we hold ours?”

“Ritual ah…” Then, no more sound could be heard.

“What?” Lloyd doesn’t have any problems with his hearing, not to mention they are sticking close to each other right now.

“…what do you think?”

Phil’s voice almost didn’t come out of his throat, but Lloyd heard it, and the content was very satisfactory. If Phil is asking for his opinion, doesn’t that mean he has a chance? Lloyd placed Phil down on the ground. Then he spread open the animal skin he carried with him on the ground, before pulling Phil down to sit on his lap. “I think we can have a good chat.”


Lloyd tightened his hug and asked, “What do you think about holding the ceremony on the same day, together with our tribe leader? You liked and admired Lin Mu so much, so isn’t it nice to hold our ceremony together with them?”

Phil felt happy, thinking that he would hold the ceremony with Lloyd, and even on the same day as their tribe leader. Although it was not in line with their principle as a female to make the males wait for several years, he still nodded gently.

Seeing that Phil agreed, Lloyd kissed him happily, “Phil, you are so cute.”

Lloyd was immersed in the joy of a successful marriage proposal, while Locke is also successful with his proposal at the same time. Whether Sasha was persuaded by Locke’s flowers attack or was touched by Locke’s honesty and sincerity, the end result was Locke got his wish to make Sasha agree. Though he got his wish, they cannot forget about their task for God’s offering day. They happily played in the mountains, and… also searching for ingredients along the way.

As for Lais and Jason, this pair was much calmer, because Lin Mu only got Lais to pick Sweety fruits2, worrying that some bird/bugs might spoil the fruits if they waited longer. Hence, their task is simple and clear, that is, pick Sweety fruits. The request was ‘the more, the better’.

Jason’s character has determined that he is not a person who talks much. Even in front of the female he likes, he still couldn’t say any praises or nice words. He can’t be like Patrik, whose character was initially cold, but gets passionate after meeting Lin Mu. Even Jason himself was surprised, surprised that Patrik was able to laugh like that. He didn’t know why he couldn’t do it and shifted his gaze at Lais. He thinks Lais is very good, but his character determined that he is someone who expressed his words with actions.

The area they came to was a place where most Sweety fruit trees grow. When they arrived, the two started working and filled up the two large baskets they brought. Jason could see that Lais is tired out. He raised his hand and wiped away his sweats then he took out the animal skin and a bamboo tube containing water from his back basket.

Jason: “Drink some water first.”

Lais took the bamboo tube and drank the water while watching Jason spread the hide under the tree for him to sit. Busying for some time, although most of the physical work was done by Jason, Lais still feel very tired. It was nice to sit down under the shade and take a rest. He said to Jason, who was organizing the baskets, “You sit down too.”

Both sat quietly, drinking water. Lais looked at Jason’s well-defined face. He knew that Jason’s character is cold, but he(J) treated him differently from other people. It’s already enough for him to know about this. Lais shifted nearer to Jason and rested his head gently on Jason’s shoulder.

Jason glanced at Lais and reached out to hug him gently.

Looking up, Lais could see Jason’s expressionless face, but he didn’t miss the slightly slanted corner of his mouth. Then he(L) lowered his head and smiled. Taking the initiative is correct. It seems that Lin Mu’s decision to give them personal time to get along alone is very useful.

As for Lin Mu himself.

When the two of them reached to the foot of a mountain, Lin Mu looked up at the mountain and sighed. At the next moment, Patrik reached out to pick him up in a princess carry.

“Wah! What are you doing?”

“Relax, nobody will see us now.” Patrik knew that Lin Mu can be shy easily.

Lin Mu glanced around at the uninhabited surroundings. Then he raised his chin up, hold onto Patrik’s shoulders and proudly said, “Well then, this young master will generously let you hug as much as you want.”

In fact, in the absence of other people, the princess carry actually feels comfortable, just like a humanoid walker. The current situation is the one carrying is satisfied, and the one being carried is comfortable. Along the way, Lin Mu was easily held by Patrik in his arms, while Patrik obediently heads towards to the destination Lin Mu pointed. For convenience sake, the princess carry turned into a child carry. But for Patrik, who has strong arms, it is really a piece of cake to let Lin Mu sit and hug him on his arms.

After walking for so long, Lin Mu sighed at Patrik’s neck. He still hasn’t encountered anything new that he like. “Why can’t I find what I want?”

Patrik patted Lin Mu’s face, “What does Mu Mu want to find?”

“I don’t know.” Lin Mu dipped his body down, “Put me down first.”

Patrik placed Lin Mu on the ground. “Are you thirsty? Do you want to drink water?” Then he untied the bamboo tube tied around his waist. “Here, take a drink first. I’ll give you a fruit later.”

Lin Mu took the bamboo tube and walked beside Patrik. “Did you really just presented some raw meat for your previous God Offering day?”

Patrik shook his head. “We also presented various things that we think are precious.”

“Precious things? Why does God want your precious things?”

“We just want to dedicate the best to our God.”

“The best… what do you think is your best thing?”

“The best thing? Let me think about it.” Patrik pretended to think, then looked at Lin Mu and said,
“Mu Mu, you are my most precious thing, but I am not willing to offer you to God.”

“Tsk, you are a thing, your whole family is a thing.” Although the words were loud, they cannot conceal the smile on his face.

“You…” Patrik suddenly stopped his footsteps and made a gesture to stay silent to Lin Mu.

Lin Mu mouthed his question to ask what was going on when he suddenly heard, “Cohen, I will stab you when you do that again… Mmm…”

Lin Mu’s eyes widened in surprise and exclaimed silently, “Lal?!” Although he already knew that the two had an affair between them, it was the first time he bumped into their ‘action’. In this world of passionate people, Cohen and Lal should be considered thoroughly gay. Although he feels that he and Patrik are also male x male, not many people recognize that fact.

The moment Lal’s tone changed, Lin Mu hurriedly pulled Patrik and ran away from the scene. It wasn’t that he is respectful towards their privacy or something, he was worried about his ‘chrysanthemum’. Guys are animals who think with their lower body, not to mention Patrik has more than half of animal genes in his body. Lin Mu was afraid that Patrik will turn into an ‘animal’ on the spot. Who knew that Lal could make such bewitching sound?

However, Patrik leaned down and whispered in his ear, “Your cries are better than him.”

Lin Mu was frightened and immediately escaped from the scene while pulling Patrik with him. But it was late. Patrik pressed him against a tree, kissing him fiercely, only letting go when his legs(LM) turned to jelly from the lack of oxygen. Just when Lin Mu was glad that he didn’t die from suffocation, Patrik’s lips came to his chest. He lightly licked the pinkish-red on Lin Mu’s chest, making Lin Mu g r o a n involuntarily. When Patrik’s hand came down to Lin Mu’s lower body, he(P) couldn’t help frowning.

Lin Mu is wearing a black long-sleeved t-shirt and jeans today. Although Patrik has seen the outfit more than once, he simply doesn’t know how to get started. He did think that Lin Mu’s clothes looked nice some time ago, but they are not as convenient as animal skin skirts at this moment. At least if Lin Mu is wearing an animal skin skirt, he can easily put his hand in. Just when Patrik is about to tear Lin Mu’s only jeans apart, a ‘jiji’ sound was heard. Qiuqiu covered its eyes with its paws, and there was a blue ball of something beside it.

The familiar sound woke Lin Mu from indulgence.

“Qiuqiu.” He quickly pushed Patrik away. They cannot be a bad influence on the children.

A swept of icy gaze from Patrik caused Qiuqiu to be frozen, but it still rolled its ball fearlessly to Lin Mu to let him see.

In Lin Mu’s opinion, Qiuqiu is really a strong beast, to be able to lift a ball about the size of his own body. Lin Mu crouched down and took the blue ball in his hand. It should be a fruit, but why did Qiuqiu give him this? For him to eat? Then he saw Qiuqiu waving its little paws and gently swipe at the ball with sharp nails. No juice came out as Lin Mu thought it would, but some white powder poured out. Lin Mu squeezed a bit in his hand and rubbed against his fingers. It felt smooth.

“Not poisonous?”

Qiuqiu nodded, how could it give anything poisonous to Lin Mu?

Lin Mu took a whiff of the powder, it has a light fragrance.

After Patrik calmed himself down, he saw the white powder on Lin Mu’s hand and asked, “What is this?”

“I don’t know, but I wondered if it’s what I thought it is?” He licked it lightly, and the taste really resembled flour? “Flour! Qiuqiu, you’re too helpful.” After that, he gave Qiuqiu a big kiss on the cheek.

That’s what Casso saw when it arrived. The picture was quite uncomfortable to it.

Placing Qiuqiu down on the ground, Lin Mu turned to kiss Patrik happily. Next, he immediately announced that he is going to find more of this ball without giving Patrik a chance to deepen that kiss. Lin Mu followed Qiuqiu, and they came to the place where it found the Flour ball. Lin Mu gave that name to the ball, and it felt quite true to its name.

Staring at a patch of dark blue in front of him, Lin Mu felt that it is somewhat unimaginable that the Flour ball is a vine plant, flour inside fruits that looked like melons.

“The flour has become melons, I don’t know how to check which one is matured.” Lin Mu looked up, posing in a thinking pose.

Just when Lin Mu was thinking what to do, Qiuqiu ran to the patch of Flour ball and started swiping at the fruits with its small paws. Of course, it is only responsible for swinging its claws to remove the matured Flour ball from the vines. As for picking it up, it is not its responsibilities.

Lin Mu and Patrik didn’t return to the house for lunch. They hunted some animals on the mountain and cooked it. However, Patrik stared intently at Casso and Qiuqiu stuffing their cheeks during lunch. Although they helped to find something useful, they also have disturbed his chance to get along with Lin Mu alone. He felt that he need to get something for these two little guys to do.

It was still early when they returned to their tribe, the beastman who went out to hunt had not returned yet. Phil and the females have not returned either. Lin Mu directed Patrik to put the Flour balls in the storage room first. Then he took one ball with him and poured all the powders inside on a wooden bowl. “I wonder if it really tastes the same as flour.”

He added a little water to the bowl and whisked it nonstop with chopsticks. He wanted to try making flour soup (面汤)3. Looking at the mixture starting to form small lumps under stirring, Lin Mu felt that it really looks very similar to flour. He cut some green onions and diced some meat, then waited for Patrik to heat up the pot. The diced meat was placed in the pot to cook first. After the water starting boiling, Lin Mu slowly lowered the flour mixture into the pot and stirred it with a wooden spoon. When it’s cooked, he added chopped green onion and salt.

Watching the food turned into something familiar, Lin Mu doesn’t know how to describe his mood. They even found flour, flour that can be used as a staple food! The first real staple food in the beastman continent, Lin Mu was so moved that his tears almost fell off. At this moment he finally realized that even flour soup can be so delicious.

“Patrik, this is really flour! With flour, we can make more food!”

Patrik also thinks that the meal made from this thing called flour is delicious. Seeing Lin Mu is so excited makes him happy too.

Sasha brought a lot of things back when he came back. Lin Mu couldn’t help cheering from time to time as they went through the things that were brought back.

“Sasha, you are amazing. You even found tomatoes and carrots, although the carrots are strangely purple in colour. And wow, this should be duck eggs. So big!”

“What is a tomato? I just think that it tastes a bit sour and quite tasty. The colour is beautiful too. I tried feeding small animals with it, and they were fine. I ate some too, and they were really delicious. As for the carrots, I think the long-eared beast eat them so I thought we should be able to eat it and brought some back. And these eggs are from long-mouthed beasts4, which I found with Locke. But I didn’t take all and left some for the beasts.”

Looking at the duck eggs in his hand, Lin Mu thinks that they can consider raising some chickens, ducks and rabbits.

Phil brought back some cucumbers and cabbages, which made Lin Mu happy. Both cucumbers and cabbages can be marinated as winter vegetables.

Lais didn’t have any other special gains, but when he took out a flower that was said to be given to him by Jason, Lin Mu realized that there are sunflowers in this world. The dream of eating sunflower seeds won’t be very far behind. Nibbling on sunflower seeds are the best during chatting.

“Today’s harvest is quite fruitful, so we can make good use of these new food at night.”

Lin Mu’s suggestion is unanimously supported by everyone. Who would reject good food?

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Table of Content

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