Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 42

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Table of Content

List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female)
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Winged wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

Ryan (Lion)
Howth (Golden winged lion)
Ba-Ao (Brown winged bear)

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Chapter 42 Searching for ingredients 1

Lin Mu woke up unusually early today, and it was still misty grey outside the house. Lin Mu is used to sleeping in Patrik’s arms. Because he woke up earlier than usual today, he doesn’t dare to move around, afraid to disturb Patrik in his sleep. Sighing in his heart, he can’t sleep well with something in his mind. Then he turned to look at the sleeping Patrik. He gently rubbed against Patrik’s shoulder and was subconsciously hugged by Patrik, making his head rest by his shoulder.

Lin Mu smiled, he likes this kind of life, being cared and loved by someone. He likes the simplicity here, there are no schemes or emotional betrayal, everyone here just wants to make their life better. Although their living conditions were not good, Lin Mu feels that as long as this person is beside him, nothing can be a problem.

When Patrik woke up, he saw Lin Mu smiling at him. But seeing that Lin Mu doesn’t seem to notice that he is awake, it seems Lin Mu has zoned out again. However, waking up to his female staring at him in mesmerization early in the morning (are you are sure that zoning out can be considered being mesmerized?)1, it makes Patrik feels like a true beastman. With such a good start early in the morning, Patrik felt blissful, physically and mentally. Patrik couldn’t help but lightly printed his lips on Lin Mu to wake him up.

Lin Mu looked at Patrik in confusion, then he became sober and said, “Oh, you are awake? Then let’s get up quickly. We have so many things to do.”

Patrik thought his Lin Mu is really cute as he watched Lin Mu in a hurry to get out of bed. He couldn’t help placing another kiss on his forehead before nodding.

The two went to the river to wash. The early autumn morning gave people a feeling of refreshing coolness. Patrik watched Lin Mu gathering some water in his hands and sprinkled it gently on his face. His white cheeks were wet with water, indescribably refreshing. Sensing Patrik looking at him, Lin Mu gave him a smile. Patrik felt that Lin Mu’s smile was more dazzling than sunshine.

Because the weather is not cold, Lin Mu did not wipe his face with an animal skin towel but let the water dry naturally. Although some animal skins are really soft, but for Lin Mu who is used to use modern towels, towels made of animal skins are really uncomfortable. Shaking some water of his hands, Lin Mu stood up to return with Patrik. Then he saw Lais and the rest coming to wash by the stream one after another.

Sasha: “Lin Mu, why are you earlier than us?” He yawned, “If it’s not because we have to go out today, I really don’t want to get up so early.”

Lin Mu smiled and said, “Look at your sleepy head, go wash your face to refresh yourself. Remember to wash your messy hair with the Soapy fruit.”

Sasha waved his hand, “Alright, alright, I was thinking of washing my hair as well.”

Lin Mu didn’t know what can be used to wash his hair at first. When chatting with the females, he complained about his greasy hair and that it was not washed cleanly, Lais told him that there is a fruit that has cleaning effect2. Lin Mu feels that it’s working quite good after trying it.

So that turquoise fruit is called Soapy fruit. Sasha was wondering why it was called Soapy fruit and not any other name at that time.

“Because it’s how we call it back in my hometown.” Of course, Lin Mu is fooling Sasha. But Sasha still have some doubts, “Since you said it’s called Soapy fruit back at your hometown, then why didn’t you know about it earlier?”

“En, that is because I have never used it before.”

Phil was curious about what Lin Mu used to wash his hair before this, but Sasha has helped him to ask that question.

“Then Lin Mu, what kind of item do you use for washing hair? I always feel that the things you have in your hometown are amazing. There are so many things that are different from what we have here.”

In Lin Mu’s mind, he thinks that there are not many things Earth have in common in this world. Even the things with the same function exist in different appearance in this world. For example, this Soapy fruit has the same function as the Chinese honey locust3, but it is oval-shaped like a mango. After peeling off the thick layer of green skin, there will be some greenish juice flowing out, giving off some unknown fruity scent, quite nice to smell. The flesh of the Soapy fruit is transparent light green colour, dotted with small black seeds in the middle, looking crystal clear. Lin Mu experimented with the fruit and found out that the pulp of the Soapy fruit can be used as soap to wash clothes, and the cleaning effect is excellent.

“We have shampoos for hair, shower gels for baths, facial cleansers for face, and soap and hand gel for hands.”

Sasha sighed, “That sounds troublesome, ours are better. We just use the Soapy fruit for everything we wash.”

Phil nodded. He felt the people in Lin Mu’s hometown would have to bring a lot of things when travelling, so theirs are better. Soapy fruit can be used for washing everything, and it is convenient to carry around.

Thinking about it, Lin Mu felt that there will be so many consumer goods, probably because of social development, and people’s needs have begun to increase. As the standard of living improves, they naturally want to live a comfortable and convenient life. Of course, when one is rich, luxury products were born. So, what exists in that era is still determined by the level of social development.

Lin Mu looked at the people in front of him. They wore animal skins and lived a prehistoric life, but Lin Mu believed that the gear of development would always lead people to a more modern life. However, when that time arrives, he doesn’t know whether that development is a gain or a loss.

Back to the part where Lin Mu is talking with Sasha by the river…

Looking at Sasha’s bright blond4 hair, Lin Mu couldn’t help reaching out to touch his own hair, feeling that his hair has grown longer. The bangs in front had begun to obstruct his eyes, but because there were no scissors here, Lin Mu wasn’t able to cut his hair. If you say to use a knife, Lin Mu will say he wouldn’t do it. He was worried that he wouldn’t be able to go out and see people after cutting his hair with a knife.

The female’s hair is very long, probably because they have never have cut it. As for the beastman, their hair is uniformly long, but it is not comparable to the females, even though they have never cut their hair as well. Lin Mu thought, maybe because they can transform into beasts, their hair will not grow as long as the females. Thinking in this way, their hair would become their fur after transformation. Maybe this is the reason, just like how lion’s mane stayed the same length even though it has never cut its hair. Even if the beastman doesn’t care about his appearance, he will not casually cut his hair, worrying that his fur will be uneven after transformation. In that case, it must be very amusing to watch.

For breakfast, Lin Mu simply drank some fruit soup and ate stir fry vegetable. He still didn’t like to eat meat in the morning. Although Patrik felt that Lin Mu is too thin and should eat more meat, but seeing Lin Mu resisted, and also gave him a long speech about his healthy diet, Patrik stopped persuading Lin Mu. This gave Lin Mu a sense of pride for his eloquence in words. But actually, Patrik simply thinks that although Lin Mu doesn’t eat meat for breakfast, Lin Mu would eat some fried fish fillet and cold meat platter from time to time. Hence, it’s nothing for Patrik if Lin Mu doesn’t eat much meat during breakfast.

It was the most lively when everyone gets together for dinner; chatting, joking, and of course, some teeth grinding. Like Howth and Ba-Ao, but it was Howth who one-sidedly find faults with Ba-Ao.

Like now:
Howth scowled at the Ba-Ao sitting next to him and said, “Can’t you stay away from me? Don’t you know I get annoyed when I look at you?”

Ba-Ao was puzzled and lost. “But..”.

“No buts.” Howth hates seeing Ba-Ao acting like a pitiful large canine, don’t think he is getting soft-hearted, he just feels annoyed when he sees Ba-Ao.

“Haven’t we fought already? Didn’t we reconcile after the duel?” Ba-Ao asked quietly.

Everyone knows that Ba-Ao is going to duel with Howth, but no one knows when and where exactly did they fight. Of course, they also don’t know who won. If someone dares to ask Howth, he will throw them an icy glare, and Ba-Ao would avoid the question altogether. However, according to Lin Mu’s speculation, Ba-Ao should have won. Otherwise, with Howth’s character, he would have strongly expressed his disdain towards Ba-Ao every day if he really won. He can see Howth troubling Ba-Ao every time they gathered to eat lunch/dinner. Fortunately, the big guy didn’t show any bad emotions except looking a little despaired5, so there is not much to worry about. Everyone has gotten used to this situation after a while.

However, Sasha blushing and glancing at Lin Mu from time to time; what does he(S) wants? Lin Mu didn’t pay attention to Sasha’s behaviour at the beginning. After all, Sasha is usually very focused on eating in the past, as if he hadn’t eaten in years, and Locke would be waiting beside and serving him. However, during today’s breakfast, though Sasha didn’t stop eating, Lin Mu somehow found Sasha keep stealing glances at him, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Lin Mu might not be aware at first, but he couldn’t help noticing it considering the frequency Sasha keep blushing at him. That caused Lin Mu to think, what is this situation? But then he calmly continues his meal because he knew Sasha will be anxiously coming to tell him later. If he doesn’t start eating soon, Patrik will come to feed him personally. As expected, Sasha awkwardly came over when everyone finished eating and started cleaning up. Lin Mu smiled and waited to see what Sasha wanted to do; looked a bit silly, so funny.

“Lin Mu ah…”

“Yes?” Lin Mu felt that his eyes must be looking very sincere right now.

“Do we have any task today?”

Lin Mu nodded, “Yes, we still have to find ingredients. After all, we want to make a special meal for the beast god during God Offering day.”

“Ah, I see,” Sasha replied with a blush. “Can I not go this time? Locke doesn’t need to go out hunting today. So he said he would take me out of the valley to play. Of course, we will also search for ingredients along the way.” Sasha quickly promised.

“Oh, Locke said that huh…”

Lin Mu playfully stared at Sasha until his head bent lower and lower and answered, “Of course, you can go ahead to play.”

Seeing how Sasha looked happy when he heard his words, Lin Mu felt that ‘couple time’ with partners is quite essential. At the moment, everyone lives together in one house. Although beastman are generally more open to intimacy, the females were not. Moreover, most of the beastman in the tribe doesn’t have a partner yet, so it’s better not to attack their fragile hearts with public displays of affection(PDA).

Since Sasha has gone for his ‘couple time’, Lloyd and Jason probably don’t need to go hunting as well, so Lin Mu asked Lais to inform Phil to let their own beastman take them out for their couple time too. After all, there are many mountains in the valley. Searching for ingredients separately might have a greater possibility of finding good things. Moreover, the couples haven’t been getting any couple time for so long. It’s better for them to go out and enjoy the time. It’s not a good thing for a beastman to ‘endure’ for a long time. He knows this too well.

Looking at the pairs happily flew off, Lin Mu smiled and said to Patrik, “Let’s go too.”

Patrik took Lin Mu’s hand, they are going up the mountain. Lin Mu is going to look at the mountains southwards. He didn’t plan to look outside the valley today. After all, the mountains are too vast. Since the 3 pairs of couples went out to play, someone should stay back to watch the door. Perhaps there was an unexpected discovery at his side.

After they left, the other beastmen started busying with their own task. Hunting team will go out to hunt, while the rest stayed back to build the houses. Although building the houses is important, God Offering day is the most crucial, so the beastmen were supportive of the females going out to play while searching for ingredients. After all, making good food offering to beast gods is very, very important to them, so they forgive those lucky beastman who can go out with their females.

Casso watched from a distance as the couples left the house. Since he and Qiuqiu couldn’t help anything with the construction, he said to Qiuqiu next to him, “Let’s go out and play, we can’t help out anyway.”

Qiuqiu looked at Lin Mu’s distant figure and asked, “Why didn’t my owner take me with him?”

“Lin Mu wants to be alone with Uncle Patrik, of course. Don’t you want to be alone with me? Let’s go.”

Qiuqiu muttered his displeasure and pouted, “I don’t want to go to that cave with snakes.” Casso couldn’t fly high enough to take him out of the valley so they could only go to the cave where Patrik had arranged many snakes as guards.

“They won’t bite us.”


Casso contemplated, “Then we can only climb the mountain.” Then he looked at the high peaks. “We can still play anyway. So let’s go climbing, Qiuqiu. Lin Mu went to the south, so where should we go?” Casso lets Qiuqiu choose.

Climbing mountain sounds alright to Qiuqiu as long as he can rush back for dinner since both of them don’t know how to cook. Qiuqiu turned to look at the mountains on all sides and found one with a higher slope. “Let’s go to the north.” After saying that, he took the lead and started running.

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Table of Content

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