Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 44

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List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female)
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Winged wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

Ryan (Lion)
Howth (Golden winged lion)
Ba-Ao (Brown winged bear)

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Chapter 44 Preparing food

The females curiously watched as Lin Mu took the blue ball… uh, it should be called Flour ball now, and cut it open with a bone knife. Then they saw white powder pouring out. They have seen this kind of green fruit before, and some people thought to eat it like normal fruits, but the taste… Although it is not poisonous, no one wants to eat this white powder. Of course, no one knows how to eat it either.

“Lin Mu, how do you eat this?” Phil said, pinching some white powder and rubbing it between his fingers, “It’s so slippery.”

Of course, Lais and Sasha also started rubbing the powder between their fingers. That made the three small ones wanting to reach out and try touching the powder, thinking it’s something new to play with. But Lin Mu stopped them and said, “This is food material, and you three small thing did not wash your hands.”

In the past, who would wash their hands before eating? Holding their meat with bare hands to eat is the way they are used to. Hygiene is naturally not within their consideration. However, Lin Mu couldn’t stand it anymore. Their habit of not washing their hands even after going to the toilet made Lin Mu speechless. And so, after eating the meat that someone handled without washing their hands, Lin Mu solemnly told everyone about the importance of hygiene and when they should wash their hands. Coupled with some alarmist cases caused by bad hygiene that Lin Mu told them, the beastmen have gradually developed a good habit of washing their hands.

Being prevented from touching the powder, Misha pouted. “Lin Mu, I’m not ‘thing’. I’m different from them.” He pointed at Casso and Qiuqiu which were looking up at Lin Mu with their heads raised.

Lin Mu was amused by Misha’s childish argument. “En, Misha is the most precious little female in our tribe. Not ‘thing/只’1, should be ‘one/个’2… hehe…”

After listening to Lin Mu’s words, Misha felt like ‘one’ isn’t any better than ‘thing’.

“Zhi zhi…,” Qiuqiu cried out.

If this is like normal days, Qiuqiu would have already been on the cooking counter. But Lin Mu told it solemnly that it is not allowed to make any trouble during cooking (Qiuqiu feels that it has been misunderstood by its owner, it really did want to help… though… it accidentally knocked over something, but it really didn’t deliberately drop the things)3, or its usual snacks would be confiscated. Qiuqiu could only reluctantly agree. After all, although ‘helping out’ is fun, snacking is also his favourite pastime. The dried meat Lin Mu made is delicious.

Lin Mu saw Qiuqiu staring at him with its small beady eyes, he immediately reached out and gently patted its small head. “Qiuqiu has contributed the most this time, I will give you a good meal later.”


Qiuqiu expressed that it is very happy, but still tried to stretch out its small paws, wanting to touch the flour. Since it is the one that found the flour, and also has touched the flour before, Qiuqiu just wanted to touch it again right now. Hehe, Lin Mu only let me touch it, but not Casso and Misha, such privilege.

Lin Mu naturally didn’t know what Qiuqiu was thinking, but he can see its intention as it extended its paw toward the flour.

“Qiuqiu, be obedient, you also didn’t wash your hands.”

Qiuqiu looked at its two small paws in disappointment, and the phrase ‘didn’t wash hand’ flashed in its head. Then it stuck out its tongue and started licking its paws. Next, it showed its paws to Lin Mu, as if to say ‘I just washed my paws’.

Lin Mu and Lais were both amused by Qiuqiu’s move, and Misha laughed. Hence, Casso carried4 Qiuqiu away before it became angry.

“Misha, go and play with them. You just have to wait to eat.”

Misha knows he can’t help, but he doesn’t want to go to Casso either. Who knows where Casso took Qiuqiu to comfort it. Looking at his father busying outside, Misha has decided to go to his father first. Lin Mu will take some time to cook the food anyway, and right now some beastman has started preparing to roast meat.

The weather is clear, so Lin Mu does not want to continue cooking in the house. Before this, it was due to the rainy season, it was quite inconvenient for a large group of people to barbecue inside the house. It’s better to do it on open ground.

After the small ones left, Lais said, “Lin Mu, teach me how to do it, I’ll help out.”

There are many things that he could make with flour. But thinking that this the first time they consume flour, plus those beastmen are carnivorous animals, Lin Mu decided to make meat flatbread. Of course, in his opinion, meat flatbread is a bit greasy, and he wanted to eat something light. Seeing the carrot in hand gave him an idea.

“Let’s make some meat flatbread first. You can watch how I make them first.”

Several people nodded. Although they don’t know what meat flatbread is, they have confidence towards what Lin Mu said is delicious.

To make meat flatbread, they will need minced meat. Of course, those beastmen will not let them be tired by this kind of task. As for the choice of meat stuffing, Lin Mu’s favourite meat is beef stuffing, but he doesn’t know whether there are cows in this world, so he will use ‘pig’ first. Lin Mu chose some meat that has even amount of fats and meat, then he asked the beastman to help mince it. Since all of the females were busy making the flatbread, the beastman will make the soup instead.

It was quite easy for the beastmen to learn how to make some soups under Lin Mu’s guidance, they were especially fond of the meat soup. Of course, the egg drop soup that the females like would be prepared as well, and they won’t add any meat into it as the females still prefer to eat ‘leaves’. Of course, the beastman who likes to drink egg drop soup could prepare a pot for himself. Adding enough diced meat and eggs into the soup, it can be delicious as well.

A rolling pin is needed to make flatbread, and this task was given to Patrik. He came back with one shortly afterwards. The rolling pin was smooth, and it fits perfectly in Lin Mu’s hand; not too big or inconvenient to use. Lin Mu first showed the females how to knead and roll the dough now that the rolling pin is available. He rolled the kneaded flour into long thick strips, and then stretched the dough twice as large. Using the rolling pin to roll the strips into a thinner dough, he then added the meat filling that has been seasoned, which he would pull the edges together to make a deformed bun shape. Looking at the bun shape in his hand, Lin Mu sighed. He actually wanted to eat the steamed buns, but he still has to wait until they can make a steamer in the future. Moving on, he rolled the deformed bun shape with the rolling pin and checked his finished product. Good, no leaking.

After Lin Mu is done with his first flatbread, he let three other people try making one as well. Fortunately, Patrik caringly prepared 4 rolling pins for them. Anyway, the cooking table is long enough for everyone to make their flatbread, with space to move around. Moreover, Lin Mu is not very demanding about the shape and size, as long as the filling is not exposed. So in the end, there were various shapes of flatbread that didn’t look like circles, but Lin Mu didn’t mind.

To fry the flatbread, Lin Mu couldn’t use their usual cooking pots. Fortunately, the pan-fried steak Lin Mu made previously was very popular, so they have many kinds of thin stone slate in the house. The beastman have prepared the fire and the stove, just waiting for the females to use it. Lin Mu brushed the slate with oil, and after the oil is hot, he put the flatbread on it.

The stone slates used for frying meat steaks have been quite satisfying to use. Lin Mu does not know what kind of stone the stone slate was made of, but there is no sign of stone fragments or cracks even after using it for so long. Plus the heat conduction is fast. Lin Mu once thought that the stone slate is the best choice to make teppanyaki, which is comparable to iron plate.

Lais and the rest followed the steps that were taught to them, and they were very serious in learning cooking with Lin Mu. Not only because they like delicious food, but also for their beastman sake. After all, letting their partner eat well will make them happy as well. Moreover, after those houses were built, they can’t eat together in a big communal pot like they do now anymore. So, they naturally have to take the opportunity to learn the recipe of some delicious food. Of course, the one strongly supported the idea5 was not the females who were feeling distressed for their own beastman, but the single beastmen. Their tastebuds have been spoilt by Lin Mu’s good food. Right now, they can still eat those delicious foods, but as soon as the houses were built, there won’t be any chance like this anymore. Therefore, they need to seize the time now to learn whatever they can.

Lin Mu hadn’t thought of the single beastmen’s problem because, in his opinion, they didn’t starve to death before they met him. Hence, at this moment, he is frying his flatbread very seriously.

While the females are making flatbreads, the beastmen are not idling either. The fragrance of the barbecue had already floated around them. Although Lin Mu can make many new types of food, roasted meat is still a staple for the beastman. After all, Lin Mu’s strength is limited6. Moreover, after Lin Mu came, their roasted meat tasted better now.

Patrik came to the cooking counter to feed Lin Mu after he had roasted a dozen skewers of meat. The meat he grilled were not big or thick, which is very suitable for Lin Mu. When Patrik came over, Lin Mu’s flatbread had already begun to exude a tantalizing fragrance. Lin Mu didn’t refuse when Patrik handed the meat skewer to his mouth, he simply lowered his head and took a bite. “En, this roasted meat is delicious.”

Just as Lin Mu is about to finish eating a skewer of meat, Qiuqiu and Casso appeared and the two squatted next to Lin Mu, their eyes stared unblinking at the flatbread on the stone slate. This special fragrance of flour and meat is irresistible. Misha stood nearby Phil as soon as the nice scent began to drift. You asked why didn’t he choose other people? The answer is simple. Lais is very gentle, but he is constantly protected by the ice cube Jason, while Sasha himself is a foodie. It’s difficult to grab food from his mouth. As for Lin Mu, Misha knows that Qiuqiu will stand guard there, and didn’t Lin Mu said earlier that he will make Qiuqiu some good food7? Which means Misha could only wait for the next one when he went there, so he naturally chooses to stand by Phil’s side. In order to get the first batch of flatbread, Misha has to do some critical thinking.

Even those beastmen were unable to resist swallowing saliva when they smelled the aroma of the flatbread, but they couldn’t fight for food with the cubs. They couldn’t be sure if the second batch has their share. Didn’t they see the females’ partner by their side? Therefore, it is very clear that these single beastman will have to cook for themselves. They got a stone slate each and followed how the females fried the flatbread. They have grilled Lin Mu’s style steaks before, so frying the flatbread is actually quite similar to them. Hence, everyone is frying meat flatbread everywhere in the cooking area. Of course, Lin Mu made a pile of flatbread in advance so these beastmen will just need to fry them. Kneading the dough is still an impossible task for the beastmen.

Lin Mu turned to look at the two pair of eyes waiting beside him. It happened that he is frying two large bread at that time. When the bread became yellow and exuded the smell of cooked flour, Lin Mu used chopsticks to shift them onto a tray made with rattan strips. Then he said to the two impatient little guys, “It’s very hot now, you have to wait for a while.” Seeing the children looking at him pitifully, he added, “Rest assured that these two are yours, no one will fight with you.”

And so, Casso and Qiuqiu crouched in front of the tray, staring at their flatbread while drooling. Lin Mu saw it and couldn’t help shaking his head with a smile.

When Lin Mu finally get to taste his flatbread, Casso and Qiuqiu have already finished theirs, sporting a round belly. The moment he took a bite at the fried flatbread in his hand, the familiar and delicious taste caused Lin Mu to speed up his swallowing speed. Of course, if Lin Mu is eating the flatbread, Patrik’s portion will not be missed out. Lin Mu looked at Patrik’s expression. Although it was not obvious, he could see from Patrik’s shining eyes that he liked the flatbread. Smiling, Lin Mu asked while chewing his food, “Is it delicious?”

Patrik nodded. “It tastes good and quite fulfilling. I’ve just eaten 3, and I’m already half full.”

Lin Mu couldn’t help having black lines on his face upon hearing Patrik’s words. Half-full? That bread is about the size of a basin alright?!

Patrik put the last bit of bread in his mouth, “This flour is very good. We should pick more, but I don’t know how long it can be kept.”

Lin Mu has only eaten less than a quarter of his bread as he listened to Patrik’s words. He said, “Back at my place, we could store flour for a long time, but it is quite different from this Flour Ball. Right now, I’m not sure which state has a longer storage period; taking out the powder from the ball or keeping the ball as a whole. But we still can pick some more for an experiment.”

Patrik nodded. These flours are fulfilling, if it can be kept for a long time, they can consider it as extra winter food. After all, the prey that can be hunted in winter is still very limited.

Lin Mu stopped after eating only half of the flatbread. He is almost full, and he still wants to make something else, so he wants to leave some space in his stomach.

The flatbread was finished, and everyone almost ate two each. There weren’t enough flatbreads to share around, so the main dish is still grilled meat, and of course, there will be steaks as well since they already got the stone slate out.

The thing that Lin Mu is going to make next is something he thought the beastman would not like to eat. He ate this when he was still a child – carrot flatbread. It is very simple to make, he just has to cut carrots into shreds, put it in the rolled dough, and then add seasoning. Lin Mu likes to eat spicily, so he added a lot of finely chopped chilli powder. Because the dough has been rolled many times, it fell softly on the slate. Lin Mu spreads it on the stone slab as evenly as possible. Because it is thin, the carrot flatbread was cooked in a short time.

Sasha approached when Lin Mu started making the carrot flatbread, “Lin Mu, what is this thing you are making?”

“Carrot flatbread, this is not as greasy as the meat version.” He said as he tore a piece of newly done bread with chopsticks for tasting. He also shared some to those who came to watch, but because there were too many people, he could only give them small pieces. After that, Lin Mu handed over the work in his hand to Lais, to continue making the flatbread, while he is going to prepare some cold dishes.

Back to the cooking table, Lin Mu looked at the newly found ingredients. Cabbage and tomato have been used for cooking soup, and carrots were also used a lot. Then, Lin Mu decided to make a cold dish with cucumbers. He just needs to toss it with some vinegar and chilli; the spicy and sour taste will be able to get rid of the greasy feeling in the mouth. Of course, Lin Mu also mixed it with some liver and lung slices in two small tubs. These beastman likes to eat those too.

During dinner, Lin Mu sat down with Patrik as he ate some carrot flatbread, cucumbers, and then drank bird egg soup with tomatoes. In Lin Mu’s opinion, this kind of life is really good. As Lin Mu has thought, the beastmen doesn’t have much enthusiasm for carrot flatbread, but they had the flour soup, and they ate very well. Patrik didn’t eat much of the carrot flatbread either but ate the grilled meat and drinking soup. Seeing Lin Mu expressed his satisfaction towards everyone’s appetite, he is satisfied as well.

After dinner, everyone has a high opinion for flour – this thing is delicious.

Before going to bed, Lin Mu and Lais discussed what they will make for breakfast tomorrow. They kneaded some flour together and thought about making fried dumplings the next day. Looking at the kneaded flour, Lin Mu really wanted to eat some steamed buns. It seemed that he would need Patrik’s to make a steamer soon. Lin Mu made two kinds of fried dumplings, one with meat stuffing and another with vegetable stuffing, which was unanimously liked by everyone. They prepared a lot of the dumplings, and everyone started to fry it together. It’s alright even if they couldn’t finish it in one meal. The hunting team can always bring some out with them, and for the remaining dumplings, Lin Mu felt that it would be finished by the beastman who didn’t go out in the afternoon.

Lin Mu told Patrik about the steamer, but Patrik gave Matt the job of making the steamer. He needs to accompany Lin Mu as he busying around with the gifts for God Offering day. After all, God Offering day is only a few days away. They found flour, so naturally, they will have more types of food to make, but not all food can be offered to the beast god on the God Offering day. Any food that is not tasty when eating cold, Lin Mu won’t choose it because this kind of celebration is a bit time-consuming. He can’t serve the food and expect God to come right away. Recalling the food they offered to God back on Earth, it seems that some of it are like mochi made from flour and sugar. They have flour, so for sugar, Lin Mu thinks he should be able to make it. With sugar, he can also make some other pastry.

As for other food, Lin Mu felt that he could make some fish balls and whole oiled fish. Thinking back of the fried fish fillets he made previously, frying a whole fish shouldn’t taste bad. He originally wanted to offer fried fish fillets. After all, it still tastes good when it’s cold, but he doesn’t think it’s formal enough. He also wanted to make sweet and sour fish, but he was afraid that it would not taste good when the dish became cold, but on the other hand, he also felt that the dish would become quite flavorful when it’s cold. Whether or not to make it, he would consider it later, as he needs to make the sugar first.

Patrik accompanied Lin Mu to take out all the Sweety fruits in the storage room, and the females came to help too. Lin Mu looked at the two big baskets of Sweety fruits and remembered that there are two beastman going out to pick more Sweety fruits today. This fruit has such a high sugar content, so even if they couldn’t store enough winter food in the end, having sugar is a guarantee for survival.

Several people came together to wash the fruit, then peeled and cored it. The core of the Sweety fruit is very small, which is quite convenient. After all, if there is more flesh, there will be more sugar for them. After hearing that Lin Mu is going to make sugar with Sweety fruits, and the benefits of sugar, the group of people placed more concentration on their task. According to Lin Mu, more delicious food can be made with sugar. This reason is enough for them to concentrate on peeling and removing the fruit core.

The process of boiling sugar was smooth. Lin Mu originally was worried that the pulp would make the sugar impure, but he did not expect was that the pulp disappeared by itself during the boiling process. He didn’t know if the pulp has evaporated or has turned into sugar. The Sweety fruit is worthy of being the sweetest fruit they have ever eaten because the sugar content is really high. Lin Mu was very happy to see the pot full of light yellow syrup. In Lin Mu’s eyes, these syrup are equivalent to chunks of white sugar, although it is now pale yellow in colour.

When the syrup’s consistency became as thick as honey, Lin Mu stops boiling his pot, while the rest of the pots continue boiling. He put the viscous sugar into a bamboo tube, and let them taste some. Of course, in the end, everyone said that they liked the taste of the sugar. It’s even better to mix some with water to drink.

The sugar in the pots that continued to boil did not end up becoming the small white sugar cubes that Lin Mu had seen before but become a big piece of sugar. Lin Mu was quite satisfied with this result because they can use still it even if they break up the sugar. Of course, the most satisfied person was not Lin Mu, but Casso and the other small ones. The sugar cube is just like the crystal sugar on Earth, and it has the unique fragrance of the Sweety fruit. The children like it very much, and some sweet lovers like it too, such as Phil. As for Sasha, Lin Mu has not found anything that he doesn’t like to eat.

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