Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Extra 1 Part B

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Table of Content

List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female)
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Winged wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

Ryan (Lion)
Howth (Golden winged lion)
Ba-Ao (Brown winged bear)

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Extra 1 Part B Qiuqiu and Casso

Casso has decided to take Qiuqiu to a place. They came in front of a small tree. The tree was very strange in shape, and some of its branches grew to form a flat area like a platform. After Casso placed some branches and thatch in it, this place became his secret den. Casso picked Qiuqiu up and jumped into his nest, then placed Qiuqiu beside him. Seeing Qiuqiu still pretending to be motionless, he nudged him with his body,

“Hey, this is my secret den, even Misha doesn’t know about it.” From here, you can see the small river across from the gap between the trees.

Upon hearing Casso’s words, Qiuqiu looked up and followed his gaze at the opposite river.

Casso: “Hey, what’s the matter with you today? You didn’t even come to snatch my food.”

Qiuqiu glanced at Casso and flopped down on the thatch again. Casso knew that Qiuqiu is intelligent and could understand what they were talking about, although Qiuqiu could not speak for himself.

“I’ll go down for a while, wait here for me and don’t run around.” Casso jumped off and ran away.

Qiuqiu watched as Casso ran away to somewhere and continued lying on his back. He pressed his four short legs together and curled up, looking even more like a ball now.

Actually, the reason why Qiuqiu is listless is simple – Lin Mu forgot to feed him food. The fact that Lin Mu has forgotten to feed him was not a big deal, but it happened today when Qiuqiu is feeling homesick. Lin Mu didn’t feed him like he used to, so the homesick Qiuqiu started to think negatively in a depressed mood, resulting in an even lower mood.

Actually, there were few reasons why Lin Mu didn’t feed him as usual. First, because he was a little busy1. Secondly, it was because Qiuqiu always tried to snatch Casso’s food. Hence, in Lin Mu’s opinion, as long as Casso had Qiuqiu, he won’t go hungry.

Casso came back with a big fruit in his mouth. He placed the fruit beside Qiuqiu, and the orange-yellow fruit exuded a tantalizing sweet fragrance.

“I’m giving this to you to eat.”

Qiuqiu gave Casso a puzzled look, then sat up and looked at the fruit. Being stared so much, Casso became embarrassed intentionally said in a grumpy tone, “What are you looking at?! I already gave you food, why are you not eating?!”

Qiuqiu thinks that Casso is acting quite strange, but also very interesting. He was about to hug the fruit to chew on it when Casso suddenly took the fruit back. A kacha sound and Casso has bitten the fruit into half. Then another kacha, each half of the fruit was divided into two again.

“This fruit is too big for you. I’ve helped you to divide it into smaller sizes so that it’s easier for you to eat. Eat it quickly!” Casso felt proud of himself to be able to think of a small detail like this.

Qiuqiu looked at the bitten and messy-looking fruit, and couldn’t help rolling his eyes at Casso. He thought to himself in disgust, ‘It’s all covered with your saliva, still making other people eat it!’ But he still took one to nibble. Qiuqiu thought in his heart, ‘It’s because I am hungry right now, I’m definitely not feeling grateful!”

Two small ones have to work together to finish the fruit. Of course, Casso is responsible for eating the rest that Qiuqiu cannot finish. Qiuqiu didn’t feel uncomfortable anymore after he is full. He laid in Casso’s nest and began to sleep. Casso felt that Qiuqiu should be back to normal. Don’t think that he didn’t notice that eye roll just now. Seeing Qiuqiu sleeping, Casso started to feel a little sleepy too, so he fell asleep beside Qiuqiu.

When the two woke up, strictly speaking, they were awakened by the tempting aroma of grilled meat. Originally the group of drifter beastman doesn’t eat lunch, but ever since Lin Mu joined them, they have developed the habit of eating lunch. The two small ones jumped out of the nest and immediately ran towards the gathering spot.

Qiuqiu jumped into Lin Mu’s arms and was instantly cured when Lin Mu gave him a skewer of grilled meat. The delicious snow fungus soup makes Qiuqiu very happy as well.

Casso couldn’t help but roll his eyes at Qiuqiu’s joyful expression. Lin Mu said he is a glutton, but he thinks Qiuqiu is the real glutton here, even forgot to be angry with the food in sight.

Their relationship became better ever since they shared that fruit together. Sharing food has always been a symbol of deep friendship between beastman, although Casso didn’t think about that when he gave the fruit out. But after he suddenly realized that he had shared a fruit with Qiuqiu, as a very conservative beastman, Casso decided to regard Qiuqiu as his good friend in the future, although he is an ordinary beast. But Qiuqiu is very smart and able to understand him, so Casso doesn’t mind him being an ordinary beast now.

After Casso decided to regard Qiuqiu as a good friend, he started playing with Qiuqiu and didn’t mind Qiuqiu snatching his food anymore. He also likes to follow Qiuqiu to run around. Looking at Qiuqiu sleeping in the shade of a tree, he somehow felt Qiuqiu looked cute and round the longer he stared. No wonder Lin Mu likes Qiuqiu so much. Casso laid down next to Qiuqiu, but Qiuqiu seemed to feel hot, so he shifted a little bit to the side again.

Misha sees Casso running around with Qiuqiu every day, and they didn’t even ask him to join when they went out to play. Seeing that Casso is sleeping with Qiuqiu under the tree, Misha silently approached, wanting to take Qiuqiu away. Misha complained in his heart, he also liked Qiuqiu, but why won’t Qiuqiu play with him? Just when Misha is about to reach out, Casso suddenly opened his eyes.

“What are you doing, Misha?”

Being found out, Misha rightfully replied, “Of course to play with Qiuqiu.”

“He is sleeping now.”

“I want to hug him even if he’s sleeping,” as he said that, he picked Qiuqiu up. Then he humphed at Casso and said proudly, “Look, Qiuqiu can also fall asleep in my arms.” After that, he gently touched Qiuqiu’s hair with his hand.

“Hmph!” Casso humphed at Misha too and muttered in his heart, “Misha is very willful, not as good as Lin Mu.”

Qiuqiu woke up in Misha’s arms shortly because Misha keeps touching him; it’s either touching his ears or pulling at his little paw. Sighing in Misha’s arms, ‘You can’t even let this beast sleep, what an abuse.’ Of course, this was said in his heart; he can’t say it out.

On the days when they temporarily camped to rest, Qiuqiu followed Lin Mu to find food, and they managed to discover a lot of delicious food. This was the most gratifying thing for Casso and Qiuqiu, the glutton duo. As time passed, Casso developed the habit of following Qiuqiu around. Originally, Qiuqiu slept with Lin Mu, but Uncle Patrik is pursuing Lin Mu, and since the accident that day, Uncle Patrik has pulled Lin Mu to sleep together, so Casso asked Qiuqiu sleep together with him.

Talking about the accident that day, Casso also came running together with the beastmen when he heard the roar. But when he arrived, he only saw the stranger beastman that has been bitten to death by Patrik, and the two men hugging each other in the river. Compared with Casso, Qiuqiu saw that his owner being happily hugged by Patrik, and he didn’t want to accept it. His owner is going to be cheated away.

“Qiuqiu, Uncle Patrik and Lin Mu are sleeping together, so you better don’t sleep with them.”

Qiuqiu knows that Patrik is pursuing his owner, which has become more obvious recently, and it seems that his owner has no intention of refusing as well. It will be bad for him to sleep together with them. After all, he is also a beast, although the other beastman always says that he is an ordinary beast, but Qiuqiu knows that he is not any ordinary beast. How can he be ordinary? He is not ordinary!

“So, where do I sleep?”

Casso was waiting for Qiuqiu to ask this and replied, “You can sleep with me; my nest is quite big.” Casso’s nest has initially been next to his father, Damon, but now he has moved to some distance away from others.

Qiuqiu saw Casso’s nest was okay and nodded. Since then, Qiuqiu stayed with Casso.

Qiuqiu has a secret. He can actually speak the beastman’s language. But according to ‘that person’, he can’t be a pet if he knows how to speak. Thinking about the benefits he gets from being Lin Mu’s pet, Qiuqiu decided to live his life only saying ji ji ji.

Staying together with Qiuqiu every day, naturally, there will be times that they get into disagreements, but every time Casso will apologize first. After they reconciled, they will continue to run around together every day.

Casso discovered Qiuqiu’s secret that he can speak due to an accident. They were playing in an area with lush grass that day. Qiuqiu’s figure was small, and he deliberately curled up to make it harder for Casso to find him. On the other hand, Casso’s figure isn’t much taller, but he can detect Qiuqiu by his scent. So Casso moved slowly, following his scent. The reason why he didn’t quickly go to catch Qiuqiu was because Casso thought it’s fun to play like this. He will move silently then give Qiuqiu a scare when he found him. Casso was imagining how Qiuqiu would jump in shock, didn’t notice that a huge scorpion was quietly following him.

Initially, Qiuqiu was staying low in the grass, secretly spying on Casso. He was small in size, so his point of view gets even lower when lying down on the ground. When Casso passed by, he saw the scorpion behind Casso is about to attack him. He can see that the scorpion is an extremely poisonous insect, so he immediately shouted, “Casso, run!”

The moment Casso heard the warning, he swiftly evaded the attack. Then he rushed over to Qiuqiu’s location, picked him up by the scruff, and ran away. The giant scorpion missed the target and started chasing them in exasperation. Its movement was very fast. Casso sped up and spread his wings. Although he can’t fly very high now, it is better than walking through the grass.

Casso stopped on a big tree and saw that they had thrown the scorpion off their trail. So, he flew down from the tree, then dropped Qiuqiu from his mouth when they reached the ground. He stared at Qiuqiu vigilantly, “Say, you obviously speak beastman language, why haven’t you told us about it?”

Casso worried that Qiuqiu is a spy. He heard Lin Mu said that there are numerous beastman who want to destroy them. Lin Mu also told him many stories about war; that’s where he came to know the word ‘spy’. He hates spies.

Qiuqiu could feel Casso’s strong attitude towards him, which made him very wronged; he doesn’t want to care for Casso anymore.

Seeing that Qiuqiu is not talking, Casso poked him with his paw, “Speak, you must be a spy!”

Qiuqiu didn’t know what a spy is, but Casso’s tone made him angry, sad, and aggrieved. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to speak, ‘that person’ told him not to. He clearly spoke to save Casso, but Casso still treats him like this.


Wuwuwu… Qiuqiu cried.

Casso was dumbfounded; he never thought Qiuqiu would cry. Listening to Qiuqiu’s crying, Casso felt uncomfortable in his heart.

“What are you crying about? I haven’t done anything to you yet. Even if you are a spy, we won’t kill you.”

Qiuqiu continued to cry with his b*tt facing Casso.

Seeing that Qiuqiu is crying even louder, Casso scratched his head with his paw and wondered what to do.

Qiuqiu was crying so badly because the grievance made him feel homesick again.

Casso turned to Qiuqiu, and comforted, “Don’t cry, it’s not a big deal. I’ll let you go, so they won’t hit you.”

Casso thought Qiuqiu cried because his identity as a spy was discovered. Didn’t Lin Mu say that spies are afraid of being seen through? Although he felt great to be able to detect a spy, he is not happy at all with Qiuqiu crying so sadly. (Spies or whatnot, Lin Mu has complicated the children2)

Qiuqiu cried and shifted his body to continue facing Casso with his b*tt.

Casso had no choice but to listen to Qiuqiu crying and scratching his ears.

Qiuqiu’s crying slowly decreased, and finally, he stopped making any sound.

Casso stepped forward carefully and asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

Qiuqiu didn’t respond.

Casso touched him gently with his paws, but still no response. Then he leaned closer and heard Qiuqiu’s even breathing. “Fell asleep.” He picked up Qiuqiu and went to his secret den. Looking at the sleeping Qiuqiu, Casso sighed; he didn’t want Qiuqiu to be a spy.

Qiuqiu woke up at night. When he opened his eyes and saw Casso, he got angry again and ignored Casso. Casso tried to approach him, but he waved his small paw to express that he will hit him. Casso was helpless, “Qiuqiu, let’s talk. You have to tell me why you pretended to be an ordinary beast.” Qiuqiu ignored him. Casso nudged him with his body, “Qiuqiu, tell me, tell me.”

“I can’t be Lin Mu’s pet if I can talk,” Qiuqiu said very quietly, but fortunately, Casso put his head close enough to hear it.

“Why can’t you be a pet if you can talk?”

“Of course, you can’t be a pet anymore if you can talk. Look, you can speak, so Lin Mu doesn’t take you as a pet.”

So it’s like that?

“What’s good about being a pet?” Casso doesn’t think being a pet for others is good. Have to get rubbed and kneaded by other people, not good at all.

“Of course it’s better to be a pet. You will have someone to love you and feed you.”

Casso couldn’t understand what’s good about that. Although Lin Mu made delicious food for him, he wouldn’t want Lin Mu to treat him like a pet just for the sake of eating. Casso thought for a while and said, “So you just want to be a pet, not a spy.”

Although Qiuqiu doesn’t know what a spy is, it doesn’t sound like a good thing, so he snapped back, “I am not a spy! You are a spy!”

Since Qiuqiu is not a spy, Casso is not worried anymore. He thought for a while regarding the reason why Qiuqiu chose to be a pet. “Qiuqiu, I can also love you and feed you. Then, you can be my pet.” How happy is it to have the cute Qiuqiu to be his pet.


“Why?” Casso was disappointed.

“You can’t make delicious food like my owner did.”

Hence, Casso doesn’t feel sad anymore. After all, he really can’t make delicious food like Lin Mu.

“Casso, you have to promise me one thing.” Qiuqiu looked at Casso seriously.

“What is it? You can say it.”

“Do not tell others that I can speak, especially to my owner. This is a secret between us; no one can know.” If Qiuqiu knows what a pinky promise is, he will stick out his little finger to hook Casso’s finger. After all, being a pet is his goal.

A secret between them, and no other people will know, that is to say, he and Qiuqiu are best friends; hence Casso readily agreed. With a shared secret between them, they are now even more intimate. Even when they have built a house in the valley, Qiuqiu still sleeps with Casso. However, no matter how good their relationship is, they will fight once a while. For example, Qiuqiu ignored Casso, and Casso is unwilling to follow Lin Mu up the mountain.

In fact, the reason for their argument is very simple.

Qiuqiu and Casso were lying in a small cave. This cave is very small and quite close to the salt cave. They found it during the rainy season, and this has become a secret base for both of them.

“Qiuqiu, are you a beastman?” Casso knew that beasts who can talk are definitely not ordinary beasts.

“I do not know.”

“It would be nice if Qiuqiu is a female, then you could be my partner in the future.”

When Casso said this, he suddenly thought of the fact that even two beastman could be partners, but Qiuqiu humphed before he could add on.

“I don’t want you to be my partner. Look at your chubby appearance, definitely not as great like our tribe leader. If I’m looking for a partner, I will definitely look for one like Patrik, hehe.” Patrik is a tribe leader, and a tribe leader can eat the best food.

“But Uncle Patrik is Lin Mu’s partner. You can’t fight for partners with your owner.” Casso was furious.

“Even so, I won’t choose you.”

“I am also very powerful. I am a winged wolf. You can see how powerful I am in the future by looking at my father.”

“Still not as great as our tribe leader.”

Casso knew that even if he grew up, he would not be as powerful as Patrik. Seeing Qiuqiu looking like he won’t marry if it’s not Patrik (is there?)3, he ran away angrily.

When Casso ran away, Qiuqiu waved his small paws, “Little stingy guy.” Laying on the ground, he contemplated the possibility with Casso, “Partners with Casso huh…” Thinking of Casso taking care of him, listening to his words and compromise, Qiuqiu feels that he can actually consider it. (You are just 4 years old now, Qiuqiu)4

On the next day, he found that Casso is still sulking, ignoring him(QQ). Qiuqiu is such an arrogant beast. So, if you ignore me, I will ignore you. This is how the two started a cold war.

Qiuqiu initially thought that Casso would come and apologize to him the next day, just like before so that he could forgive him. But he didn’t expect that Casso would still be angry. Qiuqiu became angry as well, but being ignored by Casso made him listless. Hence, when Lin Mu’s team returned, Qiuqiu saw that Casso was lying in front of the door and had no intention of reconciling with him. That caused Qiuqiu to ran away in anger.

Casso actually regretted making Qiuqiu angry, but Qiuqiu keep ignoring him, and he didn’t know what to do. And it was clearly Qiuqiu’s fault. But seeing him come back and then ran away, Casso still couldn’t rest assured and chase after Qiuqiu.

Qiuqiu ran to the small cave and started sulking. Casso is a meanie for treating him like this.

Casso saw Qiuqiu lying in the thatched nest, hiding his head, and stepped forward, “Qiuqiu.”

“Aren’t you ignoring me? I’m ignoring you now.” Qiuqiu’s voice came from the thatch, which was a bit dull.

“But you said you want to be partners with Uncle Patrik. Of course I am angry.”

Qiuqiu raised his head, “When did I say I want to be a partner with Patrik. I didn’t!”

That’s great, Casso was happy. However, when Casso recalled that Qiuqiu said that he would not be partners with him, he couldn’t be happy anymore.

“You also said you don’t want me to be your partner.”

Qiuqiu embarrassedly scratched his fur, “If you want to be my partner, you have to give me all the delicious food in the future.”

This condition is too simple. Hasn’t he been giving all the delicious food to Qiuqiu?

“Alright.” Casso happily sat beside Qiuqiu and said, “Qiuqiu, you have already promised me. When I grow up, you will be my partner.”

Qiuqiu shyly agreed in a soft voice. Casso sticks his tongue and licks Qiuqiu in excitement.

“I have a partner now.”

Therefore, it is really a tradition for beastman to find a partner since young.

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Table of Content

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