Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 35

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List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female)
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Winged wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

Ryan (Winged Lion?)
Howth (Golden winged lion)

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Chapter 35 Ominous

From what Lin Mu can see, the beastman was badly injured. There was a long wound on his back, the flesh was exposed, and the most serious was the wound on his stomach. His belly was pierced open, but it was simply bandaged with animal skin. The beastman should have been injured for a long time before he got picked up by Patrik. With such a serious injury, only beings with the strong physique of a beastman could survive from it.

This beastman was first placed in the hall, and Lal’s extra bed was contributed to him. Lin Mu doesn’t need to start any treatments, as he ultimately handed the responsibility to Phil. Compared to Lin Mu, Phil is more knowledgeable about the usage of those herbs. Even when doing things like wound stitching, Lais is better than Lin Mu, because Lin Mu’s needle skill is the worst among them. Lais cooperated well with Phil to treat beastman’s wound. They cleaned the wound, applied the medicine and the suture, then wrap the wound with soft animal skin1. Everything they did was quite organized.

Lin Mu only watched from the side left, occasionally pointed out some points, without needing to even demonstrate it. He was so idle that he should help serve tea and wipe sweat, but there were distressed beastman watching over their females to do those things. Lin Mu ’s movements can’t be faster than Lloyd. So he stood aside to prevent from hindering the beastman earning cookie points. Lin Mu speechlessly looked at Lloyd busying around, and even the cool Jason expressed his concern.

After the beastman’s injury was attended to, Patrik let people carry him into the first room on the right-hand side. Although there were already four people living there, it wouldn’t feel crowded if an extra bed was added in the room of a hundred plus square feet.

Lin Mu saw that the beastman’s bed was arranged, and no one expressed any opposition, so he pulled Patrik back to the room. Sitting properly on the bed, he pulled Patrik to sit beside him.

“Say it ba.”

When Lin Mu first saw the injured beastman, he knew something was wrong. According to Patrik’s personality, how could he pick up someone back? He knows Patrik too well, if Patrik saw an injured and fainted beastman, he won’t save that beastman. After all, both beastman and drifter beastman are enemies to them.

Things are like this:
Patrik and the hunting team went hunting in the valley far away from their area as usual. Today, they were lucky to meet a few Da-da beasts that came out searching for food. Da-da beast is a herbivore with a tall body and a gentle temperament2. It runs very fast and is difficult to catch if it gets into the jungle. Several of them are excellent hunters, and naturally, they will not let their food run away. They quietly waited for their prey to approach, waiting for them to enter their attack range. When it’s time to attack, one Da-da beast escaped in panic.

Howth is a golden-winged lion. He saw the escaping Da-da beast and said, “Tribe leader, I will chase it.” After, he went after the beast.

Ryan is Howth’s older brother. He looked at his younger brother and smiled to Patrik, “Look at this kid.”

As soon as they finished speaking, they heard Howth’s roar. That’s how they convey information.

“Listening to Howth, he seems to have discovered something,” Ryan told Patrik, before carrying his prey on his back.

Patrik: “Go check it out.”

When they rushed to the place, they saw a beastman lying on the ground and Howth in his human form standing beside him.

When Howth saw them coming, he quickly explained, “He was already like this when I met him, I didn’t do anything.” No wonder he was so anxious to explain himself, it was because he had deliberately attacked other beastman before, because of jealousy for others; jealous to why can’t he live like them.

Patrik glanced at the beastman with a cold gaze. He was in a comatose state, indicating that he was seriously injured, but these have nothing to do with him. Whether this person is a beastman or a drifter beastman, he is likely to be his enemy. Even if he is not an enemy, Patrik has no extra kindness in him to help this beastman. This world is like the law of the jungle; the strong govern the weak.

For Lloyd’s case, it was because of Lin Mu’s kindness. Patrik will agree to anything no matter what Lin Mu asks him to do, besides Lin Mu was just trying to be kind. Although Lin Mu sometimes seems too simple and has no sense of danger, Patrik is willing to protect him as long as he can. It’s beastman’s responsibility to make sure his partner have no worries.

Ryan crouched down and looked at the beastman. “He should be from a bear family.”

Patrik didn’t look again. “Throw one Da-da beast to him, let’s go.” This is the kindness he can give.

The other beastmen has no opinions, their current life is not easy, they don’t want to bring disaster because of good intentions. When they wanted to leave, they suddenly heard the beastman’s voice.

“Tribe leader, I’m not ominous. I’m not. I haven’t done bad things, you can’t do this to me. You can’t do this to me…”

Patrik turned back.

Howth: “Couldn’t be this one was also expelled from his tribe?”

Ryan looked at him carefully, “Tribe leader, his eyes were closed, and his consciousness was muddled.”

If this beastman had just been expelled from his tribe like as Howth said, Ryan really sympathized with this beastman. He had such an experience as well, he would have been able to be partners with his beloved female, but he lost everything overnight; one couldn’t imagine such a shock. Fortunately, they were lucky enough to meet their tribe leader Patrik, although they were really dissatisfied with him at first, and now they are living a good life together. He sighed in his heart, if this beastman can survive, he will need a lot of time to accept this matter. Being expelled by his tribe and also being labelled as ominous, he would despair.

Ryan looked at Patrik. He(P) was looking at the injured beastman, not sure what he was thinking. He(R) really wanted the tribe leader to save this beastman but was worried that it would cause trouble, so he could not express his thoughts.

“Take him back,” Patrik said and turned away.

The remaining beastman glanced at each other.

Howth: “I’ll take him. Brother, help put him on my back.” Beastman hates being carried by another beastman, humph humph, I’ll make you mad to death, Howth thought unkindly.

Ryan was a little surprised that his brother would be so kind. But thinking about his brother was sometimes mischievous, being kind is actually good. He carefully helped the injured person on Howth’s back and instructed, “Howth, walk carefully. He was badly injured.”

The big lion nodded impatiently to expressed that he knew, and then hurried off. He was anxious to go back to eat dinner.

After listening.

“So it’s like this?” Lin Mu asked.

Patrik nodded, and he lay on the bed with a tired look.

Lin Mu laid next to him, “Was it because he made you think of your own… I mean, you used to be in a tribe, you know what I mean.”

Patrik rubbed his hair and smiled and said, “You’re right. He reminded me of that time.” It was also a bloody scene and trying hard to escape.

Lin Mu laid side by side with Patrik, patting him on the shoulder. He smiled comfortingly and said “Please don’t be sad anymore. Isn’t it good to see what we have now?”

Patrik was amused by him and hugged him while staring at the roof. “Yes, I’m not sad anymore.”

“That’s good. Not sure how is that beastman now, he should wake up soon. After all, you beastman has such abnormal resilience.”

Patrik turned to pressed Lin Mu under his body and rubbed his face, “Isn’t it bad to think of another beastman in front of me?”

Lin Mu pretended to be silly: “Did I, did I? Why didn’t I realize it?”

“Pretending to be stupid is useless, you will be punished for doing wrong things.”

“Don’t want ah……”

The next day, Lin Mu got up as late as usual. But everyone is used to it, and they are used to leaving him breakfast.

While having breakfast, he asked the beastman in the hall about Phil and the gang. Ever since Lin Mu ran out secretly, there will always be one or two beastman staying in the hall. When he heard that Phil and the gang were changing the beastman’s bandages, he put down his bowl and hurried to find them. He doesn’t know what happened to that beastman and was very interested in his story. After all, he is too free right now.

When Lin Mu hurried over, he saw them bandaging the wound, and it seemed to be almost finished. Lin Mu stepped forward and asked, “How is he doing?”

Lin Mu glanced at the beastman and saw that his face was quite straight and honest, but thinking about Cohen’s honest look who turned out to be black-bellied, Lin Mu doesn’t dare to label people as straight and honest anymore.

Phil: “He hasn’t woken up yet.”

Lais picked up the animal skin from his hands and prepared to take it out. “After all, he was injured so badly, so he won’t wake up so quickly.”

Oh, Sasha? Sasha was just there to ‘buy soy sauce’3, just looking around.

Lin Mu saw that the man’s expression was much lighter, so the medicine must have a good effect. He told Ryan and his brother, “Please pay attention to his situation. If his forehead gets hot, help to wipe his body with a wrung animal skin wet towel. ”

The brothers Howth and Ryan stay in this room. There were also two more people staying in the room; one named Kite and the other called Will, but those two were not here at the moment.

Ryan agreed with a smile. Howth just nodded casually and went to busy with himself.

Lin Mu and Lais went out.

Seeing them leave, Howth looked at the beastman and said to Ryan: “Brother, don’t you think it’s strange? Our tribe leader didn’t intend to save him at first, so why did he decide to save him later on?”

Ryan smiled. “It’s no surprise. We have had this experience, haven’t we?”

They were initially the best hunters in the family. They were strong and favoured by females. Their life was smooth, but they lost everything overnight. Their tribe, their glory, their beloved female, everything was gone overnight. They simply don’t understand why they would grow a piece of leather armour on their body all of a sudden when they woke up? This kind of thing has never appeared in the lion clan. Ryan’s former tribe leader panicked and invited the priest. The priest is responsible for worshipping the beast god in the tribe. They are the only people who can communicate with the beast god.

The tribe leader asks the priest for advice from the beast god. It was then their disaster begins. The priest received the word, but the result was – they are ominous beings, betrayers of the beast god. The two of them should have been executed, but their tribe people have good feelings for them, they have never done bad things, and were formerly excellent beastmen in the tribe. So their tribe leader disregarded the priest’s objection and only expelled them. This beastman was not as lucky as they are, that’s why he was heavily injured.

Ryan got out of bed and looked at the injured beastman. Sensing that he seemed uncomfortable, Ryan took a wet towel and wrung it to wipe his face.

Howth pouted, “Brother, you don’t need to take care of him like this.”

Ryan smiled and ignored Howth’s little temper. He was relieved that Howth’s temper is better now. When they were expelled from the tribe, Howth’s temper was very violent, like a wild beast. He’s much more peaceful now.

Ryan changed to another towel and was about to wipe the man’s body when he found the man looking at him in confusion.

Ryan smiled and said, “You woke up.”


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