Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 34

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List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female)
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Winged Wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

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Chapter 34 Hotpot

After they calmed down.

Patrik hugged Lin Mu tightly and kissed his soft hair.

“Promise me you won’t be so capricious in the future. I know Casso won’t dare to take you out so, naturally you are the one who forced him. Mu Mu, you are too insensitive of danger, this world is different from your previous world.”

“I will never do that again.” Lin Mu promised, “I am also quite scared today. Patrik, I found some beastman hunting in the mountains.”

Patrik nodded, “Beastman will also go out to hunt during the rainy season. This mountain is so big; naturally, there will be some coming here.”

“Is that alright? Don’t you worry that a beastman will find us here?” He asked worriedly, “Let’s seal the cave entrance completely. I was almost found out today.”

Seeing Patrik frowned when hearing him said that he was almost found out, Lin Mu quickly reassured, “This is really the last time, I promise!”

Perhaps Lin Mu’s guarantee has some effect, Patrik’s expression returned to normal.

“We don’t need to seal the entrance of the cave, that entrance is for you all1 to go out of the valley. Although you can ask the winged beastman to take you out, but females who already have a partner cannot casually sit behind other beastman. Hence, if something bad happens, that entrance will be the way for you to leave.”

“What if the entrance was found? If those beastman searched carefully today, they would definitely find the cave entrance.”

Patrik pulled the quilt over Lin Mu’s shoulder. “I called a lot of venomous snakes to guard in the cave, so there’s no need to worry even if someone found it.”

“Venomous snakes? Don’t tell me that the cave is full of venomous snakes?” Lin Mu thought of the rustling voice he heard, and imagined how the cave is densely covered by venomous snakes in the shadows; he could not help but shivered.

“If other people just want to seek shelter to avoid the rain, wouldn’t the snakes hurt them by mistake?” After all, the cave is quite long. If people don’t notice the snakes, wouldn’t they accidentally come in and die like this? Isn’t it just dying for nothing?

“I only allocated the snakes in the second half of the cave. If they crossed the border, those snakes would come out to warn them. If they don’t insist on breaking in, the snakes will not attack.”

Lin Mu felt that it is reasonable to do so, and also amazed to know that Patrik could summon snakes, “How do you summon them? I mean those snakes, do they listen to you by nature, or you can communicate with them? Like you give them some benefits to get their help?”

“No matter what kind of animals, the strongest wins. I am stronger than them, they will listen to me.”

“En, turned out this is about how domineering you are. And here I thought you know how to control snakes. So you can communicate with them?”

Patrik nodded, watching the man’s bright eyes being curious about everything, and he rubbed his(LM) hair indulgently.

“Don’t rub my hair, my hairstyle already got messed up by you.” After pushing Patrik’s hand away, Lin Mu then continue to ask, “You can communicate with them, that means they are all smart? Can they understand beastman’s language?”

“Only a few snakes can, most of them are uncivilized.”

Lin Mu nodded, “I think so too, or else it would felt like there is a lot of ‘yaoguai’2 around.” Lin Mu thought of something all of a sudden, “Then I can’t eat snake meat in the future?”

Patrik looked at him strangely, “Just eat if you want to.”

“Well, no matter how you said it, they could be considered having some relation to you. Hehe…”

“I am a beastman, and they are beasts.”

Lin Mu smiled, “Let me ask you, is it true that the more poisonous the snake is, the smarter it is?”

Patrik nodded, “The more poisonous the snake, the greater the chance of survival they have. So the older ones are all venomous snakes.”

“Then, will they be obedient? Can you get one for me as a pet?”

Patrik looked at Lin Mu, thinking how could he have so many fresh ideas in his mind. But it is feasible, and if a venomous snake is guarding him, this is also another safety layer for Lin Mu.

“I will help you look for one.”

“Really! I was actually asking casually. But it would be so cool to be able to find a hundred-year-old viper as my pet. Qiuqiu my pet is about to become someone else’s.”

Patrik got up, “You get more rest, I will bring your lunch to the room.”

“No, I found something good today. Let me make something delicious for you.”

Patrik heard what he said and thought of what he brought for Lin Mu today, “I also have something for you, let’s go out and see.” Then, he stood by the bed and waited.

“That, you go out first, I want to change clothes.”

“You can change now, I’ll wait.” He said, crossing his hands across his chest and looking at him.

Lin Mu was speechless. “Don’t think I can’t change while you’re standing there.” As Lin Mu said that, he stretched out a hand to pull at his backpack, and there was a set of clothes for changing inside. He took out his jeans and t-shirts and started to fumble around on the bed, under the quilt. He put on his jeans; the quilt is big enough anyway, so he can stretch himself. After successfully putting on the top and bottom, Lin Mu lifted his chin and went out proudly.

Patrik smiled and shook his head to follow behind him.

Lin Mu went back to his normal state when he left their room. He and Patrik came to the lobby together and asked, “What did you find for me?”

“It’s in the storage room, just go and have a look.”

The two of them came to the storage room, and so Phil taking out the cookware with the rest of the gang. Lin Mu gave them a reassuring look and then followed Patrik to see what he had prepared for him.

Patrik showed him something in the basket, “This is it.”

Lin Mu took it, it seems to be a fruit. It has a long shape with a spiral pattern, and each one is around 14 to 15 centimetres. The colour… the colour is a strange blue.

“What is this? It looks pretty.”

Patrik used a stone knife to cut it open, and a strong, sharp smell came out.

“Chili!” Lin Mu couldn’t believe it. “You found the chilli, that’s great!” Feeling excited, Lin Mu turned to give Patrik a kiss. Then he glanced around; fortunately, no one was there.

Thinking of they found another condiment, Lin Mu was thrilled, but the corner of his mouth couldn’t help twitching after staring the chilli for a while. This mutated chilli is sure large. He
bowed his head and smelled it, the smell was pungent and should be loaded with spiciness.

“Since we found the chilli, let’s eat hotpot at noon. It has been raining for so many days, and it’s so humid everywhere, so eating spicy stuff will make us more comfortable.”

Patrik doesn’t understand these things, so he simply replied, “I’ll listen to you.”

Since lunch is decided, they must start the preparation earlier, but the ingredients for hotpot is easier to prepare. He took his garlic and asked Patrik to get some chilli out of the storage room. They came to Phil, and Lin Mu said to them, “Today we will have something different, hotpot. You guys just have to wash the vegetables.”

In terms of cooking, the gang has always listened to Lin Mu, so they were filled with expectations when they heard about the change of menu for today’s lunch.

Lin Mu got two beastman to help cut the meat into thin slices for the hotpot later. Patrik was pulled to help as well since he had nothing to do. Beastman can eat a lot; hence they have to make more food. Looking at the three large wooden tubs in front of them, Lin Mu estimated it should be fine if the tubs were filled up.

When others are busy, Lin Mu won’t be free either. He made some minced garlic and cut some peppers. Because the rest of them have not eaten chilli before, Lin Mu doesn’t know if they can withstand it, so he just added just a little for starters. They can add more if they like the taste. Of course, for his own small pot, it must be super spicy.

It is necessary to have a soup base to make hotpot. For this, he is going to use chicken soup. He got some people to hunt some ‘chickens’3 back to make soup. After all the ingredients were prepared, it’s just the chicken broth left which still need a bit more time. Hence, they grilled some steaks. Lin Mu spread some minced garlic on the steak and wrapped it with a green vegetable similar to lettuce, this way it will lessen the greasiness.

Meat wrapped in lettuce

This way of eating was instantly welcomed by Phil and the females. They all agreed that though the minced garlic tastes bad4, it was delicious when added to the steak. Lin Mu also sneaked a peek at Qiuqiu, as expected, this little guy ate very fiercely.

Lin Mu made three big pots of chicken soup, and after Lin Mu told them the way to eat hotpot, everyone started going at it right away. Lin Mu’s small pot was prepared later than theirs, but when they begin to eat, Lin Mu’s pot can be used as well. Patrik naturally ate with him, but Lin Mu was worried that Patrik could not bear the level of spiciness; though it seems like a good entertainment to be able to see Patrik jumping up and down from the spiciness, right?

Mhmm, spicy

Lin Mu tasted the soup, only one word to describe it, spicy. He narrowed his eyes in satisfaction, the spiciness was very in line with his requirements. Vegetable cooked faster than meat, so Lin Mu picked up what he wants into his bowl and took a bite. The spiciness was awesome, he really missed this taste. When the meat was cooked, Lin Mu specially observed Patrik’s reaction. When he saw his eyes light up, he knew that Patrik liked it. Since there’s nothing5 to see, Lin Mu placed his concentration back on eating.

This lunch was going on full swing, and many people sweat while eating. Lin Mu took a look and saw that many beastman love the taste of chilli. Even though some jumped up from the spiciness, they were not willing to stop. This caused water consumption to rise. Fortunately, he had the foresight to prepare boiled water in advanced.

If there are people who liked the taste, there will naturally be some who can’t stand it. Sasha ate cheerfully, so there’s nothing to worry about, while Phil doesn’t dare to eat more, so Lloyd caringly offered him a slice of grilled meat. As for Lais, he has been chewing slowly, but up until now, he has yet to stop eating so he should like the taste. For the young ones, everyone except Qiuqiu can eat spicy food. Lin Mu was Qiuqiu’s owner, but he did not go to comfort the depressed Qiuqiu.

‘Heh, Casso, let’s see how you are going to soothe Qiuqiu’s grievances,’ Lin Mu evilly thought.

After lunch, the beastman went out hunting in the afternoon. Patrik ordered some people to watch over Lin Mu before he went out. Towards Patrik distrust of him, Lin Mu was not angry. It’s not bad to have someone watching over him to prevent him from making mistakes. In fact, he was also worried about his lack of self-control.

After the beastman went out hunting, the females ran to Lin Mu’s room. They were satisfied with their lunch, so now it’s time for gossip. Lin Mu made Qiuqiu a comfortable nest on his bed and placed it against the wall. He also found a blanket for Casso to lie next to Qiuqiu. After doing all this, he saw three people holding their cups, curiously looking at him.

Sasha: “Lin Mu, how did you managed to get our tribe leader to forgive you? After all, he was quite furious yesterday.”

Lin Mu took a sip of water, “Curious?”

The three nodded.

“I’m not going to tell even if you are curious. Pay attention, there are some minors, alright? Are you not afraid of teaching bad things to the kids?” How could Lin Mu be so stupid to reveal himself?

“What minor? Beastman doesn’t have minors. Many beastman knew how to pursue female when they were as young as Casso.”

Lin Mu looked back at Casso, “So young, it can’t be ba?”

Phil smiled, “Because females are scarce, many beastmans started to pursue since childhood. Females will only consider which beastman to be with when they reached adulthood. Therefore, beastman has been pursuing females for almost ten years to get their hand.

Lin Mu was surprised, “Then you guys are not any ordinary existence.”

“It’s ‘us’. You are one as well.” They don’t believe that Lin Mu is a male.

In the evening

Lin Mu stood in front of the door, watching the hunting team land, and keenly felt that the atmosphere between them was strange. There is no laughter like usual. And Patrik’s expression was very unsightly. The beastman behind him seemed to be carrying someone. Is anyone injured? The injured person was carried into the house, and Lin Mu leaned closer to see.

“Who is he?” They didn’t know this person.

Phil and the rest also looked at this injured stranger beastman, wondering about his identity.


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