Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 36

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List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female)
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Winged wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

Ryan (Lion)
Howth (Golden winged lion)

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Chapter 36 Ba-Ao

“How do you feel?” Ryan helped the man up. He tried his best to make his movements lighter so that he wouldn’t accidentally touch the wound.

Ba-Ao looked puzzled at everything he saw. There were a lot of things he couldn’t recognize what it is, making him wondered what kind of world he arrived at.

“You…” His voice was hoarse.

Ryan handed him the cup1 on the table, “Drink some water first.”

At the side, Howth glared angrily at the Ba-Ao, who was being looked after by his brother. He(B) dared to get his brother to take care of him?!

After drinking some water, Ba-Ao felt much more comfortable. Although his body was still painful, he can bear it.

“Where is this? You…”

Ryan interrupted his question and asked, “Don’t worry about that, there is time. You should be hungry now? Would you like to eat something first?”

The moment this question was asked, Ba-Ao suddenly felt that extremely hungry. Ever since he had escaped from his tribe, he had not stopped moving; naturally, he had not eaten anything. Letting other people take care of him makes Ba-Ao a little bit uncomfortable, but he nodded honestly. He is injured now and needs food so he can get better as soon as possible. At the moment, his identity is quite awkward. Although he feels that this person(R) has a very good attitude towards him, it is probably because they do not know his real identity. Hence, Ba-Ao wants to get better as soon as possible and leave. He did not want to fight with the person who saved him, nor did he want to cause trouble to others.

Ryan thought Ba-Ao should be hungry too. After all, he hadn’t eaten since he fell asleep.

“Howth, go and serve him a bowl of bone soup. Lin Mu seems to have instructed someone to keep it warm. Also, inform our tribe leader and Lin Mu that he is awake.”

Howth pouted, he didn’t want to take care of this person, but he didn’t want to go against Ryan’s intentions. He strode out, reluctantly.

Lin Mu was chatting with some people in the hall when he saw Howth came out. He stood up and asked, “What is it? Is the person awake?”

Howth nodded, “Brother asked me to take a bowl of bone soup.”

“En, bone soup is nutritious. I will go to see him with Patrik later.”

Howth nodded and walked to the pot warming on top of a small fire. He picked up a bowl and took a glance at the chili. Then he thought about how his brother is taking care of him. Angered, Howth wants to throw in a lot of chilies, “Humph, I’ll let you try our tribal specialty food.”

Lin Mu said a few words to Lais and was heading to go to see Patrik. Then, he turned just in time to see Howth adding a lot of chili into the wooden bowl, that amount caused Lin Mu to have black lines on his face2. Moving closer, Lin Mu advised, “Howth, injured people can’t eat that much chili. Go and get another bowl without chili. Just pour away this bowl, it’s too spicy to drink.” He couldn’t help shaking his head, what a waste of a good bone soup.

Originally thinking to prank someone but failed, Howth felt even more sullen. He changed to another bowl and left. Lin Mu voiced out behind his back, “If you feel unhappy, you can go out hunting to vent. Remember not to waste food next time.”

Howth’s step paused.

Lin Mu looked at his back and shook his head. “Such a petty guy.”

After that, he looked at the soup that was not thrown away. “So blue (remember, the peppers are blue)3.” Lin Mu want to try a taste, but immediately regretted it the moment it entered his mouth. “Too spicy.” He took a few sips of water, then he grabbed some dried meat and a fruit to nibble for Patrik.

Because Lin Mu wanted a small table that could be placed on the bed, Patrik took advantage of today’s rest time and got the wood left from making their bed, staying in their room to make the table. Lin Mu walked into the room and saw that Patrik seriously cutting the board. Thinking that this person immediately went to work when he was just randomly saying something he wanted, Lin Mu felt very warm inside. He stepped forward with a smile and put a piece of dried meat at Patrik’s mouth, “This is a reward for you.”

The dried meat was not very successful in Lin Mu’s opinion, as it felt very dry, but for the beastman with sharp teeth, it was very chewy. They like to eat a few slices whenever they feel like it, and hence it has become something like snacks for them. Lais and the gang also like to eat the dried meat, but for Lin Mu, who has the weakest teeth, this dried meat can be used to grind his teeth, so tiring.

Patrik smiled and opened his mouth. After chewing and swallowing, he said, “Actually, I want another kind of reward better.” He gave Lin Mu a deep look after saying that.

Lin Mu looked at that ‘you know’ gaze and pushed Patrik away, “You are such a perverted snake, why didn’t I know that you have this unscrupulous side before?”

Patrik put down the things in his hand and pulled the man into his arms, “Mu Mu, let’s go all the way tonight.”

Since their first time, Lin Mu has been reluctant to go all the way. It was alright to endure when Patrik has yet to ‘eat’ him before, but now that he has ‘tasted the meat’, Patrik finds it very difficult to endure being forced to starve…

Lin Mu held Patrik’s face in his hands, pretending to be serious, “Patrik, you can try to think about it. Really, there’s no limit to human imagination.”

“It’s useless, I’ve tried it. Tonight we…”

Lin Mu interrupted him immediately, “Let’s not talk about this, I have something to tell you. Just now, Howth told me that the beastman has awakened, let’s go check it out.”

It’s not that he didn’t want to give it to Patrik, just that a beastman’s hearing is so sensitive. They could hear it clearly, even the slightest peep, and it is absolutely impossible for Lin Mu to let the entire tribe hear his voice, too shameful.

Patrik heard what Lin Mu said, and his expression became serious, “Let’s go and see.”

Ba-Ao looked at the two people in front of him. A beastman with an extraordinary aura and a stunning female and the female obviously carried the smell of this beastman. After hearing Ryan respectfully greeting the beastman as Tribe Leader, Ba-Ao understood that the beastman is the tribe leader of this peculiar tribe.

“Thank you for saving me.” He knew from Ryan that this beastman was the one who saved him.

Of course, what Ryan said was only a part of it, he did not mention their identity and their tribe. Whether to tell Ba-Ao these things or not depends on their tribe leader’s decision. After all, no one wants to invite trouble due to an act of kindness.

Patrik nodded without any expression.

Patrik’s attitude made Ba-Ao a little embarrassed. He thought Patrik was so indifferent to him because he knew his identity. Ba-Ao became a bit uneasy, he quickly promised, “Tribe leader Patrik, please rest assured, I will leave as soon as possible.”

Lin Mu was kind of surprised. They only exchanged a few words, and this beastman already said he is leaving. Moreover, Patrik nodded and agreed, which made Lin Mu even more puzzled. Why is Patrik letting him leave? The other party is a drifter beastman, so isn’t the most appropriate action is to make him stay? Most importantly, this beastman now knows where they live. Lin Mu couldn’t understand what Patrik’s consideration is, but since Patrik decided it that way, he naturally would not object. After all, he was the one who chooses to save this stranger; naturally, it’s up to him to decide whether the stranger could stay or not. Not to mention Patrik is the tribe leader, everyone will listen to him.

However, Lin Mu is willing to express some kindness, “Don’t worry, wait until your injuries healed first.”

“Thank you.” Ba-Ao was very grateful for Lin Mu’s kindness.

Lin Mu said to Ryan on the side, “Then I will trouble you to take care of him.”

Ryan nodded with a smile. Although Lin Mu has yet to hold the ceremony with Patrik, everyone has already regarded him as their tribe leader’s female. Not to mention that Lin Mu is the one who brought them a good life. Lin Mu held a high status in their hearts.

Noticing that Howth is not in the room, Lin Mu asked, “Where’s Howth?”

Ryan smiled helplessly, “He said he would be out hunting.”

Lin Mu smiled. Howth really went out to hunt, he was really a brother-con, taking his brother as his belongings.

Ryan smiled. He understood his brother’s mood. After losing everything, all Howth left was him(R). If he(R) treats other people nicely, Howth would feel like he is losing him(R). At first, it might be because Howth felt insecure, wanting to hold onto him, but now, Howth probably just got used to acting like that.

“Let’s go.” Patrik got up. Now that they have visited the stranger, they can return to their room. Although the man is still a little weak, it is not a big problem.

“Rest well.” Lin Mu said to Ba-Ao and followed Patrik out. When he reached the door, Lin Mu suddenly turned around and said, “Welcome to the drifter beastman tribe.” The man would realize it anyway if he stayed here for a long time, might as well let him know right now. Then, he pulled Patrik out with him.

Ba-Ao was dumbfounded. He couldn’t give any reaction, “What does he mean?”

Ryan smiled at him, “We are drifter beastman.” Towards the end of his words, Ryan nodded and deepened his tone.

Ryan’s words made Ba-Ao frown; it was a little bit difficult for him to accept it. After all, he hated drifter beastman very much before, and now, he is also a drifter beastman. At this moment, the tall guy weakly drooped his head.

Ryan knew that Ba-Ao could not accept the fact right away, regardless of their identity or his own identity. But he didn’t have any overreaction, so it should be no problem, except that the pain in his heart still needs some time. Ryan hoped that Ba-Ao can get out of the loss soon.

When Casso walked in, it saw Ryan sorting some animal skins, while the other beastman sat on the bed and stared blankly at the roof, not knowing what he was thinking. Casso came to see this beastman because other people said he woke up. It was very curious about this man, and it also heard that this beastman was driven out of his tribe because he is also a drifter beastman. Hence, Casso was curious to see what kind of person he was. But now looking at this man, it felt that other than looking silly, there is nothing special with him, so Casso was a little disappointed. It walked to Ryan’s side, “Uncle Ryan, why are you sorting the animal skins?”

“I’m cleaning them while I’m free, I need to find something to do!

Casso nodded, “En, my father also wants to make clothes. Mine’s better, I have my own fur, no need to hassle.”

Ryan smiled and patted Casso’s body.

“A cub?” Ba-Ao’s voice can be heard.

He didn’t notice it just now, and thinking of Lin Mu just now, he asked, “There are females and cubs in your tribe?” Ba-Ao felt disbelief.

Ryan: “Our tribe is different.”

Other drifter beastman has no females and does not raise cubs, but now, these people have their own tribe, their own females, and their own cubs. They are very different, unlike the violent beastman in his impressions, and they still live in such a strange place. When Ba-Ao woke up earlier, he saw a lot of things that he had never seen before. Eating delicious food and living in a bright house, it is incredible that these people are drifter beastmen.

Ryan saw Ba-Ao falling into his own thoughts, and felt that his tribe is quite shocking for others.

“Casso, let’s go out and let him stay quietly in the room by himself.”

Casso nodded while Qiuqiu glanced at Ba-Ao before walking out in small steps.

At night, Lin Mu laid in bed, talking to Patrik, “I don’t understand why you let Ba-Ao leave?”

“He wants to leave, of course, I won’t force him to stay.”

“But wouldn’t he know where we live?”

Patrik put a hand on his pillow, “I know you are worried that Ba-Ao might tell other tribes where we live. You don’t have to worry, because unless we endanger their interests, they generally don’t take the initiative to attack us. Beastman doesn’t like to fight our own kind. Moreover, whenever a beastman tribe has an abnormal beastman, they would usually expel that person from the tribe, and won’t hurt them. ”

“Then why Ba-Ao?”

Patrik sneered, “He’s just an unlucky scapegoat carrying the anger of others. Their tribe should have been attacked by drifter beastman before.”

“So his tribe people irrationally put all their resentment on Ba-Ao? He is really a poor fellow.”

Didn’t hear Patrik’s reply, Lin Mu turned his head to see Patrik staring at the roof, not sure what he was thinking.

Lin Mu poked him with a finger, “What are you thinking?”

Patrik recovered and said thoughtfully, “I was thinking about how to eat you.”


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Table of Content

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