Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 33

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List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female)
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Winged Wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

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Chapter 33 Punishment

Lin Mu picked up the raincoat on the ground and ran while wearing it, “Casso, hurry up. We must hurry back.”

As they came out of the cave, they saw that the rain was heavy. Because Lin Mu was running in anxiousness, his foot slipped, and he fell down.


Lin Mu looked at his palm that was cut by a sharp stone when he fell, then suddenly he was not in a hurry anymore. He calmed down and felt that it’s normal for someone to come hunting in the mountains, plus they have already left. The valley they are staying in is actually quite hidden, and it can’t be detected from above. They just need to beware of someone intruding inadvertently into the valley. But these can only be discussed with Patrik after he returns.

He stretched out his hand and let the rain wash away the dirt. Casso and Qiuqiu have already run ahead, but they returned to sit beside Lin Mu with concern when they saw Lin Mu fell down. Lin Mu rubbed their heads with his unhurt left hand to say he was fine, and he also refused Qiuqiu’s help to lick his wound.

“Hehe, it’s alright. Just that my clothes are dirty now.” It’s not easy to dry clothes in the rainy season. Lin Mu thought about how to dry his clothes when they returned.

It was uncomfortable with his whole body being wet. Lin Mu mumbled, “Really want to take a hot bath. Unfortunately, there is no bathtub nor a place to take a bath. Thinking about it, we are too careless. Should have make space for a room to be used for bathing.”

While feeling some regret in his heart, Lin Mu planned to wash himself upon return. Then, he accidentally saw something hidden in the grass. If Lin Mu didn’t fall and pressed down on the grass, he probably would never find it.

Lin Mu looked at the familiar plants doubtfully. “This should be garlic. Although it is relatively taller than in Earth, it should be.” Lin Mu thought, walking towards those plants. He touched the leaves, and mumbled, “It’s like the leaves of garlic seedlings I bought.”

Lin Mu held a plant in his left hand and pulled. Qiuqiu saw and quickly found one to start digging. Casso saw that they were busy, so it looked around alertly, worrying that some poisonous thing might come out to hurt Lin Mu.

Due to the rain, Lin Mu managed to pull the plant out easily. Seeing the familiar spherical shape of the root, he happily said to the two little ones, “It is garlic, it’s really garlic. Hehe, I have found another condiment material.”

Qiuqiu took a whiff and threw the plant on the ground in disgust. It couldn’t understand how its master would be this happy because of it.

Lin Mu didn’t say anything seeing that Qiuqiu didn’t like it. The taste of garlic was very pungent, but he believed that Qiuqiu won’t eat any lesser than usual after cooking with it.

“Little guys, help me get some more back home.”

Lin Mu has spoken; naturally, Qiuqiu and Casso will help out. Carrying the garlic he found, Lin Mu turned to walk back home happily. However, not long after that, he saw a familiar figure coming in this direction.

That person’s dark face was abnormally dark.

When the person approached.

“Patrik.” Lin Mu called out guilty.

Patrik sighed inwardly, he didn’t know what to do with this person. He wouldn’t have come back so early today, just that he found something that might interest Lin Mu. Thinking that that person is really stressed out from being stuck inside these days, he wants to make him happy. He didn’t expect to be unable to find Lin Mu when he came back. No one knew where he was! Patrik has never been so furious like he did today. Thinking of the beastmen roaming at the forest these days, Patrik got worried. He knew Lin Mu’s temperament, that he usually does everything casually, and didn’t know what the danger is. Thinking that he(LM) would be taken away if he encountered another beastman, Patrik was really anxious in his heart. He wanted to go out to find him by following his scent, but there was heavy rain outside, and the smell was already washed away. He irritably wanted to rush out; fortunately, Jason stopped him and told him that Lin Mu should only be in the valley. Casso and Qiuqiu are not here as well, so they should be with him. Patrik immediately sent people out to look in all four directions. He prayed in his heart that nothing will happen to Lin Mu.

He was anxiously looking for ‘someone’, but that ‘someone’ he was looking for is happily walking back without care. But it’s great that he found him, Patrik was relieved. However, in order to make this person learn some lessons, Patrik deliberately tightened his face. He carefully looked at the person from top to bottom. Lin Mu was just a bit dirty, and there weren’t any injuries.

Lin Mu smiled dryly, “Well, I just came out to take a breath. Just a bit, really. Hehe, Casso can testify.” AS he said that, he stepped aside to expose Casso to Patrik.

“Lin Mu, where’s your loyalty?” Casso condemned him with its eyes.

Lin Mu squinted his eyes to show his guilt.

Casso cursed Lin Mu in its heart, cursing him that Uncle Patrik would never let him step out of the house again anymore. Wuwuwu, Casso felt very wronged. It was obviously forced.

Patrik watched Casso trembling and doesn’t dare to look at him, he then shoots an icy gaze at it and successfully frozen it. As if it’s not enough, he coldly said, “Casso, go back and find me later.”

The Casso that was frozen into ice cubes directly broke into pieces. Casso burst into tears in its heart, “I’m really innocent.”

Qiuqiu stepped forward to comfort it when it saw Casso being so pitiful. Lin Mu felt that Casso is pitiful too, plus it was caused by him. He guiltily reached out to comfort Casso, but his hand was caught by Patrik.

Patrik held Lin Mu’s wrist, the wound on his pale white palm was distinct. Although the wound doesn’t bleed much anymore, but that still made him extremely irritated, “What is this?”

Lin Mu saw that Patrik is really angry, and quickly explained, “It’s just a fall, and I accidentally scratched my palm. It’s not serious, I…” Seeing Patrik gradually becoming angry, he obediently shut his mouth.

“On the body also?” He asked, looking at the mud on Lin Mu’s body that had not been rinsed off.

“Just an accident, I’m alright…” Fell into silence.

Patrik was furious. Not only Lin Mu ran out secretly, but he also hurt himself. However, worry has overcome anger. It was his incompetence that his female got injured. He stepped forward and carried Lin Mu, and casually threw away the things he held in his arms.

“My garlic!” Lin Mu exclaimed.

“Don’t move!” Patrik’s gaze made Lin Mu nest obediently in his arms.

Lin Mu really didn’t like Patrik carrying him with a princess carry. He couldn’t understand, he only hurt his hand. Why should Patrik carry him back? His legs are fine ah. But looking at Patrik’s tight face, Lin Mu cleverly said nothing.

No need to walk by himself, Lin Mu became idle. He took the opportunity to think about how to escape the disaster later. In fact, he knew that Patrik became angry because he was worried about him. When he(P) came back and didn’t see him(LM), he(P) must be worried to death. Come to think about it, Lin Mu felt that he was quite willful. It’s dangerous outside, and his little physique couldn’t be compared to those humongous beasts, and there are possibilities that other accidents may occur. Think about it today, if he was discovered, it would definitely lead to a battle. The home that they built with much hardship might be going down in flames.

That thought gave Lin Mu a scare. Lin Mu was full of regret in his heart because of his mistakes. He looked at Casso behind him, who did not forget to help him drag the garlic back. It seemed that he also bullied the children. With a low whisper, he said, “Patrik, I was wrong.”

Patrik looked down at the man in his arms, who looked like he is regretting his actions.

“I was wrong, I shouldn’t let you worry. Also…” Lin Mu looked down, “Casso is innocent, I make it take me out, and it can’t stop me. Don’t blame Casso.”

Patrik saw that Lin Mu knew that he was wrong, but to make him keep the lesson in mind, he remained cold and silent. Lin Mu had not been exposed to the wild beast and poisonous things, and he did not know how dangerous it was. Thinking about what Lin Mu said about his previous world, it seems that he really doesn’t have to worry about the existence of those beasts back then. However, it is different here. Perhaps what Lin Mu always sees was that the prey the beastmen brought back, and it got him(LM) thinking that they are so powerful that they do not have to be afraid of those fierce beasts. In fact, there are many beastman who were killed during hunting. This world is not suitable for the survival of weak females, that’s why females were so precious. And Lin Mu is his most precious person.

Phil and the rest were anxious when they heard that Lin Mu was gone, and Sasha was feeling quite guilty. He thought about the time when Lin Mu was talking nonsense at the door, he was trying to sneak out then. It would be nice if he stopped him at that time. They were relieved to see Patrik managed to find Lin Mu back. They wanted to go forward and ask, but when they saw their tribe leader’s cold expression and Lin Mu being obediently silent, they didn’t dare to step forward.

Walking past them while carrying Lin Mu, Patrik said, “Phil, get some herbs to stop bleeding.” They have some freshly picked yesterday.

When Phil heard Patrik asking for herbs to stop bleeding, he guessed that Lin Mu is injured. He hoped it wasn’t severe, otherwise not sure how long their tribe leader would keep that dark face.

Lin Mu was placed on the bed to handle the wound carefully. He actually thinks it’s nothing. After all, the wound has been cleaned with water. But looking at Patrik with his icy face on the side, Lin Mu obediently let Phil help him treat the wound.

After the wound was wrapped, Phil smiled at Lin Mu, “The wound is not serious, and it will be fine soon.” Phil said this mainly to Patrik, hoping that their tribe leader would not be so angry. It was terrifying thinking back of how upset he got today. Then Phil gave Lin Mu a ‘good luck’ look and went out.

Lin Mu watched as Patrik walked to the door without saying a word and pulled the curtain down. He thinks that Patrik is preparing to settle accounts with him. He really wanted to hide in the corner of the bed, but because of the mud on his body, he could only sit obediently on the same place. It was really nerve-wracking to watch as Patrik approaches him step by step. He didn’t know how Patrik would settle accounts with him, he wouldn’t beat him, won’t he?

Patrik: “Undress.”

“Ah? What for?” Lin Mu was surprised, Patrik wouldn’t think to… Is he trying to use xx1 on him? He doesn’t want.

Seeing Lin Mu resist, Patrik helped him pull off his clothes directly.

Lin Mu struggled while needing to take care of his right hand, his resistance was severely weakened, and it didn’t take long for him to be entirely n a k e d.

“Patrik, you can’t treat me like way. I don’t like it.” Lin Mu was ashamed and annoyed for himself. He was also annoyed by that pair of eyes scrutinizing him.

Patrik took a closer look, Lin Mu was fine except for a small patch of bruises on his elbow. He was relieved. After that, he realized what the current situation is. In front of him was the much-coveted picture of a beauty lying down2. Lin Mu’s fair-skinned skin was faintly red with shame, and his eyes were moist. He might have felt aggrieved, and that brought some moisture to his eyes. His beautiful lips were also temptingly red.

Patrik felt incredibly hot, and blood was rushing down, he really wanted to press that person under him at that very moment. But he knew that Lin Mu would be very angry if he did that. He could bear the regret in his heart and covered Lin Mu with a blanket, before turning around and go out.

Lin Mu blinked, not knowing why. Thinking that he must have thought it wrongly, he couldn’t help scoldingly himself, “Lin Mu, your thoughts are so evil.”

Patrik walked out of the room and exhaled for a long time. His lover was right in front of him and was tempting as well. The fact that he could still hold on makes him admired his own patience.

Phil and the rest saw Patrik coming out. They have also prepared hot water and ginger soup. Looking at Patrik’s expressionless face, several people glanced at each other, not knowing what the current situation is.

Lais felt that there should be nothing wrong. The lack of expression is their tribe leader’s characteristic. He has returned to normal, which should mean that the matter was not serious. But whether Lin Mu will be punished by his partner or not, that he doesn’t know. However, the fact that beastman generally will not let go of any opportunity to seek benefits can give him the answer.

Lin Mu feels that the current situation is even more awkward than before. Patrik is going to help him take a bath. Although both of them have already done whatever there is, it doesn’t mean that he is open-minded enough for that.

“Can I do the cleaning myself?” Lin Mu requested.

“Your hand is injured.”

Don’t I still have another hand? But he knew that Patrik would absolutely disagree.

“How about I let Phil and the rest help me?” Lin Mu suggested.

Patrik glanced at him. “Didn’t you said it before that you are a male? I don’t think Lloyd and the rest will agree.”

Lin Mu was speechless. Of all times, you decided to recognize my identity as a male now, bastard! Lin Mu struggled for the last time under the blanket.

Patrik pulled the man out, then picked him up and put him on his lap.

In Lin Mu’s opinion, this should be a punishment from Patrik. How is this considered taking a bath? Obviously, it is a disguise to take advantage. Can you stop touching me? You, you… where are you putting your hands! Lin Mu was full of tears in his heart.

“Can you stop wandering around there, I think it’s already clean.” Lin Mu watched as Patrik grabbed his important area in his hand, and he(LM) twisted his body to escape him.

Patrik’s voice was low, “Don’t move around, or I won’t be responsible.”

Lin Mu was frightened by the hardness of ‘something’ under his b u t t, and doesn’t dare to move anymore. Patrik is simply too treacherous, he keeps touching his body while rubbing his vulnerable part, sending his senses into the cloud. But he couldn’t help but indulge in it. Lin Mu feels that this is one of the problems of being a man, that they cannot control their lower body.

After Patrik gave Lin Mu his release, he carefully wiped him clean with a towel and immediately stuffed him(LM) into the blanket, and he also got into it. He has endured so long that he must seek some benefits for himself. Placing Lin Mu’s soft hands on his burning r o d, his hoarse voice seems to be foreshadowing something.

“Help me.”

Lin Mu wanted to take his hands back as if he was burned by boiling water, but he was tightly held by Patrik.

“Mu Mu, I give you two options, one is by hand, and the other is…” He touched that ‘mysterious area’ and slowly traced in circles, “use here.”

Lin Mu stiffened from his action and flushed. Clenching his teeth, he lamented why didn’t he find out that this guy is actually indecent!
Thinking of the size he just touched, and recalled back of the pain he suffered last time, Lin Mu compromised. He comforted himself in his heart, it doesn’t matter, just think it as a wooden rod…


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