Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 30

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List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede) the dude
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female) the glutton
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female) the intern doctor
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female) the one with salt

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Winged Wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

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Chapter 30 Male

When it’s time to prepare lunch, Lin Mu felt that his body is getting better and want to help out, but he was helplessly restrained by Patrik. Sasha came out of his room quite early, although he was blushing, he looked obviously happy. Then looking at Locke, he just sat at the place closest to Sasha while watching him with silly smiles. In Lin Mu’s opinion, only Sasha can keep his expression calm with his thick nerve. If it was him, he would be scared to cold sweats already.

Lin Mu tried to imagine Locke’s face being replaced by Patrik’s in his heart. HEHE! More horrifying than seeing a volcanic eruption. So Lin Mu told Patrik solemnly, “You must not learn from Locke, it’s too scary.”

Patrik looked at Locke silly happy face. “I won’t.”

Lin Mu nodded with satisfaction, but then became unhappy again. How could Patrik admit so readily that he would not get stupid for him1? So Lin Mu decided to ignore Patrik, but then thinking that he is not a woman, and shouldn’t be petty with this kind of things, he makes himself to forget what should not be remembered.

Patrik has unknowingly escaped danger because of this logical thinking; otherwise, he would have wrongfully died. He was obviously in line with Lin Mu’s remarks, which of course, he absolutely believe that he will not be as stupid as Locke.

Both of them were thinking differently. Patrik thought he wouldn’t be as stupid as Locke, while Lin Mu thought Patrik won’t get stupidly in love with him. Fortunately, Lin Mu decided not to continue with the issue, so Patrik is safe.

Lin Mu watched as Patrik roasted an animal that he doesn’t know on a branch. The animal was very small, about the size of a modern chicken.

“Fluff beast?”

Patrik nodded.

“Is it because it is so small that it’s difficult to catch?” After all, the beastmen are all huge, the hunting scene would be like getting an elephant to catch an ant.

“They are very timid and cunning, they would hide away the moment they sensed something wrong. So the time used to wait for them is longer than the time used to catch them.”

Thinking about the time Patrik returned late at night, he must have waited for a long time to catch it. Lin Mu was deeply touched. Beastman is a partner who loves their other half with all of their heart. He has always known this.

“Actually, you don’t need to catch this for me.”

Lin Mu believes in Patrik’s sincerity because everything he did for him was apparent to all. But he is not a ‘female’ that lived in this world, and he won’t be able to give birth to their next generation with Patrik. These drifter beastmen have always regretted that they don’t have a female of their own, but they still have the desire to continue their bloodline. And a good beastman like Patrik should have his own children. However, imagining Patrik holding other people in his arms, Lin Mu felt heartbroken. He knew that if that time comes, he will choose to leave.

Patrik looked at Lin Mu deeply. Although he didn’t know what Lin Mu was thinking, he knew that it’s not something good. Because Lin Mu’s eyes lost its brilliance at that moment.

Patrik smiled and said, “It’s what I should do, capturing the fluff beast for my female.”

Lin Mu got angry when he heard the word ‘female’. He is not a ‘female’ and will not have offspring with him.

“I said I wasn’t a female. If you want a female, look for someone else.” He ran back to the room angrily.

Other people were caught unawares by Lin Mu’s anger. Although Lin Mu did get annoyed by people calling him a female during the time they first met, he would only say a few words about it. He won’t get angry and ask people not to call him that. What is this situation?

Patrik chases after Lin Mu into their room with a thought in his mind.

Phil worriedly asked Lloyd as he watched the two back into their room, “Are they going to be alright?”

Lloyd handed him the freshly grilled meat, “Rest assured, nothing will happen.”

“But I think Lin Mu is really angry this time.” He had never seen Lin Mu look so angry.

“Rest assured, our tribe leader will solve the problem. You just eat more meat, see how thin you are?”

Lloyd was not worried at all. There aren’t any beastman who can’t coax his partner. Besides, their tribe leader is the best beastman of them all. Thick-skinned and black-bellied, Lin Mu is not his opponent at all.

Phil took a bite of the grilled meat, “I’m much fatter than I was previously, why can’t you see it?”

Lloyd squeezed Phil’s face. “Still very skinny. It’ll be great if you are chubby.”

Black lines appeared on Phil’s face, “So how fat do you want me to be?”

Sasha and Lais were also very worried, but thinking that their tribe leader will definitely be able to coax Lin Mu, they returned to eat their lunch silently.

Lin Mu ran back to their room and sat cross-legged against the wall on the bed. It was random, but he couldn’t help feeling irritated.

Patrik entered the room and lowered the door curtain. Then he walked to the bed and looked at Lin Mu. He didn’t know why Lin Mu was angry, but the reason wouldn’t be just by calling him a female. He was a little disturbed, and he felt like he should do something to make sure Lin Mu stays with him forever.

Lin Mu calmed down and saw Patrik watching him in deep thoughts. He felt like he had to talk to him. At the same time, Patrik also made a decision.

“Mu Mu, let’s have a ceremony2 after the Beast God Offering day. Will you be my companion?” Patrik’s eyes were sincere, full of expectations, and there was slight anxiety.

Is this considered a proposal in the beastman era? No flowers and rings, but those words were the most sincere promise, never to change forever. Lin Mu couldn’t deny that he was happy to hear Patrik’s words, but he didn’t forget himself. He knows that Patrik likes him, but there are still some problems between them. He doesn’t want Patrik to have regrets in the future. They need to make things clear.

Lin Mu looked at Patrik seriously. “I think we need to talk.”

Seeing that Lin Mu didn’t agree, Patrik’s eyes dimmed instantly. Was he too forceful?

Lin Mu couldn’t bear to see Patrik being sad and added, “I didn’t say no…”

Patrik heard that Lin Mu did not reject him, and his eyes lit up again. Then he looked at Lin Mu expectantly.

Being stared like that, Lin Mu didn’t know what to do, but he insisted that he made it clear, after all, it wasn’t a small problem. He pulled Patrik and said, “Sit down first, let’s talk about it. There are some things you need to think about clearly.”

Patrik sat down obediently, looking at Lin Mu unblinkingly.

Lin Mu looked at Patrik seriously. “I hope you believe that I’m really a male. And everything about the world I’ve told you is true.”

Patrik looked at him thoughtfully, then nodded. “The world you live in is as good as the Beast god’s world. Mu Mu, you want to tell me that you are a messenger of God?”

“No, I’m not a messenger of God. And our world is not as good as you think. If God lives in that polluted Earth, then God’s life is nothing to envy about.”

Patrik nodded. He heard Lin Mu talking about the bad things in his world before. He felt that he couldn’t understand, so he didn’t keep in mind.

“Don’t focus on my world. What you need to know is that I am a male. Although I am a bit different from beastman in your world, I am a male. So what you have to consider now is that you really decide to find a male as your companion? Don’t you want a child? ”

Lin Mu was quite concerned about Patrik ’s answer. He knew he wouldn’t be able to bear leaving Patrik and his affection for him, and that Patrik cared him in his heart.

Patrik watched Lin Mu pretending to be calm when he was not, and he suddenly understood what happened. Laughing, he caught Lin Mu in his arms.

Lin Mu listened to Patrik’s low laughter above his head, confused.

Patrik held Lin Mu’s arm, and the two looked at each other. “You just worry about this? Worry about future generations?”

“Isn’t offspring important to you?”

Patrik nodded. “Every cub is a gift from the beast god. But it’s difficult for females to conceive. Some partners couldn’t get any children throughout their lives. And for the beastman, the most important thing is always his partner.”

Patrik held Lin Mu’s face with both hands and made him look into his eyes. “Mu Mu, I want you to understand that the most important thing in my heart is you. Ever since I was expelled from my tribe, I knew I won’t have the extravagance to get a partner in this life, but the beast god sent you to me. Being able to have you is the greatest luck in my life. ”

Why didn’t Lin Mu know that Patrik is such a romantic? Being confessed face to face and not letting him hide, Lin Mu felt that his face is hot. And he thinks that Patrik must have realized it, otherwise why he laughed?

Patrik held Lin Mu in his arms before Lin Mu gets angry at him for laughing. “Mu Mu, I like you the first time I see you. You are not the most beautiful female I have ever seen, but you are really charming and attractive. When we first met, you just looked at us, stunned. Not scared or trembling, but looking at us in excitement. I was thinking at the time that you are really a strange female. And at that moment, I told myself I wanted him, I wanted this female. We beastman never need to cover up our liking, but at that moment I was timid. You are so perfect, but I have that identity as a drifter beastman. At that time I was thinking, if I wasn’t a drifter beastman, I would do my best to get you. But…”

Patrik laughed at himself, “I’m a drifter beastman, not worthy of a beautiful female like you.”

Lin Mu took Patrik’s hand, he knew the pain in his heart.

Feeling the comfort from Lin Mu, Patrik smiled at him, “Actually I gave up at the time. I thought you should be lost and planned to send you back. But I didn’t expect you to ask to go with us. I think that was the instruction given by the beast god, and I probably can…”

Lin Mu chuckled. “So you started to get grabby.”

Patrik hugged Lin Mu and laughed with a low tone, “Beastman never hides his liking.”

Patrik looked at the person smiling in his arms. He didn’t expect that his life would become so beautiful, which he would never have dreamed of before.

“I love you.”

He learned this sentence from Lin Mu, and he felt that this sentence could best express the emotion in his heart. Patrik kissed the person in his arms. Perhaps because the phrase ‘I love you’ moved Lin Mu, he was docile this time. The kiss was long and warm. The two felt each other carefully, feeling the love between each other. When the kiss is over, Patrik tightened his arms. “Mu Mu, hold a ceremony with me. Let me be your partner.”

Lin Mu had no objection. Patrik understood that Lin Mu has silently agreed, after all, Lin Mu is too shy at times, but this is also cute.

As soon as Lin Mu left his room, he saw everyone turning their head at him in unison. Then thinking it was improper, everyone deliberately looked away again. Lin Mu didn’t even have the chance to be shy, but some people couldn’t help peeping. Those random peeping caused Lin Mu to smile helplessly.

Lin Mu sat in his seat and smiled at Phil and the gang. They were relieved to see him look normal.

The fluff beast during lunch gave Lin Mu one of the most unforgettable moments in his life. No wonder the female would like it so much. He never thought that he could taste meat that delicious. Delicate and refreshing, the fragrance still lingered in his mouth, Lin Mu tried to use all the words he could to describe it but felt pale and weak. Only after eating the meat that people can understand the beauty. Because of the special meaning of fluff beast, Lin Mu doesn’t need to share it with others. Lin Mu joyfully watched Sasha drooling at his food. All of a sudden, he felt that he is too evil.

Of course, Phil and Lais also want to eat, so some beastman3 silently whispered in their heart – his female is so eager to eat the fluff beast, it seems that he has to do something that makes him unhappy first, hehe……

So the next few days, the adult females in the tribe were all angry and happy.

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