Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 29

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List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female)
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Winged Wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

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Chapter 29 Sasha

When Lin Mu woke up the next morning, right in front of him was a handsome face, and the master of the face is smiling tenderly at him. So after getting mesmerized for a few moments, Lin Mu placed his hands on the other person’s face. Don’t think by using a charming attack in the early morning will make me look over your actions yesterday.

Lin Mu sat up and took the blanket with him. Then Patrik’s muscular chest was exposed to the air. Lin Mu has always been envious and jealous of Patrik’s figure, and now he even gets mesmerized by it. So, in order not to get blinded to it, Lin Mu shifted his gaze away unnaturally and focused on Patrik’s face, saying, “I think you should have something to tell me.”

Patrik nodded.

Lin Mu looked at him.

Patrik looked at Lin Mu’s eyes seriously and said, “Mu Mu, you missed breakfast again.”

“Who asked you to say this?!”

Lin Mu wanted to hear Patrik apologizing to him, and then he will generously forgive Patrik. He will then put forward his own requests to Patrik not to do ‘this’ and ‘that’ to him in the future. Lin Mu heard Phil said before that beastman put great importance on promises.

Patrik pretended to think for a moment, then said, “The fluff beast I hunted for you is safe and will not be eaten secretly by Sasha.”

“It’s not this either. Think about why you hunted that for me.” Lin Mu guided.

“Because the fluff beast’s flesh is delicious.”

“No, think about what other names that the fluff beast has.” Lin Mu gritted his teeth, Patrik was too uncooperative.

Patrik stopped talking. He just looked at Lin Mu with a smile.

“What’s with the smile? You have to ask me for forgiveness, don’t you know, ah? You have to say sorry to me, and then I want to set my own terms, alright? You are really stupid.”

Patrik nodded seriously, “Mu Mu is the smartest.”

Looking at Patrik with a smile on his face, Lin Mu couldn’t help but reached out to pinch Patrik’s neck. “You must be doing this on purpose, on purpose!”

Patrik laughed and cooperatively messed around with Lin Mu.

Tired of messing around, Lin Mu laid down directly on Patrik. Patrik pulled Lin Mu to his chest, then held up his(LM) face before licking gently on his(LM) lips.

Lin Mu immediately covered his mouth with his eyes wide open.

Patrik smiled like a cat that has just successfully stolen a fish.

“You are too perverted!”

Lin Mu quickly got out of bed, ready to be far away from Patrik. Who knows how he would want to take advantage of him again. When Lin Mu got out of bed, he felt that his body is getting better. It seemed that the brewed medicine was quite useful, his effort to make so much determination to drink it was not wasted. Lin Mu went out to the main hall but didn’t see many beastman hanging around. Just when he wants to look for anyone in Lais’s room, he saw the two little things rushing in. Lin Mu hurried forward to wipe them with a towel. He first wrapped Qiuqiu completely with an animal skin, then set aside one hand to help Casso to dry his body.

“How did you two get drenched like a chicken simmered in soup? Where did you two go to play?” As he said that, he placed the towels on a hanger. Then he saw the small bag dragging behind Casso. Lin Mu opened it and found out that there was salt in it.

“Didn’t expect Patrik to give Casso the task of fetching salt.”

Lin Mu rubbed Qiuqiu and Casso’s small heads, thinking in his mind. Come to think about it, although Patrik announced that they have found salt, he never mentions the specific location of the salt pool. Patrik didn’t tell the people in the tribe, but he asked the two little ones to get the salt; Lin Mu was not sure what Patrik is planning.

Lin Mu picked up the bag with salt and carried Qiuqiu. “Qiuqiu, why are you getting fat again? You should learn from Casso. He ate so much but still haven’t changed in size.”

Casso wasn’t happy about Lin Mu’s praise but looked at Qiuqiu in anxiety. Casso can imagine how Qiuqiu would be angry with it later.

Lin Mu didn’t know what Casso is thinking, he placed Qiuqiu on the countertop and said, “Be quiet and stay here, I’ll find something for you two to eat.”

Lin Mu rummaged around and found some leftovers meat and some jerky. There were also 3 boiled eggs. This egg is comparable to the size of an ostrich egg. He peeled one and divided it between Qiuqiu and Casso.

“You two eat this first.”

As he said that, he started slicing the leftover grilled meat into thinner slices. Next, he cut a slice of green onion and shredded ginger. After that, he mixed some ‘vinegar’ with salt. He tried a bit of the taste, it was moderate. After adding onion and shredded ginger, it tasted delicious.

Speaking of vinegar, after hearing Phil said that the sweety fruits would become very sweet in autumn, Lin Mu was worried that he won’t be able to have any vinegar after summer. He kept the juice of the sweety fruits in 3 bamboo containers when he first discovered the characteristics of the fruit. Because of the rush in storing food, one of the vinegar’s container was blocked by other foods, and nobody knows about it for a while. It was half a month later when Lin Mu realized that the number of bamboo containers was 3 instead of 2. But to Lin Mu’s surprise, the taste of the ‘vinegar’ became richer instead of spoiled. The fact that sweety fruit juice can be stored for a long time really made Lin Mu happy. He didn’t use the ‘vinegar’ in that bamboo container as he wanted to test how long the shelf life of the juice was.

Lin Mu fed Qiuqiu a piece of meat, then held Qiuqiu in his arms. He said to Casso by his feet, “Let’s go to your room.”

Lin Mu sat on the bed, watching Qiuqiu eat its food very fiercely. Casso didn’t dare to fight Qiuqiu for the food. Fortunately, Qiuqiu still has a little bit of conscience, as it waved its paw to Casso, indicating that they can eat together, just that its body squeezed Casso away again after a moment.

Lin Mu touched Casso’s fur and looked around the room. The room was divided into two, and a bed was placed on either side. There was a lot of animal skin piled at the corners closest to the wall. Lin Mu looked at the beautiful wooden bed that’s different from others, it was obviously Misha’s. Blankets were stacked neatly on the bed. Casso and his father’s bed, on the other hand, seemed more casual.

When Lin Mu looked back at Casso, the wooden bowl was empty. Qiuqiu laid comfortably on the bed, licking its paw, making little satisfying noises, and Casso was lying next to him.

Lin Mu smilingly rub Qiuqiu’s round belly, “What a glutton.”

Lin Mu rubbed Casso’s head again. “You little kid, you have abducted Qiuqiu from our family. Qiuqiu stuck with you all day long, even forgotten about this owner here.” Lin Mu’s tone was sour.

When he first moved into the house, he thought Qiuqiu would stay together with him. He also purposely made a comfortable den for Qiuqiu, but in the end, Qiuqiu abandoned him to follow Casso to a big bed. Lin Mu didn’t think Qiuqiu would be unwilling to follow him just because he didn’t have a bed for it. In his mind, this is all Casso’s fault for kidnapping Qiuqiu.

Lin Mu looked at the two little ones that looked like they wanted to sleep. He helped them pull up the blanket and silently walked out of the room. He didn’t see Damon and Matt, so he thinks that they should outside hunting. As for Misha, he should still be learning how to make clothes with Lais. That kid was so relaxed usually, but unexpectedly patient in learning to make clothes.

Lin Mu came to the hall and saw Patrik sitting on a bench talking to the other beastman. When Patrik saw him, he came over with a smile and asked, “Are you hungry? I’ll make something for you.”

Although it is a great honor to let have the tribe leader cooking for him, he is not hungry now, so Lin Mu shook his head.

“You guys continue your talk, I’ll go to see Phil and the rest.”

“I will make you some grilled meat at noon.”

Although Lin Mu felt much better now, can he really eat grilled meat now? Patrik, you are not trying to harm me, right? Doubt.jpg. Although he grunted in his heart, he knew that Patrik really cherished him. He wanted grilled meat, and he can eat it.

Hearing soft laughter from the other beastmen, Lin Mu suddenly thought of that ‘forgiveness beast’. Then his smile turned stiff, it was obvious that the others knew about this matter. It’s not very good to live together under one roof, no privacy at all. Although Lin Mu knew that their laughter was not malicious, it didn’t mean Lin Mu could stand it. After talking to Patrik, he hurried to Lais’ room. Lin Mu was relieved to see them leisurely doing their work. He sat directly next to the bed and grabbed the wooden bowl in Sasha’s hand. He picked up the grapes inside and ate one; he just knew that Sasha knows how to enjoy life the most.

“Lin Mu, why do you keep snatching away my food every time?” Sasha reached out for the bowl.

Lin Mu spit out the grape skin. “Because only you have delicious food here. That’s why you are the most leisurely one.”

Lin Mu’s words made Sasha feel wronged. He simply hated making clothes in the rainy season, that’s all.

Phil voiced out to inform Lin Mu, “Lin Mu, that was sent by Locke, especially for Sasha.” Phil felt that he used the word ‘especially’ quite well because Lin Mu almost got choked after hearing what he said.

Lin Mu can’t help thinking of the image of Locke’s tall and burly figure washing grapes, it will be just like Zhang Fei picking bean sprouts.

“Sasha, I’m wrong. I shouldn’t eat these grapes. How can I eat what Locke especially gave to you? I’m wrong, I’m really wrong. I’ll ask Locke to give you some more.”

“No need, just return those in your hand to me.” Sasha moved to snatch.

Lin Mu dodged away.

“We can’t have that, I’ll get Locke to wash some more for you again.” Then he shouted, “Locke, Sasha is looking for you.”

Locke appeared in the room the next second, but his rough expression was soft like flowing water. “Sasha, what is it?”

Sasha fumbled, “No…”

Lin Mu interrupted Sasha. “Actually, it’s nothing. Sasha just talked to us about being your partner. He didn’t know when are you going to hold a ceremony with him, but he was embarrassed to ask, so I asked you to come in.”

Locke was excited. “Sasha, what Lin Mu said is true? You want to be my partner?”

Sasha wanted to say no, and that it was just a joke by Lin Mu. But looking at Locke’s hopeful eyes, Sasha was silent. At this moment, silence means not objecting, and not objecting means acceptance. Locke immediately picked up Sasha, and he smilingly told the others that they will be going back to their room to discuss the matter of being a partner. Then he carried Sasha away regardless of his resistance.

Lin Mu waved at Sasha, then drew a cross on his chest, “May God bless you, Amen.”

Phil and Lais watched him in surprise.

Phil: “How could you lie to Locke?”

Lin Mu picked up Phil’s fruit. “This is not Lloyd specially prepared for you, right?”

Phil shook his head. “I washed it myself.”

Lin Mu took a bite and then said, “My lie is a lie in good-faith. See how effective it is, a pair of lovers has emerged so quickly.”

Lais smiled and shook his head helplessly. “It looks like Sasha is going to lie in bed for a day.”

“It’s alright, he’s not busy anyway, and I can prepare a good bitter medicine for him too.”

It seems that even without giving clothing to a beastman, it is easy to become a ‘beast’. Lin Mu was glad that he was no longer the only one who suffered.

Misha didn’t know what they were talking about. It seemed that Sasha is going to be partners with Locke. So good, to be able to find a beastman who loved himself. Then he continued to bury himself with his sewing.

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