Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 31

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List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female)
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Winged Wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

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Chapter 31 Finding a job to do

Lin Mu rolled on the bed in boredom. There is no entertainment in this world; no internet, no games, no novels. Now it’s the rainy season, and he can’t go out. For Phil and the rest, they are still alright, as they can spend the time making clothes. But he is really incompetent in making clothes; hence he can choose to give up in the end. Every day, he only ate and sleep, Lin Mu felt that he was too sinful. He was a bit envious of Lal. At least Lal could pull Cohen to go out with him for hunting when he is bored. Although he often snatched people’s task to do, he is always joyful.

On the other hand, Sasha is also someone who could entertain himself, so envious. As long as he has food with him, and someone to accompany him, he can comfortably enjoy the day. Come to think about it, the two little ones Casso and Qiuqiu, seems to be mysteriously disappeared every day. Lin Mu sighed boringly in bed, it appeared that he is the only bored person in the whole tribe.

All of a sudden, Lin Mu sat up; startling Sasha. Phil and Lais were much calmer. Facing the situation where Lin Mu will act abnormal every day, only Sasha would cooperatively show a startled expression.

Lin Mu snatched a grape and threw it into his mouth. “I need to find something to do.”

As soon as Lin Mu finished his words, other people couldn’t help showing black lines on their face1. Because Lin Mu has said this more than once.

For example, the day before yesterday:

He suddenly thought that he should make some gloves. Because during autumn, they will need to go out to find food. They must wear some gloves to protect their hands. However, Lin Mu’s needlework was really bad, but he still wants to challenge the difficulty of making all ten fingers. In the end, the only finished product from Lin Mu could barely fit any fingers. Phil and the rest simply couldn’t believe the fact that none of the ten fingers was wearable, and also why Lin Mu has this patience to continue. But they do feel that gloves are very convenient, so they added making gloves to their list of things to do. Although the beastmen may not need it, the females would still make one for their own beastman since they are making it. Of course, Lin Mu, whose handiwork is too bad, is also a part of their task. So, in the end, Lin Mu found himself unemployed, nothing to do.

Like the day before yesterday:

Finding out that his work is now getting done by someone else, Lin Mu felt that he should find other stuff to do. So, he brainstormed a bit and thought of the beastman walking around in bare feet. Although he still has a pair of sneakers, he believes that his sneakers’ death is not very far away. Now that he is free, he has decided to make himself a pair of shoes. After some considerations, Lin Mu finally decided to make boots; it’s simple enough, convenient and warm.

Making boots with shorter length will make it suitable for autumn wear. How convenient, he applauded himself in his heart. Then, he started working on it. For the soles, although Lin Mu wants to sew his own soles like those rural girls in the 1970s and 1980s, but looking at his hands, Lin Mu decided not to trouble himself so much. Hence, he thought to pair some wooden boards with sturdy animal skins. If one feels uncomfortable after wearing it, they can add insoles. With this idea in mind, Lin Mu spent the whole morning making a pair of wooden soles. However, the upper part got him struggling.

Because of Lin Mu, everyone got their ancient version of flip-flops, so right now they are quite interested in watching Lin Mu make shoes. After all, the weather will gradually become cold after the rainy season, and flip-flops won’t be suitable then. So, they waited until they saw Lin Mu stopped while holding a needle.

Seeing that, Phil couldn’t help asking, “Lin Mu, why aren’t you continuing?”

Lin Mu looked at him in embarrassment, “I suddenly remembered that I don’t know how to cut the upper part.”

A few people looked at him, speechless.

Lais took the unfinished product with a smile. “Tell me more, I’ll do it for you.”

And so Lin Mu’s job is once again gone. Although he finally got the first pair of boots ever made in the beastman era, he didn’t have any sense of accomplishment at all.

Next, yesterday:

Robbed of his job in making shoes by Phil again, Lin Mu felt that he couldn’t work with them or one of them will take over his tasks. So Lin Mu went to the main hall, decided to clean it. However, the main hall was clean, and everything was cleaned up. These were done by those beastman who were lazing in the main hall. In the end, Lin Mu came to the storeroom in depression, wanting to sort out the stored items.

Watching Lin Mu trying to find something to do, Patrik smiled and shook his head. In his heart, he wished that the rainy season would pass quickly; otherwise, Lin Mu wouldn’t know what it would be like.

Lin Mu squatted in the storage room, staring at the neatly placed things, depressed, “Why are you people so hardworking?!”

Lin Mu couldn’t understand, he wasn’t this active before this. Was it because he transmigrated to another world, and turned into someone who would be uncomfortable if he didn’t do anything for a day? He thought of the things he would have done in the previous world if he encountered such a continuous rainy day. Sleep, go online, read novels, learn to cook, just thinking about it, he felt like he has endless things to do. And what can he do in this world? Go to bed? He wakes up every day when the sun is up in the sky, and he is not a sleeping god, he can’t sleep forever. As for food, he also wants to make good food, but the materials are really limited. He doesn’t even have chillis for hot pot. Thinking of chilli, every time the beastman went out to hunt, Lin Mu would tell them to pick any pointy red vegetable back. They brought back many red and pointy vegetables, but none of them is chilli. Lin Mu couldn’t be sure if the chilis have also become mutants, otherwise, why can’t anyone find them?

Lin Mu glanced down at the contents of the room in a low mood, then his eyes brightened when he touched the high pile of thatch. “Hehe…” Lin Mu smiled mischievously.

Beside him, Patrik shook his head.

Lin Mu came to the pile of thatch and rubbed his hands. “I was going to move you after the rainy season, but I’m uncomfortable now. Anyway, it will be a hectic day after the rainy season, so it is good to do it now.”

The reason why they stored so much thatch and didn’t use it as firewood material is because Lin Mu want to use it to make mattresses. He wants to enjoy a warm winter, and naturally, he had to consider the issue of keeping warm. Lin Mu felt that the effects of those animal skins are too limited, and they wouldn’t be able to complete Lin Mu’s great desire to nest in winter.

Winter nest, one just feel warm when they think about it. Obviously, the current conditions cannot meet the requirements. Lin Mu naturally has to find ways to make it happen. The first thing he thought of was to make his bed thicker. With thatch, they won’t waste so much animal skins.

Lin Mu rolled up his sleeves and started moving. Patrik, who had been following him, said he wanted to help but was kicked out. Lin Mu looked at the pile of thatch and crossed his arms across his chest. He laughed and said, “What a joke, I just found something to do, how can I let you rob me of it?”

Lin Mu is not in a hurry, so he can do it slowly. There are some days before the rainy season end anyway, he is in no hurry.

Lal passed by at that moment. He was also bored out of his mind, but he didn’t want to go out to hunt today. It didn’t feel good to be rained on, and that guy will take advantage of him as well. In fact, if he hates being taken advantage by Cohen, he can totally choose not to go out with Cohen. Although Cohen will be following closely behind, Lal still can run away if he wished to. But he rejected the possibility of him being alone. So, does that means he like being taken advantage of by Cohen? Or really like it? Or… like it?

Their area for activity is not large, Lal was turning around boringly when he saw Lin Mu. Lal wondered why Lin Mu is messing up the pile of grass that has been packed nicely. So he asked, “Lin Mu, what are you doing?”

Lin Mu didn’t even give him a look. “Making mattress.”

“What is it for?”

“I said mattress, of course, it’s for the bed2.”

Lal nodded. “What a strange name. Shouldn’t it be more appropriate to call it pad bed?”

Lin Mu gave him a ‘You’re an idiot’ look, then returned his attention to check if he has enough black rattan.

Lal didn’t mind Lin Mu’s look. He smiled next to Lin Mu and asked, “What can I do to help?”

Lin Mu raised his head and smiled softly at him. “Of course, there’s something you do. Turn your head now, then go straight. Go out the door, turn right, then go straight a few steps, and then on your right hand side, there is a room with a bed. After you lie down, you close your eyes and then … there is no ‘then’.”

After hearing that much, Lal finally responded, “You are asking me to go to sleep.”

Lin Mu pushed him out and said, “Yeah, that’s right. What a great thing to sleep, go and do it quickly.”

“I’m not going to bed, I want to help.” Lal stood still, and Lin Mu couldn’t push him away.

The moment Patrik came out of his room, he saw Lin Mu and Lal pulling at each other. (Patrik, your understanding is a bit off…)3 He has just left the storage for a while, and Lal dropped by to ‘make use of every second and every inch’. Patrik felt that he has to talk to Cohen.

The beast’s instinct in Lal made him shiver in a cold sweat. He thought to himself, “Who is scheming against me?” He looked around, but he didn’t see Cohen ah.

“Why can’t you go, why do you always have to help? I don’t need it.”

Lal leaned at the door frame with both hands. “I need it.” Then he looked at Lin Mu pitifully, “I’m too free.”

Lin Mu retorted, “You can go hunting.”

“I don’t want to today.” Today happens to be Cohen on duty to hunt, so he(L) can be at ease for a while. But he felt dull being alone.

Lin Mu sighed, and Patrik came over.

“Mu Mu, let him do it if he wants to.”

Lal is happy, as expected of his boss, he(P) still thinks for him. But why did he felt that his boss’s eyes were cold when he spoke just now? Illusion, it must be an illusion.

Lal is happy, but Lin Mu is not. He was robbed of his job again, from hands-on to coaching. Although his status sounded high, Lin Mu does not feel good. But Patrik has spoken, so it’s not good for him to not give Patrik some faces. He is now a tribe leader, after all.

Lin Mu glanced at Lal in dissatisfaction, but it has no lethal effect on Lal.

“Beastman’s face is the thickest.” Lin Mu thought to himself, his face puffed into a bun, “Come here, I’ll tell you what to do.”

Lal’s comprehension ability is excellent. Although it was a little messy in the beginning, but Lal managed to get the feel quickly. At this moment, Lin Mu changed from being a coach to being unemployed. After Lin Mu got his first mattress, his work was taken over by the idle beastmen, which also signalled that the errand he tried so hard to create is gone.

Now back to the moment of the gang showing black lines on their face.

Phil persuaded, “Lin Mu, I haven’t finished the shoes yet.” The implication is you don’t have to find something to do first, I have no way to help you now.

Lin Mu was choked by Phil’s words.

Phil: “Lin Mu, you can actually learn from Sasha.”

Sasha hehe-ed and nodded, “Lin Mu, you should learn from me.”

Lin Mu, looking at them in doubt, “I just want to make something to eat. You guys confirm letting me learn from Sasha?”

The three said in unison, “Go!”

Lin Mu walked proudly out of the room, but actually, his mouth is ‘itchy’4. He browsed through the available ingredients; they have a lot of meat and two fishes left. The fishes are more than twenty pounds each. Since there are fish, Lin Mu is going to use them. Coincidentally saw Matt passing by the main hall, Lin Mu called out for his help. As for the other beastman, they were all in the storeroom, what were they doing? Who knows? Anyway, Lin Mu doesn’t know and doesn’t care, those beastman who robbed him of his job, and gritted his teeth.

“Matt, please help me fillet the fish.” His(LM) knife skills are not good, and beastman is better at it.

Matt didn’t say anything, he took the knife to help. Lin Mu went to prepare the sweet and sour sauce and, also some ginger juice. He is preparing to make some different kind of sweet and sour fish fillets.

Matt’s mission was completed beautifully, so Lin Mu got him to help make the fire. Lin Mu can cook but hates making fire. He put the fish in a small tub, poured ginger and salt, rubbed it for a while and let it set. When Lin Mu stopped his task, he saw that the pot is already hot, so he filled it with oil. The fragrance from the fillet started wafting within a short while in the pot.

Sasha smelled the scent. “I’ll help Lin Mu.” Then he hurried out of bed.

The rest are used to Sasha’s glutton habits.

Sasha saw Lin Mu busying around, and the scent of fish kept coming out of the pot. He hurried up to help.

“Lin Mu, what are you making? Smells delicious.”

Lin Mu gave him a piece of fish. “Sweet and sour fish fillet. But no sauce yet.”

Sasha ate it deliciously. “What can I help?”

Lin Mu handed a pair of chopsticks to Sasha’s hand. “Flip the fish fillets.”

Sasha is happy to help.

Lin Mu went on to deal with the remaining fish. He would not make fish fillets with this fish. He is going to make sweet and sour (whole) fish at noon. After all, they had to let other beastman taste it too.

After pouring the sauce on the fried fish fillet and mixing it with chopsticks, Lin Mu gave some to Matt. Then Lin Mu and Sasha each brought a bowl to Lais’s room. As soon as they entered the room, Phil could smell that sweet and sour taste. Sasha kindly picked one and fed it to him. Then he(S) smiled while anticipating Phil’s reaction.

Lin Mu is responsible for giving Lais a taste. Both of their eyes brightened after eating.

“Lin Mu, you haven’t done this before. What is this? It’s delicious!” Phil commented while eating from Sasha’s bowl.

“Sweet and sour, the taste is very special.” Lais ate from Lin Mu’s bowl.

Sasha chewed the fish in his mouth and helped to answer, “This is the sweet and sour fish fillet. Lin Mu said that he will make sweet and sour fish for everyone at noon. Isn’t it delicious?”

Phil nodded.

“Lin Mu, if you are bored in the future, you can make this.” Sasha sincerely suggested.

Misha5 and Lais nodded in approval.

Lin Mu gave the three6 a bright smile and the smile instantly faded away, “You wish.”

They laughed.

The night comes as usual.

Lin Mu was lying comfortably in Patrik’s arms. “I wonder when the rainy season will pass.”

“Soon.” Patrik understands that Lin Mu is feeling stuffy being stuck in the room, but he doesn’t dare to take him out.

Lin Mu felt that merely saying it’s around 20 days, people should be more specific. Then they will be able to count the days. Right now, it seems to be 11 days already.

“In fact, a longer rainy season is better. We are well-rested, and the animals are also getting fattened up. That way, our winter food will be relatively rich.”

Lin Mu nodded. “The vegetable I’m looking for must also be well grown. They are waiting for me to pick them, so they won’t be sad about being useless.”

“Plants won’t get sad.”

Lin Mu threatened with narrowed eyes. “They will be sad.”

Patrik nodded. “En, they are waiting for you in sadness.”

Lin Mu nodded with satisfaction.

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Sweet and sour fish fillet

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