Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 28

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Table of Content

List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female)
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Winged Wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

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Chapter 28 Cotton

Pretending to be furious, Lin Mu waved a hand to Patrik and said, “Still not hurry to wash yourself? See how dirty you are. Also… remember to get some medicine to stop the bleeding from Phil later. Humph!” As he said that, Lin Mu laid on the bed without looking at Patrik’s expression.

Patrik gently touched Lin Mu’s head and breathed a sigh of relief inside. Beastman acting weak at certain times is quite useful.

Lin Mu made a face at Patrick’s back when he left. In his heart, he grumbled, “Don’t think I don’t know you’re pretending to be pitiful. You could have clean yourself up first, but you just have to let me see how sorry you looked. And you also made me see your wounds, what a lousy performance level.”

Lin Mu looked down at the fire fruit in the bowl, he took a piece and chewed in his mouth. “As an adult, I will be big-hearted this time.” No next time.

At noon, Lin Mu added fish soup to his lunch, it made Lin Mu feel better than eating fruit puree. But after that, the whole room was filled with the scent of bitter medicine. Lin Mu couldn’t help frowning. “Can I not drink it?”

Sasha: “Lin Mu, you are injured, so you must take this medicine. The usage of this medicine was passed down by our ancestors. All those females in my previous tribe ate this medicine before. Plus they ate it raw directly. Now that this medicine can be consumed as a medicinal drink after brewing, it will taste much better.” This decocting medicine technique was taught by Lin Mu.

Lin Mu still remembers watching the scene where Phil chewed and swallowed a stalk of herb directly, the horror. He sighed that the way the people in the beastman world consume the medicine is really too far behind, plus their medicines need to be picked and consumed fresh. If there are no medicinal plants found when needed, then they can’t do anything about it. Lin Mu felt that it was strange when he heard Phil said that medicinal herbs can’t be stored for a long time and it could be easily damaged. Lin Mu doesn’t understand, aren’t all herbs dried and preserved? So Lin Mu asked in confusion, “Is it still impossible to be kept after drying in the sun?”

Phil’s answer made Lin Mu feel speechless. “How can the herbs be dried? After drying, the effect will be gone.”

“Have you tried drying it before?”

“No, the tribe doctor will not allow it.”

“You are telling me that you have always thought that drying the herbs will lose its effect, so you never did it before?”

Phil nodded.

Lin Mu face-palmed, this is a restriction for the experience.

“Phil, just try and dry it anyway. There are plenty of herbs around anyway. And also….” He pulled out the stalk of herb from the corner of Phil’s mouth. “You can drink it. Don’t chew…” Lin Mu couldn’t bear to see Phil continue chewing and frowned, “Although the brewed medicine will be bitter, it is better than chewing the herbs raw.”

Phil doubted, “Really?”

Lin Mu threw away the herbs in his hands and hugged his arms at his chest. “You can try it first.”

Drying medicines in the sun and brewing medicine; although Lin Mu has never tried it before, Chinese traditional medicines techniques have been passed down in China for thousands of years. The history is the essence.

So after Phil tried the method, medicinal herbs can now be dried in the sun and can be used afterwards boiling.

Back to the moment where Sasha is persuading Lin Mu to take the medicine.

“Lin Mu, you need to take the medicine. You should eat it if you are injured. Otherwise, it will be very painful for you.”

Lin Mu curled his lips in disapproval. He didn’t have a fever, just felt a little throbbing pain. Looking at the wafting medicine, Lin Mu could feel the bitterness in his mouth. “Sasha, actually I have some medicines of my own. I can take those. This medicine should be used to relieve inflammation and pain, right?”

Sasha thought for a moment and said, “I don’t know.”

Phil looked at Sasha when he returned and looked at the wooden bowl in his hand; returning without success.

“What does Lin Mu say?”

“Lin Mu said he had his own medicine.” Sasha lowered the wooden bowl in his hand. “He wouldn’t lie to me just to avoid drinking the medicine, right?” As he said that, Sasha took a whiff of the medicine in the bowl and wrinkled his nose; really smelled nasty.

Phil thought for a moment, before picking up the bowl and went to Lin Mu’s room.

Phil just came out of his own room, when he saw Phil heading towards Lin Mu’s room. He asked Sasha, who was looking for food at the countertop, “What is it? Lin Mu is not willing to take the medicine?”

It was an experience passed down from all females to drink that medicine after getting injured from their ‘first time’. His Dad told him about this after he reached the age of adulthood.

Sasha bit the jerky in his hand and shook his head. “Phil went to persuade him. But this medicine is so unpleasant. I also don’t want to drink it.”

“Didn’t Sasha’s Dad tell Sasha about the medicine?”

“Of course he told me about this before. That’s why I won’t… with Locke…”

“En?” Lais smiled meaningfully.

“Lais, you’re not understanding.”

“Hehehe…” Lais smiled happily.

Lin Mu’s room.

When Phil came in, Lin Mu was searching for medicines in his backpack that was well placed in the cupboard at the bedside. He looked at the few medications in his hand and was considering whether to take them or not. While Lin Mu was hesitant, Phil came in with the medicine.


“Lin Mu, I know you have medicines of your own, and it works well, but those medicines are really rare. We can’t make that kind of medicine now, so I don’t think you should rely on those medicines. You should adapt to the medicines we have here. Moreover, you said before… you can’t go back anymore. So I think…”

Lin Mu knew what Phil meant, and he really couldn’t rely on these medicines. He had heard of drug resistance before, that the effect would become more and more useless if he took more medication. He has to adapt to the current world’s medicine now, lest the cold become his incurable disease.

Forcibly pressed down the resistance in his heart, Lin Mu took the wooden bowl in his hand. Phil was pleased to see that Lin Mu is willing to take medicine. The unpleasant smell of the herbs was amplified when he placed it near his mouth. Thinking that the long-term pain is worse than the short-term pain, he swallowed everything with gulp while pinching his nose. The bitterness caused his face to be scrunched together.

“As expected, it’s as unpleasant as imagined.” He reached out a hand to Phil.

Phil was confused, “What is it?”

“Things to counter the bitterness, you couldn’t be forgotten to pick a fruit for me, right?”

Phil smiled in embarrassment. “I forgot.”

Lin Mu bitterly complained, “Phil, you can’t do this to me.”

“I’ll get it for you right away.” Phil turned and ran out.

After munching on some fruits, Lin Mu finally be able to clear away the bitterness in his mouth. He told the three people sitting next to him, “This bitterness is really terrible. I was worried that my tongue will lose its tastebuds.”

Sasha: “Lin Mu, are you getting better now?”

Lin Mu threw him a glare. “The effect is not that fast.”

Phil smiled and put a freshly washed fruit next to Lin Mu. “Won’t you feel uncomfortable if you keep lying on your stomach?”

“It’s uncomfortable, but there’s nothing we can do. We don’t even have a bolster.”

Lais: “Bolster?”

He found that Lin Mu always said something new that they didn’t know, and every time they would make something useful out.

Looking at the curious gazes from the females, Lin Mu continued, “In fact, a bolster is a pillow, you can lie down on it or sleep with it. En, you don’t seem to know what is a pillow. How do I explain this?” Lin Mu felt helpless about how to describe a pillow.

“Bolster… for example,” He pointed at the animal hide in their hands, “you sew it into a pocket shape and put some soft filling in it. We usually add sponges or cotton back at my place. I don’t know if you guys have it here or not.”

Cotton flower

Lais thought for a moment, “We haven’t heard of sponges or cotton. But what you say is soft, I know a tree that produces a kind of flower, and that kind of flower is soft. The flowers have many kinds of colours too, very pretty. I don’t know if that’s what you said?”


“Yes, flower. Big flowers.” The three nodded.

“Could it be cotton?” Lin Mu muttered in his heart. He had seen cotton stalks, but not on a tree.

“Please take me to see it if there are any chances in the future.” Maybe it is mutated cotton.

The three of them all smiled and nodded in agreement. Although they felt that pillows were not necessary, but they were happy to make life better.

Everyone chatted and laughed. Lais and Phil didn’t stop with the clothes in their hands. They have now started to make winter clothes. Lin Mu touched the clothes they made. The animal skins they chose were soft and warm types, just that the clothing was like sleeveless t-shirts.

“Why don’t you add sleeves so that it won’t be cold in winter when wearing it?”

“This is to be worn inside. We will also make outer clothes. It is more convenient to wear it without sleeves so that the arm part will not be too stiff.”

Lin Mu nodded. After all, the clothing was made of animal skins. Even if the animal skins were sewn well, the softness could only go so far. In fact, the warmth from wearing animal skins is really limited, especially when they only wore longer animal skin skirts. Lin Mu started to worry about his winter clothes, as he was very afraid of the cold. But thinking that he has some close-fitting warm clothes with him, he felt that his situation is better than them.

If only they have fabric…

Lin Mu folded the animal skin blanket higher, then got on his back, “Comfortable.”

Sasha looked at Lin Mu’s comfortable appearance and went over to lay down together. “Lin Mu, do you want to know where is tribe leader now?”

Lin Mu rolled his eyes at him. “Where else besides hunting?”

“Then do you know what prey is he hunting?”

Lin Mu glanced at him, pretending not to care, and said, “What’s that question? Anyway, it’s all animals. But isn’t he injured right now? Why still go out?”

“Of course for your sake, the tribe leader said he would hunt a fluff beast for you. Lin Mu, do you know what a fluff beast is?”

He shook his head. The animals he knew were too limited.

“Fluff beast’s meat is the most delicious meat. I have eaten it once, and I still remember the taste.”

Then he exaggeratedly swallowed and said, “Beastman will only catch it for his own female. And, in many cases, It is because the beastman made a mistake and he wants to please his female. Hence, the fluff beast is called the forgiveness beast. Accepting the beast means the female forgive the beastman. The meat of the fluff beast is so delicious that it is difficult for any females to refuse. However, fluff beasts are very difficult to capture.”

Lin Mu seemed to think that the fluff beast is interesting, but these beastman were really interesting. Forgiveness beast, forgive the beast, forgive beastman, hehe…

Seeing Lin Mu’s bright smile, Sasha joked, “Someone is feeling happy, happy, happy…”

“That is you……”

Difficulties in catching the prey mean a late return. It was late, and Patrik hadn’t returned yet. Lin Mu waited until he felt upset and irritable. His body was stiff from lying on the bed all day long. He got out of bed and walked slowly around the room. The more time passed, the more irritable Lin Mu became.

“Damnit, just apologize if you know you’re wrong. Don’t go and catch whatever fluff beast! What forgiveness beast, forgive the beastman, so stupid.”

As soon as Patrik entered the room, he saw his little person scolding his name fiercely. He hugged Lin Mu from behind. “I’m back.”

Lin Mu broke away from Patrick’s embrace and hugged his arms around his chest. His expression was terrible and he said, “Don’t you know to come back home?” Hearing that, it felt like a wife is accusing her husband of coming home late.

Patrik smiled and carried Lin Mu up.

“What are you doing?” Lin Mu can still remember the things that happened from last night. Although the middle of the process felt pretty good, the result was absolutely terrible. Just look at his current condition, he has no interest in repeating the same mistakes.

Patrik placed Lin Mu gently on the bed. “It’s too late, you go to bed early.”

Lin Mu looked at him in dissatisfaction, he hasn’t finished speaking.

Patrik covered Lin Mu’s eyes. “Be obedient, it’s too late now. We can talk tomorrow.”

Lin Mu could only close his eyes.

Patrik turned away and walked out of the room, he has to deal with the wounds on his body. When he returned, Patrik saw that the person in the bed was already asleep. He stroked his cheek gently. “Finally, you belong to me completely.” There was happiness in his eyes that couldn’t be covered.

He covered the glowing stone with a bag, and the room instantly darkened. Patrik brought Lin Mu into his arms, kissed his forehead, and fell asleep in satisfaction.

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