Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 27

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List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female)
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Winged Wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

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Chapter 27 The day after

Half-awake, Lin Mu could hear whispers and occasional chuckles beside him. He opened his eyes slightly to a little gap, and he could see that the room is shrouded in darkness. He tried to raise his hand, but the bones in his whole body felt stiff even when he only raised his fingers a little bit.

How Lin Mu hated in his heart!

“Patrik, that asshxle! Beast! I was so kind to give you clothes, and you dared to treat me like that! Hmph hmph, you just wait, wait for this young master to get back up. Then I’ll get back at you in double!”

Struggling to get up, Lin Mu gasped and hissed painfully, that caused him to be annoyed even further.

“Bastxrd1, tossed me back and forth like a pancake the whole night…”

Lin Mu scolded Patrik fiercely in his heart and managed to calm down a little, but the next thing he saw before his eyes was 3 pairs of curious eyes. Lin Mu took a glance at his current appearance; his clothes were halfway undone, ambiguous marks on his body were exposed in the open, plus those worser red and purple marks were displayed on his neck. Lin Mu quickly pulled the quilt to cover himself. He scolded the culprit in his heart again, before shouting at the three people who laughed at him, “What are you laughing at! There… there’s nothing funny about this.”

Lin Mu used a loud voice to conceal his shyness. In his heart, he was even more annoyed at that Patrik who ate him cleanly but was absent at this moment. Patrik also let these three see his embarrassment. Bastxrd!

Worried that they would really anger Lin Mu, Lais motioned to the others not to laugh anymore. Then he stepped forward and carefully supported Lin Mu up to lean against the wall.

Lin Mu accidentally touched the ‘wound that must not be named2’ when he moved, but he gritted his teeth and forcefully held it in.

Sasha: “Lin Mu, are you hungry? I’ll get you some food.”

Phil: “Lin Mu, I’ll get you some hot water to wash.”

Lin Mu nodded and agreed.

Only Lin Mu and Lais were left in the room, it made Lin Mu a little embarrassed because he was afraid that Lais would make fun of him, and he doesn’t dare to look at Lais. In Lin Mu’s heart, the gentle Lais is like an elder brother, so he is embarrassed to let Lais see himself in this state.

Lais knew that Lin Mu is embarrassed, so he silently stayed beside him without saying anything.

Lin Mu twisted uncomfortably as it’s quite uncomfortable to keep leaning his back against the wall. A moment later, Phil and Sasha returned. Lin Mu took a brief wash and ate the food Sasha gave him. He was really hungry. Being tossed around for so long last night consumed too much of his physical energy. Right now, he could be considered eating breakfast and lunch together.

Sasha gave him fruit puree to eat because Lin Mu’s current condition is not suitable to eat meat. After he hungrily devoured the puree, Lin Mu was not satisfied at all. How can fruits be compared with staple food? He knew he couldn’t eat meat now, but he couldn’t help missing the staple food.

Lin Mu lived in the North with his mother since he was a child, so he likes noddles and has a strong taste, especially towards spicy food. Even after living in the Lin family for so many years, his taste has not changed.

He really wants to eat buns right now… Yes, buns.

Since Lin Mu’s mother is an unmarried single parent, she took Lin Mu to live in a small city. Lin Mu remembered that the house they rented was small at that time, sleeping and cooking were done in that small room. That little house carries all the joy of Lin Mu’s childhood, the joy of being with his mother. When he was still a kid, Lin Mu liked to be around when his mother is cooking, and it was a pleasure to smell the delicious smell from the cooked food. Lin Mu will be especially happy when his mother is making mantou(steamed bun). Because his mother will make little small buns for Lin Mu, just for him. Lin Mu’s mother will add sugar to the buns and sometimes add dates and raisins, which will make Lin Mu happy one whole day. Because for the older Lin Mu, that period was all his happiness he could remember, he liked to eat noodles and occasionally made mantous for himself. That was the memory he shared with his mother. It belonged to his mother and him and had nothing to do with the Lin family.

Without flour, mantou is just a dream. Lin Mu thought of the fine white wheat flour, if he had any, he could at least drink some porridge rather than eating fruit puree. Lin Mu sighed in his heart.

Seeing Lin Mu’s listlessness, Sasha thought he was unmotivated because Patrik was away. After all, females always depended on their males.

What a beautiful misunderstanding.

“Lin Mu, tribe leader went out today. He was worried about you, so we are here to accompany you.” In other words, see how much the tribe leader cares about you, so don’t be so angry. Sasha clearly saw Lin Mu’s gritted expression just now.

My dear, although Lin Mu is indeed very angry, but gritting his teeth was really because that place hurts.

Lin Mu’s expression became extremely unnatural when Sasha mentioned about Patrik. “Why mention him all of a sudden?” Thinking of Patrik makes him angry, but Lin Mu still felt puzzled and asked, “Did he not go hunting yesterday, why did he go out today again?”

“Hehe, how could Lin Mu make it so obvious that he wants Patrik to be by his side? It’s better to be a bit more reserved.” Openly teasing him now.

Being laughed at too much, Lin Mu became calmer instead. He shifted to a more comfortable posture and said leisurely, “It’s not that I’m not reserved. It’s because you don’t understand. I am just wondering why he went out with Locke. It has nothing to do with me missing him or not. Doesn’t Locke report to you? ”

Phil laughed at the side.

“Well, even if Locke tells me, I won’t tell you.”

Lin Mu still felt uncomfortable with his sitting posture and decided to just lay on the bed. “Aiya, what Locke told you should naturally be hidden inside your heart and let you feel sweet by yourself. How can I make you tell me your little secret? I understand.”

Sasha was annoyed. “We have no secrets!”

Lin Mu asked with narrowed eyes, “Really?”

Sasha’s rebut became lack of energy, “Of course.”

Hearing that, Lin Mu evilly smiled and asked, “How about you describe your first close contact with Locke in detail? For example, first kiss.”

Just after Lin Mu said that, Sasha’s face flushed red. Phil and Lais continued to make their clothes while watching the show.

Sasha: “If you want to hear, you must tell me what you did yesterday.”

Thinking about last night, Lin Mu resentfully turned his head away and muttered quietly, “Tsk, why are your response so fast now? Not cute at all.”

Sasha VS Lin Mu, complete win.

Sasha lay beside Lin Mu on the bed and whispered, “Lin Mu, did you and tribe leader really &@¥%#”

“What?” Lin Mu didn’t hear it clearly.

Sasha: “That, does it, you and tribe leader… hurts?”

Lin Mu rolled his eyes at Sasha after hearing that, “Didn’t you see your brother’s, me, current condition?” Then he seemed to have discovered something big and evilly asked, “Why, you and Locke not yet…” He asked meaningfully and sighing until the other person blush. Then he continued, “Locke is really a good beastman. Unlike some bastard!” Having someone to compare with, it made Lin Mu even angrier.

Sasha blinked. “Lin Mu, you can’t blame our tribe leader.”

“If not him, then blame me?!”

The three men nodded in unison.

Lin Mu wondered, “Why? Don’t tell me it’s because of the clothes.” Lin Mu remembers that Patrik didn’t transform into a ‘beast’ until he received the clothes.

The three men nodded again.

Lin Mu was even more puzzled. “Even if he is grateful, he doesn’t have to repay me like that. It’s obviously revenge!”

Sasha was surprised (the other two pretended to be surprised), “Lin Mu, don’t you know? Female giving their male clothing mean they want to be partners.”

Lin Mu’s expression froze.

“And… if you do that, you will usually get pounced right away. Our tribe leader loves you so much, it’s normal that he can’t help it. So Lin Mu, this is really not the tribe leader’s fault.” After that, he even nodded head to show how right he was.

Lin Mu’s expression shattered all over the floor. He never thought that the reason was himself! He was the one who sent himself to Patrik’s mouth. At this point, If Patrik doesn’t ‘eat’ him, he will even feel sorry for him. But, but he is still very angry ah!

Lin Mu couldn’t help out with the cooking at noon and kept lying on the bed. He buried his face in the quilt, depressed, “How could I make such a mistake, why didn’t I ask it clearly? Beastman’s rules are awful! And… I lost to Sasha. And I still can’t go out in my current condition, so they all must know about this by now. So shameful! ”

While Lin Mu is complaining, Patrik came in and sat down gently on the bed.

“Mu Mu, I picked the fire fruit for you.”

Lin Mu heard Patrik’s voice. Immediately, he angrily stood up to settle the debt with Patrik.

“Mu Mu, look, this fire fruit is good for your body. Try it.”

Lin Mu blankly stared at Patrik’s sorry figure. He had never seen Patrik looking like this. There were a few wounds on his face, and there were scratches on his arms, and some were still bleeding slightly. His messy hair was stained with dirt.

Lin Mu frowned, and asked, “How did you end up like this?”

Patrik smiled and said casually, “My injury is not serious. I met the sabertooth beast when I was picking the fire fruit. Fortunately, there are four of us, so rest assured. Animals coming out after the rainy season are usually more irritable, so it is normal to have small injuries here and there.”

The more relaxed Patrik said it, the more dangerous Lin Mu felt, “Isn’t it just some fruit? Does it worth getting hurt?”

Patrik smiled softly. “I’ve offended Mu Mu, and I want to apologise.”

As soon as Patrik mentioned it, Lin Mu became angry. “Pei3, you know you’re sorry now, but last night, you…” Lin Mu couldn’t go on that and changed the topic, “Anyway, absolutely no next time!”

Patrik didn’t answer Lin Mu’s words and held the fire fruit to Lin Mu’s mouth.

Does it means he(LM) is forgiving him(P) if he eats it, how could that be so easy?! Lin Mu turned away and avoided the fruit.

Patrik saw Lin Mu’s refusal, his eyes filled with disappointment, and his whole body was shrouded in low spirits.

Lin Mu couldn’t bear to see Patrik like this, not to mention he(P) ended up in this sorry state because of him(LM). In the end, Lin Mu took one and put it in his mouth. This fire fruit looked like a small tomato from Earth. Exquisitely red, the texture has a QQ4 sensation, taste very good. Anyway, Lin Mu’s body felt more comfortable after eating it. Lin Mu moved the wooden bowl containing the fire fruit nearer to himself, and mumbled while biting on another fruit, “This time it’s fine.”

He looked down and ate the fruit, not seeing the sly look flashed on Patrik’s face. He knew that Lin Mu has the softest heart.

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