Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 26

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Table of Content

List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female)
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Winged Wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

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Chapter 26 Gifting clothes

Lin Mu bit on a piece of jerky and struggled with the needle in his hand. He now understands that making clothes is really a hard job. Just piercing the animal skin alone is tiring enough for him, not to mention he has to sew properly according to the design.

Phil stretched his head and glanced over to his side, “Lin Mu, your sewing is crooked.”


Lin Mu checked it, and it was indeed crooked. Not only it was crooked, but he also accidentally sewn the animal skin below. Annoyed, he put the things on the bed and said, “I really have no talent for this. See all these animal skin I have wasted.” As he said that, he pointed at the pile of animal skins that were wrongly cut, stitched and amended. Fortunately, the skins he used were not the good ones.

Lais and the rest were amused. Lais comforted, “Don’t worry, those animal skins can still be used. I’ll just repair them later.”

Lin Mu looked at Lais in admiration, “You are so amazing.”

“You are just not used to making clothes, you can also do the same after more practices.”

Phil: “Yeah, Lin Mu is so smart, you can definitely do it.”

Sasha bit on his fruit and gave his encouragement to Lin Mu as well.

Lin Mu watched Sasha lying on the bed and asked, “Why don’t you do it also? Right now, you are lying comfortably in bed, and not in a humid, wet cave. Your previous excuse cannot be used anymore.”

Sasha mumbled with fruit in his mouth. “I didn’t want to make clothing for him this early.”

Lin Mu couldn’t hear him clearly and asked, “What did you say?”

“Nothing. Lin Mu, work hard ba.” Sasha continued to lay leisurely on the bed while eating his fruit.

Being stimulated by Sasha, Lin Mu exclaimed, “Why should I learn to sew? Can’t you all just help me with it?”

Phil: “We can do it for you, but not for our tribe leader.”

Lais and the rest nodded.

Lin Mu looked at them. Thinking of the terrifying possessiveness trait of a beastman, Lin Mu didn’t ask why.

“Alright, I’ll continue on this.” Lin Mu looked at his palm, which has turned red from his sewing attempt, and sighed in his heart that sewing is really not what a man should do. Then, he lowered his head and continued to struggle with the animal skin in his hand.

5 days later, Mu Mu made a long-sleeved t-shirt with the animal skin. Then he happily ran back to his room and hid it, preparing to surprise Patrik at night.

Sasha looked at Lin Mu’s joyful expression while hiding the clothes, and asked unnaturally, “Lin Mu, do you really decide to give the clothes to the tribe leader today?”

Lin Mu didn’t notice that Sasha’s expression looked different. He covered the clothing with a piece of animal skin and replied, “It’s finally finished, of course I will give it to him.”

In fact, Lin Mu wanted to flaunt his work to Patrik, that he can make clothes now. Even Lin Mu admired himself for that.

When Lais heard Lin Mu’s tone like everything’s normal, he looked at him with suspicion. Lin Mu’s expression is too natural. Didn’t Lin Mu know the meaning of gifting clothing to a beastman? Does he need to remind Lin Mu? He thought back of how a ruthless person like their tribe leader looked at Lin Mu all day long. That intent gaze can make people drown in it. Then Lais glanced at Lin Mu’s happy expression, he felt that they are a good match. So Lais thought to give them a push them, but actually, he just wanted to watch the show; hence he evilly refrained from reminding Lin Mu.

Phil actually had the same question as Lais but seeing that Lais didn’t say anything, Phil didn’t either. Other than that, he thought that Lin Mu is already their tribe leader’s companion, which means it’s reasonable for Lin Mu to gift clothes to Patrik, so he didn’t say anything.

Lin Mu naturally didn’t know what they were thinking. If he knew it, he wouldn’t be laughing right now.

Patrik entered the room and saw the four sitting and laughing on the bed.

The 3 females greeted their tribe leader, then tactfully got out of bed and went away.

Patrik nodded to them as a greeting. Seeing them out, Patrik sat down beside Lin Mu.

“Want to eat?” Lin Mu handed a jerky to Patrik.

Patrik took it. “I’m going out hunting later. Anything you want me to bring back?”

Lin Mu pondered for a moment, “Fruit, and I want to eat fish. Catch some fish back to me.”

A few days ago, they dug out a pond, but because the rain was endless, Lin Mu is not planning to rear any fish in the pond now.

“Alright.” Patrik nodded in agreement.

Lin Mu thought about it and added, “Bring along a big wooden barrel. Catch some fish back alive, I’m not sure which fish can be eaten.”

Lin Mu has seen many kinds of fish here, their appearance varies. He used to eat the one that looked like a common carp. He never tries other types before, and he has no chance to try it now.

Actually, catching fish is not easy for Patrik. They have never eaten fish before, so naturally they have no experience in catching fish. Besides, his beast form is not suitable to do it, but he still readily agreed.

Lin Mu didn’t detect anything wrong and suddenly became interested in how they are going to catch the fishes. He has seen Cohen catching fish before. A big tiger stood still in the river, then when he saw the fish passing by, he slapped the fish to the shore with a wave of his claws. The fish was stunned by the hit of his thick palm. However, Patrik’s beast form is a snake, so he has no claws.

“Patrik, how are you going to catch the fish?”

“I have never caught one before.”

“So I’m asking you how you plan to catch it. Would you like me to give you a suggestion?” Lin Mu asked with a mischievous smile.

Patrik stood up and replied, “No need.” He kissed Lin Mu’s forehead and turned away.

Lin Mu has become accustomed to Patrik’s sneak attack on him. At first, he would glare at Patrik in dissatisfaction. Now, he is so accustomed to it that he won’t even blush. Habit is a terrible thing.

After Patrik left, Lin Mu rolled on the bed a few times, then he sat up. He suddenly had a thought, “Actually, I can make a fishing net.”

Then he got out of bed to asked for help. After all, catching fish is not very difficult. He can’t always ask the beastman to do it. He went to the females and briefly told them about his plan. Lais and the rest were very excited to hear that they could catch fish by themselves. After all, they didn’t like to let the beastman do everything for them.

Since they want to make a fishing net, they naturally need to find materials, so they came to the storage room. The storage room was divided into four large sections. One is for storing firewood, one is for food, one is for tableware, and the last one is for the tools they usually use. For example, the back baskets and rattan baskets they made, the rattan they have saved up, stone knives and so on.

When Lin Mu tried to make rattan baskets, they tried several kinds of rattan. Lin Mu remembered that there was a kind of purple rattan in their storage, which is soft even after drying in the sun, so it was not suitable for making a basket. Lin Mu didn’t throw it away as he planned to make ropes out of it. Plus, he made a hammock for Sasha from the purple rattan, which is much better than using black rattan, so he saved the rest of the rattan for future use.

Lin Mu held up the rattan in his hand. “Just use this.”

They originally planned to make the fishing net in the hall, but when they saw the beastman chatting in the living room, Lin Mu decided to do it in their room.

Lal looked curiously at them walking around with the rattan, “What are you doing with this?”

Sasha: “Make a fishing net.”

“Do you need any help?” Cohen was called away by their Boss, so he was bored stiff by himself.

Lin Mu squinted his eyes at him. “What can you do?”

Lal patted his chest immediately and said, “Anything is fine.”

Lin Mu chuckled, and thought for a moment, “Asking you to make the fishing net is an overkill. How about you take the rain poncho and help us pick wild vegetables outside? I’ll make something nice for you in the afternoon.”

“Just for me alone?”

Lin Mu thought about it and nodded with a smile. “I’ll make one dish, especially for you, how about it?”

The females like to eat vegetables, but with the rain keep going on, the beastmen won’t let them out.

Lal saw Lin Mu nod with a promise, so he immediately prepared to go out happily.

“Go to the storeroom and take a basket with you.” Lin Mu instructed, and then went to his room with the rest.

Misha came out of his room and heard that Lin Mu is going to invent something. He wanted to do it also, so he joined the group of females. However, none of them knows how to make it, so they got together to study a method. They managed to progress a little by noon.

When Patrik came back at noon, he brought back a bucket of fish, and Lin Mu went to see it happily. There are 4 or 5 types of fish, and there is only 1 type that Lin Mu has eaten before. The others looked strange, but all have one similarity, which is very large in size.

“Can these be eaten?”

Patrik: “I have gotten some animals to try all the types before coming back.”

Lin Mu admired Patrik’s carefulness. Then he happily directed someone to handle the fish.

At lunch, naturally fish soup was served. Other than that, there were also steamed and braised fish; although their seasonings are limited, Lin Mu does his best to make it better. As for Lal’s special dish, he made fish fillets. The fish he used is a big head fish that has more meat and less spiny bits. The fish pieces were marinated with salt and ginger juice, and then were fried in the oil, crispy and crunchy.

Lin Mu tried a piece of it, and it was delicious. Being he could get the fillets out from the pot, some people were already clamouring to eat, especially the 3 little ones. But because he promised Lal a dish of his own, Lin Mu could only promise to them, “In the evening, how about I fry a lot for you for dinner?” They do not lack oil for frying anyway, so Lin Mu is not distressed at all.

Lin Mu gave Lal a wooden tub half full with fried fish fillets, before going to work on other things.

Lal pridefully smiled at everyone eyeing the tub in his hands, but he still kindly shared some to them – one piece for each person.

“You guys don’t need to anxious, didn’t Lin Mu already said that he will make a lot for y’all at night? Don’t worry yo.”

Then he went to share his food with Cohen without any psychological pressure.

Lin Mu drank some fish soup and ate the fish, before lamenting that the freshness of this world’s fish is incomparable with Earth. After all, the fishes grew up in a pollution-free environment, never have to suffer hunger, and haven’t eaten any unnatural things1.

In the evening, Lin Mu didn’t have to cook the food himself. Frying food is not a technical task anyway, so he gave the job to the females. Then, he leisurely waited for the food to be served.

Laying on the bed, Lin Mu patted his apparently bloated stomach and hummed in satisfaction until Patrik came in. Hehe, he hasn’t shown the result of his hard work yet. Lin Mu proudly took out the clothes he made and said, “A gift for you.”

Then he waited for Patrik’s compliment with great joy. Compliment is a must. Not only he made a t-shirt in this beastman era, but he also managed to sew the threads straight, how can he not receive compliments? It was not easy for a man to operate needlework.

Patrik, who received Lin Mu’s clothes, looked at Lin Mu in shock. The emotions in his eyes were too complicated, and in a short moment, he was shocked by the great joy until he doesn’t know what to do. Patrik contained the excitement in his heart and asked in a low voice, “Lin Mu, are you sure you want to gift me clothing?”

Lin Mu gave him a ‘Are you an idiot’ look and said, “Who else if not you? I can’t wear it.”

Then he raised his chin and waited for Patrik’s thanks. His expression clearly projected the message – Thank me quick. No one wants to make clothes for you but I made them for you. See how good I am to you.

Patrik looked deeply at the person in front of him, and his cute appearance. Thinking that Lin Mu has gifted clothing to him, the sound of his breathing started to get louder and louder.

As Lin Mu watched Patrik, he noticed that the situation was wrong. What ‘appreciation’ in Patrik’s eyes? His eyes were clearly spitting fire! Lin Mu swallowed and asked, “What’s wrong with you, Patrik?”

Even if it’s the first time that you received clothing, you don’t have to be crazy. Also, don’t take off my clothes even if you are crazy. What’s the situation now?

Lin Mu waved wildly to stop Patrik’s action. Patrik paused and stared darkly at the person beneath him. Lin Mu helplessly gotten trapped inside his deep eyes.

The kiss came as a matter of course. Patrik kissed him wildly, and his movements were not hindered at all. When Lin Mu gasped absent-mindedly after his ‘release’, Patrik’s seductive voice sounded in his ear, “The night is long.”

Lin Mu felt the danger vaguely, but in his heart, he didn’t want to resist.

The night is long…


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