Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 23

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Table of Content

List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female)
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Winged Wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

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Chapter 23 Drifter beastman tribe

Lin Mu sat on Patrik’s body as they flew in the air, even the cool breeze blowing at him could not reduce the heat on his face. Thinking of his interaction with Patrik not long ago, Lin Mu’s face became so red that it could bleed. He gently hit the perverted snake, “How could you make me do that?”

Lin Mu muttered quietly, but Patrik could hear it clearly. If anyone could understand a snake’s facial expression, then that person will be able to see that Patrik is smiling. Patrik flicked his tongue in satisfaction. Although he still cannot eat Lin Mu for the time being, it is definitely a great progress to make Lin Mu help him(P) with his ‘release’1. Thinking back of that wonderful feeling, Patrik believes that his happiness is not far away now that they have started it. Patrik knows that Lin Mu likes him, but he doesn’t know what Lin Mu is being persistent for. But it doesn’t matter, Lin Mu will be his so Patrik is not worried about this.

Patrik secretly muttered to himself that Mu Mu is too easily shy, although he likes his(LM) shy expression too. But this way, he doesn’t know when Lin Mu can truly become his own, and of course, no one can take away his partner. Just that what he is still struggling with? Patrik felt that he has to think of a way…

Back at the valley.

The three helper cooks gave Lin Mu ambiguous gaze whenever they looked at him. They all heard Lal said that Patrik returned early just to accompany Lin Mu. Patrik also took Lin Mu out of the valley, but Lal came back early. Why is this pair only coming back now? Looking at Lin Mu’s swollen lips, the space to YY2 is infinite.

It was not easy for Lin Mu to finally disperse the heat from his face, and now it warmed up again by those playful eyes. “What are you people looking at, why aren’t you cooking now?” Lin Mu did his best to shift their focus.

Phil and the rest gave him a look of tacit mutual understanding.

“We understand.”

“Actually we didn’t really see anything, just that your mouth…”

“Sasha, you are speaking too bluntly. You should look puzzled and ask – Mu Mu, what’s wrong with your mouth?” Lais’s serious expression, coupled with his unscrupulous words successfully made Lin Mu angry. He angrily chased them around while laughing.

Finished playing around, it’s time to get serious. Phil looked at the internal organs in the barrel.

“Lal said you asked him to bring these back. Lin Mu, we never eat these things before.” Internal organs felt dirty to them.

Sasha : “Lal said that Lin Mu can make delicious food, is it true?” Really looking forward to it!

Lais : “Lin Mu already said it, so it’s naturally true.” He looked at Lin Mu for further instructions.

Lin Mu thought for a while and said, “Let’s clean all of this. We have 6 servings, so let 4 servings of pork liver and heart be stir-fried, 2 servings of pork hearts to make soup, and the rest of the pork lungs and liver are cooked, which will be made into a cold dish with sauce.”

As of now, Lais and the rest can understand what is stir-fried and cold dishes. Since they have received the instructions, they started busying around with their task.

Lin Mu let them handle the meat, while he prepared to refine the oil. Ever since they know that white meat3 can be refined into oil for stir-frying, Lal will bring back the white meats that they will usually throw away. Lin Mu stared at the pile of white meat on the stone slate. There was too much meat; when would he be able to finish cutting it? He glanced at Patrik standing in the midst of the beastmen.

“Patrik, come here and give me a hand.” Not making use of readily available people is not Lin Mu’s style.

After someone helped to boil the water, Lin Mu used it to wash the thick bamboo tubes meant for storing the oil, and soon Patrik finished cutting all the meat.

“What else can I help?”

Lin Mu took a look at the pieces of meat that were cut according to his requirements. “Could you pick some more fruits for me? And get some more sweety fruit4.” Vinegar is indispensable to make cold dishes.

“Alright.” Patrik went to do his task.

Putting the right amount of meat in the hot pan, Lin Mu used a pair of thick and long chopsticks to spread the meat and then waited for the oil to form. The beastmen got together to roast their meat nearby Lin Mu. Lin Mu wiped away the sweat from his forehead and moved the oil residue which has turned into crispy pork lard into the container used for serving dishes.

“Phil, make some ginger juice for spare.”

A lot of oil was refined, and many crispy pork lard were produced, like 2 full containers.

Sasha raised his head to sniff the air. “It’s so fragrant.”

Lin Mu added some salt, ginger juice, and chopped shallots to the stir, and gave them three of them some. They can’t eat too much; otherwise they won’t be able to eat lunch later. Then he told Lal, who has been going back and forth countless times in front of him, “Here, these are for you guys.”

As soon as Lin Mu has spoken, Lal immediately stepped forward. His saliva has been flowing for some time.

They have 8 stone pots in total, 6 big pots and 2 small ones. 4 pots were used to make soup. Lin Mu and the rest worked together. Phil prepared the ingredients, Lais cut the vegetables and meat, Sasha is the runner, while Lin Mu stood next to Lais to instruct him how to cook the soup. He asked the beastmen to help him cut the big bones into smaller sizes. Put the bones in 2 stone pots, Lais added ginger and green onions, then added some fruits. The chopped pig hearts were added to make another pot of soup. On the other hand, Lin Mu boiled a pot of mint water again, and so, 4 pots were cooked to boil together.

Lais and Sasha stood guard in front of the 4 pots to monitor it, while Lin Mu and Phil are busy cooking. For the beastman’s portion, they need to use a big stone pot. Seeing Patrik came back from his errand, Lin Mu handed the spatula to Phil.

Patrik brought back a lot of fruits. Lin Mu checked it and picked out some to make fruit soup. Misha and the little ones loved to drink it. The rest can be their snacks, as the beastmen don’t like to eat it anyway. Next, Lin Mu took out the big wooden bowl filled with crispy pork lard and said, “I left some for you. You can eat it.” After handing over the bowl, Lin Mu turned back to work.

Patrik sat down with his bowl beside Lal and cheerfully enjoyed Lin Mu’s special care.

Lin Mu drank some mint water and watched Sasha eating his food in a large wooden bowl with relish. Sasha saw Lin Mu looking at him and said, “Lin Mu, this crispy pork lard is really delicious. You can make it again tonight.”

Lin Mu held back his laugh.

Phil drank his soup and praised, “This bone soup is delicious.”

“If you feel greasy, you can add a little vinegar to make it better.” Lin Mu said while adding some meat to Qiuqiu’s bowl again, and watched as Qiuqiu almost bury its head in the bowl.

A wooden bowl suddenly appeared in front of him, and Lin Mu looked up.

“You ate too little.”

Lin Mu took the bowl with a smile. The meat in the bowl was grilled by Patrik on a slate. Each slice was thin, the size was right, and they were grilled to a certain degree of hardness. Lin Mu likes to eat this kind of texture and chewiness.

“Let’s eat together.” Lin Mu said as he held a slice with his chopsticks and brought it to Patrik’s mouth.

Patrik looked at him with a smile and ate the meat.

Seeing the pair with ‘pink bubbles’5 around them even during lunch, Lais stole a glance at Jason, who was grilling meat in his usual cold demeanour beside him. He followed Lin Mu’s action and held a piece of the pig’s liver to Jason, “For you.”

Jason shifted his focus at Lais, and his expression softened. He ate it straight from Lais’s chopsticks and gave him(L) the meat he grilled, saying, “You are too thin.” Then he lowered his head and continued to grill the meat.

Lloyd also shared his food with Phil sweetly, “Phil, you are tired from all the cooking, let me feed you.” He said before holding out the food directly to his mouth so Phil could only eat with a blush.

Locke looked at the pair of lovers being lovey-dovey and wanted to feed his partner as well. Sasha has no problem with that and enjoyed the feeding service.

The rest of the beastman received a huge attack and bitterly ate their food. A beastman without his female is the most pitiful beastman…

Three days later.

“Sasha, your basket is crooked.” Lin Mu reminded him as he watched Sasha’s basket progress heading to a crooked direction.

In the past few days, the four of them found a quiet place in the woods, sitting on the giant tree leaves and researching how to make baskets. Lin Mu didn’t really understand how to make it, as he only saw it in pictures, and the other three couldn’t imagine what the basket looked like. However, with their unremitting research spirit, they finally made themselves a simple back basket.

Lin Mu made his basket according to his height. Although the workmanship is very rough, it is much more convenient to carry things. Out of them, only Sasha hasn’t finished his basket. Lin Mu and other two cooperate to make a large rattan basket together for storing things while guiding Sasha along the way. They happily spent the time together.

Phil : “Misha came.”

Everyone looked up and saw Misha ran over, panting but with a look of joy on his face, “The house is finally finished, Uncle Patrik asks me to call you back.”

Sasha asked stupidly, “What house is finished?”

Lin Mu patted Sasha’s head and said excitedly, “You must have gone silly from making the basket. Our house is finally done, and we can live in it from now on.” After that, he pulled Sasha up and started running. The rest put down the things in their hands and followed him.

Misha, who hadn’t taken enough rest, said, “Why aren’t you wait for me?!” He took a few breaths and followed behind them.

When Lin Mu and the rest arrived at the place, all the beastman were standing in front of the house. Patrik came over to him, took his hand, and led him to the house. They looked at the finished house.

“Mu Mu, look, the house is finally built.”

This is just a simple house, but it gave Lin Mu more feels than those high-rise buildings.

“We can spend the rainy season here, without fighting, without worrying about being kicked out. We can live in peace, and now we have our own tribe. Thank you, Lin Mu.”

Lin Mu looked at Patrik, he knew how excited this person is right now, but to that thanks, Lin Mu smiled, “No need to say thank you to me.”

Patrik held Lin Mu in his arms, tightly. Then he turned and said loudly, “Now, our house is built. In the future, we can live in this valley with peace of mind, and now we are officially a tribe.”

All the beastman began to cheer. This is the pain in their hearts, the hurt in their hearts, and the goal of their struggle – to build their own tribe. Today, they finally have their own tribe. They joyfully cheered for themselves.

Patrik reached out and motioned for them to quiet down. “Next, we need to name our tribe. I want Lin Mu to name this tribe because he made our dream a reality. Do you agree?”

The beastmen cheered again. Lin Mu gave them hope, and they respected him very much.

Lin Mu was a little nervous, looking at each person with a smile on their face and looking at him, Lin Mu could feel the hand holding tightly onto his hand, “You can achieve your dreams because of your persistence and being kind. These are the results of your persistence, I was just trying my best. I am happy to be able to name this tribe. I want everyone to know that living in a hidden place here is not to escape, to escape the name ‘drifter beastman’. I hope everyone can live openly in this world, or even more noble and powerful than any ordinary beastman. So I think our tribe should be called Drifter beastman tribe, and I hope the word drifter beastman will give you supreme glory in the future. ”

Living openly, and having supreme glory, the beastmen heard it and cheered again. At the right time, Patrik motioned everyone to calm down. All beastman looked at Patrik, and that man faced his partner in all seriousness before saying, “We have a tribe now, so naturally we need a leader, everyone …”

Not waiting for Patrik to finish, a chant sounded, “Patrik, Patrik, Patrik …”

“Our Boss is our tribe leader…”

Everyone shouted and cheered, they unanimously chose the beastman who has been leading them since the beginning.

Lin Mu looked at the man who was highly regarded. This man is wise, calm, and a natural leader.

Crispy pork lard

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