Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 24

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List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female)
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Winged Wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

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Chapter 24 Moving in

Now that they have established their tribe and elected a leader, it’s time to allocate the rooms! As for how this house should be divided, Patrik, the tribe leader is not concerned at all, as long as he is confirmed staying together with Lin Mu.

“Mu Mu, I’ll put our things in the room first, you can slowly think about how to divide the rooms.”

“Can I stay in a separate room?” Lin Mu asked weakly.

When Patrik heard the words, he squinted his eyes slightly, and asked in a dangerous tone, “Which beastman do you want to stay with? Lal?” In his heart, he silently cracked his fist at Lal.

Lal’s case is a typical example of ‘being shot when lying down’.

“I can stay with Phil…”

Lin Mu felt that Patrik’s gaze was getting scarier and couldn’t go on. He dryly smiled and said, “Hehe, hurry up and move our things, I… I still need to allocate the rooms.”

Beastman didn’t have a choice to choose their rooms, and he couldn’t split the females from their beastman, but it is really dangerous to stay together in one room with Patrik.

Obviously satisfied with Lin Mu’s compromise, Patrik rubbed Lin Mu’s short hair and said, “Good.” After that, he went to busy himself with the move.

As soon as Patrik left, Phil and the rest gathered around.

Misha: “Lin Mu, Lin Mu, where will I stay with my father?”

Lin Mu looked at the floor plan that was drawn on the floor.

The distribution of the house is very simple. The main hall is the first thing one would see when they entered the house. There are 3 rooms on each side of the hall. At the end of the hall is a 1-meter-wide corridor. Opposite the corridor is 3 rooms side by side. The middle room has officially become Patrik’s room, and of course, it is his now.

Banana cannot really imagine how the house looked like _(;3/

Lin Mu pointed at the room that is on the left side of Patrik’s room. “How would you like to stay here with your father, and Casso with his father?”

Misha was satisfied with the arrangement and happily ran away to find his father.

Lin Mu turned to Casso that was lying on the ground, curiously looking at the floor plan, and asked, “You don’t have any problem with this, right?”

Casso looked at the small box that Lin Mu was pointing at. Actually, it wanted to be with Qiuqiu, but now it seems impossible. Casso shook its head at Lin Mu to express that it has no other opinion. It knew that Lin Mu would overrule its opinion anyway if it really has one, Lin Mu liked to do this the most. Then, Casso left the area.

Lin Mu looked at the remaining three people who were staring at him with bright eyes. He thought about it, and waved his hand, “Phil, you and Lloyd will take the 3rd room on the left. Sasha, you and Locke will take the 3rd room on the right. Lais, you and Jason will take the 2nd room on the right.” It’s safer to let them stay in the inner rooms.

“Now you can go and get busy.”

Lin Mu looked at the remaining 4 rooms that were not taken. The 2nd room on the left was intended to be used as a storage room. And now, there are 3 rooms left.

A tall shadow covered him from behind. Lal?

“Cohen said we’re going to stay in this room.” Lal pointed at the 1st room on the left.

Right after he said that, Lal immediately ran away like the wind. Looking at that speed, it can be compared with the legendary Chinese kungfu – ‘qingong/light step skill’. Amazing.

There are 2 rooms left, Lin Mu went to talk to the remaining eight people, let them decide for themselves which room they want. He will go to see his own room now. After all, it’s something he has been waiting for so long. Looking at the people moving in and out, each of them had a smile on their face, which filled Lin Mu with a sense of accomplishment. When he entered his room, Lin Mu’s first impression was it’s empty. A typical family room that was surrounded by walls. And then, he asked, “Patrik, why is such a big bed here?”

The big bed was placed against the left wall, and it would not be seen from the outside. This bed is much bigger than what he discussed with Jason. The measurement should be at least 3×41.

“Why did you get such a big bed?” The most important thing was that there is only one bed in this room, isn’t it even more dangerous (for him) now! This is obviously Patrik’s trick because he(LM) clearly told Jason to make one bed for him.

Patrik humorously looked at Lin Mu pouting in dissatisfaction and said, “I think it would be too wasteful if we get two beds. Jason and the rest are using one bed, so we shouldn’t do anything special at our side. That’s why I thought of a method and asked Jason to make the bed bigger. This way, it won’t make people dissatisfied.

Listen to that, such righteous words. Hehe, Lal and Cohen have two beds; don’t think that he(LM) doesn’t know.

Patrik asked temptingly, “I have cleaned the room. How about I give you the right to decorate the room? Do you want to?”

Lin Mu’s eyes brightened. It is very meaningful to be able to decorate his own room.

“Of course.”

What Lin Mu didn’t know was, the rooms would usually be arranged according to female’s preferences. This is a tradition of the beastmen to show their love for their partner. Of course, due to the beastman having ‘thick nerves’2, they don’t really care about how their room looked like.

“Hurry up and get our things. Go, go.” Lin Mu urged.

Patrik went back and forth a few times and finally brought all their stuff into their room.

Lin Mu got his backpack out and put it in the cupboard at the bedside, then he looked at Patrik’s collection of hides.

“Patrik, pick some rough ones, and I’ll make a curtain for our door tomorrow.”

They don’t have a door in the room, so at least he needs to find something to cover it. Patrik went to pick out a few dark brown hides and placed them at the corner.

Lin Mu glanced at the empty bed. “Let’s pick some soft fur to make the bed.” Sleeping directly on the bed would be uncomfortable.

Patrik picked out some, as per Lin Mu’s instruction. Lin Mu was examining the pile of animal skins when his hand suddenly brushed against a soft animal skin. Lin Mu pulled it out and saw that the skin is smaller than others, but its size is comparable to sheepskin. The fur is pure white and quite comfortable to touch.

“Patrik, what kind of animal skin is this? It’s so soft.”

“That’s the fur of the snow beast.”

Thinking of how the beastman give names according to characteristics, Lin Mu asked, “Snow beast? Is it an animal that only found in winter?”

“En, they only live in the north, and can only be seen in the coldest period. You can use it to make clothes.”


Lin Mu felt it and couldn’t help running his hand back and forth on the fur. Not sure how the beastmen handle the animal skins, there wasn’t any bad smell at all, and it has a slight unknown fragrance.

Lin Mu didn’t know how difficult it was to catch a snow beast. They only lived in the coldest area in the north, and their whole body is all white, which makes them almost a part of the vast snow-filled land. Plus, they are cunning by nature and would hide in the slightest danger. It is because of this rarity that many beastman caught it to please their sweetheart. Patrik also hunted for half a month before he got one.

Lin Mu made the bed and put the animal skins properly by the wall. Then he laid wooden boards underneath to prevent moisture. After that, he asked Patrik to put his dried vegetables and other food in the storage room. Next, he comfortably laid on the bed, making a comfortable noise.

“It’s been too long since I last sleep on a bed.”

Patrik came in and saw Lin Mu lying on the bed, so he laid down as well while holding Lin Mu in his arms.

“Hot.” Lin Mu mumbled a complaint to protest about their posture.

Patrik: “Close your eyes and sleep for a while.”

Lin Mu obediently closed his eyes and gradually fell asleep as Patrik gently patted him.

Seeing that Lin Mu has fallen asleep, Patrik closed his eyes and slept peacefully.

Lin Mu woke up in an empty bed, not sure where Patrik has gone. It’s not very late, judging from the color of the sky outside. He got out of bed and stretched, “I haven’t been sleeping this comfortable for a long time.”

He walked out and saw Phil coming out of his room as well, so Lin Mu walked over, “Where are Lais and the rest?”

Phil looked towards the other rooms and shook his head. “I just got up.”

“I also just woke up, let’s wash our face by the stream.”

The two went out together and saw Lais and Sasha by the stream.

Sasha: “You guys are here, I slept comfortably today. Lin Mu, the bed is really useful.”

Lais nodded in approval.

Lin Mu washed his face and said, “You will like the bed even more in winter.” Shaking off the drops of water from his hands, he asked, “Where have the beastmen gone?”

Lais: “Tribe leader said to celebrate at night, so they left 4 beastman here while the rest went hunting.”

Hearing someone addressing Patrik as tribe leader, Lin Mu felt unaccustomed to it.

“To celebrate means we will be busy. Let’s pick up the rattan baskets we left in the woods and put them back in the storage room.”

Sasha smiled and said, “We’ve already picked them up.”

“What are you waiting for then? Let’s go and collect the ingredients!”

“I’m going too.” Misha stated while running over to them. It was fortunate that he came to wash his face and didn’t miss the group.

Lin Mu looked behind Misha before asking, “What about Casso?”

Misha shook his head. “Casso wasn’t in the room when I woke up.”

It probably went to join the hunting group. Lin Mu thought and ordered, “Let’s go get our back baskets and set out.”

“I didn’t finish mine.” Sasha was depressed.

Lais put his arms around Sasha’s shoulders. “Use mine first.”

At night, Patrik held Lin Mu in his arms while staring dazedly at the roof. Just as Lin Mu was about to fall asleep, he said, “Right now is very good.”

“En.” Lin Mu mumbled unconsciously and drilled into Patrik’s arms. He shifted to a comfortable place and fell asleep.

Lin Mu and Phil were sitting under the tree to sew the curtains. He had limited strength, so he found a way to make do. He will first pierce a small hole with his knife on the animal skin then sew with a bone needle. The bone needle was made by Patrik, the size is very suitable for sewing sacks. As for the thread, Lin Mu used two black rattans and rubbed it together into one. While busying in sewing, Lin Mu looked at the others and saw that they were sewing carefully; of course, they used the knife as well.

Lin Mu saw that Lais will occasionally tuck the hair that blocked his sight behind his ear. The three of them has long but scattered hair, it looked hot and uncomfortable. Hence, Lin Mu cut out three animal skin headbands with a knife. “Here, tie your hair up.”

Three people looked at him with doubtful eyes.

Lin Mu looked at them and saw that Phil’s hair was a bit shorter than the other two. He walked over to demonstrate with Phil. Without a comb, it’s not easy to smooth your hair, but fortunately, they all understood the gesture.

“It will be cooler this way, and convenient.”

The rest began to tie their hair in delight, while Lin Mu fell in deep thought on how to make a comb. He walked around on his wooden clogs, which they made in the morning. The other females were still adapting to this footwear, but everyone quite likes it. Lin Mu picked up a small piece of wood that was originally used as firewood, then looked at the knife in his hand, and decided to make one at night.

After everyone tied up their hair, their appearance seemed sharper.

Sasha happily said, “My neck feels cool and really comfortable.” Lais and Phil also smiled.

Lin Mu looked at the three in front of him. They are good looking to start with, and now with their hair tied up, they become more handsome and casual. Four of them made their curtain and also curtains for other beastman by the way. Chatting while doing their task, time flies in a blink of an eye.

When Patrik returned at night, he saw Lin Mu sitting on the bed, carving something. The soft light shone Lin Mu’s fair face, making him looked very soft.

Lin Mu smiled up at him and lowered his head to continue his work. He picked a good quality wood, so it was harder to cut it.

Patrik sat down beside him, “What are you doing?”

Lin Mu looked up. “I want to make a comb, it is used to comb my hair.”

Lin Mu took a glance at Patrik’s long black hair. His untamed hair gave Patrik his wild beauty. Lin Mu can’t deny that this appearance is very appealing.

Seeing Lin Mu keep looking at him, Patrik asked, “What are you looking at?”

*cough cough*

Lin Mu dryly coughed twice, and offered, “Doesn’t your hair feel hot? I’ll tie it up for you.” He said while holding a newly made headband. He combed Patrik’s hair with his fingers and helped him tie his hair up.

“Is this cooler?”

Patrik nodded. “What’s a comb?”

“It’s inconvenient to comb our hair with fingers like what I did just now, so we need to use a comb.” As Lin Mu said that, he showed off his unfinished product.

Patrik picked it up and said, “Tell me what to do, I’ll help you.”

Think about his own speed, Lin Mu nodded and agreed.

The comb came out the next day and received unanimous love from the females. Just as they were happily discussing how to make their hairstyle better, the sky suddenly became gloomy.

“Quickly gather up the firewood!” Lin Mu shouted loudly.

After putting all the items that were left to dry in the sun into the house, the pouring rain that heralded the coming of the rainy season began to fall. Lin Mu stood by the door and said to Patrik, who was standing next to him, “The rainy season is here.”

Patrik whispered as he watched the heavy downpour, “En, the rainy season is here.”

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