Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 22

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List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female)
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Winged Wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

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Chapter 22 Mega-tooth beast

The sun is always enthusiastic in the summer days. Lin Mu hid under the shade and stared out at the drying leaves that filled the open field, the leaves of the giant leaf tree. He reached out and picked up the leaf closest to him.

“This leaf is as amazing as Phil said.”

Gently pulling at the leaf, it felt quite tough. Lin Mu looked back at where he was sitting, then looked at the huge leaf in his hand, he spread the leaf under him and lay down on it comfortably. But because the sunlight keeps flashing at him through the cracks in the tree, Lin Mu couldn’t sleep and picked another leaf to cover his head. He closed his eyes and could feel the greenness all over his body.

Lin Mu has the time to sleep today because of the high temperature. He thought that since they are in the valley, the excessive heat should somewhat be weakened, but he really underestimated the abnormal weather. The temperature was too high, so Lin Mu told Patrik that it is best to let the working beastman take a break, and then start working when it is slightly cooler. Although the beastman’s physique is very strong, it would be bad if they get heatstroke. The construction timing is not so rushed, and Patrik naturally will agree to Lin Mu’s suggestion, so the beastmen ushered in their first leisure time after working for so many days in a row.

Since the beastmen has stopped working, Phil and the other females were even less likely to let them do anything. Each female and his own beastman looked for a cool place to rest. Because Patrik went out to hunt, Lin Mu looked at the pairs of couples and felt like he shouldn’t be a ‘light bulb’1. Besides, he was very interested in the giant tree leaves, so he came to the drying place to check the leaves. The hot weather made Lin Mu lazy, and after looking at the leaves, he found a cool place to rest casually, so when the two little things, Casso and Qiuqiu came over, they saw Lin Mu sleeping and covered in leaves.

Qiuqiu walked with small steps, and Casso slowly walked towards Lin Mu. Qiuqiu was very fast when it walked on fours, but it preferred to stand and walk on twos. One can already imagine how much distance can two short legs cover, but Casso was not in a hurry to follow. Casso is still the cute little wolf cub when Lin Mu first saw it. Although it ate a lot every day, its height hasn’t change, but it became fatter and cuter instead, while Qiuqiu seemed to be a girth bigger. In Lin Mu’s word – Qiuqiu used to be the size of a volleyball, but now has developed into a basketball, and he felt a great sense of accomplishment.

Casso looked up at Lin Mu not far away and asked, “Qiuqiu, in such hot weather, shouldn’t we find a cool place to rest? Why are we coming to see Lin Mu instead?”

Qiuqiu looked at the Casso slowly moving beside it and wanted to show a serious expression to discuss the problem with Casso. It wanted to cross both of its ‘hands’ to talk to Casso; unfortunately its paws were too short, and its body was too round, so it totally failed to cross anything. Qiuqiu could only put its two short front paws on the sides of its body, but its mood is obviously not good.

“Humph, what do you know? Lin Mu is my master. Patrik is not here, and no one is accompanying him so he must be feeling very lonely. I am a good pet, how can I not care for my owner? An elite pet should bring joy to its owner, especially when the owner is lonely. ”

Thinking about how Patrik staying by Lin Mu’s side in the past and shadowed its importance, Qiuqiu felt that right now its chance has finally come. Squinting slightly, it was proud of its identity as a pet.

“Qiuqiu, you can talk, so why do you want to be Lin Mu’s pet?”

Qiuqiu rolled its small round eyes at Casso, “I know that I can speak, no need for your reminder.”

Yes, this is a little secret between Casso and Qiuqiu: Qiuqiu can speak. Qiuqiu can speak the beast language and only Casso knew about it. Qiuqiu usually speaks only when it is alone with Casso, and the reason for it is not clear. It makes Casso wonder, but Casso is happy that it shared a secret with Qiuqiu. So Casso always thought happily: Qiuqiu could talk, Misha didn’t know, the very strong Patrik did not know, its father Damon didn’t know, and most importantly, Qiuqiu’s owner, Lin Mu, didn’t know.

Qiuqiu always beat Casso up for Lin Mu. Casso remembers it and has always been feeling depressed. Why is Qiuqiu’s favourite still Lin Mu when Casso is so good to Qiuqiu? Why Casso let Qiuqiu casually beat it up, and Qiuqiu’s favorite is still not it? So Casso keeps thinking about how it treated Qiuqiu nicely, and just before Casso could figure anything out, Casso found out that Qiuqiu could talk.

In Casso’s heart, any beast that could talk is a beastman. But why Qiuqiu keep denying it, keep telling Casso that it would always be a pet? Qiuqiu even threatened Casso not to tell others that it could talk; otherwise it would no longer play with Casso. Casso’s little head couldn’t understand these things, and it didn’t want to understand. Casso only knows that it is special to Qiuqiu all of a sudden. So from then on, Casso walked happily with its small chest puffed up, and Damon wondered why his son is being so happy every day. Casso grinned in its mind, I’m Qiuqiu’s closest person now.

Qiuqiu raised its small head, thinking about how to make Lin Mu happy. Qiuqiu knows that Lin Mu likes to see it acting cute. Qiuqiu could act coquettishly, and then let Lin Mu cook good food for itself. Hehe, so nice. Qiuqiu cheerfully thought about how Lin Mu would reward itself while continuing to march forward with its short legs. Qiuqiu was not in a hurry and could take its time. Lin Mu hasn’t woken up yet anyway. Just when Qiuqiu and Casso were walking slowly towards Lin Mu, they suddenly felt a big cloud passing on top of them, and they looked up in confusion. Then they saw a big snake flying in the air.

Qiuqiu quietly sighed, “Casso, Patrik is very useful in blocking the sun.” Look at that body mass, look at that dark aura, look at that…” Then Qiuqiu immediately turned at Casso, “Patrik is back, sob sob… we were walking too slowly!”

Casso glanced at Patrik who just landed on the ground and said, “This speed is just right, Qiuqiu let’s play by ourselves.” Casso didn’t listen if Qiuqiu consented, it spread its wings and flew away with Qiuqiu.

Patrik transformed back to his human form right before landing, and thoughtfully watched as the two little figures flying away. Then he glanced down to see a green bulge Lin Mu sleeping peacefully. He quietly walked nearer and sat down gently, but he didn’t expect Lin Mu to sit up suddenly, “Hehe … I knew it’s you.” Lin Mu grinned at Patrik, doesn’t look like he just woke up at all.

Patrik rubbed Lin Mu’s soft hair in a pampering way.

Brushing away Patrik’s hand, Lin Mu pretended to be unhappy, “You have messed up my hair.” But his eyes were full of smiles.

Patrik laughed and said nothing.

“Why are you back so early today? It’s not that you didn’t get anything back, right?” Despite asking that question, Lin Mu had no doubt at all about Patrik’s ability, he was just wondering why Patrik came back earlier than usual.

“We encountered a nest of mega-tooth beasts. We took them down and came back without spending too much time.”

“Mega-tooth beast?” Lin Mu didn’t know what is a mega-tooth beast. Usually, when the beastmen are cleaning their prey, Lin Mu would be far away as the scene is not pretty to look at.

“The mega-tooth beast is a very grumpy beast, but it is an easy prey for the beastman. They generally move together in a family. We hunted six this time, two adults and four small ones. Lal and the rest are handling it.” Patrik said as he measured Lin Mu’s wrist with his own hand. It seemed that Lin Mu has become thinner, and Patrik frowned.

Lin Mu naturally knew what Patrik was thinking. He pulled Patrik up and said. “I’m just a little thinner. It’s normal to lose weight in the summer.”

In the past, Lin Mu’s appetite would be bad in summer. In such hot weather, even staying in an air-conditioned room is uncomfortable, what more this current place with no fans. Lin Mu took Patrik’s hand and said with a smile, “I haven’t been out for many days. How about taking me to see the mega-tooth beast?” After that, he gleefully turned to Patrik to ask him to transform.

Flying over the high mountains, Lin Mu looked down at the forest below him. The oncoming wind made Lin Mu shout happily, smiling all the way.

“Patrik, where are Lal and the rest?”

Seeing Lin Mu’s mood is obviously very happy, Patrik reminded himself that he needs to bring Lin Mu out to play more.

“Reaching soon.”

Patrik said soon, and it was soon indeed. Before Patrik could even finish his own words, Lin Mu saw a sparkling river. As soon as his feet touched the ground, Lin Mu happily ran towards Lal’s group.

Lal and Cohen were not surprised by Lin Mu’s arrival at all.

Lal smiled as usual, “Oh, no wonder Boss was so anxious to go back, it turns out he was afraid of you being lonely.”

Lin Mu learned from Lal’s attitude and replied, “Aiya, you won’t be afraid of loneliness. You always get together, and don’t feel tired or getting toothache2 from it.” After that, he ignored Lal and went to see the mega-tooth beast.

Staring at the mega-tooth beast in front of him, Lin Mu couldn’t help but swallow hard.

Lal saw Lin Mu frowning and looked like he is holding back so he teasing asked, “What? Got scared from looking at it? Hehe, I just knew that you’ve never seen it before.”

Lin Mu ‘tsk-ed’ and said, “I’m not afraid even of your beast form, how can I be scared by this?”

Lin Mu was not scared, he was surprised, surprised! Looking at that big-sized mega-tooth beast, that’s a wild boar, a’ight?! Although its teeth are much bigger and scarier, but it still can’t change the fact that it’s a pig. But that’s nothing. Who can tell him how could a boar grow to a height of 1.5m – 1.6m? Where can he who has the height of 1.7m goes? Then he sighed a bit for the height and weight of the family of six boars. Lin Mu felt that the mega-tooth beast is definitely an animal with high meat production rate.

Patrik joined the beastmen, and Lin Mu watched as Patrik skillfully dismembered the mega-tooth beast. All three were professionals. Although when the six boars added up, their meat can be piled up into a hill, they still cannot hold back the sharp stone knife of the three3. Lin Mu stood outside, watching them pack the meat and bury the unwanted parts.

“Patrik, are you going to throw away all the internal organs? And these bones?”

Patrik wondered why Lin Mu asked, isn’t it obvious?

“Those parts are not delicious, and there isn’t any meat on the bones.”

When the prey is abundant, no one wants to eat the animal’s internal organs. And the bones? Beastman is strong, but that does not mean that they want to risk their teeth.

In Lin Mu’s view, these are all good things. It would be a pity to throw them away.

“Patrik, wastage is shameful, not to mention that you are wasting good things.” Pointing at the heart, liver, and lungs, he continued, “This, this and that. I will take all. I will also need some big bones. Bone soup is good, it can provide children with the calcium to grow. Didn’t you see Casso’s height didn’t increase?” (Casso: *aggrieved* …I’m not getting taller because I couldn’t transform yet!)

For Patrik, Lin Mu’s opinions on major issues should be consulted, and Lin Mu’s opinions on minor issues must be absolutely obeyed, so he nodded lightly, “Alright.”

Seeing Patrik agreed, Lin Mu happily took some leaves to wrap it up and let Lal take them along.

“Lin Mu, what do you want this for?” Lal couldn’t understand. Right now, they obviously have a lot of good meat. “Lin Mu, if you want to eat meat, we have a lot here, it’s absolutely enough for everyone.”

“Lal, these things are delicious.” Then he winked at Lal, “You can look forward to it yo.”

After listening, Lal turned and left. Lin Mu is the expert at eating. Lal just has to wait and look forward to it.

Seeing that the rest has gone, Lin Mu turned to Patrik and said, “It’s so hot, I want to take a bath.”

With the river flowing in front of him, how can Lin Mu miss the chance to take a dip? Swimming in the cool river water, Lin Mu smiled and watched Patrik standing on the shore with his back at him. Then he plunged back into the water happily. Since Lin Mu was scared by that incident previously, Patrik hasn’t let Lin Mu take a bath by himself at all, and every time he turned around like that, as per Lin Mu’s request. As long as he(LM) can see that tall figure(P), Lin Mu will be at ease.

A moment later, Lin Mu drilled out of the water with a ‘Pa!’ … but there isn’t anyone here. Patrik was not standing by the shore. He looked around, no one! Lin Mu panicked, and suddenly the surrounding was scarily silent.

“Patrik, quickly come out.” His anxious voice carried a tearful tone. “Don’t scare me, quickly come out!”

All of a sudden, there was a splash near him.

“AHH!” Lin Mu screamed in horror, but then he fell into a familiar embrace.

“Heh …” A low laugh sounded by Lin Mu’s ear.

With that familiar voice, Lin Mu was no longer afraid, but he was angry instead. Knowing that he was scared but still teasing himself like this, Lin Mu hit Patrik with his hands and feet. “Damn it!”

Patrik also regretted that he made Lin Mu angry, so he didn’t evade, but he was afraid of Lin Mu hurting himself in the water, so he quickly carried him in his arms.

Lin Mu was so angry that he struggled hard. He couldn’t use his hands as it was restricted within Patrik’s arms, so he beat him hard with his feet.

“Bastard, who asked you to scare me! Who asked you to scare me!”

Patrik just stood still and let Lin Mu kick as much as he wanted. Lin Mu’s little strength hit him like a tickle, he just worried that Lin Mu’s feet would hurt, after all, this person is so weak everywhere. Patrik is not good with his mouth and can only pat Lin Mu on the back, quietly soothing in his ear, “It’s my fault, don’t be angry.”

Lin Mu was tired, panting, “Of course it’s your fault!”

“You’re right, it’s all my fault.”

“Of course!” Lin Mu raised his chin and looked proud.

Patrik looked at him and thought he was too cute, so he couldn’t help rubbing his face.

“Stop ‘moving your hands and feet’4.” His words were strict, but his face was crimson in colour.

Patrik replied, “I just moved my hands and didn’t move my feet.” Then he stared meaningfully at Lin Mu.

Following his gaze, Lin Mu glanced at himself, so gloriously n a k e d and smooth, “AH! Go away, go away!”

Patrik said, “It’s a bit late realising that now.”

Holding Lin Mu tightly in his arms, Patrik held the back of Lin Mu’s head to make him look at him(P).

Lin Mu sank inside the other person’s deep eyes.

“Mu Mu, say, do you know what I want to do now?” His voice was deep and hoarse.

Lin Mu didn’t say anything, he only feels his whole body turning hot.

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