Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 21

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List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female)
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Winged Wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

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Chapter 21 Single

Upon return, Lin Mu immediately put down the things in his hand and ran towards the house construction site. For Lin Mu, the fact that the house is approaching completion every each second is absolutely tempting.

Phil and the rest smiled when they saw Lin Mu being so anxious. Although they also wanted to see the house as well, they had to deal with the freshly picked vegetables, so they didn’t follow. And they knew that Lin Mu must have something to discuss with Patrik.

Lin Mu arrived at the site and saw that everyone still busying around. Some stood on the wall to construct the roof, some were cutting and shaping wood below, and while the rest were delivering wood around… everyone was very busy. Lin Mu glanced around but he didn’t see Patrik. If he remembers correctly, it shouldn’t be Patrik’s turn to go hunting today.

“Lin Mu…” Lal already noticed it when Lin Mu arrived. Noticing that he was looking for someone, he continued, “Boss is inside.”

Lin Mu saw Lal calling him out from the roof, and heard him said ‘inside’. He gave Lal a sound of acknowledgement and walked towards the house.

Cohen darkly looked at the Lal who has a smile on his face and said, “Didn’t you decided not to talk to Lin Mu for a few days? What is this situation now?!”

Cohen really didn’t want to look like a jealous husband. Just that when he saw Lal’s attitude towards Lin Mu, it keeps reminding him of the fact that Lal had once interested in Lin Mu, and it seemed that Lal still has the thought. Cohen narrowed his eyes at this thought, he felt like he needs to have a good talk to him tonight.

A shiver ran down Lal’s back, and he turned to see Cohen’s expression like he harboured malicious intentions. But he bit the bullet and replied, “I just decided not to be angry anymore, can’t I?

“Of course, why not?” Cohen laughed in a straightforward manner, but it made Lal’s hackles rise.

Lal wanted to shout in his heart, saying, ‘I have no grudges with Lin Mu, only with you! Although it was Lin Mu who contributed to this progress, it was you who keep messing with me right from the beginning, it’s you..’
Unfortunately, Lal felt that Cohen looked quite terrifying right now that he couldn’t stop talking mindlessly. He gave a dry ‘Hehe’ and said, “Let’s not talk anymore, work, work!”. In his heart, he wondered if he could try escaping from the valley tonight to hide outside.

Cohen gave Lal a deep look. If it wasn’t for Matt being busy at the moment, he will ask Matt to make him a super large bed.

Not caring of how Lal and Cohen making schemes against each other on the roof, Lin Mu saw Patrik in the middle of building a wall the moment he entered the house.

Because the beastmen’s speed was out of Lin Mu’s expectations and seeing that the others have started to build the roof, Patrik decided to start the construction on the inside as well. They were 22 people in total, so according to Lin Mu’s calculations, they are going to separate 9 rooms accordingly. This is a big house, and each room has more than 100 square meters. It’s already big enough, compared to Lin Mu’s previous 50 square meters house. This is the biggest benefit of this world, there are many empty spaces and no housing pressure. He can build however he wants in this valley.

Lin Mu walked towards Patrik. They are now partitioning the innermost room, making 3 rooms in a row. From his perspective, Patrik will definitely get the middle room.

Patrik knew Lin Mu was here when he heard what Lal said. Thinking that Lin Mu would come in anyway, Patrik didn’t stop doing his work. When Lin Mu walked towards him, he turned and caringly asked, “You are back. Feeling tired?”

Heard the concern in Patrik’s words, Lin Mu felt warm in his heart and smiled softly. “There was a group of us together, so I don’t feel tired. How about you? Are you feeling very tired?” Patrik didn’t sleep last night as he was working overnight. Although Patrik is tough, Lin Mu still felt distressed over this.

Patrik smiled warmly and said, “I’m fine.” Just a night of not sleeping, it’s nothing for Patrik, but the distress in Lin Mu’s eyes made him very satisfied.

“What do you want to eat at noon? I’ll make it for you.”

“Everything you made is delicious.”

“Of course. Let me make spare ribs for lunch. I know you like this.”


Lin Mu and Patrik had a good chat, but the beastmen who worked with Patrik was envious, jealous and angry. They were still single and that made them feel awkward.

“Boss, you really should worry about our lonely hearts.”

“Yeah, boss, although you are successful in your relationship now, you must take note that we are still single.”

“Yeah, yeah, please go out to talk with Lin Mu. We can’t stand it anymore.”

Therefore, public display of affection in front of bachelors is the most annoying thing — this is the voice from the single beastmen.

Lin Mu was the first to run out, he just realised how much he ignored the people on the side.

Patrik chased him amid the other beastmen’s laughter. Towards these beastmen who still don’t know where their partner is, Patrik felt that he should big-heartedly not be petty with them. When he caught up with Lin Mu, Patrik reached out to hold his hand. Lin Mu obediently let him pull his hand and they walked into a quiet place in the woods. Sitting under a big tree, Patrik pulled the blushing Lin Mu into his arms and let him sit on his lap. He tightened his arms and let Lin Mu lean in his embrace.

“I want to sit on the ground.”

Lin Mu’s struggle was light enough to ignore. Knowing Lin Mu’s awkward and shy personality, he simply ignored Lin Mu’s request. Patrik rested his forehead on Lin Mu’s shoulder.

Patrik : “What do you want to tell me?”

Lin Mu : “How do you know I have something to tell you?”

Patrik’s deep voice reverberated in Lin Mu’s ears, “Because you always look for me whenever you have something to discuss, not because you missed me.” He deliberately sighed.

Lin Mu thought about what Patrik said. Every time he came to him, he always had something to discuss. Lin Mu couldn’t help feeling a little guilty when he heard the other person’s sigh.

“I didn’t say I didn’t miss you.” Lin Mu’s voice was like a mosquitoes’ voice, but a beastman’s hearing is good.

Patrik laughed behind Lin Mu.

Not hearing Patrik’s response, Lin Mu turned his head to see Patrik’s smile. Lin Mu stared at Patrik, his heart beating at an abnormal speed.

Patrik felt satisfied seeing Lin Mu getting dazed from his appearance. He gently touched Lin Mu’s cheek, it was smooth and delicate, and his fingers lightly brushed back and forth.

Lin Mu returned back to his senses and grabbed Patrik’s hand before averting his eyes.

“I have something to say.”

Patrik placed his head on Lin Mu’s shoulder, his face touching his cheek. He can feel Lin Mu’s temperature from their skin contact. “I’m listening.”

So Lin Mu mentioned about seeing the giant leaf tree and said, “I think since that kind of leaves are so big, and they won’t crumble, it can be used to spread on the roof. Then we’ll just add a layer of thatch on the outside, it will be even better. What do you think? ”

Lin Mu looked at Patrik with his wide clear eyes.

Patrik pretended to be in deep thought and saw Lin Mu’s gaze him. Patrik gave Lin Mu a loud kiss and said, “I’ll listen to your suggestion.”

Lin Mu covered his flushed face, his eyes showing his dissatisfaction with Patrik’s sudden attack.

Patrik looked at Lin Mu’s cute pouting expression, he couldn’t help lowering his head to lightly peck on his lips, and then held Lin Mu up.

Lin Mu obediently let Patrik held him, just wondering where he was carrying him to. So he looked at him with doubtful eyes.

Patrik : “I’ll take you to rest for a while, as you’ll be busy again at noon.”

Actually, he didn’t want Lin Mu to cook every day, but the beastmen couldn’t make the food fit to Lin Mu’s taste, so the task could only be left to Lin Mu to do that.

Placing Lin Mu in the hammock, Patrik squeezed in beside him. Lin Mu wasn’t tired at first, but he fell asleep soon after in the familiar embrace. After Lin Mu fell asleep, he went down gently from the hammock and suddenly felt something approaching. He looked around vigilantly and saw two familiar little guys.

Qiuqiu was glad to see Lin Mu, it hopped into the air, wanting to jump on Lin Mu but was stopped by Patrik in time. Patrik carried Qiuqiu over and carefully placed it in Lin Mu’s arms. Then he covered them with a thin quilt and whispered to Casso to stay watch before silently left. Back at the construction site, Patrik sent three beastman across the mountains to find giant leaf trees.

Phil and the other two went to check out the house after finish processing the wild vegetables. They didn’t manage to see Lin Mu and Patrik, so they went to Jason instead.

“You’re here!” Misha happily greeted them when the gang came. Misha is not running around anymore, and he followed Matt around every day to help with small errands.

Lais smiled at Jason and then touched Misha’s small head. “Why didn’t you go and play with Casso?”

“I’m not going to play with them because I’m going to help my father. And my bed will be ready soon.” Afterwards, he pulled the three to look at Matt’s side. Misha smiled and asked, “Isn’t it pretty?”

“It’s beautiful.” Sasha looked at the bed and praised.

Phil followed suit and praised the bed as well, it caused Misha to laugh out happily.

Misha’s bed looked beautiful in the pile of well-made beds. It was carved with simple patterns gotten from Lin Mu and was painted with the juice of a pink flower. This flower is called Rainbow flower. As the name suggests, this flower grows in seven colours. Misha’s bed was painted with the pink flower’s juice and the colour will not fade. The bedside cabinet was also carved with simple strokes of small animals figure, which looked very beautiful.

As first, Matt felt that Misha’s bed is quite complicated and would be time-consuming, he was embarrassed to do it first for Misha. But Lin Mu said it didn’t matter, plus Misha insisted, so Jason only managed to make three beds in total at the moment.

Phil, Sasha, and Misha crouched beside the bed to watch Matt doing the carving, while Lais helped Jason by the side, handing some rattan to him from time to time, and tidying away things that are cluttering by his(J) feet.

Jason looked at Lais helping out beside him and said, “Go and play with them, don’t make yourself busy.”

Lais smiled at him but didn’t walk away. Jason didn’t say anything as well, so the two continue working in silence.

Lin Mu woke up and saw Qiuqiu sleeping deeply in his arms, while Casso, who was sleeping on his stomach under a hammock, instantly woke up when Lin Mu sat up. Casso came out from under the hammock and make some ‘wuwu’ sounds at the smiling Lin Mu. Upon seeing that no one is around, Lin Mu knew that Patrik has gone back to work. He placed the still asleep Qiuqiu in his arms, look up to see the sun that is about to climb up the sky; it’s time to get busy. When Lin Mu came to the stream, he saw Lais and the rest already busy with their work. Putting Qiuqiu on the soft grass, he asked Casso to stay there to accompany Qiuqiu before starting his work.

Lin Mu smiled at Lais and Sasha as a greeting. He walked to Phil, who was boiling water. “What are you cooking?”

Phil looked up and replied, “Mint water. I’m making them as per your previous instruction to quench the beastmen’s thirst.”

Lin Mu nodded.

The mint that Phil mentioned here was different from what Lin Mu had seen before. Although they have the same smell, this mint looked like pine needles that were enlarged many times. This thing was discovered by Lin Mu when he was picking up the grasses behind Lal. It was not conspicuous in a pile of grass, but the detailed Phil recognised it. Phil was paying attention to find herbs. The smell of mint is so special that Lais asked Lin Mu to take a look. And now, they are boiling mint water. Of course, Lin Mu didn’t dare to casually let the beastmen drink it. He found small animals and let them drink it first. Seeing that the animals didn’t have any adverse reactions, so he could now give the beastmen something extra to drink. After drinking mint water in the summer, the beastmen felt cool and recharged and they liked it.

The hunting group beastmen returned, and as usual, they gave Lin Mu some food and fruit that they found along the way. Lin Mu don’t bother with the meat as the beastmen will always clean their prey outside the valley before bringing it back, as for fruits, it was picked for them. Lin Mu didn’t want to eat meat so when he saw the fruit, he rummaged through it. There were many types of fruits and Lin Mu saw something similar to grapes; purplish red, plump and beautiful. He ate one, a sweet and sour flavour could be tasted in his mouth. He immediately took a big bowl and washed the grapes to let others taste it too.

The beastmen‘s staple food is always meat, and now they won’t have any shortage of soup anymore. Lin Mu made fried meat shreds, wild vegetables, and served with a fruit soup, followed by a fruit platter. Lying on the ground, Sasha patted his belly and groaned, “Lin Mu, I ate till I feel like bursting again.”

Phil and Lais watched Sasha while enjoying their fruits on a bamboo stick and laughed at him.

Phil : “Sasha, don’t eat so fast in the future, it will be uncomfortable.”

Sasha : “But I can’t help it.”

Black lines1 appeared on several people’s face. How greedy Sasha can be?

Lin Mu gave Qiuqiu the fruit in his hand, and smiled to Misha, “If you are full, then go and find Locke.”


Lin Mu solemnly replied, “Let him massage your tummy so that you can continue to eat.”

Lais and Phil stifled their laughter by the side, but Sasha seriously thought about it and said, “That’s a good idea.” Then he got up and went to find Locke.

Lin Mu : “…”

That was unbelievable. Lin Mu felt that it is not good for him to bully such a pure child. The main thing was that he couldn’t feel any sense of accomplishment after tricking him. Lin Mu looked at both speechless Phil and Lais, and they all laughed.

Qiuqiu opened its round eyes. It looked to the left and right, then stretched out its little paw to hold a fruit from the bowl. It took a bite before smiling as well.

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