Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 10

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List of characters :
林沐 Lin Mu
帕特里 Patrik (Python)

拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
科恩 Cohen (White tiger)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

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Chapter 10 Overboard

As the night darkens, Lin Mu squatted down in front of Casso’s nest and stared in excitement at the lovely scene. He saw Casso circling Qiuqiu with its paws, and they were lying down with their forehead against each other. That made Lin Mu felt joyful. Both of them were just little beasts, and also chubby little things. Lin Mu couldn’t help rubbing the two small heads, and Qiuqiu cooperatively rubbed against his hand.

“So cute! How can you guys be cute?!”

He couldn’t help himself, wanting to hold Qiuqiu up but Casso saw Lin Mu reaching out and quickly blocked him with its body to express its dissatisfaction. Casso looked at the Lin Mu who was still not sleeping and came to bother him chatting with Qiuqiu, and looked forward to Uncle Patrik taking him away in its heart. Casso saw Lin Mu entertaining himself with playing with Qiuqiu. It can’t help ranting in its heart at Lin Mu: “Can’t you see Qiuqiu rolling its eyes at you? So stupid, be careful that Qiuqiu will bite you. Qiuqiu’s bite is very powerful, I am very clear about it. It hurts like Hell.” Although knowing that the consequences of provoking Qiuqiu are very serious, it evilly decided not tell Lin Mu. Not that Lin Mu could understand what it says anyway, Lin Mu is not smart enough to learn the beast’s language.

Casso did everything it could to protect Qiuqiu’s body from being touched by Lin Mu.

Looking at Casso’s action like it’s protecting its young, Lin Mu felt funny and angry at the same time. He put on a grievous expression and said, “Casso is really a bad boy. How can you stop me from playing with Qiuqiu?”

Casso rolled its eyes at Lin Mu in its heart upon hearing that: “Are you really playing with Qiuqiu? You were clearly playing Qiuqiu.”

Lin Mu looked at them while supporting his chin on his hand. “Casso is being really good to Qiuqiu!”

Lin Mu couldn’t help but feel angry with his troubles. “Darn Patrik! Occupying my bed, and making me sleep together with him is really infuriating! He even detained my things, humph!”

Casso smoothed Qiuqiu’s hair that was messed up by Lin Mu. It whispered: “Too stupid, Uncle Patrik is starting to openly pursue you. How can you not feel anything?”

The angry Lin Mu doesn’t know what Casso said, otherwise he will be furious. To think that he was despised by Casso!

Casso ignored Lin Mu, who was still mumbling by its ear, and whispered to Qiuqiu: “Qiuqiu, see how silly is your current owner. It’s better to abandon him and let me be your master. I will take good care of you. How about it? Change your owner ba!”

Qiuqiu raised its head and glanced at Casso, before taking a ruthless bite at its face.

Casso yelped painfully and felt wronged when it saw Qiuqiu continued resting comfortably on its back.

Lin Mu didn’t expect Qiuqiu to suddenly give Casso a bite. Although Casso looked pitiful, he couldn’t help laughing out, “Ha ha ha, Casso, what a tragedy.”

Casso glared at him and shouted at the incoming person, “Quickly come and take your family’s female away! Also he has been scolding you just now.” Casso sneakily ‘stabbed’ Lin Mu at the back.

The person who came over is naturally Patrik. He has been watching Lin Mu playing with Casso and Qiuqiu from afar. He of course heard Lin Mu’s mumbling. He knew about Lin Mu’s complaints, and he also understood that he is not used to him yet, but Patrik did not intend to change his ways at all. If Lin Mu is not used to it, he still can slowly get used to it. Moreover, hugging together to sleep felt so nice. How can he let Lin Mu sleep by himself?

Lin Mu could sense someone coming. As for who, it can only be that hateful guy. Lin Mu did not pay any attention to him, and he humph-ed at Patrik to show how dissatisfied he was.

Patrik didn’t care about that. He said warmly called out, “Lin Mu, it’s not early anymore. Let’s go back to sleep.”

“Then you have to return my things to me, or I will not go back.”

Patrik easily carried Lin Mu up, and that sudden attack caused Lin Mu to subconsciously reach out to circle Patrik’s neck.

Damn this princess carry!

“Let me go!” Lin Mu glared at Patrik with a sullen look.

Seeing Lin Mu was glaring at him with his eyes wide and round, Patrik nudged Lin Mu’s cheek with his own face, “Mu Mu, you are so cute!”

Lin Mu’s face burned. “You…you…”

“Be obedient and let me carry you. The more you struggle, the more people will look at you, and you don’t want everyone to look at you, right?” Patrik said meaningfully.

Looked at the curious eyes cast on them, Lin Mu furiously said ‘You are too overbearing!’ and buried his head in Patrik’s arms; imitating an ostrich. After Patrik placed him on the prepared bed, Lin Mu sulkingly turned his back at Patrik, not looking at him.

Patrik held Lin Mu in his arms and whispered in his ear, “Angry?”

Lin Mu awkwardly ignored him.

Patrik smiled in a low voice, “Really going to ignore me?”

Lin Mu secretly scolded Patrik for asking the obvious in his heart, but then the sensation he felt on his neck gave him a shock.

Patrik placed a kiss on Lin Mu’s pale neck, deliberately putting out his tongue and licked once. As expected, the person in his arms trembled. He pulled Lin Mu’s body over and watched him shyly dodging his gaze. Patrik gently supported Lin Mu’s face up to look at him, whispering softly: “Lin Mu.”

Lin Mu saw Patrik staring at himself with a gaze filled with pampering. At that moment, Lin Mu felt that he was charmed; deeply stuck in his gaze, unable to extricate himself. He watched as Patrik’s eyes get closer and closer to him, until their lips touched together. He closed his eyes, his brain was completely blank and he could only let Patrik nudged open his teeth, invading his mouth.

Patrik kissed his beloved person, and the sweet taste was much better than he imagined. He teased Lin Mu’s little tongue, satisfied to see Lin Mu getting dazed. He kissed until he sensed the other party couldn’t breathe well, before reluctantly let go. Looking at the red lips becoming moist because of him, he felt that he hasn’t had enough and licked Lin Mu’s lips.

Lin Mu covered his own mouth when he returned to his senses. After he glared at Patrik, he dug into the quilt in embarrassment. Wu wu, I got kissed until I was out of it, I have no face to see anyone anymore!

Patrik saw Lin Mu acting like an ostrich again. He smiled and pulled Lin Mu out of the quilt, circling his waist to make their chest touch each other, then forced him(LM) to look at him.

“Do you know what I mean by this?”

Lin Mu lowered head and whispered, “I know.”

Patrik didn’t give him the opportunity to escape. He raised his(LM) face and make the other person to look at himself. He asked seriously, “Then what is your answer?”


Lin Mu felt that everything is going so fast; how did everything suddenly happen? He couldn’t get used to it. Although he was not disgusted by his kiss, and also… Thinking back of that kiss, Lin Mu’s heart trembled uncontrollably. Although he didn’t have a girlfriend previously, he only liked to look at beautiful girls ah. Was he secretly influenced by the majority’s thoughts when he came to this world? Lin Mu couldn’t help but shook his head to cancel this thought.

Seeing Lin Mu shaking his head, Patrik thought that Lin Mu didn’t accept him. His voice was sad and lost, “Mu Mu doesn’t like me?”

Hearing the lost in Patrik’s voice, Lin Mu instinctively comforted, “It’s not like that.”


With his gaze filled with happiness, Patrik grabbed both of Lin Mu’s hands. He gently printed a kiss on his forehead, “I know you are not used to it, we can do this slowly.”

Lin Mu ranted in his heart that he couldn’t see Patrik doing anything slow at all. He(P) has already taken his first kiss. Is this really going slow? But that kiss. . . Stop! Lin Mu patted his head to stop himself from recalling.

“I am a male.” Lin Mu seriously stated in a low voice.

Patrik’s eyes scanned Lin Mu from top to bottom. He doubted that if Lin Mu is really a male looking like this, then how do his1 people live?

Lin Mu didn’t know what Patrik was thinking, but the suspicions in his eyes were so obvious.

“Really! I am really a man.”

Seeing that Lin Mu is about to raise his hackles, Patrik wisely held the man in his arms right away and comforted him, “It doesn’t matter, I really don’t mind.”

“But I mind ah.” Lin Mu sighed in his heart. He really didn’t know how things became like this right now. Although he does not hate it, but. . . he is not used to it ah.

Lin Mu decided that he didn’t want to think about it anymore, he is going to sleep!

Patrik didn’t expect that Lin Mu gave himself a promise. He held Lin Mu in his arms and gently patted his back. He hopes that they can live calmly like this forever. He hoped that Lal’s team can be smooth with their search.


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Table of Content

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