Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 9

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List of characters :
林沐 Lin Mu
帕特里 Patrik (Python)

拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
科恩 Cohen (White tiger)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

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Chapter 9 Danger, ambiguous

Lin Mu tossed around in his makeshift nest for a long time and couldn’t fall asleep. He struggled internally for a while and finally sat up. Taking out the backpack at the side of his pillow, Lin Mu rummaged it to get a change of clothes, and walked to the river not far away with the bright moonlight for lighting. Just that he did not notice that after he left, Patrik opened his eyes.

Patrik don’t understand why Lin Mu keep tossing and turning, and not sleeping. Not feeling too reassured, he quietly followed behind Lin Mu.

The moonlight tonight was unusually bright, and the river sparkled in the moonlight. Lin Mu found a hidden spot, then he looked at the clear river. Squatting down, he tested the water’s temperature with his hand. It was not very cool; he was very satisfied.

The reason why he didn’t sleep was because he wanted to take a shower. Although Lin Mu is not a clean freak, but the habit of taking a bath every day makes him very uncomfortable after he arrived into this world. Although he can tolerate going three days without washing, but his heart seems to have an alarm clock set up. After three days, he started to feel as if his whole body is itching. Of course, he knew that his psychological factors played a big part. Just that after he came back sweating from finding food in the forest today, he felt his body is sticky and tired; he has the urge to take a bath.

Although his heart was feeling a little scared from the silent surroundings, but the need to take a bath prevailed. He looked around; fortunately the moonlight was bright. Although the surroundings were not very clear, but it would not make him fantasize about hidden monsters with claws, and also those ‘floaty1’ in his head. So he assuredly put clean clothes on the grass and began to undress.

When Patrik followed Lin Mu to the river, he knew that Lin Mu was trying to take a shower. Although it was very unethical of him to peek at a female bathing, but any beastman would still peeks, so he didn’t leave. He stared at Lin Mu’s beautiful body with a blank expression, as Lin Mu exposed himself bit by bit in front of his eyes, only his clenched fist exposed the real emotions in his heart. When Lin Mu took off his last piece of clothing, Patrik chose to turn around in the end.

The n*ked Lin Mu naturally did not know that someone was peeking behind the big tree behind him, and ran down the river happily. The river is not very deep, the water level was around Lin Mu’s waist. He happily swam a few laps in the water before starting to wash himself seriously. The silver moonlight hits Lin Mu’s fair body, making him looking holy and beautiful. Just that within the darkness of the forest, a pair of sinister eyes gradually turned blood red when it saw this beautiful scene.

Lin Mu is very angry with himself for taking a bath alone. He looked at the stranger beastman in front of him. That ugly appearance, that pair of evil eyes staring at himself, looking at his bare n*ked self, and was approaching himself step by step. Lin Mu has never been so fearful before. He wants to escape, but he realized that under that pair of blood red eyes, his feet felt extremely heavy.

“Patrik.” He wanted to call Patrik to save him, but his voice is not coming out of his throat from the fear.

Looking at the stranger coming nearer and nearer to him, Lin Mu can only keep stepping back and stared. His body began to tremble when he saw the stranger beastman’s gaze suddenly turned fierce, looking like he is ready to pounce on him. He suddenly realized that his existence here is just like a female in this world, and tis beastman in front of him. . . . . .

He looked at the hand that almost touched him, and shouted in fear, “Bastard, don’t come over. Go away!”

Lin Mu shouted as he stepped back. But the resistance in the water made him stumble and unstable.

Such a beautiful female, beastman’s eyes flashed with a possessive light.

When that beastman’s hand touched Lin Mu, Lin Mu felt sick and want to vomit.

“Patrik, save me!”

Lin Mu didn’t know why Patrik was the first person he thought of it in this situation, but he felt that as long as he’s by Patrik’s side, he will be safe. He really regretted coming out alone.

That beastman didn’t care for Lin Mu’s useless struggle. “Hehe, you can’t run away.” This is the first and last sentence from that stranger beastman.

Lin Mu heard Patrik’s furious roar, followed by growling, howling, then everything became silent.

After Patrik bit the beastman to death, he saw Lin Mu burying his own body deeply in the water. Patrik hated this so much that he wanted to kill himself. How could he make this mistake, how could he not detect the presence of a stranger beastman in the area? He pulled Lin Mu out of the water and held him tightly in his arms2.

“Let me go, bastard, let me go.” Lin Mu struggled hard and kicked around.

Patrik let Lin Mu punched and kicked him. He knows that Lin Mu is still in fear. He can only hold him in his arms, gently stroking his back, calming him and comforting him to stop being afraid…

Lin Mu was really scared. When he thought of the possibility that Patrik didn’t arrive in time and also what situation he would encounter, his body couldn’t help trembling, and tears flowed down uncontrollably. He bit on Patrik’s shoulders, although it wasn’t Patrik’s fault, but he needed to vent his emotions.

Patrik felt Lin Mu’s body trembling in his arms, and he cast his murderous eyes on the dead beastman by the shore. He felt that he should tear him apart to calm the anger in his heart. How can he hurt Lin Mu?! No one is allowed to do that!

The bloody taste in his mouth made Lin Mu come back to his senses. He stared at the shoulder he bitten on just now and didn’t dare to look at Patrik’s face. At this moment, he noticed that there were a few more people by the river, drawn over by the roar. Embarrassed, he buried his head in Patrik’s arms.

Patrik was watching the person in his arms, and he shot fierce glances at those incoming beastmen. Upon sensing the dissatisfaction from Patrik, they could only leave with regret and tactfully take the annoying dead body away with them. Just that they can’t help ranting, although they didn’t manage to help anything, but at least they were here to help. Can’t they just watch a bit more? Just now Boss took the gloriously n*ked Lin Mu in his arms, right, right?! And so, Patrik was envied by these people.


Back to this side.

After seeing the onlookers have left, Lin Mu asked Patrik in a whisper to put him down. Patrik had originally decided to carry him to the shore, but when he saw Lin Mu’s ears getting red at the tip, he agreed with a good mood.

When Lin Mu was placed down, he realized that he was still n*ked. Adding to the fact that there was a pair of blazing eyes that can almost be materialized behind him, he suddenly felt shy. Dammit Patrik, can’t you just turn around? He complained in his heart while getting back to the shore.

Patrik can’t be blamed for this. Anyone who sees the person they like also can’t hold back when that person is being so ‘open’ to them. Anyone who can hold back must be a saint, and Patrik obviously doesn’t know what is a saint, so he openly stared at Lin Mu.

When Lin Mu saw that Patrik didn’t have any intention to turn around, he glared at him(P) and gnashed his teeth before starting to get dressed.

Patrik calmed down when he saw Lin Mu has returned to normal.


“Humph, Patrik is definitely a rogue. What’s there to see? Pervert.”

Although Lin Mu’s voice at the moment is comparable with mosquitoes, but Patrik with sensitive hearing still heard it, and smiled in his heart. He walked over to Lin Mu and hugged him, “I am a snake, not a wolf3.”

“Let me down, I am not a child. I can walk by myself.” He was dissatisfied with Patrik’s carrying style like he is carrying a child, so he wriggled his body; asking to be let down to walk by himself.

Patrik lightly patted Lin Mu’s butt on his arm, and Lin Mu settled down. Lin Mu glared at him, but it has no killing power. Too lazy to bother, Lin Mu circled Patrik’s neck with both hands, and rested his head on his(P) shoulder. Lin Mu was already asleep when they returned to their resting place.

Patrik looked at Lin Mu’s sleeping place, and looked at his own bed. Then Patrik decided to combine them into one. Placing their bed together, Patrik laid on the animal skin blanket and gathered Lin Mu in his arms; Patrik felt that there is nothing wrong with being obvious4.

Enveloped in a familiar atmosphere, Lin Mu slept very well with no dream. Just that he couldn’t stay calm anymore when he woke up and found himself sleeping in Patrik’s arms. He struggled to get out, but Patrik’s hold was too tight.

“Bastard!” Lin Mu scolded in his heart.

The lines on Patrik’s face when he was asleep were not as stiff as his usual face, and Lin Mu stared at Patrik’s face. He has to admit that Patrik is really handsome. This well-shaped face will surely fascinate a lot of girls in modern times, and could burst into extreme popularity with just a photo on the Internet. Lin Mu reached out and tried to prank him by pinching his nose. Patrik suddenly turned over and the two’s position became a face to face position.

Lin Mu stared at the super near handsome face in front of him.

‘Thump thump thump…’

Lin Mu think he must be ill, otherwise how could his heart jump so fast? Lin Mu was still staring when the other party suddenly opened his eyes.

“How long do you want to continue staring at me?” Patrik’s eyes were full of smiles.

“You have been awake the whole time! Damn.”

Lin Mu was furious when he thought of the part where Patrik knew that he was foolishly staring at his face. He raised his fist to hit him but Patrik grabbed his hand. Both of them looked at each other for a moment, and the ambiguous atmosphere was getting heavier between them.

“What are you doing?” A voice sounded and broke the moment.

Misha flopped on the blanket and stared at them with a puzzled look.

“En?” Lin Mu, who was about to get angry, suddenly put out the anger.

Casso’s head also stretched out and looked at the two with a puzzled look.

Lin Mu felt that his face must have burned up, so hot. He thinks that this is all Patrik’s fault, so he gave him a hard look. Just that his watery eyes only made Patrik’s will swayed.

Pushing Patrik away, Lin Mu stood up and quickly changed the subject, “Misha, how was the loquat water I cooked for you yesterday?”

“En, that effect is good, I feel much better now. I’m not coughing anymore.” Misha was very happy that the sweet water yesterday has such a good effect.

“Are we still looking for food today? We only searched one direction yesterday, and there are many places that we have not been to yet.”

Casso and Qiuqiu looked at him as well. In their hearts, as long as Lin Mu went to the forest to find food, they could eat delicious food.

“Alright, it won’t be long until the rainy season. We better find some food that can be stored.”

Thinking of the coming rainy season, Lin Mu is looking forward to the beastmen who is out to look for a place to live to come back as soon as possible.

After yesterday’s incident, Patrik decided not to let Lin Mu act alone. These little ones following behind him equals to him(LM) being alone. He saw that the beastmen who went out to hunt has not returned yet, and said, “I am going with you.”

Just as Lin Mu wanted to oppose it, Patrik took his hand and said, “Be obedient, it is safer.”

Lin Mu think himself as weak-willed, Patrik just used a soft voice and it caused him to compromise. Just that Lin Mu felt very uncomfortable from having his hand held. After trying several times and still couldn’t break free, he gave up and let Patrik continue holding his hand.

Seeing that Lin Mu compromised, Patrik felt that today was a wonderful start.

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Table of Content

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