Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 11

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List of characters :
林沐 Lin Mu
帕特里 Patrik (Python)

拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
科恩 Cohen (White tiger)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

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Chapter 11 Lal returns
After two days of waiting, there was still no news of the beastmen who went out looking for the ideal spot for their new home. The weather suddenly became very hot at this time. In this kind of burning weather, the waiting beastmen had to shift their waiting spot into the forest.

Lin Mu looked up at the sky; this unusual weather made him very worried. Patrik and the other beastmen don’t look the slightest worried on the other hand. He grabbed Qiuqiu beside him that was hiding from Misha and asked, “Patrik, don’t you worry that the weather turned abnormal so suddenly?”
Lin Mu felt the beastmen‘s behaviour like nothing is out of the norm was quite strange.

Patrik’s expression was no longer stiff; it indicates that he is in a good mood at the moment. “I have been worried that the rainy season will come early because that kind of situation is very common. But now we don’t have to worry because we have at least one month to prepare.”

“One month?”

Lin Mu was a little surprised. After all, Patrik gave him the feeling that the rainy season would suddenly arrive, but now they suddenly have another month for preparation. Doesn’t that mean he has wasted his time worrying for nothing in the past few days?

Seeing Lin Mu’s confusion, Patrik rubbed his hair. He likes the soft sensation he felt on his hand but was pushed away by Lin Mu.

“Really now, stop touching. Just tell me why.” Lin Mu hated himself for blushing, so he deliberately raised his voice.

Patrik didn’t mind that and laughed.

“According to our past experience, there will always be nearly a month of hot weather before the rainy season. It is said that the beast god is saving up some water so that there will be enough rain for the rainy season. The rainy season is the beast god’s grace to us because we have to store a lot of food for winter, and after the rain, the animals will grow particularly fat.”

Whenever Patrik talks about the beast god, his eyes will always be full of admiration. Lin Mu thinks that the water evaporates a lot when it’s hot, and will rain when the temperature drops. As for how much this relates to their beast god, it is not within his consideration. There is still a month left, so he doesn’t have to worry too much.

“But there are also irregular times.”

Lin Mu knows Patrik doesn’t understand abnormal stuff, but he himself also doesn’t know much about science, so he lightly said, “Maybe because your beast god has prepared enough water, so he won’t change the day1.”

Patrik thought for a moment and nodded solemnly. Then he seriously said to Lin Mu, “I think you are right.”

“Pfff” Lin Mu was tickled by Patrik’s expression. He couldn’t help to reaching out to hold Patrik’s face in his hands and kneaded, “You are so cute.”

Patrik didn’t stop him. He just looked at Lin Mu with a smile full of indulgence.

The smile in Patrik’s eyes made the excited Lin Mu to quickly take back his hand. He awkwardly smiled before turning away and ran.

“I have something to do.” Lin Mu was annoyed by himself and tried to hit his own grabby hands. “Why did I went and kneaded his face? Must be a brain cramp.”

Patrik looked at Lin Mu’s back as he ran away, and the corner of his mouth curved up to show his good mood.

“Lin Mu is not obedient, and the disobedient child needs to be punished.”

As for what is the punishment awaiting Lin Mu at night, the author shall not write it here2, but one might be able to guess from his slightly swollen lips the next day.


When Lal returned, Lin Mu was forced to drink his once every 3 day animal blood.

Looking at the bowl full of blood-red, Lin Mu looked at Patrik pleadingly. “Can I not drink it?”

Patrik felt depressed as well looking at Lin Mu with a complaining expression saying ‘You are bullying me’. But for the sake of Lin Mu’s wellbeing, he softly comforted Lin Mu and said, “Be obedient, if you don’t drink it, you will feel uncomfortable. Mu Mu, I have prepared a delicious fruit for you, and I will give it to you after you drink it.”

Lin Mu is not a savage who would do anything for the sake of a fruit. He shouted ‘No’ in his heart, and tried to convince Patrik, “I’m fine, really fine.” He said while jumping around to show how energetic he is.

Looking at Lin Mu being stubborn, Patrik was helpless, but he didn’t plan to let him go. He was about to continue persuading Lin Mu when a beastman ran over and joyfully said, “Boss, Lal and Cohen came back.”

Lin Mu was thinking how to deal with Patrik when he heard this good news, and cheered in his heart, ‘Even the God is helping me!’. He grabbed Patrik’s hand and happily went to greet Lal and the rest.

“Let’s go. I wonder what kind of good news they brought back.” Lin Mu felt that he has waited so long until flowers have withered for today.

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Everyone came to the open space by the river up at the distant sky and two familiar behemoths flying in their direction. Although he has seen Lal’s beast form many times, it is still very shocking to see a big centipede flying in the sky: How could a centipede fly? Looking at Lal flying in the air, Lin Mu suddenly thought of a question, “Is Lal’s father also centipede?”

Patrik shook his head. “No, Lal’s father is a stick insect-type beast, a very large beast form. His whole body is covered with green armour, not like Lal.”

Lin Mu nodded, so Lal was considered different like this. The people here are the same as his world, cannot tolerate the existence of heterogeneity in the community, and will look at one like they do to a monster. Lin Mu looked at Patrik, who was also looking forward to the good news, and thought in his heart, “They are just a little different, just a little different.”

In the sky.

Lal proudly said to Cohen: “Look, they are all welcoming me. Hehe…”

Cohen smiled and nodded at him. “En, they are. You are the most important person.”

With Cohen being so obedient, Lal couldn’t feel any sense of accomplishment. He snorted at Cohen: “Humph, don’t think that by flattering me, I will forgive you for the mistakes you made. Don’t even think about it!”

Cohen didn’t care Lal’s attitude at him and replied with a smile: “It doesn’t matter if you don’t forgive me, you can keep on remembering then.”

He knows that beastmen have thick skin in general, but he has never seen someone like Cohen. Lal’s face suddenly turned red, and then he angrily smacked Cohen with his tail before quickly descended.

Although Cohen was beaten very painfully, he was not angry at all. He happily followed Lal to descend by the river. After he shifted by into his human form, he caught up with Lal and smiled beside him.

Lin Mu was surprised to see Lal hitting Cohen all of a sudden, but now he saw Cohen has a flattering look on his face. He realised that Cohen must have offended Lal. But looking at Lal’s face, although it was not very good, his expression was not dark either, so it should not be very serious. Hence, he followed the crowd towards Lal. Lin Mu happily ran to Lal, “Lal, you brought back good news, right? Right?”

Patrik saw Lin Mu so happy with excitement in his eyes, his gaze became warm. Walking forward, he placed his hand on Lin Mu’s waist.

Lin Mu didn’t mind, he just stared hopefully at Lal, “Let’s talk in the forest.”

“It’s very hot here, let’s go into the forest. Let’s go, quick.” Lin Mu pulled Lal and ran to the forest, not noticing the blackened faces of the two beastman following behind.

Patrik let the other beastmen to go hunting, to celebrate Lal and Cohen’s return at night. While the four of them sat down under a tree, ready to listen to Lal start telling about their findings. Misha and Casso happily went forward as well, and Misha also took out his own fruit to give to Lal.

“Uncle Lal, you found a place to live, is it? How is the place?” Misha always had Lin Mu’s words in his heart. If they could find a place to live, they can have a warm winter and will never go hungry, so he was very concerned about their future home. Casso also sounded its excitement.

Lal saw everyone looking at him with eagerness, and his vanity was greatly satisfied, so he proudly raised his chin, “Of course, there is nothing I can’t do.”

Seeing Lal acting so proudly, Lin Mu would have criticized him a few times in the past, but now he is busy thinking about their new home. But Misha is not happy, he talked back, “My father is also very powerful.”

“Child, you are not cute.”

Lal curled his lips, but when he sensed Patrik’s almost tangible cold stare, he immediately returned to his serious expression.

“Cohen and I found a very hidden valley. It is surrounded by mountains, very beautiful. And there is a small river flowing through the valley, so it matches Lin Mu’s requirements. Most importantly, there is only one hidden entrance to the valley. We would not find it if it were not an accident. We don’t have to be afraid that someone will find us. ”

“You said it is hidden, then how did you find out about that place?” How can Lal be so sure that the place is not easily discoverable?

“There is a lot of concealment. If you see it, you will understand.”

Why did Lin Mu feel that Lal’s tone is more like anger? He looked at Cohen in confusion.

Patrik looked at the person in his arms who keep staring at Lal in confusion. He couldn’t help but sighed. Don’t you see the abnormal blush on Lal’s face? Don’t you see Cohen’s black face? Patrik was worried that Lin Mu would anger the two so he said, “Mu Mu, go and prepare some food for them. They haven’t eaten anything cooked in a pot yet.”

Lin Mu felt that he should treat them well, although he can’t make any good food due to the lack of materials, he will do his best.

Hearing that Lin Mu is going to cook, Misha and Casso immediately followed him. Qiuqiu naturally won’t be falling behind.

After Lin Mu and the little ones left, Patrik said seriously to the two, “You have worked hard.”

It was the first time they saw the Boss saying something so solemn to them, so they were a little embarrassed, “Hehe, it’s our duty.”

“I hope we can really build our own tribe and finally have a place to belong,” Lal said with emotion.

Patrik looked at the busy Lin Mu not far away from them, “Yes, we will.” After that, he turned and left. He will help Lin Mu to pick some fruits.

Cohen saw that their Boss has left, but Lal is still looking at Lin Mu; thus his face immediately became very black.

“Lin Mu belongs to the Boss, you have no chance.”

“So what? Lin Mu still doesn’t have Boss’s smell on him anyway. I still have a chance.” He doesn’t care how sour Cohen’s tone was, he(C) better die in sourness.


“What?” Lal raised his chin arrogantly. Cohen dared to be fierce to him?

Cohen saw him like this and was not angry. He smiled and grabbed Lal’s hand before squeezing it gently. “Don’t be angry. I was wrong at that time, but I promise I won’t make you feel hurt in the future. Believe me.”

Lal felt that hoping this abominable tiger will repent is a stupid thing to do. He slammed his foot on his(C) foot. “Die!” Then he ran towards Lin Mu.

Cohen followed up with a painless look, deliberately using a voice that only Lal could hear: “Beastman needs to indulge their partner. Lal, you are too awkward.”

Lal gnashed his teeth, and he felt that his kick was too light. He should have kicked the bastard to death.

The two came to Lin Mu and looked at the things on the ground that they had never seen before. Lin Mu felt that it was necessary to explain what are those to the two. He gave each of them a bowl of snow fungus soup.

“This is a wooden bowl for you to contain your food. The wooden spoon inside is to help you eat the food.” As he said that, he pointed at Misha, who was drinking soup and said, “Just like what he is doing.”

They looked at Misha happily drinking the soup, then looked at the things in their hands. They mimicked Misha’s actions and took a sip.

“It’s delicious.” Lal’s speed became faster. “What is this made from?”

“This is snow fungus and sweet fruit boiled together. It is good for the body.” Lin Mu used that sweet fruit as natural sugar.

Cohen didn’t like this kind of sweet taste that much. When he saw Lal drinking it, he gave his portion to him. Seeing Lal didn’t object, Cohen’s mood became good. He looked at the pot on the ground and asked, “What is this?”

“That’s a pot, it’s a much better way to cook food than roasting.” Misha put down his bowl and replied Cohen with pleasure. “We can cook vegetable soup with a pot, it tasted so nice. But you beastmen don’t like it very much, too bad for you guys.”

Lin Mu smiled and watched them chatting leisurely, then turned around to see Patrik coming back with some fruits. But he couldn’t help wrinkling his brows when he saw that bowl of blood. He knew that with Patrik’s insistence he won’t be able to escape. When he looked at the boiling pot, he got an idea! He took the fruit from Patrik’s hand and watched the other person insisting on giving the bowl of blood to him; he really wanted to laugh.

“Put it aside first. Rest assured, I will definitely finish it.” Lin Mu has decided to cook the blood. Adding some sweet fruit juice may taste strange, but it is much better than directly drinking it.

Everyone enjoyed eating their lunch, because Lal came back, and they didn’t have to worry about their accommodation anymore. Everyone was very happy.

Lin Mu bit onto the fruit Patrik specially picked for him. It’s oval and has yellow skin. It’s quite big; it felt like it weighed two pounds. It tastes like an apple, but much better than the apples he has eaten before.

“We will leave tomorrow, so we can start building a house earlier.”

“En, let’s start tomorrow. I heard Lal said that there are only two days of travel from here.”

“How about Matt and the others? Do you have a contact method?” Lin Mu looked at Misha playing with Casso, he knew that Misha missed Matt a lot. After all, the child was so dependent on his father.

“We will leave a mark so that they can find us.”

“Mark? Is the using smell or some unique contact symbol?”

“It’s a symbol. The smell would be washed away when it rains.” As he said that, he took the fruit away.

“Don’t eat so much, it’s not good.”

Lin Mu curled his lips but didn’t object, he was quite full.


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The raw –  林木知道帕特里心里对于反常现象的不解,但科学什么的他也不是很懂,所以就闲闲地说:“或许是因为你们的兽神准备了足够用的水,所以就不用变天了吧。”

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Table of Content

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