Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 8.2

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Table of Content

List of characters :
林沐 Lin Mu
帕特里 Patrik (Python)

拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
科恩 Cohen (White tiger)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

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Chapter 8.2 Pots and hot soup

Because there is still some time away from lunch, Lin Mu was not in a hurry with his walk. He placed Qiuqiu on top of Casso’s body and watched the little guy climb up to Casso’s head, then obediently laid down. Casso was not bothered by that and walked with its head raised up. It seems that these two small thing has quite a good relationship. Lin Mu breathed in the fresh air, and stretched his arms widely. Then he said to Misha in good spirits, “Go, let’s find some delicious food.”

Misha saw Lin Mu doing some kind of movements and he looked very comfortable. So he mimicked Lin Mu and tried it as well. En, he didn’t feel anything. But his spirit became better when he heard what Lin Mu about delicious food.

“En, let’s go find some mushrooms.”

Ever since he ate the mushrooms roasted by Lin Mu, Misha has regarded it as the most delicious food ever.

“Finding mushrooms is a must, but we also shouldn’t let go of other good things.”

After he said that, Lin Mu struck a pose and announced, “Depart.” Lin Mu felt that his thoughts have become more childish from staying too long with the children.

They first went to the place where Misha found the mushrooms. Misha only knows about the oyster mushrooms that Lin Mu has roasted before, plus he heard that many mushrooms are poisonous and he shouldn’t move around, so he didn’t dare to pick them up.

Perhaps because it rained in the past few days, there are many mushrooms in the forest. Lin Mu looked at the clusters of mushrooms in front of him and felt very happy.

“Misha, there are a lot of edible mushrooms here. I will teach you later how to differentiate which kind of mushroom is edible. So the next time you see it, you can just pluck it. After we dried the mushrooms, it can be kept for a long time. And when we finally have salt, we can cook it with meat. It is delicious.”

Lin Mu thought of the mushroom dishes that he used to make at home. Those are delicious dishes that is hard to come by here.

Misha heard Lin Mu said that there are a lot of good things to eat, and that they can keep it for a long time. He looks at Lin Mu with bright eyes, “So nice. We can take it all back to dry in the sun. Then we can store a lot of mushrooms, and I won’t have to be hungry in the winter anymore.”

When Lin Mu heard Misha said that, he touched his head with a hint of sadness, “You went hungry in the winter before?”

“En, because we spent a lot of time each year looking for a place to live. There are fewer preys in the north, and we can’t save much food. So we will calculate our food portion very carefully, and we can only eat one meal a day. I don’t have enough to eat, and my father always gives some of his portion to me. ”

Thinking of his father who gave his food to him and rather be hungry, Misha was moved and wanted to cry. He sniffed and smiled, “Casso is more miserable during winter. His food intake is bigger than mine. After the winter last year, he has only bones left, not cute at all.”

Casso rolled his eyes at Misha, dared to damage his image in front of Lin Mu?! But this fat little wolf didn’t have any image to lose1.

Lin Mu distressingly rubbed Casso’s body and said to Misha, “It will get better. After we found the right place to live, we will never go hungry again this winter.”

“En, wintertime is really cold. I don’t dare to go out of the cave, and can only lie down against my father. I heard them say that we can live in a warm and bright house?”

“It’s true, we will live in a warm and bright house. Our winter this time will not be that hard to live.”

Looking at Misha who should be at the age where one knows nothing about life and only knows how to play, but Misha has to consider about food and a place to live, Lin Mu couldn’t help but feel sad. According to Patrik, females are very precious in this world, because it was not easy for females to survive. And their number is very small compared to beastman, so all females were well cared for by the tribe. If Misha lives in a tribe, he probably don’t have to think about these problems anymore.

“En, I believe in you. Father said that you are the luck that the beast god gave us. You can save us.”

Lin Mu didn’t expect that he has become a savior in their eyes. He was stunned, then he smiled and said, “Hehe, I just want to work hard together and live better. Don’t say this anymore, let’s pick the mushrooms quickly. Also look for other food, we will have a big meal at noon.”

“En. It must be delicious.” Full of hope, Misha began to pick up the mushrooms under Lin Mu’s guidance.

There are three kinds of edible mushrooms that Lin Mu saw – shiitake, straw mushrooms and enoki mushrooms. He told Misha how to distinguish these mushrooms, while staring at the big patch of enoki mushroom in front of him with glee. Because the mushrooms were really a lot, and he also grabbed all the wood ear fungus he saw along the way, plus the cluster of snow fungus that he unexpectedly came across, the two took a considerable amount of food, and it was impossible to bring them back by themselves. So Lin Mu looked at Qiuqiu that was resting with Casso by a tree.

“Go, ask Patrik to send someone here to help with the food.”

Patrik is used to Lin Mu asking Qiuqiu to find him for help. Qiuqiu chirped at Lin Mu, and Lin Mu knew that he was asking for transportation fee/message delivery service fee.

“Didn’t you see that we have a lot of food here? I will make you burst from the food, hehe.”

Qiuqiu happily ran to deliver the message when it heard Lin Mu’s promise.

“Go, let’s go find more.”

“En!” Misha was very supportive to finding more delicious food.

When Lin Mu returned, the beastmen were cleaning their prey. Lin Mu went to Patrik and he was very happy when he saw his pile of harvests, and Misha ran around the pile of food in happiness. Today, the harvest was very rich. In addition to the pile of mushrooms, he also grabbed some fiddlehead fern that he came across. Later, Lin Mu and Misha saw a bamboo forest. The amount of bamboo shoots in it is naturally not small. Anyway, it can be made into dried bamboo shoots to store for a long time. He didn’t let anything go and grabbed it all, of course. After that, he saw a few loquat trees, and the fruits were quite ripe. When some of the helper beastmen arrived by following their scent, Lin Mu got them to pick some fruits and also some leaves. Misha is still coughing, the loquat leaves are good for treating cough.

Lin Mu saw the stone pots, bowls and cutlery on the side and immediately squatted down to see it. The pot was really big. Then he looked at the not-so-small ‘small’ stone pot that was more suitable for him, the big pot was 5 times bigger than it! He touched the pot, and felt that the thickness was not bad, and the sanding was smooth. Next, he looked at the wooden bowls and spoons. It was smooth, so he was very satisfied.

Although Patrik already saw Lin Mu’s satisfied smile, he still asked: “How was it?”

“It’s really good, and it was done in such a short period of time. You are amazing.”

Although it felt good to be praised by someone he liked, Patrik honestly informed him that he couldn’t take all the credits. “Because I think you will use it at noon, I asked the rest to help.”

“Lin Mu, what is this?”

Misha curiously fiddled with the bowl and spoon in his hand, while Casso poked the cutlery with its paw and gave Lin Mu a puzzled look.

“Those are used to hold food. I’ll tell you how to use it when we eat later.”

He announced to them, “Since the tableware is ready, we will have something different for lunch. Come and help me.”

He got Patrik and Misha to take the mushrooms, snow fungus and fruits that the beastman helped to pluck to the river for cleaning.


At noon Lin Mu finally have a bowl of hot soup to drink, and was very satisfied. The beastmen also likes to drink this kind of concoction with water and vegetables cooked together, although it takes a long time for it to be done. As for Misha and the gang, everyone ate until they almost burst.

Lin Mu leisurely sipped the snow fungus soup cooked in the pot. Because he added a super sweet fruit in it, the sweetness of the soup was quite good. A pot of soup was quickly finished, and the small pot is currently boiling some loquat water for Misha.

“Lin Mu, the snow fungus soup is so delicious. Let’s make it again at night. And this bowl and spoon is really convenient. How can you think of so many good things?”

Misha couldn’t help but sighed in contemplation. Thinking about it, maybe Lin Mu is really a treasure that the beast god gave them.

Lin Mu was very happy when he saw Misha’s satisfaction.

“Hehe, alright. No need to wait until evening, I will make another pot later, and we can put it in a bamboo tube, then you can drink it whenever you are thirsty.”

Snow fungus is good for the body, and there’s no problem for Misha to drink more. The other two small thing, that have eaten until they collapsed on the ground, also expressed their agreement with Lin Mu’s words.

“En, the white fungus is delicious. How about the black one?”

“That kind is more suitable for cooking.”

Misha thought for a moment. “Although I don’t know how it taste like, but it must be delicious.”

Everyone was very satisfied with this meal. After lunch, they went to find a spot for a good nap.

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Table of Content

香菇 Shiitake mushroom
草菇 Straw mushroom
木耳 Wood ear fungus
银耳 snow fungus
蕨菜 Fiddlehead fern
长裙竹荪 Bamboo fungus / Long skirt fungus
枇杷 Loquat

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