Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 8.1

Alright, Banana just realized that there weren’t any explanation for the genders in this novel, when a reader commented that he/she was confused. Like Omegaverse, I have assumed that people would just know about it, wahahahahaha *cough* So, Banana never expect to see new reader selecting this novel as their first mpreg. It’s an honor~

A short explanation for tribe genre BL novel, according to Banana’s observation (some details might vary depending on the author) :
– Female (most of the time, they are dudes. Dudes who can get preggo)
– Female cannot shapeshift/change into a beast form.
– Guys who can change into their beast form is called beastman, and they can get the ‘female’ dude preggo.

Using omegaverse to look at this, you can say the ‘female’ dudes are all Omegas and the beastmen are all Alphas. There’s no beta in tribe novel (normally). There can be real females (those with bewbs) in some story, but their amount would be really small since even the amount of ‘female’ dudes is small. And that is why I mainly used ‘he’ in the novel, ‘she’ is used solely for real females only. Banana couldn’t remember whether there would be real females in this story or I read it somewhere else :v

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PPS : Banana will start including pictures in the chapter so please tell me your input. Btw, there’s a picture of a muscled man in the chapter. Better read this with no one behind you :v You have been warned.

Table of Content

List of characters :
林沐 Lin Mu
帕特里 Patrik (Python)

拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
科恩 Cohen (White tiger)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

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Chapter 8.1 Pots and hot soup

Whether the busy beastmen or the resting ones, they can’t help but stare at the figure by the riverbank from time to time. The beastmen felt that he had brought hope to them. He gave them the confidence to build a tribe for their own and gave them the courage to think that they were not abandoned by their beast god. Because the beast god sent this female to them, because this female saved Misha’s life. All these make them feel that this female is very charming, not to mention this female is very beautiful. Hehe, although they knew that their chances are not big, but they can still fantasize in their hearts, their boss won’t know.

The person they all looked at with a hot gaze was Lin Mu, who had been sitting by the river for two hours, feeling complicated. Lin Mu knew about those burning gazes, but he really doesn’t know what to feel. After all, he doesn’t think himself as a female. So when those beastmen shot him well-intentioned gaze and doing those standard moves when a beastman pursuit a female – showcasing their strong body… En, seeing some brawny man performing signature movements of the bodybuilder – flexing their muscles here and there, Lin Mu’s face has turned into 囧囧.

He supported his chin, while watching the clear river flow. They have stopped here for 3 days now. Because their current aim is to search for suitable location, Patrik asked Lal, Cohen, Matt, Locke and Jason to spread out in 4 directions to search, and the rest will wait here until they found the suitable location.

Locke is a lion with a simple and honest character. The reason why he was expelled from his tribe was because his beast form has a pair of horns on its head. Later on, he met Patrik. And after he was beaten blue and black by Patrik, he decided to follow Patrik and respect him as the boss.

Jason’s beast form is similar to Patrik, except that Patrik is a python and Jason is more like a cobra. He also has a black giant body, but with a pair of huge feathered wings. Jason and Patrik grew up together, because both of them have strange appearance (in their beast form) and the two are good friends. Jason’s cold personality do let Lin Mu wonder if all cold-blooded animals also like to keep emitting cold aura. Patrik did that, Jason did too.

On the other hand, there is a very simple reason why Lin Mu sat by the river for 2 hours. Ever since they make a stop here, Lin Mu has been getting stomach ache for 3 days. Although it was not very serious, it was uncomfortable. And it got him worrying over an even more serious matter – diarrhea. Yes, the problem that he won’t have to worry in modern times. Right now, he is worried that he will suffer dehydration and without salt, it will be bad. Although he has not experienced the urgency yet, he felt that it is necessary to plan ahead. For now, he has been forced to drink blood once every 3 days, he doesn’t want to add more dosage. He definitely has no intention to become a vampire, and he does not want to live on blood like a vampire either. Although he is screaming (internally) for salt, he knew that it is impossible to get some now, so he didn’t insist.

Lin Mu felt that it was imperative to improve his diet, so he stood up after thinking for some countermeasures. He turned around and looked around in the midst of busy beastmen, and soon saw the person he was looking for.

Patrik’s eyes were always following that person, watching him staring at the river, looking at him supporting his chin. Not sure what he(LM) was thinking about, his brows were wrinkled, and his mouth was unconsciously pouted. Patrik was glad that as a beastman, his good vision didn’t let him miss this cute look. Just that what is he feeling upset about? Looking at him frowning, for a moment Patrik wanted to be by his side and tell him not to worry, and he can give everything to him(P) to worry. But although everyone can see his heart intention, Patrik knows that he can’t be too straightforward, because Lin Mu is different. He is different from the females in the tribe he used to be in. And… Patrik looked deeply at the figure, so beautiful, he is really a male?


Patrik’s brow was visibly wrinkled. He couldn’t understand why Lin Mu was so solemn.

“I really need a pot right now. I can’t drink raw water like you guys. So, can you help me to make some pots, please?”

“Pot?” Patrik didn’t know what it was, but it won’t stop Patrik from helping. “Tell me what to do, I will help you.”

Lin Mu heard that Patrik will help him and smiled brightly at him. “Hehe, thank you. You are so nice.”

Lin Mu’s words caused Patrik to be dazed, but he quickly returned to his senses.

Lin Mu told Patrik carefully about how a pot looks like and what material to use. Patrik’s cluelessness let Lin Mu know that in a beastman’s life, there’s just barbecue and barbecue. So he felt that improvement is a must, although they can only make stone pots now. But since they are making pots, it is just a matter of convenience to make some wooden bowls, wooden spoons, and wooden chopsticks by the way.

“Please make two stone pots, one big and one small. You can estimate the size yourself. Then, could you make some wooden bowls as well? But don’t do it according to the size of your beastman’s appetite.”

Patrik nodded and replied, saying he has no problem with that.

Lin Mu squatted by Patrik’s side and watched him start to carve a stone pot using a stone knife that he didn’t know what it was made of. He found that the beastmen used stone knives as their weapons, but because their beast form was stronger, they almost only use their knife to cut food. They are more used to hunt in their beast form.

Lin Mu watched as Patrik gradually carved out something like a stone pot from a big piece of stone.

“You are so powerful, can all beastmen do the same and cut stones like tofu?”


En, blurted out another word that they don’t know.

“A soft type of food. If there is a chance in the future, I can make it for you.”

After Lin Mu said that, he felt that he has exaggerated. Pushing aside whether he knows how to make tofu or not, he doesn’t know if there are soybeans in this world.

“En.” Patrik nodded and continued his work.

Just when Lin Mu decided to repent, a white figure jumped into his arms.

“Qiuqiu? Didn’t you went to play with Casso?” But he still happily rubbed the meat ball.

“What are you doing?” A cute and crisp voice of a child was heard.

Lin Mu touched Casso’s small head and looked at Misha, “How’s your day? Found anything fun?”

Misha quickly recovered after he took the medicine, and his spirit became better the next day, but he still cough a bit though not serious. When he thought back of the time where the child came to him with a blushing face, telling Lin Mu said that he(M) has decided to not hate him anymore, Lin Mu felt that was very funny. What an awkward child ah.

Misha replied with a little disappointment, “Nothing at all, not even the mushroom you mentioned before. We don’t recognize the other mushrooms, so we don’t take it.”

Misha felt disappointed when he thought that he couldn’t eat any delicious mushrooms today. He also don’t like to eat meat all day.

Lin Mu didn’t have the time to comfort the disappointed Misha, because Misha has turned to look at what Patrik was doing with curiosity.

“What is Uncle Patrik doing?” Misha looked at Patrik and wondered about the stone pot.

“That is a pot, we can use it to cook food. You can also boil water. Drinking raw water too often is not good for your health.”

Hearing that it is used to cook food, both Misha and Casso looked at him with sparkling eyes.

“Is the cooked food delicious?”

How delicious is food boiled with plain water? But thinking about what they have been eating all the time, he said, “Maybe.”

Hearing Lin Mu’s answer, although it was not confirmed, they were still very happy. After all, they are quite confident about Lin Mu, especially Casso, it happily shook its small tail.

Lin Mu looked at Misha and Casso getting joyful because of his words. “How about going with me to the woods to find something to eat?”

“En!” Misha agreed with pleasure.

Casso also nodded its head, and Qiuqiu in Lin Mu’s arms squeaked in agreement.

Patrik watched the joyful little bunch talking and didn’t add anything at first until he heard them saying they are going to find food. He thought back of the times Lin Mu was dispirited for a few days. He only had a little fruit every time, which made him very worried. Moreover, since they stopped over here, Lin Mu didn’t go into the woods to find food as usual, and he(LM) didn’t eat the ‘vegetables’ he found for him (That’s because he doesn’t have the appetite1). Now he heard him saying that he wanted to go find something to eat, although he thinks that those food Lin Mu found were not as delicious as meat, but it’s fine as long as Lin Mu likes it.

“Remember not to go too far.” Then he turned to Casso that was standing by Lin Mu’s feet and said, “Protect them.”

Casso was suddenly bestowed with a sense of mission. Patrik saw it immediately corrected its posture and solemnly bowed its head. Just that a chubby wolf doing this is funny, no matter how one looked at it.

When Misha heard Patrik permitting them to go, he immediately took Lin Mu’s hand and ran to the woods.
Lin Mu smiled at Patrik and then hurried away, following Misha’s steps with Qiuqiu in his arms.

[Part 1 ends]


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Table of Content

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