Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

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The gentle sunlight penetrated through the leaves of the trees in the forest, forming a lot of light fragments sprinkling onto the branches. The leaves looked like they were shimmering and shining, giving the forest a little dreamy color. The forest in the morning always has a relaxed environment. The bright flower petals carried some crystal dew on them, which radiated its own light in the sun. The green leaves carried their own dew as well, which looked like it is going to drop down soon.


A sudden coolness on his face caused the sleeping Lin Mu to wake up. Although he didn’t want to wake up, he still tried his best to open his eyes.


It happened that another drop of dew plopped on Lin Mu’s face, who just woke up. Raising his hand, he gently wipe away the water from his face. He then sat up and looked at his surroundings with some confusion. All he can see around him were unusually tall trees. Because the leaves were densely covering the top, the sunlight that managed to shone down were divided into thin rays. Underneath his body was a bed of soft grass with some unknown little flowers beside.

Isn’t it already autumn? Why is there no dry grasses and fallen yellow leaves here? The mountain when he had fallen off seemed to be in full autumn though. Where exactly is this place now? Lin Mu inspected his body in doubt and realized that there weren’t any pain! This is all too strange. He actually fell from such a high place and not only he didn’t die, he didn’t suffer any injuries either. Lin Mu couldn’t understand such unbelievable thing so he chalked it up to his own luck and stopped thinking about it.

Rubbing his stomach, he felt a little hungry. He looked around and didn’t see anything dangerous so he pulled out the backpack that has fallen together with him and looked through it. There were some climbing equipment in the bag, a change of clothes, three packs of bread, ten packs of biscuits and two bottles of water, some seasonings for barbecue preparation and a few boxes of over-the-counter medicines. It has already became a habit for Lin Mu to travel with some regular medicines. Thinking of climbing, Lin Mu thought of Lin Yu. His mood become quite down. Lin Mu thought of how much Lin Yu wanted him to die, he didn’t know what to do when he returned.

Take revenge at him? Or. . . . . . escape far far away, never see him again? Right now, he truly have no loved ones anymore. A lone person, thinking of this description Lin Mu couldn’t help but smiling bitterly. So he made up his mind and decided not to think anymore.

Lin Mu felt very grateful when he looked at his own backpack stuffed with food. After drinking a few mouthfuls of water, he took a pack of bread and started eating. While eating, he inspected the trees around him but he couldn’t recognize any of them. This made him quite confused. He has been to Yunshan more than once but he doesn’t know that there is such a tree. Even this forest. . . this forest makes him feel very strange. As for what’s so strange about it, he can’t tell.

Lin Mu stopped after eating half of the loaf of bread, he didn’t continue to eat because in this strange place, he subconsciously felt that he should save his food. Though, he don’t think he’ll need a day to walk out of the forest. Taking out his phone from his bag, there was no signal at all as expected. Then he remembered that an emergency call should be able to call out even in the absence of a signal. So he tried it, but the phone didn’t react at all.

“How could this be?”

The fact that Lin Mu cannot get through the phone make him little nervous. Everything here was very different from the mountain he climbed before. Where is this place? Although he had something in his mind, he didn’t want to believe it at all. Carrying his backpack, Lin Mu decided to go out and find the exit. Judging from the direction based on the growth of the shrub, he decided to go northwards.

Lin Mu walked for five or six hours, and felt like his legs were filled with lead. Only then he stopped to rest under a big tree and gasped heavily. At this moment, he placed his jacket into his backpack and wore only a shirt. When he felt that his body has calmed down, he drunk a few mouthfuls of water and finished the half of the bread he saved earlier in the morning. Looking at the forest that one can’t see the end, Lin Mu worried that he might never find the way out.

A few days later.

At noon, the sun became warmer and ‘passionate’, that even in the forest, he could still feel ‘her’ heat1. Lin Mu dragged his heavy body along, and drank the last bit of water he have. He began to worry whether he was going the right direction. He has been walking for five days now, and he saw more strange things in these five days. Various grotesque fruit; unknown flowers with petals the same size as a basin, ‘a long neck that milky white liquid flowed out from’2; a rainbow-colored chicken lazily pulling at its colorful feather leisurely on a tree. He thinks that this thing that likes to be beautiful should be a chicken, although it is bigger than ordinary chickens. Though they dragged a long tail behind them, Lin Mu still thinks they looked like chickens. . . . . .

Even though he haven’t seen any dangerous animals, which in Lin Mu’s impression, there are no tigers in the Yunshan Mountain, but Lin Mu felt that this forest is scary.

What he is most worried about now is his food problem. The food in his backpack has been almost eaten up, but he still couldn’t see the edge of the forest. Looking at the biscuits in his hand, Lin Mu sighed. He was too thirsty that his throat felt like it’s smoking. Although he saw some fruits along the way, he don’t recognize it. There was too much uncertainty in the forest so he didn’t dare to try it so casually.

“Need to hurry and find some water, or I will die from thirst rather than from starving.” Lin Mu sighed and carried his backpack to keep going.

Lin Mu was thirsty and hungry. While walking and observing the surrounding trees, he wanted to find some fruits that he knew. His stomach felt very painful. He clutched helplessly at his stomach, and looked at the road, beginning to wonder if his direction was really correct. Just when he encountered a fork in the road, and he was not sure where to go, a bundle of white suddenly came out of a shrub and flashed by in front of his eyes.

Rabbit! Although the size was somewhat different from the rabbit he have seen before, but he will never mistaken that snow-white fur and the pair of long ears so he quickly gave chase. The strength of a hungry and thirsty Lin Mu is naturally limited, but he persisted. If he catches up with that big and fat rabbit, he would be able to have a good meal. So for the food, he gave his best. Following the trace of the rabbit, Lin Mu ran until he came upon a sudden open area and the sight he saw stopped him on his tracks.

An unusually wide riverside, with more than a dozen animals like deer drinking water from it.
Those so-called deer were not important although they could be considered food, but in Lin Mu’s heart nothing is comparable to water.

“Ha ha ha, water, I finally found water! Water, here I come!”

Lin Mu screamed happily and rushed to the riverside. Of course, only his voice was loud, the deers didn’t even bother with him, continued to drink the water and rest. Lin Mu naturally didn’t notice this, as he was completely excited by the wide river in front of him. He ran over and chugged on the water. When the thirst finally disappeared, Lin Mu felt like he’s alive again. As expected, humans could not do without water. He placed his hands in the water and pour a handful of water on his face. The cool river water sprinkled on his face, and the cool pleasure cause most of Lin Mu’s depressed mood these past few days to disappear. He looked up and saw that the river was not very deep, and it was crystal clear, so clear that fishes could be seen swimming freely in the water.

Lin Mu found a shallow place in the river and stripped off, then he ran happily into the river. The feeling of his body soaking in the water cannot be expressed in words, he felt that his exhaustion has dissipated in the water. He happily sprinkled the water in the air, scaring the nearby fishes away.

“Ha ha ha ha…”

This was the happiest time for Lin Mu in these few days. When he was tired from playing, he sat on the fine sand in the water and began to seriously bath himself. Although there weren’t any bathing supplies, Lin Mu was seriously rubbed all over him body. Because Lin Mu couldn’t find any water sources, he hadn’t bathed in the past few days. He might not have Automysophobia3 but he didn’t like the sticky feeling on his body.

Lin Mu’s mood has turned very pleasant with the cool river sprinkled on his body.
He sat in the river, watching the animals resting while washing himself. This time, he found out that the animal he thought is a deer was quite different from the deers he have seen before. Although they too have beautiful antlers and have red fur with spots, he thinks they look more like cows. And from the fact that they did not attack him just now, it can be said that they are still docile animals.

After swimming for a while in the river, Lin Mu got on the shore and put on his underwear.
Then he ate a few biscuits, then took his only two clothes to wash at the river. Without washing powder, some smudges could not be washed away, but Lin Mu still did it. It was better than nothing, it also gives the impression that the clothes have been cleaned.

There were a few large stones by the river. Lin Mu poured some water to clean the stone surface. He put his washed clothes on one large stone to dried it. Next, he looked for another clean stone and laid on it. Following that, he started to bask in the sun and rest his eyes. Lin Mu didn’t sleep well these nights, because the forest was full of unknown dangers. Although he has yet to met one, the howl of a wolf at night still caused him to be unable to sleep peacefully. So now in this comfortable condition, Lin Mu fell asleep in just a short while.


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Lin Mu was woken up by hungry, when he looked at his watch, the display showed almost four o’clock in the afternoon. When he first came here, Lin Mu found that there were 40 hours a day in this place. He didn’t know if his watch was broken or there are really such long days existed. But he was never someone who insisted on figuring out things he couldn’t understand.

Lazily stretching out, Lin Mu felt that this sleep was a good one, he is filled with energy now.
He picked up his clothes from the stone and saw that the clothes have completely dried. Looking at the clean clothes, he feels that he can finally end that feeling of wearing sticky and odor-filled clothing. He put on his sweatpants and T-shaped singlet then carefully folded the other clothes into his backpack.

Looking up at the fishes swimming in the river, Lin Mu can see that they are quite fat. Just eating a few biscuits a day naturally can’t last him very long. The rabbit has ran away, so he decided to aim for the fishes instead. He rummaged through his backpack and took out a dagger that he bought when he was traveling before this. He liked that dagger a lot and always brought it with him when he travels. Using the dagger, he cut a branch and sharpened the tip before bringing it with him to the river.

Lin Mu struggled in the river for a while, and caught two after some time. The fishes were much easier to catch than he thought. It didn’t take Lin Mu very long before he caught two big ones. The fishes were very similar to the bass he have seen previously, and they are very fat. Lin Mu used a knife to clean the fish on the riverside and put it on clean leaves. After carefully preparing the fishes with seasonings, he skewered the fish with the branches he prepared and roasted them.

After he lighted the branches with a lighter, he placed the lighter carefully in his pocket. Fire is very important in the forest, especially at night. It was because he had a fire that he dared to take a nap the nights before. Looking at the fishes roasting by the fire, Lin Mu can imagine that they would be very delicious and couldn’t help but swallowed.

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Raw : 长得奇形怪状的果子;花瓣有盆一样大小的不知名花朵,高高的颈部还流出乳白色的液体;在树上悠闲地拉着羽毛的彩鸡

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