魔教卧底每天都在露馅 / Evil Cult Undercover 04

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Chapter 4 : Letting you steal the BOSS but where did you go

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Lin Ran hugged on the bed’s pillar with a death grip : “Stop dreaming, I won’t go.”

Shixiong: “Be good, Shidi(younger disciple brother). Don’t you want to settle this case earlier?”

Lin Ran’s head shook like a rattle.

Shixiong tsk-ed and grabbed Lin Ran, he seemed to intend to forcibly drag Lin Ran away.

Lin Ran set his heart and gnashed his teeth to confess : “Shixiong, listen to me! I am actually not your Shidi. I was transmigrated from the future, do you understand what is transmigration? It means my soul has replaced your Shidi’s soul. I cannot wield a sword at all, I am just a student. I will cause the both of us to get killed…”

Shixiong glared at him and then promptly struck his(LR) acupoints again, impatiently said : “Stop yapping.”

Lin Ran shouted himself hoarse : “Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it to you! What do you want to know? Do you understand the periodic table of chemical elements? Do you know the three laws of Newton? I really came from another world!”

Shixiong then struck two of Lin Ran’s mute acupoint with a ‘pa’ sound : “Shidi, you have to change this wild babbling old illness of yours. You lied to me last time that you are a celestial being.”

Lin Ran desperately wants to say something: “Mmm mmmm….”

Shixiong picked him up on his shoulder and left : “Don’t make trouble, Shixiong has eaten more salt than you1, how could I get tricked by you again?”

And so, Lin Ran got horizontally carried by Shixiong on his shoulders to track down Ji Wuxie.


Shixiong’s footsteps were very fast, and he flew here and there on the roof using ‘light step skill'(Qing Gong). But he flew for a long time and still couldn’t see any sight of Ji Wuxie.

Shixiong regretfully slapped his thigh : “I lost them, it’s all your fault for being slow.”

Lin Ran was secretly glad.

Shixiong thought for a moment and ran back again: “We should wait here on the roof. Ji Wuxie went this way just now, so we’ll wait for him to come back, maybe we could find out something.”

Lin Ran can’t move or talk, plus he very much wanted to xxx. His entire person felt dreadful like a pile of ashes.

Shixiong took a small wine gourd from his waist and happily took a gulp. He also considerably raised Lin Ran’s head and gave him a mouthful as well : “Come and taste the good white pear wine, don’t say Shixiong doesn’t care about you.”

Lin Ran accidentally gulped down a mouthful, and suddenly felt even more wanting to xxx.

The two waited over a small portion of the night on the roof, the horizon was gleaming faintly. At this moment, there were sounds of horses and carriages from the distance. They saw Ji Wuxie and a few confidants riding the horse and leading the road in front, followed by a lot of carriages. A group of people in black clothing surrounded the carriages and protected them tightly. These people in black were Ji Wuxie’s disciples in the sect, and many of them were injured like they have just experienced an intense fight.

In the carriage, women’s screams covered one another that even the horses’ clomping sound couldn’t mask it. A bloody hand came out from the curtain of a carriage, tightly gripping the window frame. After a while, it weakly hung down.

Something’s wrong with this no matter how one look at it.

Shixiong took out his sword and quietly mobilized his ‘light step skill'(Qing Gong) before chasing them from behind.

Lin Ran on the other hand was like a dead body that was exposed to the wilderness, lying down lonely on the roof. He stared at the star in tears, desperately holding back the urge to xxx. Not able to move nor talk, his life is in an unprecedented dilemma.

After his waist pendant and his sword, the next thing Shixiong has succeeded in forgetting was his Shidi(junior brother).


After a while, Shixiong flew back: “Why are you still here?”

Lin Ran’s nose started to feel sour.

Shixiong slapped his head: “Oh, yes, your acupoint was struck by me… Then why didn’t you call for me?”

Lin Ran couldn’t help but shed tears of bitterness.

Shixiong quickly unblocked his acupoint and urged him : “Ai, whatever. Quickly keep up.”

Lin Ran yelled : “Wait a minute, I want to xxx!”

Shixiong snorted and picked Lin Ran up onto his shoulder again : “Want to run? xxx after the fight.”

Lin Ran hurriedly held down his lower body, for fear of leaking out onto Shixiong.

Shixiong took a few steps with Lin Ran and landed in front of Ji Wuxie from the sky. He then put Lin Ran on the ground and handed him a big sword.

Ji Wuxie looks relaxed : “What is it?”

Shixiong touched his waist: “I am Liushan Sect’s …” However, he couldn’t feel his familiar waist pendant.

Ji Wuxie smiled and took out the waist pendant he picked up from his bedroom and threw it at Shixiong. Then he(JWX) helped him to fill in the second part of the sentence : ”… guard, Xu Huan.”

Shixiong stupidly nodded : “Right!”

Ji Wuxie waved at his disciples : “Fight.”

Actually, Xu Huan is still quite a powerful fighter. One wave from his sword can swipe down one little friend, plus this group of disciples has just returned from a bad fight. If Ji Wuxie could, by chance, be pinned down by Lin Ran, then Xu Huan’s chances to win is big. Unfortunately, Ji Wuxie was not pinned down but joined the battle instead. He(JWX) didn’t even pull out his sword. With the help of his subordinates, he used several moves with his scabbard and smashed down Xu Huan.

Xu Huan fell to the ground and grievously complained to Lin Ran with his eyes. Really TMD2 pig teammate! I let you steal/handle BOSS! The Hell you went to?!

Lin Ran held back his xxx, and didn’t explain anything.


A disciple kicked Xu Huan, who was lying on the ground like a dead dog, and turned to Ji Wuxie : “Your Highness Founder, how to deal with this guard? In my opinion, it is better to kill him off.”

Ji Wuxie didn’t even think about it, and indifferently said : “No, seal his acupuncture points and throw him on the roof to dry for a day.”

Lin Ran almost has a feeling of being avenged, so he hurriedly reminded himself in his heart that this dude is a big devil, a villain, and not to be charmed by him.

After Ji Wuxie watched Xu Huan being carried away, he turned to look at Lin Ran. His face didn’t show any shocked expression as he was expressionless at the moment.

Lin Ran tightened his thighs : “Husband.”

Ji Wuxie walked slowly in front of him and slightly lowered his head to stare down at him. After a long while, as if that perfect mask suddenly collapsed, that ink-colored eyes revealed a heartache, and asked softly : “Why did you …”

Terrified, Lin Ran looked at Ji Wuxie and for a moment he almost forgot about xxx. He mumbled : “I…”

Ji Wuxie raised his hand and tightened Lin Ran’s collar, finishing the second part of his sentence : “Why did you wore so little to go for a walk? You might catch a cold.”

Lin Ran suddenly felt the urgency to xxx : “…” Big Brother, we don’t seem to be on the same channel.

Ji Wuxie watched him quietly for a moment, then held Lin Ran down on the wall behind him, his hand locked behind Lin Ran’s head, ambiguously said : “There won’t be next time.”

Lin Ran nodded madly. Then at the next second, Ji Wuxie’s lips gently covered his lips. Warm lips rubbed against each other to a sweet kiss.

Lin Ran felt an urgency in his heart, he almost couldn’t hold back after a shudder.

After a while, Ji Wuxie asked with a mild dissatisfaction : “Old 18th, why are you twisting here and there?”

Lin Ran tearfully cried : “I want to go to toilet.”

Ji Wuxie : “…Pfft.”


Kept my first kiss for twenty years, I gave it to a man. Then after my first kiss, my first sentence was actually, I want to go to toilet…
All he could think of was it was fortunate that he didn’t xxx all over Ji Wuxie during the kiss…
The first thing they did after the kiss was walking to the depths of the alley and (and let LR) xxx at the corner…

Lin Ran felt that a feud has started between him and Xu Huan.. Those three sin combining together, it’s no better than a bloody feud.

Ji Wuxie looked at Lin Ran’s expression while ‘doing the number 1’3 with great interest, and randomly asked : “Furen, was it satisfying?”

Lin Ran answered from the bottom of his heart : “Satisfying.”

Ji Wuxie licked his lips : “There will be even more satisfying thing in the future.”

Lin Ran nervously fastened his belt and became silent for a while, asking : “Who are those people in your carriage?”

Ji Wuxie generously answered : “Pregnant women.”

Lin Ran’s heart suddenly cooled down by half, and he was shocked : “What do you want to do by capturing so many pregnant women?”

Ji Wuxie touched his chin and drawled : “Capture -?”

Lin Ran : “Yeah.”

It can’t be they ran over by themselves after seeing you looking very handsome.

Ji Wuxie became silent for a moment, slowly revealing a dark smile : “Refining.”

Lin Ran calmly said : “Oh.”


Word count : 2385


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