魔教卧底每天都在露馅 / Evil Cult Undercover 03

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Chapter 3 : You are the First sword of Liushan Sect ah


When Lin Ran turned around, he saw Shixiong huddled in the corner of the bed in horror. He can be described with a capitalized SCARED word.

Lin Ran pitifully cried while hitting him : “It’s all your fault. What you came here for?!”

Shixiong took a deep breath and returned to normal : “It seems that he has decided not to uncover you, wanting to act it out for Liushan Sect to see. If so, you won’t find out anything by staying beside him.”

Lin Ran wittily said : “Since we can’t find out anything, I’ll take my leave first. Bye, Shixiong.”

Shixiong grabbed him, and did a swiping motion at his neck : “Don’t dream of leaving before you send Ji Wuxie into the prison for execution.”

Lin Ran sorrowfully asked : “Then what should I do now?”

Shixiong : “You can enter his harem. Ji Wuxie’s male concubines must know something. Just now I found out that Ji Wuxie has placed all 17 of his former concubines in a large courtyard. Only you are living separately from them.”

Lin Ran suddenly felt scared : “Why?”

Shixiong seriously replied : “Because you are ugly?”

Lin Ran immediately hit him again.

Shixiong : “In short, go and take a look. Make friends with them and find out more information. Recently, many people went to report to the authorities that the pregnant woman in their house has gone missing. In just 2 months, almost a hundred of them went missing. We felt that this matter is not simple, there are high possibilities that Ji Wuxie is involved in this.”

Lin Ran felt doubtful : “You mean that Ji Wuxie has taken away one hundred plus of pregnant women?”

Shixiong : “That’s right.”

Lin Ran : “Is there any evidence?”

Shixiong patted his shoulder and sincerely said : “Old Eighteenth, remember this. No matter what is the case, you must always check Ji Wuxie first.”

Lin Ran : “Why?”

Shixiong : “He is a baddie.”

Lin Ran was helpless : “So Ji Wuxie is a professional black pot carrier1?”

Shixiong : “Evil Cult committed a lot of evil deeds, there’s no difference for them to carry a few more ‘black pots’ or lesser.”

Lin Ran rolled his eyes : “I’ll go search then. A group of hundred pregnant women is a big target, if they are really here, it shouldn’t be difficult to find.”

Shixiong nodded : “Good boy, Shixiong will go first, I will come to look for you when I’m free.”

Lin Ran picked up the sword on the bed : “Shixiong, you forgot your sword.”

Shixiong took the sword : “Forgotten stuff again, hehe.”

Lin Ran faintly asked : “Shixiong, how did you managed to live until now?”

Shixiong became unhappy : “How can you talk to Shixiong like this? Bad boy.”


After Shixiong left, Lin Ran reluctantly went to that courtyard to find the 17 male concubines. From far away, he could hear loud noises of mahjong games. Lin Ran entered the yard and saw the 17 male concubines divided into four tables playing mahjong. And there was a substitute who is responsible to serve tea, who is ready to take over at any time.

Seeing Lin Ran coming in, the group of male concubines quieted down. Those who were crossing their feet immediately put it down, those who were picking their teeth immediately stopped picking. And those who was picking their nose quickly disguised it as covering their mouth with a smile. Just like that, 17 rough men suddenly became 17 noble ladies.

One male concubine who could be considered the prettiest, smiled gracefully and said, “Yo, I was thinking who is this. Ain’t this the Old 18th who just married in? How come you only thought to greet us elder brothers right now?”

Lin Ran almost couldn’t stand it : “…”

The Hell is this, palace inner courtyard fight?

Another male concubine waved his handkerchief : “Old 7th, see this old 18th smug look. He is not putting the 17 of us in his eyes. The Lord didn’t come to visit us for 3 months now, he must be accompanying old 18th, that’s why he(LR) is not afraid of anyone.”

Lin Ran gave a dry laugh, he couldn’t continue the conversation at all. Countless ‘mud horses’2 were running in his heart : “…”

The male concubine no.3 touched his face and said : “Oh yeah, old 18th, the Founder-daren gave me some beauty cream a few days ago. I have not finish it, why not send some to you? It was refined with human blood. So special, it’s excellent on the face.”

Lin Ran :……

Excellente your uncle, are you sick?

Lin Ran originally wanted to get more information and look for the hundreds of pregnant women, but he couldn’t find a chance to speak. He was surrounded by the 17 male concubines and being ridiculed by them, plus the conversation gets heated as it goes on.

Biting the bullet, Lin Ran tried again : “Dear brothers, I want to ask if you guys seen pregnant women in the residence?”

All 17 male concubines immediately burst into commotion.

Old 5th : “Aiya, old 18th. Are you trying to hint that we cannot give birth to Founder-daren’s child?”

Old 11th : “Ain’t you a man as well? Is there any meaning with the ridicule?”

Old 16th : “You only came in a few days, so quick to act arrogant?”

Lin Ran quickly retreated, he couldn’t communicate at all. If he stayed any longer, he might be subjected to ‘a feet of red’3.

However, judging from these male concubines’ reaction, Ji Wuxie has not visited them in three months already. A young hot-blooded man in his early twenties, who has 17 beauties waiting hungrily for him, waiting to be ‘fed’ but he didn’t touch them. This is very strange, there’s no way to explain it…

Except that he couldn’t get it ‘up’.


Taking advantage of Ji Wuxie’s absence, Lin Ran wandered aimlessly in the residence. Naturally, he couldn’t even find half of the pregnant ladies. When the sun goes down, Lin Ran went back to the room and cleverly took a book from the shelf. It was so that he could prevent himself from being found out by Ji Wuxie. Sure enough, Ji Wuxie pushed the door open and came in.

Lin Ran rubbed his eyes and looked tired from reading : “Husband.”

Ji Wuxie blinked : “Old 18th, you are reading a book?”

Lin Ran : “En.”

Ji Wuxie : “Let husband listen to a sentence or two.”

Lin Ran looked sadly at the book in his hand. It was all ancient words, very abstract, and he could not understand even one word : “…”

Ji Wuxie looked at Lin Ran with a smile, and both men looked at each other for ten seconds. Then Ji Wuxie stepped forward and took the book from Lin Ran’s hand. He looked at the cover and said : “The.Book.Of.The.Chamber.”

Lin Ran almost died.

Ji Wuxie beamed : “Did Furen learned any trick/technique?”

Lin Ran weakly said : “Not yet… I have just started to read…”

Ji Wuxie put the book on the table : “Oh, continue reading then.”

Lin Ran bit the bullet : “Alright…”

Ji Wuxie sat in front of Lin Ran : “Practice makes perfect, understand?”

Lin Ran stiffened : “Don’t understand.”

Ji Wuxie tirelessly said : “Meaning, putting what you learned into practice, isn’t that very enjoyable?”

Lin Ran’s ears and face turned red, nodded : “Oh.”

Ji Wuxie lightly pinched Lin Ran’s chin : “Study hard, Husband will check your progress tonight.”

Lin Ran : “…”

Wait a minute, you couldn’t ‘get up’ right? So you actually can get up or not?


But of course, Lin Ran didn’t dare to ask such a question, so he had to sit at the table and stare at the book of chamber that he couldn’t understand, and Ji Wuxie sat in front of him, monitoring. Every time Lin Ran can’t help but looked up, he will see Ji Wuxie staring at himself tenderly.

…a whole shichen (2 hours).

Lin Ran felt like collapsing.

Ji Wuxie : “Old 18th, why didn’t you turn the page? Husband already finished reading even upside down.”

Lin Ran cried : “My reading speed is slow.”

Ji Wuxie nodded : “Slow but detailed, it’s good.”

Lin Ran : “What you said is right.”

Ji Wuxie smiled slyly : “Does Furen like this position?”

Lin Ran widened his eyes trying to identify what posture was described on this page, but after reading it for a while, he really couldn’t understand it. So he had to perfuse it : “Probably…”

Ji Wuxie nodded : “Husband liked it too, will use this posture tonight.”

Lin Ran cried in despair : “Oh.”

Ji Wuxie looked a bit worried : “It is a bit difficult, not sure if Furen can do it?”

Lin Ran : “I, I also don’t know.”

Your mom! What exactly is the posture?! Is it the Italian chandelier? Or the Leaning Tower of Pisa?!


At this moment nearing collapse, there was a knock on the door.

Ji Wuxie : “Enter.”

A disciple smartly dressed in a neat costume pushed the door open and knelt on one knee : “Informing the Founder, the brothers are ready. We are just waiting for the Lord to give the order.”

Ji Wuxie got up, majestically said : “Good, I will go with you, wait for me to change my clothes.”

The disciple responded reverently and retreated.

Lin Ran suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.

Ji Wuxie raised an eyebrow : “You seem very happy, seeing that Husband is leaving.”

Lin Ran : “This is a sigh, a sigh.”

Ji Wuxie smirked, pulled out a set of night clothes and went to the back of the screen to change. This night clothing’s tailoring is very bodyfit, sharply drawing out Ji Wuxie’s wide shoulders and long waist. With the delicate and beautiful face, he can be considered as a national husband in modern times. Lin Ran can’t help but looked over a few more times. He felt that with him calling ‘Husband, husband’ every day, he will be in danger of being bent.

Ji Wuxie walked over and touched his(LR) head : “Study hard, Husband is going out to do something.”

Lin Ran well-behavedly replied : “Alright.”

Ji Wuxie eye’s sparkled : “After I left, if father-in-law showed up again…”

Lin Ran almost kneel to Ji Wuxie : “He won’t show up!”

Ji Wuxie chuckled : “What if he showed up again?”

Lin Ran weakly said : “I’ll help him to pass over4…”

Ji Wuxie smiled happily : “Good furen.”


Not long after Ji Wuxie left, Shixiong jumped in through the window.

Lin Ran was shocked : “Shixiong, you should quickly go. Or he will come back later and see you showing up in spirit again.”

Shixiong laughed : “You can rest assured because I watched him riding out of the main gate. He brought a group of people with him, not sure what is he trying to do.”

Lin Ran patted the chest with a sigh of relief, then grabbed the book on the table and pointed to the page where Ji Wuxie has just looked at.

Lin Ran : “You read this page for me.”

Shixiong took the book in confusion and read : “Wu Song held the big worm, and pressed it down. The big worm struggled but was held tightly by Wu Song…”

Lin Ran : “…what are you reading? Isn’t this the book of the chamber?”

Shixiong felt very angry and funny : “The Hell, how come all you have in your mind are these things?”

Lin Ran mourned : “He is teasing me again.”

Shixiong : “Then you are relieved now?”

Lin Ran nodded then shook his head : It’s another kind of bad, why did he always teased me?”

Shixiong : “Because you are stupid?”

Lin Ran promptly beat him up.

Shixiong got up and patted his clothes : “Alright, don’t dally. Let’s keep up with Ji Wuxie and see what he is doing.”

Lin Ran pointed at himself : “I’m going too? I am the undercover, is it appropriate to follow along?”

Shixiong patted the long sword by his waist : “It’s alright, I even brought this for you. If Ji Wuxie really is doing something illegal, us brothers will capture them red-handed. If not, you should sneak back here again.”

Lin Ran vigorously shook his head : “What capture? We are only two people, against them one group of people.”

Shixiong’s eyes were filled with confidence : “What are you afraid of? You are our Liushan Sect’s First Sword ah!”

Lin Ran was stunned : “…the fcuk?”

Shixiong gave him a thumbs up : “Young brother, you should have confidence in yourself. According to my understanding of you, it is not a problem to cut down two Ji Wuxie with your skill. Other little sidekicks can hand them to me.”

Lin Ran suddenly looked like he ate sh*t.

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