魔教卧底每天都在露馅 / Evil Cult Undercover 05

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Chapter 5 : Shixiong cried pitifully and nodded


And so, Shixiong who got his acupoint struck was left ‘drying’ on the roof. Lin Ran could only return with Ji Wuxie with a feeling of extreme nervousness. He couldn’t ride a horse, so Ji Wuxie got a horse-drawn carriage out of nowhere and rode with him. Lin Ran felt very nervous during the whole journey, for fear that Ji Wuxie would suddenly ask why he appeared there with Shixiong. However, Ji Wuxie just looked out of the window with his chin supported on his hand, his face was a calm loftiness.

Lin Ran’s thought was very heavy. His mind keep turning, thinking how to save this group of pregnant women. Although he was a timid noob, he couldn’t watch as living humans being taken by Ji Wuxie for refining; that is too cruel.

At this moment, Ji Wuxie turned his head around all of a sudden and stared at Lin Ran.

Lin Ran was so scared that he almost knelt.

Ji Wuxie smiled : “How far did Furen read The Book of Chamber?”

Lin Ran was silent for a moment before resentfully replied : “Read until Wu Song fought a tiger.”

Ji Wuxie lightly ‘oh-ed’, then covered his mouth with his hand and continued to watch the scenery outside, but his eyes were curved, apparently snickering.

In Lin Ran’s mind, he has shoved him(JWX) down the toilet 800 times, wondering why there is a person with such bad attitude.

Ji Wuxie looked at the scenery for a while, thern suddenly tilted his head a bit, his tone was dark : “Furen.”

Lin Ran was once again scared by him, seriously asked : “What?”

Ji Wuxie repeated his old trick : “What do you want to eat in the morning?”

Lin Ran has a crying expression : “… isn’t it already prepared?”

Ji Wuxie lightly nodded : “Furen became smarter now.”

Along the way, Ji Wuxie scared Lin Ran several times. At first, Lin Ran was scared to death. But later on, he got used to it. He even started to worry at how Ji Wuxie would always turn around all of a sudden and if he would accidentally twisted his neck. When Ji Wuxie saw that Lin Ran is no longer scared of him, he stopped teasing him. Yawning, he closed his eyes to preserve his power.

Back to the sect, Ji Wuxie bathed and changed his clothing, then forcefully dragged Lin Ran to sleep with him.

Lin Ran obediently laid in his arms for a while. When he saw that he(JWX) was asleep, he gently opened Ji Wuxie’s arm, wanted to go out to check where the group of pregnant women are being held.

Ji Wuxie made a dissatisfied humph and placed his arms on Lin Ran once more.

Lin Ran waited quietly for a while. Seeing Ji Wuxie didn’t move, and he opened his(JWX) arms again.

Ji Wuxie snorted. Next, he accurately pressed Lin Ran’s [that thing]1.

Lin Ran : “… Husband.”

Ji Wuxie lightly humph-ed, and his hand dishonestly rubbed Lin Ran at [that place].

Lin Ran took a deep breath : “You are awake.”

Ji Wuxie’s grunt became louder.

Lin Ran could only lie down as straight as possible, not daring to move even a bit. After a long time, Lin Ran sensed that the hand pressing on his [that place] has loosened, he then bit the bullet and gently shifted Ji Wuxie’s arm away, wanting to get out of bed. But just as he started to move, Ji Wuxie turned over and firmly pressed him(LR) underneath his body. Although this martial artist looked thin, his muscles were tightly packed, so he is quite heavy when he pressed down on someone.

Plus, Ji Wuxie seemed to be deliberately exerting more strength downwards. Lin Ran tried to move a few times but couldn’t move at all. He could only surrender to fate and stare at the ceiling in a daze. In his heart, he knew that Ji Wuxie is probably faking his sleep. But thinking back that he(JWX) probably didn’t sleep the whole night last night and now should be sleepy, Ji Wuxie can be considered giving his all trying to stay awake just to play tricks on him(LR).

The Hell ah! Is he sick?!

At this moment, Ji Wuxie gently rubbed against Lin Ran’s ear with his lips, whispering like a dream : “…Like you.”

Lin Ran’s face turned blazing red, but he quickly reminded himself that Ji Wuxie is a very ruthless demon, and he mustn’t be charmed.

And so, Lin Ran was pressed by Ji Wuxie like this until it’s starting to get dark. It was until he felt like he is going to need amputation if Ji Wuxie doesn’t wake up soon, Ji Wuxie lazily yawned and woke up.

Lin Ran : “You are awake.”

Ji Wuxie’s lips curved up, pretending to be surprised : “Huh, how did I turned over onto Furen?”

Lin Ran : “Hehe.”

Ji Wuxie pinched his chin : “Are you hungry? Let’s go for dinner after you cleaned up a bit.”

Lin Ran struggled to move : “Already numb from being pressed by you.”

Ji Wuxie seemed to be very satisfied, he bent down and carried Lin Ran up : “It’s alright, Husband will carry you.”

The afterglow of the setting sun fell warmly on Ji Wuxie’s face, making his delicate facial features to be very good-looking. Lin Ran looked at him and sighed. So handsome, but unfortunately he’s mental2.


Upon leaving the room, Lin Ran was surprised to find pregnant women walking in twos or threes in the yard. Those who are pretty much into their late pregnancy period will have some evil cult’s disciples supporting beside them to prevent them from accidentally falling down.

Lin Ran : “What is happening?”

Ji Wuxie replied like it’s normal : “Taking a walk.”

Lin Ran thought for a moment : “Are you not going to refine them later?”

Ji Wuxie thought for a moment before replying : “Yes, need to make sure that their blood flow is smooth, then the quality of the pill will be good. That’s why they were asked to take a walk.”

Lin Ran suddenly felt that his brain is a bit jammed and fell silent.

In the dining hall, Lin Ran was surprised to find that the chef has specially made ginseng chicken soup for these pregnant women. And the disciples on duty are currently distributing it out table by table.

Lin Ran poked Ji Wuxie : “Why do you want them to drink this if you are going to refine them?”

Ji Wuxie seriously answered : “Yes ah, I must first wash their marrow with the chicken soup before refining them. This way, the medicinal pill will be pure.”

Lin Ran : …

Wash your sister ah! Do you think I am stupid?!

Ji Wuxie ordered his subordinate to give Lin Ran a bowl of chicken soup. He smiled and said : “Come and wash your marrow also.”

Lin Ran don’t feel so good : “Why are you lying at me?”

Ji Wuxie stood firm on his action : “I want to use pregnant women for refining.”

Lin Ran accepted that and asked : “Are you thinking that I am particularly stupid?”

Ji Wuxie blurted out : “Yes.”

Lin Ran glared at him.

Ji Wuxie scooped up a spoonful of chicken soup and delivered it to Lin Ran’s lips : “Furen, be good and drink the soup.”


This group of pregnant women has settled down in the sect residence. One of them even gave birth to a baby boy this morning. Ji Wuxie joyfully went to see him and gave him a name.

Ji Wuxie in all seriousness : “This child, will have a single name – the word ‘Zheng’. Although he was born in my evil sect, but the meaning of this name is he will become a man of integrity when he grows up.”

Lin Ran could no longer muster any anger by being teased by Ji Wuxie, weakly said : “What a good name.”

Ji Wuxie looked proud : “Naturally, the medicinal pills made with people with good names are exceptionally delicious.”

Lin Ran ridiculed : “When the pills are ready, hope Founder-daren can bestow 2 to me for tasting.”

Ji Wuxie pampered-ly touched Lin Ran’s hair : “No need to say such polite words to Husband. Don’t mention about the pills, even Husband is wholly yours.”

If this dude is in modern times, he absolutely could be the King of Acting.

Lin Ran’s little heart thumped, almost believing him : “Don’t tease me.”

Ji Wuxie with an expression of broken-hearted : “How is this teasing you, and where did Husband done wrong?”

Lin Ran ridiculed : “There are still 17 male concubines in your backyard.”

A flash of understanding flitted through Ji Wuxie’s eyes : “Is Furen jealous?”

Lin Ran drily laughed : “No, I am kind and virtuous.”

Ji Wuxie laughed out loud, looking very happy.

Although Ji Wuxie refused to reveal his true intentions no matter how he asked, but knowing that he(JWX) is not really going to refine any living humans, Lin Ran was rest assured and no longer asking; single-mindedly waiting for Shixiong to appear. Being pressed on his(S) acupoint and then thrown on the roof plus he cannot move, Lin Ran felt his balls hurt just by thinking about it. He was very worried that Shixiong would hold back his urine until his bladder burst.

Two days later, Shixiong finally appeared. Half a sichen(1 hour) ago, Ji Wuxie said he will be going outside to catch a child as hot pot ingredient. Lin Ran didn’t believe it at all, and Ji Wuxie was a little unhappy. But no matter what he is actually trying to do, he went out of the room. So Lin Ran enthusiastically came forward to meet Shixiong. Although Shixiong is a bit stupid, he is the only person that Lin Ran could trust(barely) in this world. So he was quite concerned over not seeing him in two days.

Shixiong sullenly dodged away from Lin Ran : “Don’t touch me.”

Lin Ran thought that he was angry because he(LR) couldn’t help out that day, so he calmly comforted and said : “Shixiong, listen to me explain…”

Shixiong stood at the corner like a quail : “I am dirty.”

Lin Ran seriously thought about the deep meaning of this sentence, then doesn’t feel so good : “Shixiong, could you be…”

Shixiong hugged himself in the corner with an insecure posture: “I am no longer the old me.”

Lin Ran : “Don’t think too much, it’s not your fault.”

Shixiong shook his head : “You don’t understand it at all. I used 1 day and 1 night to unblock my acupuncture points. Then I took 1 day and 1 night to shower.”

Lin Ran persuaded him fruitlessly for a long time; ‘hating iron for not being steel’3 : “Shixiong, are you still a man? Ain’t it just pooping in your pants? Do you need to be like this ah?”

Shixiong jumped up and beat him : “Who said I pooped my pants! I have been holding back well!”

Lin Ran was confused : “Then what is it?”

Shixiong continues to act dumb : “Whenever I closed my eyes, all I can see was that day.”

A terrible silence fell in the room.

After a long time, Lin Ran carefully asked : “Shixiong you, did someone, did that…”

Shixiong nodded in tears.

The author has something to say:
Shixiong’s CP will appear in the next story, he’s thief… [hand waving goodbye]

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