先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 59

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JiYuan became silent for a moment, but he still couldn’t help asking System again, “What should I do?”

System didn’t say anything for a long time, until the human cultivators at their side finished cursing and scolding, then proceeded to raise their sleeves to start a battle, it calmly said, “You can kill him, or let him kill you. The 1st option can stop the demon ruler, while the 2nd option can wake Ye Junchi up.”

JiYuan had a burst of vicious cold.

What should he do if he killed Ye Junchi?

What should Ye Junchi do if he(YJC) killed him?

Ain’t this the most evil plot usually presented in the movies? If you don’t die, I will die. If I’m dead, when you wake up, life is worse than death… he(JY) darkened his face, “2333, are you saying the truth?”

“It’s fake.” System laughed with a ‘hehehe’ and said, “Don’t be anxious and relax, already asked you to believe in Big bro. It’s already so long now, don’t you feel anything strange?”

JiYuan’s pair of eyes slightly brightened, “In the rumors, the demon ruler will do whatever he wanted to do and will not beat around the bush. Now that he occupied Ye Junchi’s body, he should directly go to Yuqiu’s camp and start massacring the human cultivators. But right until now, he still didn’t do anything …”

As he thought of that, JiYuan walked over and held Ye Junchi’s hand, inwardly thinking in his heart.
Demon ruler frowned. Just as he wanted to shrug off JiYuan, a familiar numbing sensation swept over him, and his consciousness suddenly blurred.

JiYuan’s eyes were wide opened when he saw Ye Junchi revealed a familiar gentle smile. Kissing his(JY) slender white fingers, “Ah Yuan not angry with me ba?”

Behind them, a few low coughing sound from the cultivators could be heard. A strange fiery gaze almost burned a hole through his(JY) back. Seeing that Ye Junchi suddenly changed his expression, JiYuan who knew how thick Ye Junchi’s ‘face’ was stiffened. He knew what he(YJC) was saying. Ignoring the eyes of the public behind him, he expressionlessly said, “Angry.”

Ye Junchi’s smile shook. It was too late to say anything, he just looked away at the cliff far from them, then returned to his cold face. The demon ruler regained the control of the body had his eyes opened wide. What’s happening? Ye Junchi actually is afraid of this human cultivator in front of him? He thought it was unbelievable but whenever he wanted to act against JiYuan, the body will immediately be uncontrollable. Wait a bit more ba. Before long, this body will be completely his. The demon ruler shifted his gaze with a cold face, and met eyes with Yuqiu from far away.

JiYuan couldn’t help but shook his head. Ye Junchi was really… it was not easy for him to be sober for a short moment, but the first thing he wanted to ask was if he(JY) was angry or not. Not sure how is he now…

JiYuan was feeling worried in his heart but he didn’t say it out. Seeing that the cultivators has started to sword flight with a fighting spirit, he knew that a melee will happen immediately. He turned sideways to look at Yun Cheng, and strode towards him in large steps.

Towards JiYuan, Yun Cheng has always held a guilty conscience. Seeing him walking over, his icy expression turned softer, “Miss Ji, you…”

JiYuan : “Thank you, Mister Ji.” [T/N : As in call me Mister Ji thank you very much.]

Yun Cheng followed suit and changed his address, “Mister Ji. You… who hurt you?” Pausing, he scratched his head and continued, “With Senior Ye following you, you shouldn’t have any problem…”

JiYuan : “…”

What a shock, Yun Cheng was actually so innocent and couldn’t see what kind of marks was on his body. JiYuan felt that he better not de-fi-le Yun Cheng’s pure and beautiful world, and shook his head. He reminded, “Yuqiu’s magic is very strange. He seemed to be able to shift body to another person at any time, you must be careful.”

Yun Cheng nodded.

After a moment of hesitation, JiYuan decided to add a bit more, “Although he is using your father’s appearance, you need to remember to be calm. Don’t get confused.”

Yun Cheng could be considered the leader for the cultivators in the scene right now. If he is dead, these cultivators would be affected at some point. Facing those powerful demons, they would certainly die. Furthermore, Yun Cheng was a very pitiful person…

He(YC) didn’t thought too much, so when he found out something wrong with Yun Wuxiu, it was too late. There were only a few trustable people left around him, and each progress was made with great difficulties. His mother was put under house arrest while his father was not conscious. And sometimes he(YC) would be controlled to do some bad things. He(YC) was in a predicament, the situation was dangerous and abnormal. Fortunately, his temper was soft on the outside while hard on the inside, persisted with clenched teeth, and keep looking for the chance to counter-attack. But this was a bumpy road, he couldn’t seek warmth from other people and when he suffered bitterness, no one knew about it. Having JiYuan giving him a few words of concern, he(YC) couldn’t help reaching out and hugged JiYuan. He gratefully replied, “Mister Ji, after removing the demons, this small one will definitely clean Senior Ye and your good name. Let…”

His words was not finished, but he felt like he was being stared by something very terrifying. It was much scarier than furious beast and poisonous snakes, like it would rush forward and tear him(YC) to bits at the next moment. Yun Cheng felt cold all over his body. He thought it was Yuqiu who was staring at him, but when he raise his head to see, it was Ye Junchi.

Ye Junchi hugged his own hand with a cold face, and stood not very far away from them. His eyes glared with deadliness at his(YC) hand on JiYuan’s waist, his own fingers vaguely caressed Gui Chi’s body.

Yun Cheng has a head full of cold sweat, he quickly retracted his hand and let go of JiYuan. With a dry laugh, he said, “Senior Ye liked Mister Ji very much indeed.”

Yun Cheng : That jealousy was not only scary, but also a bit fierce. A moment later to retract back my hands, I afraid this pair of hands would be chopped down.

In JiYuan’s heart, he understood perfectly (with YC) and wanted to sympathetically pat Yun Cheng’s shoulder. But he was afraid that Ye Junchi would rush over and ‘remove’ Yun Cheng’s arm, so he(JY) could only nodded his head, then slowly walked back to Ye Junchi’s side. He was really puzzled in his heart, “System, Ye Junchi woke up again just now and ‘ate vinegar'(jealous) of Yun Cheng?”

System gave an ‘En’ and added a sentence, “A gaze like he wanted to kill someone.”

“… he usually don’t get jealous to such extent.”

Pausing, a ‘light bulb’ suddenly lighted up in JiYuan’s mind. Like a thunder just struck him, “What the Hell! I am very scared. System, quickly tell me how many consciousness right now is inside Big bro’s body?”

System : “You found out quite fast, there are 3.”

1 demon ruler, and 2 Ye Junchi. One of the Ye Junchi is the one that has gone crazy.

JiYuan : “…”

The demon ruler felt that JiYuan’s gaze was a bit strange, “What is it?”

JiYuan answered with an answer that doesn’t match the question, solemnly said, “I will make you get better.”

Finished saying that, he lead Ye Junchi towards the edge of the Qian Lian peak. His eyes met with the latter’s doubtful eyes, JiYuan revealed a rare, pure and light smile, “You hated the humans, and hated the demons too. This is the battle between both sides and it’s none of our business, so we should just watch by the side ba.”

As he said that, JiYuan asked in his heart, “System, is the demon ruler a straight guy?”

Hearing an affirmative reply from System, JiYuan lightly smiled in his heart ‘See me disgust you to death’ and continued his words, “Moreover, didn’t you get worried until you couldn’t sleep? If we don’t participate, then I won’t get hurt, and you won’t be so distressed.”

Demon ruler : “…”

The Hell is this? He(DR) only slept for more than 10 years, why did the world changed altogether when he came back?

System : “Hey, OOC…”

JiYuan was expressionless, “Critical period, shut up.”

System pondered for a moment. Thinking on how pitiful the host was, it could only silently pressed down the OOR charge and watched the fun from the side.

When Ye Junchi found himself being struck by the black needle, he should have guessed that he would lose control and later on let the demon ruler take advantage of this weakness. Since he dared to take JiYuan to Wan Nan Mountain, he must have some kind of confidence that he would be able to completely break away from the demon ruler. System which was completely equipped with scientific knowledge but was useless in fantasy world, shed two lines of electronic tears (T_T). Feeling that even its role to assist was gone, everything will have to listen to Big bro now.

Both people came to the edge of the cliff, and the demon lord looked like he was unwilling to take a step nearer. Countless of cultivators were buried under the Qian Liao peak. Even with the Yun family’s big array restraining it, one would still feel a hint of extreme coldness upon approaching nearer. If one is not careful and accidentally fell down, one would even have the opportunity to mingle with countless restless souls of the dead demons and human cultivators, ‘friendly mingle’ that is. Other than that, if one doesn’t have strong enough cultivation, or one’s soul has some weakness in it, then it would be even more exciting. One will get caught by countless of grudging and restless spirits, basically you won’t come up again once you fell in.

JiYuan noticed the demon ruler’s reaction and determined that Ye Junchi was hinting of the cliff just now to him. Just as they reached the edge of the cliff, the other side started fighting. Whenever cultivators started fighting, the effects have always been big/massive. When a talisman or a 5-element1 skill thrown out to the fray, there would be loud rumbling sounds. The effect for melee attacks was even more incredible. A human cultivator has just sword flight and chopped down a few demons, he then get sneak-attacked from behind by another demon; his head was directly snapped off. Just as that demon wanted to taste the cultivator’s blood, a blasting talisman flew right at it and pasted at its head. ‘BOOM’ and the demon lost half of its head.

Feeling uncomfortable from looking at those scenes, JiYuan turned away, no longer watching. He held tightly at Ye Junchi’s hand while continue prying secrets from System’s mouth, “Shouldn’t the demon ruler like Yin qi instead? Why is he so afraid of getting nearer to the bottom of the peak? If I died, don’t dream of getting your bonus.”

The threat at the last part was effective, System hesitated for a while before saying, “Originally, I shouldn’t tell you this… ai, fine fine. Already broken so many rules, one more wouldn’t kill. Yuqiu didn’t rely on the Yin qi at the bottom of the peak to summon his soul. Moreover, the demon ruler’s soul has been drifting for more than 10 years so it was not whole. Souls that were not whole are very scared of getting close to Yin qi, even demon ruler couldn’t get close for too long.”

“Then what will happen if one get close?”

“Will be dragged out of the body and get consigned to eternal damnation.”

So Ye Junchi was trying to use this idea. JiYuan lightly breathed in and nodded. When he looked at the demon ruler again, his(JY) gaze has changed.

The demon ruler frowned, “Ah Yuan, why are you looking at me like that?”

JiYuan : “It’s been a while since you last called me Baby.”

Demon ruler : “…” The most perfect creation he has trained out, what the Hell had he experienced?

If wasn’t for the restriction from System, JiYuan really wanted to act out his most passionate acting, “Junchi, I want to tell you something.”

“… what?”

JiYuan slowly circled his(YJC) waist, his face was cold and his voice was light, “You jump, I jump.”

~   THE END   ~


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  1. 五行术法 – Not very sure with this but Baidu search said it’s made up of 5 element – Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. ↩

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