先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 58

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When JiYuan woke up, no one was beside him.
His whole body was painfully sore like he was ran over by big boulders, even his fingers couldn’t be lifted up. Lying stiffly for a long while, he then slowly regained his senses. His eyes turned around, checking out his surroundings. In the middle when they were doing it, Ye Junchi carried him and left that corpse-littered area. Right now, he was lying on some grasses, his body was covered with a blood-stained robe. Not far from him, the sound of water flowing in a creek could be heard.
“System … where’s Ye Junchi?”
“Gone.” System who has just reconnected on line was blank as well.
JiYuan thought for a while, then sat up with much difficulties. He couldn’t help gasping in pain and taking a breath of cold air, asked System with a tremble, “Am I dead?”
System was feeling a bit distressed, “My dear, you are still alive. How are you feeling now?”
Tears instantly fell down, it was too painful, “Feeling a life worse than death…”
His whole lower body was sticky, the smell of blood mixed with the smell of their xx lightly reached his nose. JiYuan doesn’t dare at all to see how his lower body looked like right now. Clenching his teeth, he supported himself on the small tree at the side and tried his best to stand up. Suddenly, he felt something flowing down from his inner thigh.
JiYuan : “…” God his mother no matter what kind of crazy Ye Junchi was having, this time when they returned back, he(YJC) will have to quietly be a monk for several years ba. If he(YJC) dared to touch him, he will ask System to broadcast ‘root cutting’ show directly to him(JY).
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The creek was just beside him. JiYuan walked a few steps but fell down again, he nearly crawled his way to the creek. Pulling open his robe, JiYuan turned over and rolled himself into the water. The icy cold stream water make JiYuan shudder, and he completely woke up.
“System, what actually happened? What happened to Ye Junchi?”
After System dropped off line, it went back to headquarter to apply for an access to some information, and was made clear of some things. Looking at JiYuan’s miserable appearance, it sighed again with an almost unintelligible sound, “… Ye Junchi was raised up by the demon ruler.”
Strictly speaking, it was not considered ‘raised’ but was ‘tortured’.
JiYuan has always been curious, for Ye Junchi to follow such a cruel, inhumane, blood-thirsty demon ruler, and also suffered a body full of wounds, how come he could still act like a normal person and not get crazy.
System then answered, “The evil energy in Ye Junchi’s body is very heavy. Because other than being affected by the demon ruler, him practicing that demonic skill also played a role. You heard of that demonic skill before, people will get mad from practicing it and turn bloodthirsty. In the end, one will become completely crazy and turned into a devil who will only kill.”
JiYuan’s heart sank.
“Ye Junchi has been suppressing this evil and murderous energy, didn’t you noticed that sometimes when he gets angry, his eyes were very scary…?”
System paused, its voice became smaller, “I remember one thing… that time in the Thousand Sword array, Big bro was injured by a black needle. But I didn’t check for toxicity and didn’t notice. After that, Big bro often became abnormal, it must be that black needle causing trouble.”
“What you mean is … Ye Junchi right now has lost himself, and became a maniac who only know how to kill?”
System : “Don’t be sad…”
JiYuan sat inside the creek without any expression, and used the cold water to wipe his face. Taking a deep breath, he was so calm that it was scary, “What is Yuqiu’s purpose of doing this?”
JiYuan was not asking System, but was self-asking self-answering. Immediately he followed with the answer, “He wanted Ye Junchi to lose himself, then call upon the soul of the demon ruler, making it easier for him(DR) to take over Ye Junchi.”
System was in silence.
JiYuan didn’t speak anymore. After soaking in the water for a while, he ran spiritual power through his own body. Waiting until his body no longer feeling extremely sore, he crawled out from the water. From the ring Ye Junchi gifted to him, he took out a set of clothing and slowly put it on.
Like he has been thinking for a long time, JiYuan continued, “But it has been so long now, and the Yin qi has not leak out. Yuqiu doesn’t plan to break apart the Yun family’s big array that was suppressing the Yin qi? It seems to be like that, he seemed to care for a ‘someone’ in the Yun family, and that person must have been pleading him in tears many times. He got softhearted.”
System uttered an ‘En’ then said, “Is Yun Cheng’s mother. However, Yuqiu could still summon a soul without breaking the big array, now that Ye Junchi…”
Only at this moment JiYuan started to have waves in his emotions. He closed his eyes and tightly clenched his teeth. After a long while, he said in a hoarse voice, “So Ye Junchi right now, is not necessarily the Ye Junchi I know.”
System comforted him with a few more words, but seeing that he was indifferent, it also knew it couldn’t give much comfort. So it could only say a sentence ‘You have to believe in Big bro’, then became silent.
Seeing that the day has turned to noon, JiYuan rested by the creek for a short moment and started limping out from the woods.
System afraid that he would get lost, so it observed the situation for a while and said, “Yun Cheng and his people has reached the top of the Qian Liao peak. Currently they are fighting with a bunch of demons, you should head east.”
JiYuan changed his direction according to System’s instruction. Although his body was not feeling well, but he was still a cultivator after all. He affixed two ‘Light body’ talisman on his body and his speed became a whole lot faster. It was just a while, and JiYuan has returned to the area nearby the main hall in Qian Liao peak.
He didn’t immediately close in, but hid behind a large tree to observe the situation.
The scene he saw caused his pupils to shrink.
In case someone needed a reminder on who is who
The front area in front of the Qian Liao peak was a large practice field. At this moment, it was full of people. The people standing the nearest to him was some demons and human cultivators while those who stood right at the foremost front turned out to be Yuqiu in the appearance of Yun Wuxiu, Jiang Xuesong was unexpectedly inside too.
It seemed that Yuqiu’s previous body that was destroyed was someone else’s.
Jiang Xuesong showed up once again, could it be he thought Yuqiu has won so he couldn’t wait to show his face?
JiYuan was stunned for a moment, then shook his head and no longer thinking of the matter. His gaze turned and saw JiChen with JiShen. Seeing that they have woken up safe and sound, he was slightly relieved. When he raised his eyes again, he saw Ye Junchi.
Ye Junchi was sporting a look of indifference on his face and holding on Gui Chi. He seemed to have felt JiYuan’s gaze on him, and immediately turned around towards JiYuan’s hiding place. Following that, he revealed a gentle smile and strode towards JiYuan.
As a famous and dignified demon lord, no matter if he was really being framed or not, and whichever side of the camp he was standing in, every single of his moves were closely followed by all of the demons and cultivators in the scene. Now that he started moving, everyone’s eyes couldn’t help but turned towards the direction he was heading.
The corner of Yuqiu’s lips revealed a deep grim smile. Staring at Ye Junchi, a weird fire and reverence could be seen in his(YQ) eyes. Other than Yun Cheng, no one noticed the peculiarities of Yuqiu.
Although Ye Junchi looked like he just took two steps forward, but he instantly reached JiYuan’s side. JiYuan’s body turned stiff and he was pulled into Ye Junchi’s arms. Ye Junchi intimately rubbed the top of his(JY) hair like usual, his voice was lazy and warm, “Ah Yuan, turns out you are here. Where did you go last night? I cannot find you, it really worried me.”
JiYuan’s hand was being pressed by him(YJC) so he couldn’t reach out to see his bracelet but he could intuitively feel the unfamiliarity from the person who was holding him. He lowered down his eyes to see ‘Ye Junchi’s’ hand has casually moved near to his(JY) neck. JiYuan went silent for a moment and make himself open his mouth, “Sorry, I cause you to worry.”
“Yuqiu is still alive.”
Ye Junchi pulled him and slowly walked back. Being strangely stared by all of the cultivators in the scene, JiYuan couldn’t help frowning. He knew how he looked like right now, swollen lip and the skin of his lips were broken. On his earlobe was teeth marks, and even his cheek was heavily bitten on. Anyone with a working mind will know in a glance what he has went through. But Ye Junchi’s steps were unhurried, like he doesn’t mind the traces of wounds on his(JY) body.
JiYuan pursed his lips, he sneered in his heart and his hand involuntarily stretched out to pull Ye Junchi’s hand. It was different from the warm and dry palm he usually felt, this hand was extremely cold as if the owner of the hand has just climbed out from Hell. Being touched for JiYuan, this hand subconsciously shrunk away before went to hold his(JY) hand with large strength.
Both of them returned to Yun Cheng’s side, JiShen pulled JiChen and ran to them. With a surprised and happy tone, he(JS) asked, “Are you alright? It’s good if you are fine, uncle is at the back. Do you want to go and see?”
JiChen on the contrary was much more calm and reserved. His gaze was the usual gentle and warm, “Ah Yuan, thank you.”
JiYuan nodded. After a moment of hesitation, he said, “It will be chaotic later, I’m sorry to ask you but could you please bring my father back to the Ji family now?”
As he said that, he casually glanced at the bead which has turned white. The last thread of hope was gone in his heart, JiYuan felt like someone splashed a bucket of cold water on him and he nearly shuddered from the cold.
Seeing JiShen nodded, JiYuan glanced sideways at Ye Junchi and felt a bit baffled. It won’t be just chaotic later on. If… Ye Junchi couldn’t wake up, it won’t be just South Lake, the whole cultivation world would be thrown into chaos.
“System…” JiYuan asked in a small voice, “What should I do?”
If System has a body, it should be wiping cold sweat too, “No other way, Ye Junchi couldn’t wake up anymore.”
What rubbish to ‘wake up with love’, he was already lucky that Ye Junchi didn’t kill him last night. His(YJC) consciousness has fallen, the one controlling him was … the demon ruler.
Noticing JiYuan’s gaze, Ye Junchi turned sideways and met his(JY) eyes. His(YJC) tone was gentle, “What is it?”
JiYuan opened his mouth, and shook his head.
The demon ruler doesn’t seem to know that he(JY) was aware (of what happened).
After a long moment of standstill, Yuqiu suddenly said with cold voice, “Why still haven’t attack? Yun Cheng, facing with this ‘face’, you couldn’t bear to act?”
Yun Cheng’s eyes abruptly widened, “Father!”
Yuqiu didn’t respond, his body shook and lowly spat out a curse. When he raised his eyes, he looked gloomier, “It seems that a war is inevitable today.”
A cultivator beside Yun Cheng furiously shouted, “Demon! Get out from the Leader’s body and we will spare you!”
“So it was you who did all that, and here I was wondering why Leader daren had such a big change with his temperament in recent years…”
“Fellow cultivator Ye is here, so your deathbed struggle is useless. You should just get your hands tied and wait to be captured, so to prevent demons and humans starting a war again!”
“Demons are really demons…”
JiYuan sensitively noted that the blood red color in Ye Junchi’s eyes became darker with every words these cultivators said. If he(YJC) couldn’t be stopped, afraid everyone here today will not be spared…
JiYuan clenched his teeth, and pulled on Ye Junchi’s sleeve. This person occupying Ye Junchi here obviously doesn’t have an adequate patience and love that the original one had. When he turned around, he(JY) can already see some impatience on his face, “What is it?”
“We promised to go back to the demon realm together.” JiYuan slowly said.
Demon ruler impatiently nodded, he was very annoyed inside. Earlier when he noticed JiYuan, he just want to go over to grab him out. The result was the moment he got closer to the youth, his body subconsciously acted ahead and pulled the youth into his arms, intimately rubbing his(JY) hair.
It was really unexpected that Ye Junchi would have a person with such importance.
When he(DR) woke up, he was quite surprised. After all, under his ‘careful molding/teaching’, Ye Junchi had a cold face like artic snow all year round; a face without expression and desire, without sadness nor happiness. Ye Junchi was a perfect creation personally trained by his hand, and was in line with all his imagination. Powerful, beautiful, indifferent, every single of his movement carried a killing intent.
Just that, this creation doesn’t quite meet his requirements now.
Giving JiYuan a smile, the demon ruler has retracted his impatience and said in a low voice, “Don’t worry, you will be able to go back very soon.”
Anyone who are familiar with the demon ruler, the moment they saw this smile they would tremble with fear. That year before the demon ruler went mad, he would still know how to smile. The gentler his smile, the more miserable that person will die.
JiYuan felt a chill ran down his back from that smile. Looking through that pair of eyes contaminated with slight color of blood, he(JY) saw at the bottom of his(DR) eyes – killng intent.
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