先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 57

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…. unusual?
JiYuan froze for a moment, but didn’t refute it. Ye Junchi’s behavior was indeed a bit strange.
“I also don’t know where actually went wrong.” System who was advocating science has been deeply entangled in this world (starting to rely on instinct?)said, “Anyway… you should watch out ah.”
JiYuan silently acknowledged it and threw a glance at Ye Junchi. He(JY) quietly pulled at his own sleeve to reveal the bracelet at his wrist, the bead at the bracelet was blue in color. He observed it before, whenever he left Ye Junchi’s side, the bead on the bracelet would turn white. Now that the bead is blue in color … Ye Junchi was still Ye Junchi.
Ye Junchi didn’t miss JiYuan’s little movements. He bowed down to JiYuan’s pale white neck and pecked on it, smilingly asked, “What are you looking at?”
Pausing, JiYuan turned around and showed his own wrist to him(YJC). Secretly observing Ye Junchi’s expression, he said, “This is a gift from you.”
“Do you like it?”
Locking eyes with Ye Junchi for a short moment, JiYuan could only see gentleness and patience from that pair of deep moist black eyes, and slowly nodded.
Ye Junchi saw him turned around, and gently stroke his(JY) black hairs. Then, something frightening suddenly flashed through those eyes.
System silently shuddered, it wanted to alert JiYuan but after a careful observation, it doesn’t see any malicious feeling from Ye Junchi.
Maybe it just … saw it wrongly?
The Yun family’s immortal residence on the Qian Liao peak was a dazzling sight, but this magnificent architecture was completely defeated today. On the peak was a large main hall. It was usually used by the Alliance to discuss important matters, normal people couldn’t casually go into it. That main hall right now was heavily guarded. From the outside, it was not possible to check the situation inside but one doesn’t need to ask to know that all the Yun family members were locked inside; probably in a panic and surprised state too.
Under a tacit agreement, JiYuan and Ye Junchi ignored the main hall and walked towards the side hall. Both of the people doesn’t have a good reputation. If they rushed inside to save people, one afraid that when they came out, those people might just pull out a knife to a face-to-face battle. Yun Cheng would be arriving soon anyway, it would be better for him(YC) to rescue them himself.
The day has sunk into the evening, the side hall was shrouded in dead silence. JiYuan and Ye Junchi rounded the empty and cold side hall a few times, and found out a secret tunnel. When they opened the entrance for the secret tunnel, JiYuan received two news notification.
[Congratulations for completing the rescue mission, value 400 has been added to the tasks completion count.]
[Congratulations for completing the mission to find out the truth with demon lord Ye Junchi, value 400 has been added to the tasks completion count.]
Two surprises came one after another, JiYuan’s previous boring and strange mood immediately flew away. He checked the taskbar; another 800 and he would be able to free himself. JiYuan couldn’t help but revealed a vivid smile.
From Ye Junchi’s eyes, it looked like JiYuan’s long-awaited wish came true, and revealed a joyful smile from being able to finally rescue his father and brothers.
Ye Junchi felt itchy in his heart, he wanted to kiss JiYuan and he was also a bit jealous. Raising up his head to look at the 3 unconscious people being tied up in the secret room, he casually waved Gui Chi and the iron chain broke into pieces.
JiYuan walked in quick steps towards the 3 people and checked the condition of their bodies, an unspeakable complex feeling suddenly burst in his heart. Yun Cheng indeed didn’t lie, he really instructed people in secret to take care of the 3 of them. Although they looked kind of pale, they unexpectedly didn’t suffer any external injuries. His eyes swept over the face of an unfamiliar middle-aged man. Holding back the urge to check JiShen’s situation, he(JY) carefully checked JiXuan’s pulse, sighing in his heart.
The owner of the body couldn’t bear the grievances and took poison to his death, him(JY) being the ‘turtledove occupying the magpie’s nest’ has rescued JiXuan, JiYuan could consider himself finished paying his gratitude. In the future, except from secretly taking care of JiShen, he won’t have to have anything to do with the Ji family anymore.
Thinking until this part, JiYuan was a bit absent-minded.
Is this really the end?
He(JY) originally thought there would be a deadly and unpredictable battle but he never expect Yuqiu would be killed by Ye Junchi just like that. Yuqiu this shrewd person and his meticulously planned actions, actually died like that…
JiYuan’s eyelid couldn’t help twitching, he had a restless feeling. While he was staring blankly, JiXuan has woken up. A pair of black eyes without focus, it started to regain some spirit after a long while. Staring blankly at JiYuan, he(JX) didn’t say anything. JiYuan’s heart thumped with a sense of discomfort, he pondered for a moment before calling out in a small voice, “Father?”
JiXuan frowned and lightly asked, “Yuan er, why are you here?”
Although his loved one (parent) has always been by his side since childhood, JiYuan has never experience any familial affection. So, seeing JiXuan’s attitude, he(JY) actually didn’t think anything was wrong and naturally replied, “To rescue you.”
Looking at this strange interaction between the father and son, Ye Junchi frowned. A waft of a rare fragrance lightly drifted to his(YJC) nose and he started feeling dizzy. Those bottled up emotions in his chest nearly burst out from constraint, he paused and lightly breathed in. Ye Junchi really wanted to immediately leave this dark room that let people feel depressed but when he saw JiYuan, he silently held back. His gaze slowly swept over these two brothers, JiChen and JiShen at a side. Then he thought of the importance that JiYuan placed on JiShen, so he walked over to check JiShen’s condition. Out of the corner of his eyes, he suddenly noticed that JiXuan was not quite right.
The him(YJC) 10 years ago has received help from JiYuan and JiXuan, although it was not quite effective but it was tantamount to ‘sending coal in winter’ so he had a bit of an impression on JiXuan. It was definitely not this middle-aged men with a cold face and eyes hiding a chill in it. Immediately, Ye Junchi erected a barrier to cover those two brothers. Gui Chi responded according to his will and instantly blocked in front of JiYuan. The next moment, JiXuan who was asking JiYuan some questions with a cold voice abruptly pulled out a dagger and stabbed towards JiYuan.
Gui Chi managed to block just in time and the dagger hit its body, a crisp ‘Dang!’ sounded in the room.
JiYuan doesn’t manage to react in time and was pulled by Ye Junchi into his arms. Stunned, he(JY) called out, “Father?”
JiXuan’s cheeks could be seen slightly twitching, “Don’t call me father! You are not my son!”
A sheen of cold sweat covered JiYuan’s forehead.
System exclaimed an ‘Oh’ before saying, “Already told you not to be so unrestrained, see ba, got exposed.”
JiYuan really wanted to cry, “I already maintained 100% of the original body’s personality ah. Their father and son ties is so great that a glance could find me out, how is it my fault?”
JiXuan was still breathing heavily, and was looking at Ye Junchi who was guarding JiYuan tightly. His eyes were already red, “My son will never collude with the demons to harm humans!”
Wait a minute, JiXuan was angry because he thought the original body was really colluding with the demons?
His heart which has leaped to his throat fell back into place. Just as JiYuan wanted to open his mouth to explain, Ye Junchi coldly asked, “Yuqiu, how long do you still want to act?”
‘JiXuan’ paused, he actually didn’t refute Ye Junchi and started laughing in a low voice. His laughter became shrill and JiYuan felt his own scalp turning numb, he subconsciously shrunk inside Ye Junchi’s arms.
Goddamned his mother this pervert still haven’t die!
Why his life is even harder than cockroaches?!
“You didn’t expect this right?”
After laughing for a while, Yuqiu put away his smile and coldly looked at Ye Junchi, “Ye Junchi, you can be considered sending yourself to my door.”
Ye Junchi looked at him with indifference, “Didn’t expect you has actually cultivated to this extent. It seems that if I can’t find out your original body, I can’t completely kill you. However, as long as I burn down this whole Wan Nan Mountain, I would definitely find it.”
JiYuan turned to his side to look at Ye Junchi. Seeing that his expression doesn’t seem to be joking, he reminded in a whisper, “… burning down Wan Nan Mountain, the Yin qi will leak out.”
Moreover, Wan Nan Mountain still have all members of the Yun family. If Ye Junchi harmed so many life just to destroy Yuqiu, that would be too…
Ye Junchi paused, the hand holding JiYuan tightened and his smile was a bit treacherous, “So what if it leaked out? These mortals don’t know how to do anything other than spread some unwarranted rumors, doesn’t matter if I killed one or one hundred…”
JiYuan sucked in a breath of cool air, “Ye Junchi!”
Startled, his eyes which was displaying hints of craziness has calmed down. Ye Junchi trembled and hugged JiYuan tightly, hoarsely said, “Sorry, I scared you. I was just rambling.”
Whenever Yuqiu saw Ye Junchi, he(YQ) would be strangely excited. With a loud laugh, “Are you really rambling? Ye Junchi, you couldn’t control yourself much longer right? Wait until you relapsed, you will become a crazy person who would kill anyone you see. Why don’t you quickly release JiYuan, I afraid you will kill him if you are not careful. You…”
His voice has yet to settle when Gui Chi ruthlessly stabbed towards him.
JiYuan understood that JiXuan at this moment was just being controlled by Yuqiu. This one stab, afraid Yuqiu would not be harmed, and the one harmed was JiXuan. He quickly pulled at Ye Junchi. Seeing that Gui Chi has stopped, he turned around to look at Ye Junchi, his(JY) heart was inexplicably flustered.
What happened to Ye Junchi? He(YJC) was usually calm and collected, how could he get provoked by Yuqiu’s random words?
Ye Junchi covered his(JY) eyes and said in a low voice, “Don’t look at me.”
Yuqiu was still not stopping by the side, “Couldn’t control yourself much longer ba, wait until His Grace return…”
“Scram.” Ye Junchi coldly interrupted him, but JiYuan could feel his(YJC) body trembled.
After laughing for a while, he(YQ) actually took the initiative to let go of JiXuan. JiXuan’s head tilted and he fainted.
Ye Junchi took several deep breaths, a layer of restless bloody red was floating on his pair of eyes like he has qi deviation1. Carrying JiYuan, he left the secret room in large strides. JiYuan subconsciously returned his hug and whispered, “My father, JiShen, JiChen…”
Ye Junchi kept silent.
System’s voice was trembling, “Rest assured, Yun Cheng has arrived to the foot of Wan Nan Mountain. He will protect them properly when he come over… right now you should stop talking to avoid stimulating Big bro, he looked very scary at the moment.”
No matter what JiYuan said, System declined to broadcast the current situation of Ye Junchi to him. JiYuan could only let Ye Junchi covers his eyes, not knowing where he(YJC) was heading. Not long after that, a dozen or more groups of demons came to attack.
Thick bloody smell keep wafting to his nose, JiYuan finally couldn’t resist and pulled away Ye Junchi’s hand. When he raised his head to look at Ye Junchi, he immediately lost his voice.
This person who was holding him was like a stranger who was wearing Ye Junchi’s skin. His face was expressionless and his eyes were red with violence. His body was soaked with blood, just like a God of Death. The hints of red carrying killing intent which occasionally flashed through Ye Junchi’s eyes have completely broken out at this moment.
JiYuan subconsciously glanced at his bracelet. The blue color shone clear and limpid, there was no doubt that this person in front of him was Ye Junchi.
It was dark at all 4 corners of the area, and the ground was littered with dead demon bodies. JiYuan’s eyes quickly swept over all sorts of strange body parts. Holding back the urge to vomit, he examined himself once again. His lips moved but he couldn’t say anything as his throat was dry.
… Ye Junchi was covered in blood, but he didn’t let even a single drop of blood to stain his(JY) hair and clothes. He keep staring at him(JY), his tyrannical gaze could cause chills in people’s heart.
JiYuan felt numb from being stared by him, he felt like he would be torn apart and eaten into his(YJC) stomach any time. Restraining the fear in his heart, JiYuan tried his best to soften his own voice, “What is it? Are you injured? Put me down ba, I can walk by myself.”
Ye Junchi was silent for a while, his blood-soaked fingers slowly slid down onto JiYuan’s neck, slightly increasing force. The neck underneath his hand was much more slender compared to a lot of other men. Warm and tender, pressing closer could let one feel the beating of his heart. As long as he exerts some force, this person in his arms would die.
Ye Junchi’s expression was indifferent, “JiYuan, where do you want to go?”
JiYuan cautiously hugged him, “I’m not going anywhere, what happened to you?”
“…” A twisted smile appeared at the corner of Ye Junchi’s mouth, “You are lying.”
The suffocating feeling swept over him, and it was too late for JiYuan to think what kind of development was this inexplicable progress doing, his mind started to feel faint.
System was shouting ‘AH AH AH’, its cold electronic tone was kind of irritating, “I knew it, I just knew it! I already say it earlier that Big bro was not any good people! JiYuan, the dagger is by your waist quickly attack ah you are dying!!”
JiYuan didn’t respond. His eyes were blurry, he could only summon all his energy to raise his hand, and gently stroke Ye Junchi’s face.
“If you want to kill me…” Remember to toss my body as far as you can, in case you wake up… then it woulddn’t be good.
His(JY) sight keep flickering to darkness. Just as JiYuan thought he would be strangled to death by Ye Junchi, he(YJC) suddenly stopped his hand. Bowing down his head, Ye Junchi sucked on JiYuan’s lips.
JiYuan who was nearly suffocated to death now desperately tried to breath in oxygen.
His brain was throbbing with endless pain, and tears were brimming in his eyes. When he finally came back to his senses, his lips were already rudely bitten and was bleeding. Then he was pushed against a tree, his back was rubbing against the rough bark; painful and sore. A hand came groping inside. JiYuan felt like his mind was swelling and dizzy, but he still has some consciousness left. He still know where they were at currently, that Yuqiu was still alive and they were surrounded by dead bodies.
JiYuan pressed on Ye Junchi’s hand, his eyes were pleading, “Don’t!”
Ye Junchi seemed to have lost all his reasons, he doesn’t care of JiYuan’s struggles and looked like he felt his(JY) struggle was a bit bothersome. He pulled out a bundle of Immortal Binding rope and tied both of JiYuan’s hands above his head. Then he pressed JiYuan against the tree, flipping over his(JY) robe and lifted one of his(JY) legs to rest on his(YJC) shoulder.
JiYuan’s face has turned pale, “Ye Junchi? Are you mad?!”
And System went offline at this critical time, JiYuan really wanted to cry. He almost couldn’t breathe when he(YJC) entered him without any preparations, his tears didn’t behave2 and flowed down. Ye Junchi was still hugging him, whispering things, his voice was in fragments. JiYuan tried his best to listen for a while, the more he listened, the more he was scared.
Yeqiu said that he(YJC) would become a mad man who would kill anyone he saw. And now, Ye Junchi’s consciousness has indeed turned completely chaotic. He seemed to be only remembering the time when JiYuan said he would leave him.
JiYuan doesn’t have any time to ponder, as hints of blood flowed down his throat and he fainted not long after that.
The author has something to say:
YQ : UnexpectedRight.jpg
JY : … oh, I expected it.
YJC who was out of control didn’t say anything and threw Gui Chi at Yuqiu.

  1. 走火入魔 – [WIKI] I always felt that this phrase was very hard to be fully conveyed and explained in translation. Just like people couldn’t fully explain the word Guangwu (ah, I forgot the exact spelling). 
  2. 不争气 – Same as the footnote above, I felt like the meaning went wrong when translated to English. ↩

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