先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 56

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JiYuan was not stupid, of course he will run if he couldn’t win.
He barely dodged the incoming sword, and his gaze swept over Zhao Buchen whose current status (alive or dead) was unknown. With a hesitating tone he asked, “System, Zhao Buchen… is he dead?”
“No.” System quickly scanned over him and said, “Just couldn’t move temporarily.”
JiYuan stopped being distracted and repeatedly retreated with his dagger in his hand. Until he has backed up to the wall and no longer have any escape routes, JiYuan took a deep breath and threw out all the self-defense items that Ye Junchi gave him with all his might. All sorts of things could be found inside these items, instantly an endless sound of ‘PING PING PONG PONG’ could be heard. Yuqiu was forced to retreat a few steps by those things, and his face became colder.
“It seems that you are quite important to Ye Junchi.”
Yuqiu swept his sword to block some arrows shooting over from a side. Staring at JiYuan who was safely encased in a golden shield array, he no longer attack in a hurry but the words came out from his mouth cause people who heard it couldn’t help but shuddered.
“If I peeled off your skin and used it to make a chess piece, then sent to him as a present, his expression will definitely be very interesting.”
JiYuan felt his back chilled while being stared strangely by him(YQ), he used all his effort to hold back the feeling of fried nerves and ridiculed back, “You only know how to use dirty tricks to fight Ye Junchi?”
Yuqiu sneered upon hearing that, his face revealed disdain, “Dirty tricks? Humph, that year when Ye Junchi plotted to kill His Grace, didn’t he used dirty tricks as well?! What is ‘facing enemy at the front’? What is ‘fighting fair’? All of this are just a layer of bright skin that the human cultivators covered themselves in disguise. Why do you think our demon race’s rulers were repeatedly defeated? It’s because of the venomous tricks that the human cultivators used.”
JiYuan was surprised for a moment.
He has indeed heard that a few demon rulers has fallen in South Lake. This matter has also became a beautiful tale that whenever someone talked about South Lake, they will praise the place as the ‘Holy land where demon perished’.
Yuqiu doesn’t have much patience. Just now JiYuan threw a few ‘Sky Thunder’ and sound of the explosion shook the earth. This place was not very far from the peak where Ye Junchi was, so if he(YQ) don’t quickly solve the current situation, it would be very troublesome when Ye Junchi arrived.
Just as he wanted to act on it, he saw JiYuan revealed a strange smile, “Yuqiu, do you know of one (famous) phrase?”
Yuqiu was surprised, he subconsciously asked, “What phrase?”
“Villains (usually) die from too many words.”
As JiYuan finished his words, his(JY) body actually disappeared right in front of him(YQ).
Yuqiu’s pupil shrank, he immediately reminded of the time in the Soul Lock array (chapter 42) when JiYuan suddenly disappear and reappeared behind Zhao Buchen’s back. He nearly swung out his sword to protect his own back but he couldn’t hear any sound.
What happened?
Couldn’t be JiYuan only used some method just to escape (and not to attack him)?
Hesitated for a moment, he took a glance at his surroundings. Then, the corner of his eyes caught a flash of silver.
However, it was still too late.
JiYuan’s figure flashed and appeared in front of Yuqiu, ruthlessly sliced his(YQ) neck.
This dagger Ye Junchi gave JiYuan could cut hairs just by touching it, what more Yuqiu was currently in a mere mortal form. Almost immediately, blood splattered from the wound. Yuqiu swayed for a moment, and covered his neck with his eyes wide opened. He keep gasping but couldn’t say anything.
Seeing that he(YQ) was still not dead, JiYuan could feel a chill in his heart.
How come this person is like a cockroach, not dying however you hit it?
Lightly flipped backwards onto the ground, JiYuan raised his head and coldly stared at Yuqiu, “Still not dying despite your throat was cut? Seems like I have to pierce your heart this time to get it done.”
JiYuan said that but he didn’t dare to use the same trick anymore. Not only did that trick consumed a great amount of spiritual power, it also put a heavy load on his body. Moreover, he was losing blood. Yuqiu was not stupid, so his(YQ) defense will certainly become more stringent.
What to do? Can he(JY) escape before Yuqiu make his move?
A sheen of sweat covered JiYuan’s forehead.
His current spiritual power were almost 80% gone. As for Yuqiu, other than some external injuries, he almost didn’t suffer much damage.
If Yuqiu found out that he is currently ‘an arrow at the end of its flight’ (spent all energies) …
JiYuan forced himself to calm down, but his body was unable to live up to expectation and unconsciously gave a light tremble. What kind of eyesight Yuqiu had, he(YQ) immediately saw the tremble. After laughing ‘hehehe’ a few times, a strange noise was emitted from his mouth.
“That really surprised me. The rumored waste Miss Ji is actually a man, and possessed a high level of cultivation. Ye Junchi acquired such a treasure, if he lost it once again, he certainly won’t feel good. How about you take a guess if he would immediately go out of control once he saw your dead body…?”
Yuqiu took a step closer to JiYuan with every word he said out.
JiYuan was not afraid, his expression was cold, “System, tell me the method for cultivators to self-explode.”
System was shocked, “Baby, don’t ah. You want to fight a life and death struggle with Yuqiu here, but when Big bro arrived, how do you want him to face this ah…”
JiYuan frowned, “Rather than being sent right in front to him(YJC) as a dead body with peeled skin and picked nerves, it is much more better to die together with Yuqiu here. This is the best option from the worst outcome, you tell me.”
Just as he finished saying that (to System), Yuqiu has arrived in front of him. Using a bloody finger, he pinched his(JY) lower jaw up, “Why not escaping anymore? Struggling like an ant is also quite fun…”
His(YQ) words were not finish and JiYuan has fiercely stabbed the dagger into his(YQ) right chest.
JiYuan sneered, “You really talked too much.”
Although his(JY) expression didn’t change, his heart was feeling a chill. Yuqiu’s heart was not on the right side either!
Could it be he doesn’t have a heart?
Can he still be considered a human?
No, Yun Wuxiu’s body being occupied by Yuqiu for years, so taking Yuqiu’s means of doing things in account, it was not difficult to modify Yun Wuxiu’s body into such a state. But… that was too weird. Could it be Yuqiu doesn’t have a weakness, and won’t die?
“Then die ba.”
Yuqiu’s hand lowered onto JiYuan’s slender neck, slowly tightened.
JiYuan closed his eyes. Just as he was about to follow System’s instructions on how to self-destruct, a loud ‘BOOM’ was heard beside his ear. Immediately after that, the grip on his throat loosened and his waist was tightly hugged. The strength was very big, as if the other person wanted to press him(JY) into his body.
Immediately stopping the ‘Reverse’ (self-destruct) skill, JiYuan turned around with surprise and happiness. Sure enough, he saw the ever familiar face. Just that, that familiar face at the moment was stained with blood. A hint of disturbing scarlet was floating in the bright and black eyes, soaked with tyrannical killing intention.
JiYuan subconsciously shuddered.
This was not the normal Ye Junchi.
The normal Ye Junchi at this kind of moment would be concerned if he(JY) was scared, and would softly tease or comfort him instead of using such terrifying gaze to death-stare the Yuqiu who was collapsed by the side of the wall.
He(JY) was still stunned but Ye Junchi has already acted.
He(YJC) swung Gui Chi, piercing into Yuqiu’s body, one stab after another. Blood were pouring out from the wounds, the bloody scene was chilling causing people to shudder. Even JiYuan couldn’t stand it and shifted his line of sight. He shifted his body with much difficulties inside Ye Junchi’s arms and hugged his(YJC) waist, whispering, “You are finally here at last.”
Hearing JiYuan’s voice, Ye Junchi’s crazy actions were then paused, seemed like he has calmed down from his tyrannical fury. His eyes have also returned back to its usual warm black color.
Taking a glance at the Yuqiu who looked like chopped meat, he calmly retrieved Gui Chi and tightly clung to JiYuan with a slightly trembling body. The corner of his eyes was red, “Almost … I almost lost you.”
JiYuan almost couldn’t breathe from being hugged too hard but he still tried his best to return the hug. Kissing his(YJC) lower jaw, JiYuan said, “I’m fine now, Yuqiu… is already dead, rest assured.”
Ye Junchi bowed down and buried his face at JiYuan’s neck. He took a deep breath and completely woke up, “Ah Yuan, did you get scared?”
To be honest, JiYuan was really scared. His face was a little bit pale, “Let’s leave this place first.”
Ye Junchi nodded and carried JiYuan in a princess-carry. They were about to leave when JiYuan said, “Wait a minute.”
Ye Junchi lowered his gaze to look at him.
Reaching out to grope inside his(YJC) clothes a bit, he(JY) then fished out a bottle of medicine. He glanced at Zhao Buchen who was lying on the floor, then threw the medicine beside his(ZBC) head. After that, JiYuan stretched his hands to encircle Ye Junchi’s neck. He rubbed Ye Junchi’s chest with a feeling of attachment/regret of parting and said, “Let’s go.”
JiYuan almost blew up himself a moment ago, so he was scared out of his wits now, couldn’t wait to hold Ye Junchi tightly and not letting go forever.
Ye Junchi also threw a glance at Zhao Buchen but he didn’t ask any questions, and left through the big hole he came in earlier with JiYuan in his arms.
The sky outside was becoming dark and the lingering fog has disappeared. JiYuan’s gaze swept around the surrounding and found a small house.
JiYuan has some doubts and asked, “The people from Yun family?”
“Should be all in Qian Liao peak, under house arrest.”
JiYuan lightly replied with an ‘En’, and leaned against Ye Junchi’s chest. After a long while, he whispered, “I missed you so much.”
Ye Junchi didn’t say anything. After separating for half of the day, he was worried and anxious. It was fortunate that he managed to arrive at the last minute. Endless turmoil was surging in his heart, all he wanted to do now was to confirm that JiYuan was still alive, still in his arms and never leave his side.
JiYuan was still muddled when Ye Junchi pushed him down into the grasses, “We… let us go to Qian Liao peak to rescue people first ba.”
“Yuqiu is dead now.” Ye Junchi bowed down to suck on his(JY) lips and murmured, “I was so worried about you…”
JiYuan’s mind was stretched taut previously and only loosened a bit when Ye Junchi came. So, at this moment he also wanted to vent a bit. No longer refusing, JiYuan stretched out his hands to hold Ye Junchi, taking the initiative to send his own body to Ye Junchi.
Ye Junchi used his own body expressed his concerns for JiYuan.
The sky has completely turned dark after they finished <3 <3 , JiYuan’s disordered thoughts then started to regroup. He let Ye Junchi cleaned his body, while telling him(YJC) about all his encounters, omitting the part where he was about to blew himself up.
Ye Junchi touched his(JY) face with a painful feeling in his heart. Kissing his(JY) red swollen lips, “I’m sorry, I didn’t protect you properly.”
JiYuan shook his head, “It is me who was careless, all has passed now.”
Has … passed?
When JiYuan said that, he felt hesitant. He has tried hurting Yuqiu at 3 crucial vital points but Yuqiu didn’t die. Did he really died, just by ruining his flesh body?
It is indeed great if Yuqiu really died, but JiYuan keep feeling that something not right in his heart. He hesitantly looked at Ye Junchi and got a warm kiss in return. Ye Junchi smiled with a low voice, “Baby looking at me like this, do you still want it?”
His face turning red, JiYuan instantly shook his head, “They are being locked inside a side room in the Qian Liao peak. Let’s go there, Yun Cheng has arrived to Wan Nan mountain too.”
Ye Junchi agreed to follow JiYuan’s decision. After helping him(JY) fastened his belt, Ye Junchi couldn’t help touching down the smooth slender waistline. He narrowed his eyes and said, “Too thin, need to feed more.”
JiYuan glared at him, “Later when I get fat, you will be disgusted with me.”
Ye Junchi laughed and kissed the top of his hair, “I won’t. As the saying goes, ‘kill after fattened up’. So fattening up Ah Yuan, naturally have to eat you well.”
JiYuan couldn’t help getting red in his face, and pushed at Ye Junchi, but was pulled into his arms again. Flying up to the sky on Gui Chi, they flew straight toward the main peak on the Qian Liao peak.
JiYuan comfortably leaned in his(YJC) arms, but involuntarily started to ponder about Yuqiu. He has yet to figure out anything, then he suddenly heard System’s serious voice, “JiYuan, Big bro seemed a bit unusual.”

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Melon seed Ji is tired, Hamster Ye held tightly and not letting go, only going to sleep upon returning to his little nest.
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