先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 55

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This kick was aimed right at the middle of his chest, JiYuan felt like his 5 viscera were flipping over from it. His sight blurred and he pursed his lips tightly so not to let the blood in his mouth to flow out. He sadly howled at System, “Very painful.”
System was distressed, “Baby, it doesn’t hurt ah (comforting manner), Big bro will be coming soon.”
Ever since he came into this world, JiYuan was almost always protected and cared in Ye Junchi’s arms like a treasure. He only endured some bitter moments for a few times. System who was still in the state of mimicking human emotions felt very distressed.
JiYuan’s eyes were swimming in tears, “How am I still a girl? Are they blind?”
System continued comforting with a pained heart, “The opponents are blind, don’t be angry. Wait until Big bro arrived and hit them to death so to take revenge on your behalf.”
Feeling satisfied, JiYuan nodded and slowly climbed up. He wiped away the blood from the corner of his lips, his pale-colored eyes not showing any emotions as he stared at Yuqiu with a calm and cold face.
Zhao Buchen didn’t notice it earlier, but now that he saw JiYuan, he blinked at him(JY) and his expression suddenly changed. The corner of his eyes could be seen twitched and full of killing intent.
JiYuan doesn’t think he himself could go against two people, moreover both of them were masters. He quietly swallowed his blood, the fishy sweetness of blood went down his throat. When he opened his mouth to talk, one could smell a hint of blood in it, “Seemed like Zhao family Head still doesn’t know what this mister(YQ) has done.”
Yuqiu : “He can’t do anything even if he knew.”
Yuqiu doesn’t seem to be afraid of JiYuan knowing the truth. He stared at JiYuan with a frown, then stretched out a hand to grab his(JY) shoulder; a trace of surprise flashed in his eyes. He originally thought Ye Junchi did something to change JiYuan’s gender, but …
He pondered for a moment then sneered, “No wonder those trashes couldn’t find you guys.”
They were searching according to the description of one man and one woman, it would be strange if they really could find them.
Finding out JiYuan was actually a man, he couldn’t help thinking back about all the loving gestures Ye Junchi has done for JiYuan. His gaze fell onto the ambiguous mark by his(JY) neck, his mind involuntarily imagined Ye Junchi and this youth in front of him writhing together naked in bed. Stomach feeling a sudden churn, and yet he only revealed slight contempt and disgust on his face. Taking a step backwards, he coldly said, “So disgusting.”
[T/N : All these he/him and the author didn’t help, so this Banana doesn’t know if all these ‘he’ above is Yuqiu or Zhao Buchen. But I think most probably is Yuqiu since both of them are conversing.]
JiYuan was still feeling dizzy so he doesn’t care, still maintaining a cold and calm face.
Yuqiu frowned and stared at JiYuan, “How do you manage to hook Ye Junchi?”
Although he knew it was not good to anger Yuqiu, JiYuan still couldn’t help replying with hints of ridicule, “Even if you knew, you still won’t be able to hook him, demon lord Yuqiu.”
The first part of the sentence let Yuqiu’s expression turned ugly, while the last 3 words powerfully changed the color of Zhao Buchen’s face. Although demon lord Yuqiu has disappeared without a trace for years, his insidious means and strange powers have always cast a shadow over the hearts of the human cultivators. During those warring days between the demons and the humans, Yuqiu has repeatedly taken over the mortal bodies of the important figures in the cultivation world, and almost cause the human side to lose. But this person was very cunning and hard to guard against, so no one was able to catch him.
The Zhao family also had a few powerful figures who was killed by Yuqiu.
Zhao Buchen really didn’t expect that the sworn brother he was been calling ‘Big brother’ for years was actually the notorious Yuqiu, his head felt a bit light. But he was still a family Head, so he managed to get a grip on himself very quickly. Seeing that Yuqiu has raised his hand wanting to slap JiYuan, he(ZBC) immediately called out to stop him.
Yuqiu paused for a bit, unexpectedly retracted his hand.
Zhao Buchen although looked fierce on his face, but if one was to carefully look, his facial features were actually refined that he could cause other people to stagger. He looked quite similar to his own sister, about 60-70% similarities.
Yuqiu looked at his(ZBC) face, he(YQ) really couldn’t bear to raise his hand. Him lurking inside the Alliance for so many years acting like Yun Wuxiu, he has also acted as a husband and a father. Zhao Buchen’s sister was someone with a pure heart and spirit, gentle but not weak. She was also in perfect harmony with her husband and very much in love. Even Yuqiu who was always gloomy and deceitful fell in front of her, he couldn’t not admit that he has fallen for her. That’s why he treated the Zhao family with faintly discernible tolerance and also couldn’t harm Yun Cheng.
Before he started his attacks, Yuqiu locked her in a secret room because he was afraid of her coming out and cause trouble; making his work harder. Moreover, her cultivation was low, he afraid that she will get injured in the middle of the turmoil.
Yuqiu’s gaze lightly swept over Zhao Buchen who was deeply angered, hid his hands in his sleeve and took a step backwards. Then he glanced at the mirror where Ye Junchi was seen marching forward in the middle of the thick fog, the corner of his(YQ) lips revealed a ridicule laugh. What can Zhao Buchen do even if he knew the truth? When the demon ruler regained the hold of the world, in front of this absolute power, Zhao Buchen can only surrender.
Thinking of the demon ruler, Yuqiu’s cold eyes burned with some fire. He stared at Ye Junchi in the mirror with appreciation, ignoring JiYuan and Zhao Buchen at his side.
Zhao Buchen glanced at Yuqiu, then clenched his teeth and stared at JiYuan like he couldn’t wait to pounce and bite JiYuan to death, “What did you said just now?! Who? Yuqiu? Do you know who you are talking about?!”
JiYuan lightly replied, “How about you ask him?”
No need to ask.
Zhao Buchen knew.
Yuqiu doesn’t put that in mind, he doesn’t care if his identity was exposed or not. All he wanted to do was summon the soul of the demon ruler and let him enjoy Ye Junchi’s body.
Although the Zhao family was very arrogant, they really hated the demons. If not for the sake of revenge, he(ZBC) would have fought with Jiang Xuesong without hesitation the moment he found out he(JXS) colluded with the demons. In the few previous big wars, the Zhao family has suffered quite a loss. According to the Zhao family’s short-tempered behavior, it was considered very good that they didn’t rush out to bite the demons when both races signed the peace treaty.
Zhao Buchen couldn’t help gripping his own fists and his blue veins popped out on his skin, gloomy with uncertainties.
JiYuan saw him(ZBC) looking like he really doesn’t know the truth, he(JY) pondered for a while and used a straightforward tone to explain what Yuqiu want to do. When he reached the part where Yuqiu controlled Yun Cheng and stabbed ZhaoYang, JiYuan paused and quietly swallowed Yun Cheng’s name from the explanation.
Zhao Buchen didn’t react like JiYuan had imagined him to be, like shaking his head and roared “It’s impossible!”. His(ZBC) expression was scarily calm instead. After being in silent for a long time, cold light flashed in his eyes, “Do you dare to swear that all the things you said are real?”
JiYuan quietly stretched out a hand and swore on his words.
Zhao Buchen painfully closed his eyes, “… my child’s body, still in ChengYang mountain?”
JiYuan nodded to express ‘Yes’, but shook his head in his heart.
No matter it was the Yun family or the Zhao family, they were just being dragged into the mess by Yuqiu without any reason. Just that the Zhao family acted arrogantly and did too much dirty works. ZhaoYang deserved his ending, death cannot wipe out his crimes. JiYuan really can’t muster any compassion/pity for them, the most unfortunate one was still the Yun family.
Zhao Buchen was silent for a moment, then instantly pulled out a sword by his waist and stabbed towards Yuqiu’s back.
Seemed to have a pair of eyes on his back, Yuqiu used two fingers to pinch the sword. When he turned around, he actually turned back to Yun Wuxiu’s appearance.
Startled, Zhao Buchen couldn’t help but shouted, “Big brother!”
Yuqiu slowly said, “Second brother, do you want to kill me? Want to kill me who protected you for years?”
“Big brother…” Internal struggles were shown on Zhao Buchen’s face.
This felt like someone who originally lived inside a beautiful dream of a glass world, then suddenly all the glasses were broken to pieces. Not only the beautiful dream shattered, the broken glasses slashed his body full of bloody wounds. The more Zhao Buchen showed a calm expression, the more turbulence he felt in his heart. He even felt like he was going to suffocate to death in this myriads of feeling.
A light flashed in JiYuan’s eyes and he pulled out his dagger with a swish, ruthlessly stabbed Yuqiu. JiYuan’s body constitution was quite special, even when he could finally start cultivating and accumulated a huge amount of spiritual power within his body, other people would not be aware of it. Fortunately, Yuqiu really didn’t notice and JiYuan was able to pierce his(YQ) skin until his blood splattered everywhere. Yuqiu covered his chest and backed a few steps away, his face showed a disbelief expression. Stunned, Yuqiu couldn’t react in time to fight back.
JiYuan coldly looked at Zhao Buchen, “He is not your Big brother.”
The place he(JY) stabbed was left chest, never knew Yun Wuxiu’s heart was not located at the left side. Taking the advantage while Yuqiu was still stunned, JiYuan turned his hand and took out some ‘Sky Thunder1‘ that Ye Junchi has given him a few days ago. He was about to blow open the wall to escape, when System suddenly said, “The ‘eye’ of the array is the board next to the mirror!”
JiYuan’s hand paused, then threw the ‘Sky Thunder’ without hesitation towards the board behind Yuqiu.
Yuqiu thought JiYuan was trying to use those ‘Sky Thunder’ to blew him(YQ) apart, so he coldly laughed with scorn.
But because he(JY) was injured, he doesn’t dare to move much, just pulled Zhao Buchen up and hide further away by the side. Until a ‘BANG!’ was heard, Yuqiu then remembered something and his expression instantly changed. However, smokes were billowing inside the secret room so he couldn’t see the surrounding clearly, he could only activate a wind skill with a gloomy face. Waiting until the smoke in front of him gradually disappeared, the board on the floor was already gone. Even the bronze mirror was blown apart, leaving a crater on the floor.
JiYuan originally wanted to take the opportunity to escape while it was chaotic but he has underestimated the power of the ‘Sky Thunder’ and was forcefully thrown into a corner at the wall. His chest throbbed with pain, and he almost spat out a mouthful of blood. Crawling up in a daze, he immediately poked System, “How was it?”
System : “The array is broken, the sky outside has cleared up. Your family’s Big bro is powerfully massacring enemies outside, so majestic.”
JiYuan heaved a sigh of relief, but the breath has yet to clear out, he suddenly felt a pain in his chest. Yuqiu was stepping on his chest, he(JY) nearly fainted from the pain.
Yuqiu’s complexion was dark, “Brat, are you looking for death?”
JiYuan felt a bit bitter in his heart. How come when he became a bit powerful, he would come across even powerful people? The script is not right ah, he should be training in sequence, starting with small monsters ah.
Yuqiu’s feet pressed down with more and more force, JiYuan even felt like his chest would collapse from that. Being directly stomped to death, and Big bro will only see his dead body when he arrived…
JiYuan’s blurred consciousness immediately became sober, the dagger was gripped in his hand but he couldn’t muster enough energy to swing it. Just as he wanted to grit his teeth and prepare to use all the spiritual power in his body to break away from Yuqiu, he(JY) was surprised to see Zhao Buchen revealed a somewhat distorted smile all of a sudden. Immediately after that, JiYuan saw a sword pierced cleanly through Yuqiu’s chest.
Yuqiu bowed down to see the sword in the middle of his body, his face turned white. On the verge of collapse, his(YQ) legs gave out. JiYuan swiftly crawled up, aiming his dagger down at Yuqiu but was blocked by Zhao Buchen.
“Spare you a life,” Zhao Buchen coldly said, “Scram.”
JiYuan wiped away the blood from the corner of his lips, “Zhao Family Head, this is Yuqiu.”
Zhao Buchen : “I will make the decision whether he will die or live.”
Zhao Buchen’s face twitched, he pursed his lips then said with a quiet voice, “He couldn’t achieve his purpose. You and Ye Junchi should scram back (to demon realm), I will tell the truth to the world. The people from Ji family is at the secret room beside the main hall in Qian Liao peak, you….”
“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.”
Suddenly clutching his chest and laughing out loud, Yuqiu acted like he has gone mad. He pulled out the sword stuck in his chest and used another hand to raise Zhao Buchen(in the air). He stopped laughing and said in deep voice, “You thought you killed me? Both of you thought you could control my life and death? Ridiculous!”
Following that, he used the blood-soaked sword and abruptly stabbed Zhao Buchen without hesitation. Zhao Bucheng groaned and fell onto the ground powerlessly.
JiYuan watched the whole scene and shuddered. He stared as the injuries on Yuqiu’s body slowly healed until not the slightest scar could be seen. Yuqiu tilted his head and looked at JiYuan, he pulled out that bloody sword and revealed a smile, “Your turn.”
The author has something to say:
YJC : On the second day dropped out of line with wifey, missed wifey.
Listened to the lecture as it delayed from ending…
Teacher really talked too much…
Usually die from talking too much….

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