先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 54

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Very soon, they arrived at the space above Wan Nan Mountain. Wan Nan Mountain was covered with a flight-restriction array so sword flight will expend more spiritual powers. In order to meet the enemy head-on, both people do not intent to waste their spiritual powers like this. They roughly estimated a bit, and descended on a fog covered mountain top. Unexpectedly, there were no countless assassins waiting like JiYuan had imagined in the vicinity of Wan Nan mountain, nor there were overwhelming amount of cultivators waving flags around.
All 4 corners of the surroundings were scarily quiet, just mists drifting along the wind.
Wan Nan Mountain was warm like spring season all year round, even when snow was falling everywhere, the mountain still have birds singing and flowers blooming; seemed to be not affected by the outside world. In front of their eyes were a vast of vibrant green color, and yet they couldn’t hear any birds chirping or water flowing, it was really strange.
JiYuan and Ye Junchi looked at each other, then Ye Junchi directly handed Gui Chi over to JiYuan, “For self-defense.”
JiYuan pushed it back, “You need it more than me.”
Ye Junchi helplessly pinched his(JY) cheek. Feeling the smooth white and tender skin under his hand, he(YJC) couldn’t help but pinched a bit more, “Be obedient, keep it.”
JiYuan pushed the sword right back into his(YJC) arms, then pointed at the dagger at his own waist, the calm face no longer speaking. Ye Junchi could only take Gui Chi back, and lightly examined the mountain road surrounded by a strange environment.
Both of them have never been to Wan Nan Mountain before. Wan Nan Mountain has 9 peaks, the Yun residence was built on the largest peak, Qian Liao peak plus two more nearest peak. Qian Liao peak was situated among the 9 peaks but they doesn’t know which peak were they on at the moment.
JiYuan was kind of scared of such place with dead silence, as if the whole world has turned into a graveyard leaving behind just him and Ye Junchi. He couldn’t help sticking nearer to Ye Junchi. When he smelled his(YJC) fragrance, he became more at ease. Although he was still a bit scared, JiYuan has prepared himself to move out when needed. He was here to give Ye Junchi a hand, not to drag him behind. If something came out and scared him until his legs turned soft, and Ye Junchi has to come back to protect him, then it would go against his(JY) original intention.
Two people walked side by side up a lonely mountain road, they could only hear the sound of each other’s light breathing and footsteps. After a long while, Ye Junchi’s footsteps suddenly paused.
JiYuan also found out that something was not right, “The fog seems to be getting thicker.”
The fog was casually drifting around when they first descended on the mountain, but not long after they arrived, the fog actually thickened to the point they couldn’t see anything outside 3 zhang (around 10 meters).
Ye Junchi frowned, feeling uneasy all of a sudden. He grabbed JiYuan’s hand and interlocked both of their fingers together. His tone was heavy, “You must not get separated from me.”
JiYuan cautiously nodded. In this kind of dangerous place, he doesn’t want to leave 3 zhang (around 10 meter) from Ye Junchi at all.
Soon, the fog was so thick that they couldn’t see anything at all. JiYuan couldn’t see Ye Junchi, so he could only quietly called out, “Ye Junchi.”
Hearing a steady ‘En’ from the other side, he(JY) couldn’t help tightening his clutch on Ye Junchi’s fingers. When one couldn’t see, the sense of hearing and touch would became more sensitive. The warm palm keep transmitting a warmth that gave one a peace of mind, JiYuan instantly felt that the roads ahead were not so scary.
At least he has Ye Junchi to accompany him.
He pondered for a moment, then said, “System, can you see the views ahead?”
They don’t know how many cliffs this mountain has and both of them can’t see anything. In case they took the wrong step and fell off the mountain, although they won’t fall to their death but it was already horrifying enough. The most important thing was they don’t know how many people Yuqiu has sent over to ambush them in the fog. They were out in the open while the enemies were in the dark, the situation was worrying.
System looked, and helplessly said, “Can’t see anything, that’s why I hate this kind of fantasy/mysterious world…”
JiYuan looked down at System, “Useless.”
System was angered, “At least I can see slightly better than both of you! You…” System’s tone suddenly changed, “Be careful!”
Just as the voice faded, JiYuan grabbed Ye Junchi without any hesitation and rolled away to the side. A ‘whoosh’ sound could be heard from the place they were standing on just now, not sure what it was.
Ye Junchi turned his hand and pulled the youth into his arms, then slapped his palm down on the ground. A sound of someone groaning could be heard, a rich bloody smell came following that. The smell seemed to have occupied the air. When his breath ran out, JiYuan could smell those disgusting smell. His heart was pumping rapidly, after confirming that he himself was not injured, JiYuan quickly asked Ye Junchi, “How are you?”
“Rest assured, I’m all right.” Ye Junchi rubbed his(JY) head and smiled, “Ah Yuan, you saved me.”
JiYuan thanked System in his heart. System was just about to modestly be proud of itself but suddenly cried out a ‘Wah!’ and said, “A lot of people have come!”
No need for System to say it, JiYuan and Ye Junchi could also hear light footsteps in the midst of the fog. Ye Junchi put JiYuan protectively behind his(YJC) back and whispered, “Follow closely to me.”
Right after that, he(YJC) pulled out that Gui Chi which was not used much lately. Gui Chi was obviously very excited, even glowing with spiritual light in the midst of the fog, couldn’t wait for Ye Junchi to use it.
Just then, the sound of footsteps has gotten nearer. Ye Junchi controlled the sword and swept out, vague ‘puchi’ sound was heard. JiYuan was quite nervous, he pulled out his dagger and vigilantly observed the front, guarding Ye Junchi’s back for him.
The fog in front abruptly thinned out and soon revealed a small part of the scenery. JiYuan raised his head to see, his expression greatly changed.
Lying on the ground was a youth, he(JY) could only tell that youth still has a breath left from his slightly heaving chest. The youth’s robe was torn, and was covered in blood; even his face was covered in blood. Seemed to feel something, the youth turned his head and his lifeless eyes met with JiYuan’s eyes. JiYuan’s head felt numb, he felt a chill from the top of his head instantly swept down all over his body.
Is JiShen!
His appearance like this was almost exactly to JiSi under the wheel that time. The scene etched deeply in his soul felt like someone suddenly used blood to redraw it in real life, struck JiYuan hard almost causing him to scream out. JiYuan subconsciously ran towards the youth, but he has only ran a few steps away when System anxiously said, “JiYuan! Don’t go there! That is just illusion!”
JiYuan shuddered, he hesitantly glanced back that very realistic scene. Clenching his teeth, he retreated back to Ye Junchi. He was very clear that the things in front of his eyes were very deceptive, System’s sight would definitely be more reliable than him.
The sound of sword clanging behind him has stopped, JiYuan no longer turn back to see that scene that makes his heart frantic. Wiping some non-existing cold sweat from his forehead, JiYuan put away his dagger and stretched out his hand to touch Ye Junchi’s hand, “Finished your battle yet?”
What his(JY) hand has touched was a frozen cold palm.
JiYuan opened his eyes widely at once. His blood which has just recovered some warmth felt like it froze once again. Not waiting for him(JY) to take back his hand, the person in front of him grabbed hold of him.
Icy cold voice sounded, “What do you think?”
JiYuan was not able to react and his sight suddenly darkened, his consciousness fell into a silence.
Stabbing Gui Chi into the chest of the final surrounding enemy, Ye Junchi retraced his hand and gently shook away some blood from Gui Chi. He caressed Gui Chi’s body like a praise before returning it into the sheath. Thinking that JiYuan has been very quiet the whole time, Ye Junchi was worried if he(JY) was scared. Just as he turned around about to ask about it, Ye Junchi found out that he couldn’t smell that familiar light fragrance anymore.
Ye Junchi’s expression instantly changed, “Ah Yuan?”
The surrounding area was empty, no reply could be heard.
“What is in the surrounding?”
“A piece of darkness.”
“… anything else other than darkness?”
“There is also the person beside you.”
JiYuan couldn’t help darkened his face, “I heard Systems are normally a ‘gold finger'(cheat) but you are not even an ‘iron finger’!”
System replied with firm and conviction, “Because the cheats have been overused1, we have received complaints from a lot of worlds. That’s why Headquarter changed us to information based assist-type System. No point blaming me.”
JiYuan took a breath and ignored System. Just now he saw that the situation was not right, the person standing in front of him was not someone he could deal with, so he acted accordingly to the flow and pretended to faint when the person hit the back of his neck. Right now he only know that he has been brought to a secret cave or room. He doesn’t know where exactly was he nor where was Ye Junchi. At this point, he could only continue acting for a temporary period. The one who knew of his ability was only Ye Junchi and those dozen of demons who died on the snow that night, so when the situation reached a critical point, he could catch the enemy off guard.
The person who caught him also thought that he doesn’t have any cultivation, so that person just casually threw him on the ground somewhere and went to busy himself with his own matters. After a long while, JiYuan heard the footsteps getting further away and System confirmed it twice, only then he dared to open his eyes.
It was indeed a secret room, and empty one too. There was only a huge bronze mirror in the middle of the room and also some boards that JiYuan couldn’t understand. That person didn’t even use a rope to tie him(JY), JiYuan get up and asked System, “Who was that just now? Yuqiu?”
System : “Should be, he has Yuqiu’s aura on his body but it was not Yun Wuxiu’s face…. maybe he used some face-changing skills to revert to his original appearance. So arrogant, he thought South Lake and the Alliance are already contained within his grasp? To be so excited to change back to own appearance so quickly.”
JiYuan shook his head, although he didn’t get knocked out, his neck still hurts from being chopped at. Rubbing his neck, JiYuan asked System to pay attention to the surrounding and alert him if someone is coming Then he walked towards that bronze mirror.
The first thing he saw was Ye Junchi.
He(YJC) wandered inside the thick fog and raised his sword to finish some assassins from time to time. His face was cold and pale, his eyes looked anxious and even revealed horrifying killing intent.
System : “Big bro most probably is looking for you everywhere… hey, I know where did these fog came from.”
“Stop talking in fragments, what should I do now?”
“Yuqiu activated an array and gathered all the fog in the mountain on that peak. You just have to break the array and the fog will scatter.”
JiYuan frowned, “I don’t know how to break an array… should I go out first to look for Ye Junchi?”
“The fog is so thick, you won’t be able to do anything when you go out there. You might even get mistaken as an attacker and get stabbed by Big bro. I’ll help you to look for the ‘eye’ of the array ba, this secret room is not affected by the array.”
System paused, then quickly said, “Go and lie down! Yuqiu is back!”
JiYuan immediately laid down with the same posture just now. Just after that, sound of footsteps could be heard, and this time there was another person’s footsteps. JiYuan carefully opened his eyes slightly, and only saw two pairs of feet and the hem of their robe. He waited for a moment and heard someone opened his mouth to say something, just that it was not the Yuqiu who kidnapped him but another quite familiar voice.
“Who are you? Where is my (sworn) brother?!”
Zhao Buchen? Yuqiu actually let him wake up?
JiYuan quietly raised his gaze but was found out by Yuqiu. Yuqiu turned his head and glanced at JiYuan, at this moment JiYuan finally saw Yuqiu’s real face. His eyes were deep, and he has an aquiline nose. His long eyebrows looked cold and gloomy, and was full of killing intent. But when he(YQ) turned to look at Zhao Buchen, his gaze became slightly gentle.
“I am your (sworn) brother.”
Although Yuqiu’s voice was cold, it was devoid of killing intent, “Do you think if the real Yun Wuxiu is here, he will indulge you and let you impatiently expand the Zhao family’s influence? And tolerate your unbridled conducts?”
Zhao Buchen silently trembled, “Who are you actually?!”
“You don’t have to know.”
“Where is my sister?! And also where is Yun Cheng?!”
Yuqiu laughed, but his expression didn’t soften and became even colder from the smile, “You should thank your sister. If not for her begging me, I will not let go of you and Yun Cheng.”
After a pause, he no longer bother with Zhao Buchen and walked to JiYuan’s side.
Giving him(JY) a kick, his voice was indifferent, “Since you are awake, then you should say something, Miss Ji.”
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YJC : Wifey!!! Wi-fe-y!!! Do you see my wifey?! My wifey!!!

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