先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 53

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When JiYuan woke up the next day, his body was so sore that he started to doubt life. He turned to look at his side and found out that the culprit has ran away.

Being forced to drop the line for the whole night, System was silent for while after it connected the line again, “… looking at your expression right now, I felt that it was not easy for you to be so strict and firm to refuse Big bro before.”

“Right ah.” JiYuan kneaded his waist, seemed to be not blushing, “Fortunately JiSi is here, else after I finished my revenge back there, I might….”

Pausing, he didn’t finish the sentence.

System also didn’t let him finish his words, in its heart it said ‘80% confirmed you will su*cide after taking your revenge’. Is it worth the trouble? Fortunately he decided to stay back.

JiYuan closed his eyes and didn’t speak, slowly kneaded his waist. He was randomly thinking in fragments when he received a few small daily tasks in his taskbar. Just as he wanted to crawl down from the bed to do the tasks, Ye Junchi pushed open the door.

Ye Junchi leaned at the door while looking at him. When he(YJC) smiled, it was as if even his eyebrows were shrouded in morning shimmering light; gentle and nice to see.

JiYuan already knew Ye Junchi’s appearance was nice to look at. At first, he felt that his(YJC) appearance was not of his taste. But later on, he(YJC) started to look better in his eyes and his own heartbeat quickened out of his control. Sitting blankly on the bed, JiYuan stared at Ye Junchi for a while. Then he saw the corner of Ye Junchi’s lips curved up to an evil grin and said, “Ah Yuan stared so long at me, are you inviting me?”

JiYuan lightly hmph-ed and turned his head away.

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System being forced-fed dog food until its whole system turned bad, impatiently replied, “You are not k*ssing me, why are you reporting it to me?”

The corner of JiYuan’s lips revealed a small smile. Seeing that Ye Junchi has raised his head, JiYuan bent down and k*ssed on his lips. Then he quickly retreated. Looking at his own shoes, he was a bit embarrassed, “I have my own feet and hands, why are you treating me like a child?”

Ye Junchi coldly smiled with pettiness, “No ah, in front of this old me, Baby you are not even a stalk of ‘tender grass’.

JiYuan blankly asked, “Then what am I?”

“Grass seed.”

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“Me too.”

JiYuan softly answered after blanking out for a moment. He patted his(YJC) back, felt like Big bro at the moment was like an old child.

System : “If Big bro know what you are thinking now, you will definitely cry.”

“He won’t hit me what.”

System’s tone was weird, “Didn’t he hit you every night? Pa pa pa, don’t you feel painful ah?”

JiYuan : “… you are really yellow(l*wd).”

Both people being ‘greasy’ for not long, then someone knocked on the door.

Ye Junchi combed JiYuan’s hair while uttering a sound of acknowledgement. JiYuan thought it was Jiang Miao Miao at the door who might be looking for them for something. But when he raised his head to see, it unexpectedly was the Luo Xiuyi they met not very long ago.

JiYuan turned his head sideways to glance at Ye Junchi, he keep feeling that his(YJC) expression was a bit weird. In fact, Ye Junchi still have his usual gentle smile, just that his gaze was complex. There were hints of reluctant to part, a bit difficult to speculate.

Seeing this pair in front of him, Luo Xiuyi curled his lips and asked, “Summoning me from so far away for what?”

“Yuqiu sent people over last night.”

After so many days of practice, Ye Junchi was able to skillfully comb JiYuan’s hair. Tying his hair with the hairband, he(YJC) bowed down with satisfaction and kissed JiYuan. Then he continued, “He already know about South Lake, being in hesitation I would become more passive.”

JiYuan frowned when he heard that.

Someone surnamed Ye paid careful attention to the words himself used. When two of them would be going, he would use ‘We’. But when he(YJC) is going alone, he would change it to ‘I’. Both of them have reached an agreement before they left demon realm that they would face Yuqiu and the demon ruler whose current status was unknown together. Perhaps there would be countless cultivators and demons, cold arrows and big arrays. Ye Junchi won’t forget about him like this. Unless….

JiYuan’s heart sank. Right then, he heard Ye Junchi said, “This place is already unsafe. Perhaps I can say the whole human realm right not is not very safe for Ah Yuan and Jiang Miao Miao. I asked you to come, is to let you to take them…”

“Ye Junchi.”

JiYuan coldly opened his mouth and interrupted his words, icily looking at him, “You want Luo Xiuyi to take me and Jiang Miao Miao back?”

Ye Junchi’s fingers gently c*ressed his waist. He nodded after a long while and frankly said, “It’s too dangerous, I cannot bear to let you face the risk with me. Rest assured, I will rescue your father, and also JiShen and JiChen.”

JiYuan was expressionless, “I am not weak.”

Ye Junchi used a gentle and patient but irrefutable gaze to look at him. JiYuan unconsciously pinched the dagger by his waist tighter, “You saw it last night, I won’t drag you behind.”

“I’m not worried about that…” Ye Junchi lightly sighed, “Ah Yuan, I have been regretting taking you along to face dangers. I actually wanted to send you back to the demon realm last night, but I am still reluctant… be obedient, I will be back soon.”

These words sounded like a death flag no matter how one hears it. JiYuan felt some panic in his heart, and suddenly felt his body was prickling all over. He came to understand after being startled for a moment, some emotional ripples seemed to appear in his pale-colored eyes. Clenching his teeth, he fiercely said, “You are worried about me, but I am even more worried about you. No matter what, I will come back here from demon realm even if I have to crawl! You…”

His lips were pressed down by Ye Junchi’s finger.

Staring at the angry youth in front of him, Ye Junchi’s eyes were shining ever so brightly. Just as he wanted to open his mouth to say something, he heard the Luo Xiuyi who was watching a free show at a side coldly said, “Are you two enough of it? Ye Junchi, you just take little beauty along with you. Looking at your half-dying expression when you are just leaving him for a few days, can you really concentrate for battle at Qian Liao peak after little beauty went back? Little beauty, you also don’t get angry. What’s there to be angry about at a good battle?”

Ye Junchi bowed down to look at JiYuan, then JiYuan’s fist came flying to beat at his chest. Following that, JiYuan’s head came to rest on his chest. His voice was small, seemed to contain hints of pleading, “Let me go with you.”

Pausing, Ye Junchi held JiYuan inside his arms. His face was calm and in deep thoughts for a long time, then finally nodded, “Alright, Ah Yuan. You accompany me this time, I will accompany you for a lifetime.”

JiYuan wanted to cry and laugh at the same time, “I am supposed to go to Qian Liao peak to rescue my father, JiChen and JiShen. This is not an obligation imposed on you.”

Soft lights flowed in Ye Junchi’s eyes, his tone was gentle, “Who asked me to be your man.”

Luo Xiuyi finally couldn’t take the eye-prickling scene anymore, and shoved open the door in anger. He went to Jiang Miao Miao’s room, glanced at her with a dark complexion and directly carried her away on his shoulder.

JiYuan heard Jiang Miao Miao’s high-pitched scream, was at loss for a moment, “What happened, what happened?”

Ye Junchi calmly said, “Luo Xiuyi carried Jiang Miao Miao away on his shoulder.”

JiYuan : “…” A good Luo Xiuyi was angered by them to this extent.

The Yun residence is located on Qian Liao peak of Wan Nan mountain in South Lake. This place was originally where spiritual power would gather. But because in the ancient times, humans and demons battled several times in this place, every inch of the land was soaked with the blood of the two races. Buried under the ground were their ancestor’s broken bones, and drifting here were countless unwilling and restless souls. And so, a place where spiritual powers converged was suppressed by this large amount of Yin qi. [T/N : Yin as in Yin Yang]

Until the courageous Yun family decided to build their immortal residence in this place, and used its residence to place a restrictive array plus an enormous Spiritual Gathering array, they managed to contain that terrible Yin qi.

Yuqiu’s intention was to destroy the Yun family’s restrictive array and release all the Yin qi, recall the demon ruler’s soul and take over Ye Junchi’s body. Even if he failed the latter two aims, releasing all the Yin qi was still a terrifying matter.

The Yun family being in the mountain for a few hundreds of years, the area was safe and sound. Hence, the neighboring areas have flourished and a few huge cities and random mushrooming small towns were built. Once the Yin qi were released, all these nearby places would be finished.

Ye Junchi has been tortured by the demon ruler since young with inhumane methods. So his capacity for feeling was quite small, he doesn’t have any extra sympathy for these lives; it was fine as long as he could rescue people related to JiYuan and kill the Yuqiu who always threatened him.

JiYuan also knew that he(YJC) doesn’t have any reasons to sympathize with these people but if he(YJ) has to watch nearly a million of people die from having Yin qi forcing into their bodies, he(JY) can’t do it.

Ye Junchi could see what was on his(JY) mind, he kissed him(YJ) with a smile and praised, “My wife is so kind.”

Being called ‘wife’ by Ye Junchi, JiYuan’s eyebrows twitched, he only able to spit out a sentence after a long while, “I am not any good people.”

“Neither am I.”

Ye Junchi smiled, “I am a big bad person, you are a small bad person. Putting us together is just right. Wifey, we are a perfect match ah.”

JiYuan was not sure whether to laugh or cry. Seeing that Wan Nan mountain was getting closer, he turned his head around wanting to say a word or two to disperse the tension, but he found out a glint of bloody red quickly flashed through Ye Junchi’s eyes. Even though it was just an instant, JiYuan’s body still slightly stiffened. He reacted quickly and stroke his own wrist in silent; quietly watched Ye Junchi. He waited until Ye Junchi’s usual gentle and peaceful gaze returned, then stretched out a hand to touch his(YJC) cold cheek; lightly uttered an ‘En’.

The author has something to say:

JY : Wait a minute, why use a stalk of grass to describe me…
YJC slightly smiled.

_(:з」∠)_ Ready to start Boss battle, nervously spread sugar, secretly added some glass shards, good stimulation.


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