先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 52

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Mmm, sugar cane

JiYuan got to learn that sword technique as he wished, the price was swollen lips for a few days. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
What makes people feel sadder was someone surnamed Ye said he wanted to help him(JY) practice the technique which was an excuse to grope his body. If not careful and ignited some passion, then he(JY) won’t be able to keep on practicing and have to go to ‘exercise’. After finishing the ‘exercise’, his cheeks would be pinched and that someone’s hoarse voice would say, “You tempted me.”
JiYuan supported his own waist, and sadly said, “I seemed to be making loss in this business transaction.”
System sympathetically said, “A huge loss indeed.”
Jiang Miao Miao was in coma for a few days. Finally waking up, she was still absent-minded, accidentally knocked down the cup when she wanted to drink water.
Just then, JiYuan heard the sound, he quickly pushed the door and went into the room; meeting gaze with Jiang Miao Miao for a while. He was able to ask Jiang Miao Miao what happened when she threw a few glances at him and asked in a concerned tone, “Why is your mouth swollen?”
JiYuan : “….”
Although Jiang Miao Miao was a bit ignorant, but she has kind of an amazing intuition towards some things. Frowning, she asked, “That demon bullied you?”
JiYuan heard the sound of not-fast-not-slow footsteps from behind, he was silent for a while then calmly said, “Ate sugar cane.”
Jiang Miao Miao uttered an ‘Oh’, then continued being ignorant.
Coincidentally Ye Junchi heard JiYuan’s words, he nearly laughed out loud. Sticking himself to his(JY) back and caressed the youth’s slim waist, he whispered in an ambiguous tone, “Was that big sugar cane tasty? If it’s good, then do you still want to eat it tonig… mhmm.”
… can you not say yellow(lewd) words in front of a little maiden?!
JiYuan timely covered his(YJC) mouth and nodded towards Jiang Miao Miao, “How is your body?”
“Nothing serious.”
Jiang Miao Miao turned sober from her absentminded state and grinned, “Have to thank demon lord daren for his spiritual defensive device, else I wouldn’t be able to escape from South Lake and have to go see my father. But the device is broken, demon lord daren wouldn’t mind it, right?”
Not sure if Ye Junchi was smiling or not, “I mind.”
Jiang Miao Miao : “…”
But she quickly came back to her senses. Looking at JiYuan being held like a treasure in his arms, she bared her teeth(in a smile) and revealed cute tiger teeth, “I am Ah Yuan’s biaojie. You have already married my family’s Ah Yuan, still mind these kind of thing?”
The word ‘Marry’ delighted the demon lord daren, he caressed JiYuan’s hair and nodded with a very happy feeling, generously said, “That’s true.”
JiYuan’s mood became more complicated. Seeing both people doesn’t seem to be stopping their casual talk, JiYuan quickly broke into the conversation and asked Jiang Miao Miao, “Why did you came to South Lake?”
“Hard to explain in a few words.”
Jiang Miao Miao became silent. Then she sighed, she couldn’t pretend like her usual relaxed and easy demeanor, her face was showing a heavy color.
“What happened?”
Jiang Miao Miao said in deep voice, “Ye Junchi, you are right. I took Jiang Xuesong too lightly. I thought after releasing those scandals, if it couldn’t take Jiang Xuesong down, at least it will ruin his reputation. Then he would dare to be frivolous.”
In his heart, JiYuan thought ‘It’s not that you took lightly of Jiang Xuesong, just that you don’t know who is behind him’.
Jiang Miao Miao recounted some of her recent experiences in low voice.
After JiYuan and Ye Junchi returned back to demon realm, all the rumors flying around were :
1. Demon Ye went to Jiang family’s secret ground to start a massacre
2. Zhao family Head desperately blocked the attacks but was rendered unconscious by his black tricks
3. In the end, everyone worked together as one and drove the demon out from the secret grounds
These words have raised other bunch of questions, not need to ask if it’s reliable or not, just the words ‘Zhao family Head in Jiang family’s secret grounds’ were enough to get people thinking.
However, the cultivators who questioned these words were not much; faint voices were soon covered. Anyone else questioned the words again, they would be coldly rebutted with, “Helping to speak for the demon, are you befuddled by the demon?”
Faint voices also disappeared without a trace. More and more hot-blooded cultivators called for justice against the demon, eventually it became a truth for them. The fake opinions in the public became bigger and bigger, Jiang Miao Miao afraid that she won’t be able to bring down Jiang Xuesong if she was late even by one step so she ignored Ye Junchi’s warning, and spread the scandals in advance. She thought Jiang Xuesong and the person behind him would ‘refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases’ and temporarily cease action. Just that although Jiang Xuesong’s reputation suffered a great damage, it didn’t cause a big storm. It has been pressed down by Yuqiu.
Jiang Xuesong naturally won’t obediently suffer in silence, and immediately sent people to investigate. Upon finding out the perpetrator, he was scarily firm and sent out assassins without hesitation; not letting go even of his own sister and niece.
Jiang Miao Miao and her mother have been hiding in the house of her father’s old friend. When the people from the Jiang family came, they killed and burned everything. Her father’s old friend was killed in order to protect them, and in order to protect her mother, Jiang Miao Miao lured away the pursuers after properly hidden her mother in a safe place.
Because he was influenced by the environment of his childhood, JiYuan doesn’t care much for familial ties. So he doesn’t feel anything from the story, just felt that Jiang Miao Miao was pitiful. The same case for Ye Junchi too. He lost all his loved ones in the happiest moment in his childhood, towards familial feeling he always felt some kind of regret and desire. Upon hearing the story, he sneered and his gaze became a few degrees colder, “Meaningless slaughter.”
The corner of Jiang Miao Miao’s eyes was red, but she put up a relaxed smile again and shrugged, “On my way to escape, I heard of your news. I guessed that you guys will come to South Lake so I took a bet and escaped to South Lake.”
Ye Junchi smiled, but there was no smiling intent in his eyes, “You should really thank Yun Cheng.”
If not for Yun Cheng blocking them and telling them the whole story, they would have taken a detour. Then, Jiang Miao Miao arriving at South Lake would be more isolated and helpless.
Having saying until here, Jiang Miao Miao became sleepy again. She ran for half a month, clenching her teeth and not stopping for rest and sleep. Plus she was seriously injured, if not for Ye Junchi’s pills were rare elixir, she would have been in a coma for at least 10 to 15 days.
JiYuan felt a bit distressed for this little girl. Seeing that she was so sleepy that her tears were coming out and showing a tired face, his hoarse voice couldn’t help but softened a bit, “Anything else still have us here, you rest first ba.”
Jiang Miao Miao was never a polite person, so she revealed a big smile and fell asleep.
Ye Junchi and JiYuan looked at each other, then gently left the room and returned to their own room. Inside the room, Ye Junchi caught JiYuan into his arms and kissed him. With a hint of jealousy, he said, “Ah Yuan treat others gentler than to me.”
JiYuan pushed him away and sat down to pour a cup of tea for himself. He sipped the tea and lightly said, “You are not a girl.”
Ye Junchi smiled and sat on the opposite side of JiYuan. He took his(JY) cup away, and licked at the place when his(JY) lips have touched then drank the tea, “Speaking of this…”
He asked with a not-smiling-smile, “When will Ah Yuan be willing to honor the promise?”
JiYuan was surprised.
System : “Forgot about the time in the Jiang family’s secret grounds, the matter you mentioned when you asked Big bro to save JiShen?”
JiYuan instantly recalled that matter, his face turned green and uncertain. After a long while, he said with difficulties, “… I’ll tell you again after we returned to the demon realm.”
Ye Junchi smiled, pleased with himself.
The next morning, Jiang Miao Miao finally woke up sober and refreshed. She wanted to get down from the bed to stretch her bones and muscles. But she almost kneel directly on the ground so she gave up.
Ye Junchi also received a sound transfer talisman from Yun Cheng, saying that he managed to persuade some people including a few highly respected elders in the Alliance and has set up a small cultivator team heading towards South Lake.
Both people originally decided to do nothing while waiting for Yun Cheng to arrive but they didn’t expect that something would happen at night.
It was in the middle of the night. JiYuan was exhausted from being tossed around, softly leaned and slept inside Ye Junchi’s arms. His 5 senses were a lot more sensitive after he possessed spiritual powers, so he vaguely heard something breaking the silence in the air, somewhere not very far from the inn. This little town was a remote town, so it doesn’t have much cultivators in it. Even if there were cultivators, they were just travelers who don’t even have a decent spiritual sword, let alone having the strength to fly on sword.
JiYuan opened his hazy eyes but was pressed back by Ye Junchi before he manage to get up. A gentle kiss fell at the back of his ear, his(YJC) low and magnetic voice was really nice to hear, “Sleep ba, it’s nothing. I’ll deal with it.”
JiYuan thought for a moment, then refused Ye Junchi’s good intention. Eagerness and excitement were flashing in his light-colored eyes, “I want to try.”
Ye Junchi was startled, “No.”
Frowning, JiYuan said, “I already have the ability to protect myself.”
“Before you manage to protect yourself, I will protect you.” Ye Junchi’s eyes were deep, “But Ah Yuan, when you are able to protect yourself, I still want to protect you. I… am very worried about you.”
Suffering from such a long period of time, he finally caught that person(JY) in his hands. Should something goes wrong, Ye Junchi couldn’t guarantee he could control himself.
“You can’t always keep me like a child.”
JiYuan hesitated a bit and hugged his(YJC) waist, “How about you watch at a side? I won’t get into trouble.”
Ye Junchi frowned. After a long time of internal struggling, he helplessly nodded, “Alright.”
His(JY) eyes slightly curved up, he leaned forward and kissed the space between his(YJC) eyebrows. Then he ‘gululu’ rolled down from the bed and put up his robe.
When he turned around again, Ye Junchi was already ready and waiting by the side. Seeing him(YJC) staring meaningfully at him, JiYuan’s head felt numb, “what do you want to do?”
“Nothing.” Ye Junchi lazily gave Gui Chi to him, “A few small fry, don’t be nervous.”
JiYuan took a deep breath, and took Gui Chi with a nod. Just then, the sound of something breaking the air has approached nearer the window. He carried Gui Chi and was surprised to find out that he seemed to be able to completely master the sword.
Gui Chi belonged to Ye Junchi, and spiritual swords could recognize their owner. Other people could use the sword but it won’t feel easy to use. A question was stuck in his throat and swallowed back down, it was not the time to ask questions now.
Two people pushed open the window and flew out on Gui Chi. Just then, they come across a dozen of cultivators secretly coming over in black robe. Ye Junchi could feel that these people were demons. In his heart, he sneered at Yuqiu that he indeed doesn’t trust in the human cultivators to finish the job. Blinking, he harmlessly smiled, “Good evening.”
The dozen of demons on the other side looked at each other in dismay, their legs were trembling.
Even demons were afraid of death. Facing Ye Junchi who could cross between Heaven and earth in seconds, it caused them to have instinctive fear. However, when they saw Ye Junchi folded his hand and slowly backed away to a side, and the person preparing for battle was a young man who looked like he is too weak to stand up to the wind, they glanced at each other and felt hopeful1.
JiYuan really wanted to act like Big bro, flipping his sleeves like downplaying his strength, then Gui Chi would fly over and split into a dozen copies, piercing down all of the demons. But reality was always cruel.
A dozen of powerful demons was not something normal people could overcome, only talents like Ye Junchi could crush them like ants. All JiYuan could do was evade all those attacks from the demons; turning and twisting here and there in the air, he don’t even have the chance to fight back.
Accidentally meeting Ye Junchi’s eyes, JiYuan could see the worry in his eyes and shook his(JY) head at him. He couldn’t just have a body full of spiritual power and yet doesn’t know how to use it, so actual combat was the best way.
After some time of ‘you chase me, I evade you’ situation, JiYuan’s body slowly relaxed. He could adapt to the rhythm of the battle now, and he was calmer when he dodged the attacks. JiYuan found the chance to attack and swung Gui Chi, the sharp blade ruthlessly slashed out. A demon couldn’t dodge in time and his hand was directly cut down. JiYuan was indifferent, he lightly sucked in a breath of faint blood smell and backed away.
The demons suffered a loss, so their attacks became fiercer and their actions was more and more impatient.
On the other hand, JiYuan became calmer. When he finally got the chance, he turned his hand and pointed Gui Chi out. Both of his hand formed a hand sign, he muttered some incantations under his breath. Gui Chi swept out with a swishing sound and transformed into 10 identical swords, quickly pierced out.
Everything was over.
JiYuan breathed in and out in gasps and his bright eyes met with Ye Junchi’s gaze. Bumping against that pair of quiet and gentle eyes, his(JY) breath stuck at his throat and he keep feeling his face was feeling hot. Seeing him(YJC) walking mid-air towards him, JiYuan then stammered, “What are you looking at?”
“Looking at you.”
Ye Junchi cupped his(JY) face up, his(YJC) eyes seemed to be flowing with fragments of stars, “Baby is really powerful, even I have to beg for mercy.”
Even though JiYuan knew Ye Junchi has always pampered him with praises, JiYuan still couldn’t stop his lips from curving up. He glanced at Gui Chi that was turning around here and there in the air like a child frolicking around, “… I remember you asked me this before, whether I know the meaning if a demon gave his sword to another person. I want to know, can you tell me?”
“My sword will recognize you as the owner.”
Ye Junchi bowed down to kiss his lips, “It means you are mine, and I am yours.”
The author has something to say:
YJC : I am yours.
JY : …doesn’t have the ability to eat you, scram!
Your author has disappeared.

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