先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 51

[Banana : This Banana finally finish reading the novel sans the extra~! (0w0)/ It IS a HE story so I hope you guys can be rest assured and continue reading with a peaceful mind yo~!]

“What happened?”
Ye Junchi was somewhat sensitive, instantly realized that JiYuan stiffened. He reached out to embrace the youth into his arms, but didn’t expect JiYuan would shrink back a bit and immediately avoided him. Both of them froze. Ye Junchi frowned and went closer to JiYuan, his voice was gentle, “Baby, what happened? Are you angry with me?”
All JiYuan could think of was that pair of bloody red tyrannical eyes. After a moment of silent, he took the initiative to get closer to Ye Junchi and reached out to press on his(YJC) forehead. He released a bit of spiritual power to inspect his(YJC) body.
Ye Junchi was surprised but he didn’t refuse; relaxed-ly let JiYuan checked him. Only after JiYuan frowned and retracted his hand, that he went to hug him(JY) with a smile, “What did you find out?”
Shaking his head, JiYuan looked at Ye Junchi’s pair of gentle eyes again for a moment; a bit confused.
Could it be an illusion just now?
But being looked at by that kind of frosty eyes for a second, the goosebumps at his back were standing up. That kind of unfamiliar gaze was not something Ye Junchi would have, unless in his body … lived another soul?
This idea was like a cold bucket of water pouring onto his head, JiYuan shivered. He hesitated for a moment, then shook his head, “It’s nothing… just had a nightmare.”
Pausing, he stared at Ye Junchi and said with a tone that implied something else, “I dreamed that you have turned into another person.”
Ye Junchi smiled, he placed his lower jaw on top of JiYuan’s soft hair. His voice was calm, “No one in this world could occupy my body so easily. Rest assured, I will not let Yuqiu succeed.”
Despite some worry, JiYuan nodded and obediently leaned into Ye Junchi’s embrace. Closing back his eyes, he poked System in his heart, “Big bro’s eyes just now, did you see it?”
System trembled, “Saw it, scary.”
In his heart, JiYuan was thinking ‘a bunch of data like you, what’s there to be afraid of’ but still casually comforted it a few times. Then he continued, “Is Big bro getting taken over by Yuqiu?”
“How could that be?” System confidently said, “If Yuqiu could control Big bro, he won’t have to spend so much effort in a roundabout way, but…”
“That gaze just now was really scary, you need to pay attention to that point. Although you might not be too happy to hear this but your Big bro is not really any good person, under the influence of the demon ruler.”
JiYuan agreed, but he was not too concerned about it.
Ye Junchi liked him whole-heartedly, this point JiYuan still has the ability to distinguish it.
The demon ruler wanted to raise a freak but Ye Junchi didn’t went down the road that he(DR) wanted him to go. The road of his(YJC) growth was lonely and cruel, when he has someone that he cared about, he couldn’t help keeping that person in the palm of his hand and carefully cared for him.
JiYuan also want to treat Ye Junchi that good as well, but he was helpless from the restriction on his body, so he could only choose to place an unconditional trust on Ye Junchi.
He closed his eyes and was thinking absentmindedly when Ye Junchi suddenly bit his ear lobe, whispered, “Ah Yuan, let me see the bracelet.”
JiYuan opened his hazy eyes and pulled open his sleeve to let Ye Junchi see that bracelet. When he has yet to decide whether to stay in this world, JiYuan always wanted to take off the bracelet, but who knew that the bracelet was like it grew from his hand; it won’t come off however he pulled at it. If Ye Junchi didn’t mention it, he would have forgotten about the bracelet.
Ye Junchi looked at the thin and pale wrist being circled by a bracelet with a deep blue bead, he couldn’t contain the love in his heart and placed a kiss at his(JY) wrist. His eyes were deep, “This bead has my blood dripped in it.”
JiYuan doesn’t understand what he wanted to say, so he listened on quietly.
Ye Junchi stroke the bead which was exuding a slight warmth because JiYuan has been wearing it, his intention unknown, “So the bead can deflect ghost and protect you from it, plus it could recognize me.”
JiYuan’s heart felt cold, he has yet to figure out the meaning in Ye Junchi’s words and his glowing light pink cheeks were pinched. Ye Junchi couldn’t stop doing it, he laughed while pinching, “Sleeping for so long, are you hungry?”
JiYuan won’t get hungry (anymore), just that he still keep the habit of eating.
Since he(YJC) mentioned it, he(JY) really felt a bit hungry and nodded.
Seeing JiYuan staring at him with a wide opened eyes and nodded; an indifferent but obedient look, Ye Junchi couldn’t help patting JiYuan’s hips.
“I said it before, don’t stare at me like that. I can’t help wanting to eat you.”
‘Somewhere’ on his body was still throbbing, JiYuan shrunk a bit and pushed away with strength; causing Ye Junchi to fell off the bed.
Ye Junchi skillfully flipped his body and stood up. He patted JiYuan’s head with bed hair and said, “Wait for me a bit.”
JiYuan uttered a sound of acknowledgement and watched him left the room. Then he looked down at the bracelet which he never took notice of.
The dark blue bead has turned white.
JiYuan was stunned, “What happened ah, System?”
System stupidly said, “I don’t know either ah, ask Big bro later? Big bro is so rich, he won’t gift you a fake ba?”
JiYuan stupidly shook his head, hearing the second half of System’s words, he felt like he was ‘living off a rich man’.
JiYuan sadly thought, “If I go back (to original world), I am also a rich man ah…”
“You are wealthy, so?” System seemed to be able to guess what he was thinking, coldly said, “Anyway, you are not going back. Your company and properties are not yours.”
With a look of anticipation, JiYuan said, “I am thinking if Big bro and I can go back together, I would be able to keep him (like a mistress)….”
System : “…wake up, the Qing dynasty is already dead.” Baby, your ambition is really big.
[T/N : No idea what it means. Does Qing Dynasty has a custom of keeping male consort?]
When Ye Junchi returned, JiYuan was still monitoring that bracelet which has suddenly changed color. Hearing footsteps, he glanced up to see Ye Junchi walking into the room holding a tray of food. Just as he wanted to ask what wrong with his bracelet, he casually looked at his wrist and his eyes instantly opened wide.
The short moment after Ye Junchi came back, the bracelet actually changed back to dark blue.
His words instantly stopped at his lips, in his heart JiYuan vaguely understood something. He silently crawled down from the bed. Because he overdone the ‘exercise’ and also laid on the bed for some time, his legs became soft and nearly kneel directly onto the ground.
Ye Junchi went to support him in a flash, smiled and kissed his cheek with an apology, “Sorry, I did it too much. Are you still uncomfortable?”
JiYuan said with a black face, “You can experience it for yourself, if you want.”
Ye Junchi’s face not changing color as he replied, “Doing this kind of thing(seme-ing) is very tiring. Ah Yuan should just enjoy it under my body, the tiring part should just leave to me.”
“Really?” JiYuan coldly said, “I see you looked quite comfortable.”
Ye Junchi hugged JiYuan and sat down beside the table, letting him(JY) sat down on his thigh. He(YJC) pushed away some stray hairs and kissed the side of JiYuan’s neck, squinted, “It’s very comfortable to do it with Ah Yuan.” Pausing, he added, “Feeling in ecstasy, doesn’t want to stop.”
His face turning red, JiYuan restlessly shifted his butt, unceremoniously rubbed the ‘human body mat’ below him. Rubbing for a while, his body suddenly stiffened.
Ye Junchi’s breath was somewhat heavy, “Don’t move around.”
JiYuan felt a stiff thing under his butt and started shivering, not daring to move randomly.
Taking a deep breath, Ye Junchi turned JiYuan’s body to make him sit sideways on his(YJC) lap. He took the bamboo chopsticks and picked up some food, wanting to feed JiYuan.
JiYuan’s face became redder, “… let me down, I can eat it on my own.”
Ye Junchi smiled, “I never feed Ah Yuan food before. Just take it as fulfilling my wish, alright?”
Towards his gentle eyes full of pampering, JiYuan choked a bit. He really couldn’t make himself say anything to reject him, he decided to to give up and nodded. Ye Junchi leisurely fed him food, after a long while JiYuan pursed his lips and said, “I’m thirsty.”
Ye Junchi placed down the bamboo chopsticks and held up a bowl of soup. JiYuan thought he(YJC) wanted to feed him the soup too so he diligently opened his mouth.
He didn’t expect Ye Junchi to drink the soup himself, his gaze full of laughter, then pinched his(JY) chin and kissed him.
JiYuan drunk the soup with much difficulty, and his eyes were blurring. After finishing the soup, that agile tongue came to tangle with his tongue and was tasting his(JY) flavor little by little.
Waiting until they finished kissing, the two of them were breathing erratically.
Feeling a restless thing under his butt became even harder, JiYuan quickly jumped out of the embrace and gnashed his teeth, “You can’t.”
Ye Junchi’s eyes were shining brightly, “One time.”
“Not even once!” JiYuan clenched his teeth, “Do serious business!”
But ‘serious business’ was a bit difficult to do as both of them need to wait for actions from Yun Cheng before going to Qian Liao Peak, who know what would be the outcome if they randomly rushed to the peak.
Originally one doesn’t have to think so much, but once he started to worry, he wouldn’t be able to help protecting the ones he cared about and also protect himself too; teaching own face not to show sadness as the one they cared for would be sad as well.
Ye Junchi and JiYuan were the same.
Just as Ye Junchi wanted to go over and molest JiYuan, a knocking sound suddenly came from outside the window.
Something hit the barrier that Ye Junchi has set up.
Ye Junchi frowned, he doesn’t look very happy as he opened the window. Immediately he saw a sound transfer talisman flying around the barrier.
He reached out to take the message, and listened to the content. Ye Junchi couldn’t help frowning like something has happened.
JiYuan walked over, not afraid of death, “What happened?”
“Need to save an old acquaintance.” Ye Junchi rubbed the top of his(JY) head, his tone was low, “Asked you not to randomly move but you still did it. Solve the fire that you have caused yourself. I will continue with you after we come back, don’t think that you can escape.”
JiYuan swallowed the questions he wanted to ask about ‘old acquaintance’ and turned silent for a moment. Then he trembled and said, “…. painful.”
The corner of Ye Junchi’s lips curved up with a hint of evil, “Then, use other place.”
JiYuan was still pondering in grief whether this ‘other place’ mean somewhere at a certain height, Ye Junchi has pulled him into his arms and flew out of the inn on Gui Chi.
Here was just a small town at the border of South Lake, so in just the blink of an eye, both people were already out of the town.
In the winter, daytime turned dark earlier and the night has already taken over.
The sound of wind was blowing could be heard everywhere. After a heavy snowfall, all 4 corners of the area were covered in white, so pure that it hurts the eye.
After a while, JiYuan saw the ‘old acquaintance’.
Above the vast plane of white, a young girl shrouded in fiery red clothes was flying on sword, her goal was obvious. Following behind were 10 cultivators in black robe, continuously attacking the girl.
JiYuan supported his own forehead, “How come she is here?”
Ye Junchi smiled, “Ask her yourself later. Ah Yuan, for those cultivators who carried the aura of a demon, what do you think if I killed them?”
“Just kill ba,” JiYuan lightly said.
To be able to blatantly pursue someone to the border of South Lake, it can only be Jiang Xuesong’s people. And carrying the aura of a demon, it must be people sent by Yuqiu to Jiang Xuesong to do stuff. Just that the stuff that Yuqiu wanted Jiang Xuesong to do, it is certainly not to chase-kill a little maiden. It was very possible that Jiang Xuesong has secretly sent these demon cultivators out, but he would never thought that these people would be so blatant with their mission.
Jiang Xuesong would definitely never make this kind of matter public even if you kill him.
Seeing that Jiang Miao Miao couldn’t resist the attacks, Ye Junchi kneaded JiYuan’s waist, and Gui Chi flew out from their feet at the same time. The body of the sword trembled and transformed into 10 swords, and stabbed towards the demons without hesitation.
JiYuan squinted, quietly probed the swords that Gui Chi has transformed and was stunned to find out that all of them has a real body.
Ye Junchi naturally was able to see his little trick, and laughed like a big-tailed wolf, “This is my exclusive secret skill. Ah Yuan, do you want to learn it?”
JiYuan nodded with both eyes flashing brightly.
Ye Junchi’s face was solemn and serious, “As long as you ‘satisfy’ me later, I will teach you.”
JiYuan : “…” Goddamned smelly rogue.
But lowering down his head to see those demons who were unable to withstand a single blow under Ye Junchi’s swords and have fallen on the ground, this played-down skill was quite a powerful killing technique and it make him really excited. After a moment of internal struggle, JiYuan nodded his head.
Being chased all the way by killers, Jiang Miao Miao was covered in cold sweat. She only raised her head to look up at Ye Junchi, then fainted dead away.
The author has something to say:
Jiang Miao Miao woke up and saw JiYuan, asked in a concerned voice, “How come your mouth is swollen?”
JY : … ate sugar cane.
JMM : ???
Sugar cane???
Ye Junchi lightly laughed without saying anything.

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