先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 50


A big chaos in the demon realm 13 years ago, was personally lead by Ye Junchi. Enduring silently for so many years, even the demon ruler was surprised by the turn of events the moment it erupted. Other than that, the demon realm being stepped by the demon ruler under the soles of his feet and wantonly abused for years, even if they have lighter emotion capacity, they would still have an extreme hatred towards him(DR).

In order to eradicate this grave disease, the whole demon realm acted together whether directly from the front or secretly from the back; doesn’t care if it’s enemy or comrades, just cutting down anyone they came across. It was reported a lot of arch enemies have been secretly done in that day.

Ye Junchi set up an array, and fought fiercely with the demon ruler who has his strength diminished for several days and nights. Only then he finally was able to chop the demon ruler down under his sword, but he(YJC) was also seriously injured.

Yuqiu rushed over upon hearing the news and fought with Ye Junchi. He(YQ) almost died under his sword, and retreated with a sorry and heavily injured figure. Following that, he sent subordinates to pursue Ye Junchi. Those demons didn’t stop chasing him until they reached the human realm.

To be able to kill the demon ruler was something to celebrate, but the demon ruler was not that easy to kill. Ye Junchi stayed in the human realm for several years to recuperate before returning to the demon realm. After cleaning up some bad blood, he let his subordinates to call him as a demon lord as they wanted.

Yuqiu went missing, some people said he was dead while other said he was scared and doesn’t dare to appear again. Their opinions differed, but no one would think that Yuqiu has followed Ye Junchi to the human realm, and have a lucky stroke to come across Yun Wuxiu who was injured from battling with his enemies. Yuqiu’s battle strength was not the best, as his skillful area was at the spiritual part.

Encountering a somewhat weak Yun Wuxiu, he immediately abandoned his own broken body and unceremoniously invaded Yun Wuxiu’s body. Yun Wuxiu naturally won’t let himself to be so easily controlled by Yuqiu. Just that after both people fought a spiritual battle, he couldn’t feel Yuqiu’s presence anymore and thought he destroyed him(YQ). He didn’t expect that Yuqiu would be hiding in the depth of his spirit, and took control while he was not paying attention. The former was conscious.

3 people left the dark room where the coffin was at, then found a fairly empty place to sit down. Ye Junchi looked at JiYuan, and sat closer to him. He picked up a lock of soft black hair to play, not saying anything.

JiYuan let him do whatever, and tilted his head to listen. He looked at Yun Cheng in sympathy. Such a sudden and unexpected disaster. The Yun family didn’t do anything at all but was tangled by a restless Yuqiu and completely dragged down into the water(trouble/mess).

Yun Cheng’s complexion was dark, “No one found out something was wrong with him, and I also don’t know what kind of deeds he has done before I found him suspicious. The first time when I found him not right was 3 years ago when you came to human realm and massacred Mingxu Temple. My father is a decent and righteous person, abhor evils as deadly foes. It’s fine already that he indulged Uncle’s family to act ostentatiously, but when he heard of the massacre at Mingxu Temple, he actually… smiled.”

That moment when Yun Cheng saw his father revealed a smile, he instantly felt a chill rushing from the sole of his feet to his heart. That smile, was like a poisonous snake finally catching its prey after waiting for a long time, even his gaze was an unconcealed cold cruelty. Soon, all sorts of rumors regarding Ye Junchi started to spread out and the dirty things done by Mingxu Temple was suppressed; the flow of rumors was one-sided. As for who added fuel to the fire and caused trouble, it was very obvious.

Ye Junchi gave a sound of acknowledgement, “I was wondering since when I started like to eat baby’s meat.”

JiYuan threw him a glance and said in a not-salty-not-light tone, “I heard that the demon lord daren ‘eat’ both men and women. Fooling around with hundreds of female at night, then pleasured himself with countless catamites during the day. After intercourse, they will get killed. Enjoying debauchery with happiness.”

Even the stalls by the streets has drawings for sale regarding this bloody and lewd rumors. Thanks to System, JiYuan was fortunate to be able to read a few for free. He expressionlessly read about his own man fooling around with other people, although the drawing only depicted a stranger with the name Ye Junchi; even the face was completely wrong.

Ye Junchi was stunned. He was not angry instead, rubbed the top of JiYuan’s head with a smile, “Jealous?”
He closed in at JiYuan’s ear, his voice was low and magnetic, “Don’t worry, Baby. My baby will forever be you alone.”

JiYuan’s ears turned red, he pretended he didn’t hear that and pushed away his(YJC) head. Turning away, he met with Yun Cheng’s weird gaze, and his(JY) ears became even redder and hotter.

Yun Cheng lightly coughed, “Didn’t expect… in order to let Miss Ji stay at your side, demon lord would cast spells to change her gender.”

God his mother is Miss Ji!

JiYuan wanted to explain and imply that he carried ‘something’ between his legs to start with, but was caught back by Ye Junchi into his arms. Making a ruckus for a few times, he looked like a little kitten throwing tantrums in Ye Junchi’s eyes.

Ye Junchi hugged his little kitten tightly, smoothed his hair in a comforting gesture, then nodded, “You can continue.”

Yun Cheng paused, continued saying everything that he knew.

Finding out that his father was not right, Yun Cheng felt horror in his heart. He tried testing him many times but no results. In an overall assessment, Yun Cheng was still young. Although he has the rank as the eldest young master in the Yun family, he doesn’t have must prestige, so not much people believed in him. Hence, even though his father has changed, he was helpless to do anything. At that time, he still didn’t know that Yun Wuxiu’s body has been taken over, just thought that his father has changed. Yun Wuxiu became more and more indulging towards the Zhao family, and there were more and more people from the Yun family assigned in the Alliance.

Everything broke out 6 months ago from the death of ZhaoYang.

Yuqiu found the opportunity and couldn’t wait to immediately act on it. He never wish to kill Ye Junchi (head-on), he only wished to lure Ye Junchi to South Lake. It was not good for him to follow Zhao Buchen to appear in JinHe so he sent Yun Cheng this small puppet.

Finishing his words, Yun Cheng has a guess in his heart. After a moment of silence, he still lightly asked, “I don’t know who is this person, want to do what, why he did these, and why he spare my Uncle’s life… Senior Ye, can you tell this small one?”

Ye Junchi lightly said, “I don’t know why he spared Zhao Buchen but you should have heard of the name Yuqiu.”

Yun Cheng’s pupil shrunk, his hands unconsciously clenched at the corner of his clothes.

“Yuqiu is a loyal dog, he wants to resurrect the demon ruler.”

Ye Junchi looked at him with an unsmiling smile, “It’s just right at the heart of the Alliance, South Lake. What’s underneath the Qian Liao Peak, you should know better than me. If he succeeded, then the war this time human realm will suffer a crushing defeat.”

Yun Cheng’s lips turned pale, but his complexion slowly changed to show his perseverance, even his gaze looked decisive.

“The human realm doesn’t lack skilled people, inside the Alliance also contained a sober generation. As long as Senior Ye could give me some help, I would be able to go and tell them the truth, then evict Yuqiu out of South Lake.”

Ye Junchi was indifferent, “I don’t necessary need to help you in this.”

“Senior Ye’s reputation is in a mess, even if Yuqiu get uncovered, the people in this world still won’t believe you. But Senior Ye doesn’t want to let the world know about the truth, and clear your name?”
Yun Cheng said it but seeing Ye Junchi looking like he doesn’t care, he choked a bit. Turning his head, he looked at the obedient JiYuan being hugged in his embrace like a treasure. He asked in a deep voice, “Even if you don’t care, you don’t want to clean Miss Ji’s name from accusation?”

JiYuan couldn’t help but opened his mouth to correct, “Mister Ji.”

Yun Cheng was stunned, “Miss Ji…”

JiYuan’s face was a bit black, “Mister Ji.”

Yun Cheng could only follow to call, “Mister Ji.”
[T/N : The chinese word was actually 公子/Gongzi but there’s no 1-word equivalent in English … except Gentleman which doesn’t sound much correct. So I change it to Mister so you can understand the minor humor in it immediately – Miss/Mister :v ]

Ye Junchi looked sideways at JiYuan who was looking quite angry, his(YJC) feeling was abnormally good. Poking at JiYuan’s cheek, he laughed in a low tone, “Be obedient, don’t be angry. It’s fine if I know you are a Mister.”

JiYuan was still feeling depressed.

“I really care for Ah Yuan.”

Finished teasing JiYuan, Ye Junchi retrieved the slight smile on his face as he raised his head. His voice was indifferent, “But what do you have to gain my trust? You coming to find me was because you have no any other ways. The Yun family is being controlled by Yuqiu, the people in the Alliance are not unified at heart and the Zhao family is a group without a head. Eldest young master Yun, what value do you have?”

Yun Cheng opened his mouth but was unable to say anything. Just like what Ye Junchi said, he has been forced to desperation.

The atmosphere became stiff, and Yun Cheng’s body stiffened as well. There was a few times he wanted to say something, but upon meeting Ye Junchi’s icy gaze, he swallowed it back. After a long time, Yun Cheng pursed his lips and said in a quiet voice, “Then, I ask Senior Ye to return my spiritual sword back to this small one.”

JiYuan saw that his(YC) gaze was dim, he(JY) carefully pondered for a bit and raised a question, “My father is safe and sound in South Lake, are you protecting him?”

“… Mister Ji is innocent, being involved inside this storm. The one who killed ZhaoYang is me, so I cannot watch with folded arms.”

JiYuan nodded, then carefully sneaked a peek at Ye Junchi. Seeing him lightly smiling and not speaking, JiYuan continued, “What do you want him to help you?”

“Yuqiu spent a lot of energy to occupy my father’s spiritual body. When he took over my body, his control over my father weakens…not long ago when he keep controlling me, my father managed to get sober for a short moment. Now he urgently suppressed my father’s body, he couldn’t control me. I want to ask for Senior Ye’s help to cut off his control over me.”

Ye Junchi thoughtfully looked at him.

Hearing JiYuan voiced out, he(YJC) has already changed his mind. If they really want to cooperate together, it’s fine to give a hand to Yun Cheng. After all, no one wants to get stabbed by a cold blade of a sword at the critical moment.

“Then, I’ll give you a hand.” Ye Junchi slowly said, “You’d better not let me down.”


3 people parted way in the vicinity of ChengYang mountain. At the light of daybreak, heavy snow blew in the sky. The snowfall blurred the image of distant roads, one doesn’t know how would the road ahead looked like. Will it be stable, will there be traps or will one be able to safely settle everything?
Ye Junchi and JiYuan whispered at each other’s ear for a while, and decided to go to South Lake. Since the entire process of development has been made clear, they don’t have to deliberately take a detour and should go directly to it.

Although JiYuan possessed spiritual power now and learned a few skills, he still felt sleepy after staying up a whole night. Quietly yawned, his eyes were a bit fogged with sleepiness. His red lips slightly opened and vaguely exposed a tiny bit of his vivid red tongue. His whole pale white handsome face have only that point of color in its palette.

This appearance looked very similar to his(JY) about-to-cry look when they ‘did’ it. Ye Junchi’s gaze turned deep and his heart became soft. He supported the youth in his arms while taking a kiss from that red lips that looked like it was tempting him. He turned around and got the carriage back from no-one-know-where, then carried JiYuan into the carriage.

JiYuan squinted, he was too sleepy to say anything so he just closed his eyes and prepared to sleep. He didn’t expect that a heavy body would suddenly weighed down on him. JiYuan pushed at the person pressing down on him and whispered, “What are you doing? Go and drive the carriage, don’t delay the journey.”

Ye Junchi lightly chuckled, “It’s alright, flying on Gui Chi will only need 2 shichen (4 hours).”

JiYuan : “…” So the reason to specially get a carriage was to do this ‘not suitable for children’ kind of exercise?

After a moment of silent, JiYuan very understandingly asked, “How old are you actually?”

How long have you been holding back/abstaining ….

Ye Junchi paused, he narrowed his eyes and pursed his lips, not saying anything.

JiYuan held back his laugh, “Very old?”

Ye Junchi gave a cold laugh and reached out to pull open his(JY) robe. He then bowed down and bit on that delicate white neck, lightly said, “Old? Even if I’m old, I still can make you cry out.”

Because he accidentally angered Ye Junchi, when JiYuan woke up it was already afternoon. He was being hugged inside Ye Junchi’s embrace, his body was felt sore and an unspeakable place at his lower body was still throbbing with pain.

JiYuan inexplicably reminisced of his first time. Because it was to transfer spiritual power, he only felt hints of pain at first and the later part was not painful at all. Unlike now……

He rubbed his sore waist, and crawled up to look around the environment; found that he was already inside his room at the inn.

Ye Junchi seemed to sleep very deeply, not responding even when he(JY) has woken up. JiYuan looked at his(YJC) sleeping face, but found out that he was not sleeping peacefully. He(YJC) was frowning, there seemed to be black gaseous substance gathering at the area between his eyebrows. Shocked, JiYuan wanted to wake Ye Junchi up but he suddenly opened his eyes.

JiYuan’s body stiffened. Not sure if it was an illusion or something else, but JiYuan keep feeling that the split instant Ye Junchi opened his eyes, his eyes was bloody red and full of killing intent. But when he(JY) came back to his sense (from the shock), he saw that the pair of quiet eyes was filled with a mild smile, and his voice was magnetic and gentle as usual, “Ah Yuan is peeping at me just now?”

JiYuan stared at him, couldn’t say anything for a long while. He could only try his best to ignore the strange feeling in his heart and stiffly nodded.

The author has something to say:
YJC : Feeling sad, wifey felt that I’m too old.
So…. how old ARE you?


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