先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 49

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They have not seen each other in less than a month, but this person’s complexion has become a lot more gloomy and haggard. Yet, he still maintained a gentle smile on his lips and nodded at the two people.
JiYuan was a bit surprised.
Yun Cheng?
The hatred between them and this brother here was not small. He was not, Ye Junchi also was not any ‘easy and nice’ people so how could Yun Cheng dare to block their path?
“As expected, ZhaoHe was not able to stop both of you.”
Yun Cheng covered his mouth to cough a few times, his smile looked more real.
Ye Junchi coldly said, “So you rushed here to die (at my hand)?”
Yun Cheng shook his head, “This small one came to cooperate with you two.”
His(YJC) lips curved up but he was not smiling, didn’t reply.
There was really no one else in the surrounding area, and Yun Cheng indeed came alone. He should be very clear that if Ye Junchi wanted to kill him, it would be as easy as pie. Daring to appear even when knowing that, he has some guts in him.
Yun Cheng saw that they didn’t refuse, his eyes became bright, “It’s not convenient to speak here, is it alright to change the location to somewhere else?”
“Say what you want to say here.”
Ye Junchi lightly said, “I didn’t kill you because you have some mercy that time and didn’t use full force in that kick on JiYuan. But that doesn’t mean that I will have the patience to listen to your nonsense.”
Last time in the Soul Lock array, JiYuan ran out from the spiritual protective barrier that Ye Junchi has erected for him. He was kicked-fly-away by Yuqiu at the chest, but only suffered minor injuries. Yuqiu has always been ruthless, so the fact that he didn’t shatter JiYuan’s internal organs, Yun Cheng most probably did something at the critical moment.
Yun Cheng felt a bit helpless, he has so many things to say but he doesn’t know where to start. After a moment of silent, he said, “I know you didn’t kill ZhaoYang and Uncle’s coma has nothing to do with you. Jiang Xuesong invited the trouble on his own – can we talk about it?”
“You are being controlled ba.” Ye Junchi squinted, unmoved, “I don’t want like as I hear you talk, you suddenly stab a sword over or you suddenly died from body bursting apart. Next, a rumor will come out in the cultivation world the next day saying I killed the eldest young master of the Yun family.”
“That person will not kill me…”
As Yun Cheng said it, the corner of his eyes reddened, “My father… my father still have his consciousness. He became sober once recently, right now he is trying his best to suppress that person. I can guarantee I won’t turn xx.”
Pausing, he took off his own sword and handed it to Ye Junchi, together with a rope shining with bright golden color, “This is Immortal Binding rope. You can tie me up and hear me talk.”
Both JiYuan and Ye Junchi glanced at each other.
Yun Cheng was very sincere, they had intended to get closer to Yun Cheng to get more information, and to learn the ins and outs of the case. Now that the man has sent himself to their doorstep, although it might be a feint, they might as well hear him out. Both people have made a decision in their heart, but Ye Junchi bowed his head. Acting as though there were nobody else present, he kissed the space between JiYuan’s eyebrows and smiled, “Baby, want to listen to his words?”
JiYuan was silent, once again locked gaze with Ye Junchi. He has yet to figure out what kind of unmentionable news that pair of smiling eyes was trying to convey, he heard System interpreted it, “Big bro said everything will follow his wife’s decision.”
JiYuan : “…”
Although Yun Cheng was controlled by Yuqiu from time to time, his consciousness was sober. Naturally it means he knew what Yuqiu has done. Upon hearing Ye Junchi’s words, he nervously looked at JiYuan for fear that he would open his mouth to refuse.
JiYuan quietly glanced at Ye Junchi, then nodded at Yun Cheng.
Yun Cheng released his breath, and led the two people into the woods beside them.
It was not known where the woods will lead them to. Current season was winter, and all the leaves has fallen down from the trees leaving bare branches behind. Coincidentally, the moon was out tonight. The cold moonlight shone down, numerous barren branches stretched out inside the dark forest, like a ghostly claw. When the cold wind blew, the branches would occasionally shook. Abrupt eerie movement, it gave an indescribable spookiness.
Both people followed behind Yun Cheng in a not-far-not-near distance. All 4 corners were deathly still, Ye Junchi still remembered that JiYuan was afraid of ghosts and reached out to hold his(JY) hands. He absentmindedly stroke the palm of JiYuan’s hand with his little finger and seemed to remember something, whispered, “Ah Yuan still haven’t tell me. Why did you suddenly changed your mind?”
JiYuan felt an itch in his heart from Ye Junchi’s action, so he doesn’t have any free time to thought about ghosts. Plus it was a demon lord daren who was beside him, and in his(YJ) arms was spiritual sword Gui Chi. There would not be any monsters and ghosts that ‘doesn’t grow eyes’ to come forward and hand over their head.
He tried to retrieve his hand back from Ye Junchi’s grip but couldn’t. So he exerted all his strength and pinched that mischievous finger, and coldly asked, “You want to know the reason that much?”
After thinking for a while, he(YJC) smiled, “Not really, it’s enough as long as you are willing to accompany me.”
“Because…” (T/N : The reason was… )
JiYuan pursed his lips, his line of sight fell onto the ground, “I want to stay with you.”
Ye Junchi’s footsteps could be clearly seen lagging for a moment. Following that, he heard JiYuan lightly said, “I want you to stay with me too, I…. like you too.”
His(YJC) gaze was deep, he threw a glance at Yun Cheng who was diligently showing the way, then reached out to tilt up JiYuan’s chin. Even if the night was hazy with mist, he still could clearly see that the clean and handsome face revealed a touch of redness, seemed a bit shy. Bowing down his head, Ye Junchi licked at JiYuan’s earlobe and sighed, “I really want to immediately strip you naked, press you down on the bed and do you until sunrise.”

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JiYuan felt like the place being licked was throbbing with a burst of boiling hot sensation, like a weak electric current flowed past. His face was completely red, “Shut up!”
He poked System, “System, Scoundrel Ye molested me again!”
System : “Screw that, you don’t care about me anymore. Stop showing PDA in front me of, AI also has its own dignity.”
‘Give an inch take a mile’, Scoundrel Ye took JiYuan’s earlobe in his mouth and sucked, “Ah Yuan’s expression is so cute, it makes me want to do ‘that’ even more.”
Because he(JY) has a sudden influx of spiritual power, he could also see things clearly in the dark. With a turn of head, he could clearly see a familiar dangerous light in Ye Junchi’s eyes. Knowing that someone surnamed Ye has always did everything regardless of how people see him in their eyes, he(JY) paused. Very quickly, he rushed forward to peck at Ye Junchi’s lips. Not waiting for him to react, JiYuan whispered ‘Don’t mess around’ then pushed him away, and strode forward in quick steps.
It was very rare for JiYuan to take the initiative to kiss him, Ye Junchi stood rooted on the same spot and savored the feeling. Then, he licked his own lips and strode forward, smilingly circled his hand at JiYuan’s waist.
The interaction between the two was completely based on their high level of cultivation, incredibly silent. Even when speaking, they could press down their volume to the point only two of them could hear it. Yun Cheng was carrying worries in his heart, his body in a whirlpool of emotion so he didn’t notice. The one who should be worrying was those two who was so sickly sweet and keep providing System with dog food.
System sighed, “I don’t know if I did something wrong, but I feel like I want to go on strike.”
JiYuan’s turn to comfort it, “Baby, condolence.”
System : “…” Really a little bastard.
Walking for a long time, Yun Cheng finally stopped behind a giant tree. Turning back to look at Ye Junchi and JiYuan, he took the lead and walked into it – that tree was actually an illusion. Yun Cheng’s figure disappeared without a trace in the tree.
According to Ye Junchi’s usual style, even if there are numerous hidden and dangerous traps, he would just smile and directly went in. But seeing JiYuan at his side, he recalled back the black needles that flew into the Thousand Sword array and his steps stopped. Urging JiYuan to hold onto Gui Chi properly, he erected a barrier then only he went into the tree.
The scenery in front of their eyes changed, and became an old secret tunnel. Yun Cheng stood at a side holding a torch, he only smiled when he saw both people finally came in. In a low voice, “This is a secret tunnel underneath ChengYang mountain. Not many people know about this, it was ZhaoYang who brought me here, and he was killed nearby here…”
He looked a bit sorrowful, Ye Junchi coldly looked at him and asked, “What do you want to do by taking us here?”
Yun Cheng hesitated for a while, “Come with me.”
They were already here, so there was no harm going a bit further. In his face, Ye Junchi looked indifferent, but his fingers indistinctly swept past Gui Chi’s hilt.
Should Yun Cheng do anything out of the norm, he would not bind him with the Immortal Binding rope but instantly take his(YC) life instead. It doesn’t matter if his name got blacker, he must guarantee JiYuan’s safety.
There were a lot of branches inside the secret tunnel, it seemed to be leading to different parts of the mountain. Yun Cheng seemed to be very familiar with this place, turning left and right here and there. Soon, they arrived in front of a secret door. Yun Cheng raised his hand and pushed open the door.
Ye Junchi raised his eyes to look, and saw that there was a coffin inside the narrow dark room.
A guess passed through his heart, Ye Junchi walked into the room after glancing at Yun Cheng. Lowering his head, sure enough a dead pale young man who looked quite similar with ZhaoHe laid inside the coffin.
Out of habit, JiYuan’s goosebumps stood up. He retrieved back his line of sight after a glance or two, lightly asking, “This is ZhaoYang?”
Yun Cheng slowly went to the side of the coffin, his gaze was complex, and nodded his head.
ZhaoYang’s body was not stolen by Yuqiu?
JiYuan originally thought after his body was stolen, he(ZY) would be burnt into ash, or thrown into a random burial ground for dogs to gnaw on it. Didn’t expect it would be still in ChengYang mountain.
Yun Cheng slowly said, “Before you come to ChengYang mountain, Uncle sent a card to invite my father to come… the body, was stolen by the me under the control of that person. It was done right before you arrived to ChengYang mountain. I saw you two at the Zhao family’s burial ground, just that there were too many people at the place that time. You two shouldn’t have noticed me.”
“The corpse unexpectedly still here.”
Raising his eyebrows, Ye Junchi touched the top of JiYuan’s head as a gesture of comforting. After a moment of observation, Ye Junchi leaned over and opened ZhaoYang’s robe.
The rumor said ZhaoYang died a miserable death, but when Ye Junchi pulled open his robe, there was only one sword injury on his heart.
It was a fatal hit.
He calmly turned the body over, and glanced at the size of the wound. In his heart, a conclusion was formed, Ye Junchi smiled and looked at Yun Cheng, “So that’s how it is.”
Yun Cheng’s face became pale white, his gaze was dodging away, “I….”
“ZhaoYang seemed to trust you a lot.” Ye Junchi slowly said, “Even dare to show his back at you, your relationship is very good?”
Yun Chen’s throat choked out, “… very good.”
“I think until the point of death, he still won’t understand why his own Biaoge(older male cousin) would give him a stab from the back.”
“Don’t say anymore…” Yun Cheng’s complexion became more and more pale, not even dare to glance into the coffin.
“ZhaoYang is a ‘wine sack/food bag’1 and extremely lusty. Your relationship shouldn’t be as good as you implied, but ZhaoYang should be truly treating you well.”
Ye Junchi took out a handkerchief and carefully wiped his hand, then he went back to hold JiYuan again. Mercilessly, he said, “Keeping his body so secretly here, you are feeling guilty that he was good to you, or guilty because of his trust in you?”
“I… I was forced to do that!”
The corner of Yun Cheng’s eyes became red, and his voice was trembling, “That person controlled my body! I never knew it… never knew, until he controlled me to kill ZhaoYang…”
The secret buried in his heart was like poison, unable to get it out; he could only rage in his heart. Although due to the relationship of both families, he had to pretend to be good with ZhaoYang, but he has always been disgusted with ZhaoYang2. Until the moment ZhaoYang dies and suddenly turned his head around, staring at him in disbelief.
That pair of blood-shot eyes tormented Yun Cheng day and night. He wanted to bring the truth to the world, but was controlled tightly by that person. He could only rely on the farce as it grew bigger, following behind as he ‘push the wave and add to the billows’.
Ye Junchi sneered, “You just wanted to say these?”
Yun Cheng paused, he said with reddened eye, “My father’s body is being occupied by him, already … can’t take it anymore. Very soon, that person would completely occupied my father’s body. I will not allow my father with bright prospects to be destroyed in the hand of that person. What you want to know, I will tell you. As long as you beat him, and then… I will personally kill him.”
The author has something to say:
YJC : Just want to sleep with the Lord until dawn.
JY : … oh, if I’m at the top, then can satisfy you.
And then, JiYuan really stayed on top for the whole night. The next day he cried like a 200 pound child.
YJC (smile) : I am very satisfied.

  1. 酒囊饭袋 – Idiom, meaning useless person, only fit for guzzling and boozing. ↩
  2. Seriously now, since this is a BL novel, I really thought Yun Cheng (by some bizarre reason) liked ZhaoYang. Turns out that ZY is really a scum of the scum. ↩

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