先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 48

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People usually yearned for more after tasting the forbidden fruit1, and JiYuan was no abstinent monk. Just that he was ‘tossed’ around a bit too much last time, that he has lingering fear in his heart. He was at loss from being bugged by Ye Junchi, so JiYuan acquiesced with his(YJC) actions.

Demon lord daren has always been someone who don’t hold back, he ate JiYuan through and through without speaking much. Afterwards, acting as if he was taking things very seriously, Ye Junchi kissed JiYuan’s lower abdomen and smiled ‘like fox having an a.ffair’, “I’m so hardworking already, JiYuan need to work hard too ah.”

JiYuan expressionlessly kicked him out of the bed.

YangNing was not far from South Lake. If one took a shortcut, it would take only 7-8 days on foot. Two people was a bit paranoid, so they deliberately bypassed the nearest mountain road and headed towards the vicinity of the Zhao residence.

JiYuan who now has spiritual power to protect his body wouldn’t feel cold, but Ye Junchi was afraid that he will freeze so he got JiYuan a carriage; not sure where he got it from. With a light grunt, he stuffed JiYuan into the carriage and he personally went to the front to be the coachman.

JiYuan was a bit depressed, “System, what is Big bro doin’?”

System : “Pampering wife.”

JiYuan : “….”

Sitting inside the carriage, JiYuan took a deep breath. He ignore his boiling hot ears and forced himself to think of the serious matter in hand. His fingers unconsciously ca.ressed Gui Chi’s body, then JiYuan heard System asking in doubts, “How come Big bro still doesn’t take back his sword? You can already assume some responsibility now.”

“…. because the sword was given by the demon ruler, Big bro doesn’t want to hold it.”

Whenever JiYuan thought of the demon ruler, his whole body would feel uncomfortable and his heart would be uneasy. Staring at Gui Chi for a short moment, he lightly asked, “Say System, is the demon ruler really ‘body dead, cultivation scattered'(dead for good) 13 years ago?”

System : “Baby, your thoughts are very dangerous ah. Believe in Big bro, he(DR) is definitely dead. Otherwise, Yuqiu won’t keep sneaking around all these years.”

JiYuan thought a bit and agreed. No longer harassing System, JiYuan turned around to open the curtain and sat down beside Ye Junchi.

Ye Junchi stretched out one hand and enveloped JiYuan inside his arms. He thought for a moment, then smiled, “We should just ride the horse ba.”

JiYuan turned his head to look at him.
“I want to keep JiYuan in my arms all the time.” Ye Junchi’s eyes were shining brightly.

JiYuan silently poked him. Towards Ye Junchi’s eyes filled with expectation, he said, “Jiang Xuesong’s scandals being spread out, is done by Jiang Miao Miao?”

Ye Junchi was a little bit disappointed, but he still continued the conversation, “Who else other than her? But… for Yuqiu not killing Zhao Buchen to push the blame on us, that was actually surprising.”

Touching his own chin, JiYuan said, “He got soft-hearted?”

“Not possible, that person…” Ye Junchi clearly recalled something, cold light flashed in his eyes. He shook his head and didn’t speak anymore.

Upon arriving nearby ChengYang mountain (the mountain Zhao residence is on), the sky has already turned dark. Both people originally wanted to check out the situation at the Zhao residence but didn’t expect that there would be an unforeseen event when they got closer to the mountain. A few hundreds of cultivators were waiting in the area.
Those cultivators were armed to the teeth, and their faces were solemn. Snow covered all four corners of the area, giving out a chilly and dreary killing intent.

JiYuan lightly hissed. Looking at the cultivators at the opposite side, he felt like they were at a trial site for apostates, and Ye Junchi and him were the apostate. Where did these people came from? Why are they waiting here?
Couldn’t be Yuqiu has predicted that they will come to ChengYang mountain, so he specially informed some cultivators over… but only hundreds of cultivators won’t be able to murder Ye Junchi. He frowned in deep thought, then a young cultivator walked out from the opposite side. His face was gloomy, and the body of his sword flashed with blue light. It was the temporary substitute for the position of family Head, ZhaoHe.

“It seems that it won’t be easy for us to leave.”

Ye Junchi’s eyes were frosty, “Want to make me start killing people?”

Up until now, Ye Junchi has never raise his hand and kill any innocent cultivators. If those hundreds of cultivators decided to disregard everything and rushed forward today, it will cause a bloodbath no matter what. Then, that would give Yuqiu a good excuse to raise a crusade against Ye Junchi. There might be chances that in order to eradicate the enemy, he(YQ) would lead the Alliance’s cultivators to start a war against the demon realm.
Yuqiu, this person was cold-blooded to the extreme. He seemed to have no other feelings other than loyalty to the demon ruler. If the human and demon realm started a war and suffered damages, he would be sitting by the side reaping the fisherman’s benefit.

JiYuan paused, “Then don’t do anything tonight.”

“No, Baby you don’t do anything. Wait until you reached South Lake, then give them a surprise.”

Two people chatted in low voices, and stood very close to each other. A blue vein jumped on ZhaoHe’s forehead, he was not someone with good temper to start with. His younger brother died an unnatural death while his father was unconscious and not waking up. His depression and hostility was enough to make him mad. He coldly spat, “A pair of adult.erous couple.”

Ye Junchi looked over with a chill, “You want to change another sword again?”

At first, ZhaoHe stared blankly. Then, he recalled back at the Jiang residence where his sword broke into pieces without reason, and his expression changed to extreme anger, “You with surname Ye! You killed my brother, destroyed his body, and then harmed my father. What kind of resentment do you actually have with our Zhao family?!”

“No resentment whatsoever.”

Ye Junchi calmly replied with that sentence, and caused ZhaoHe to get startled. Apparently he didn’t expect Ye Junchi to be so bold and confident. In his heart, Ye Junchi was a heinous devil who mercilessly killed people like scything flax. With him(YJC) replying with such an answer, it caused his breath to stuck in his chest, choked and unable to say anything.

A cultivator at a side sneered, “Demon is indeed demon, kill indiscriminately is their nature. Even when there is no resentment in between, they still couldn’t bear to see other people living well. Ye Junchi, you never expect that we would be waiting here ba? You have done a lot of evil deeds, today we will disregard life and death to act on behalf of Heaven and execute you!”

Ye Junchi felt that it was funny, “Human has always been like this? A few hundreds of people surrounded one person, won’t the Heaven be embarrassed?”

That cultivator’s expression stiffened.
This ‘No need to talk about righteous with the demon, brothers. Let us all attack’ – For thousands of years, ‘Sea of human’ tactic has always been a fine tradition within the Alliance. Everyone has a tacit understanding of this. When it’s time to attack, everyone will attack together, when it’s time to run, everyone will scatter to all 4 corners. Because ‘destroy evil and eliminate foreign force’ has always meant killing on the spot and has never taken personal opinion in consideration. Everyone has a tacit mutual understanding, to ignore the fact that using ‘majority to attack minority’ was not in line with the Alliance’s principle. But being pointed out that flaw doesn’t really matter, as immediately there were other cultivators angrily shouted out, “What’s the use in talking about righteous with a demon like you?! How many dirty things have you done, how many people have you killed?! We only know back in the olden day that the demon ruler is treacherous and blood-thirsty, didn’t expect there is still a thing which the Heaven and earth couldn’t tolerate like you.”

ZhaoHe’s expression was deep, “Everyone, why do you still need to say that much to him? Er.ect the ‘Thousand Swords Array’. Today in ChengYang Mountain, I want to use the demon’s blood to wash away all the shame that my Zhao family has suffered, and avenge for my brother and father.” He paused, then meaningfully glanced around at the cultivators. “Don’t think that my Zhao family has weakened after my father went into a coma, a sick tiger is still a tiger. Dare to insult our Zhao family, you have to pay the price with your blood.”

Listening by the side for a long time, JiYuan couldn’t help it and pulled at Ye Junchi’s sleeve. Seeing him turned his head around, JiYuan whispered, “… the people from the Alliance has always been so long-winded?”

“They are in fear.”

There were smiles in Ye Junchi’s eyes, “When facing a stronger enemy, they have to say words like these to encourage other people and also boost own courage. Otherwise, they won’t be able to even raise their swords. Then how would they be able to ‘destroy evil and eliminate foreign force’ on behalf of Heaven? 3 years ago when I led the demon armies to leave, they were too petrified to the point that they could only stamp their feet in anger and shout out curses. No one dared to take a step forward.”

Both people didn’t do anything to lower down their voice, and the cultivation of the people on the opposite side was not weak either, so they naturally heard what was said. Their face turned black, they no longer say anything and immediately start setting an array. These people were already prepared, so the moment the order was out, they instantly acted. They didn’t wait to let JiYuan see how this so-called ‘Thousand Swords Array’ was set up, as both people were then enveloped in golden lights.
In between of those golden lights, there were spiritual swords hidden in all directions. Just waiting for the person carrying the array flag to issue the order, and the swords would rush towards the two people inside.

Ye Junchi frowned but still looked doesn’t care about the array. He caressed JiYuan’s hair and gently said, “Though the array is called Thousand Swords but there are no thousand swords used. Just that it’s hard to distinguish which one is real and which one is fake.”

JiYuan tilted his head to look at him, “You know the way to break the array?”

Ye Junchi shook his head with a smile.

JiYuan : “…” So bold and confident ah.
But Big bro has always been stable and reliable, JiYuan knew he would certainly has a way to break the array. So he was not worried, and was quite eager even.

System asked in a not-cold-no-hot tone, “Have you learned the skills taught to you?”

JiYuan nodded with a ‘doesn’t matter’ manner. System became silent, not saying anything.

There seemed to be people whispering outside the array. JiYuan tilted his head to listen for a moment, then Ye Junchi suddenly leaned in and kissed his lips, “Baby, give me Gui Chi.”

JiYuan handed Big bro the sword. Ye Junchi didn’t reach out to take the sword. He glanced at the golden lights in front of him, his sharp gaze locked onto a black seam in the midst of the golden light. Without hesitation, he pulled out Gui Chi and suddenly waved it. A ‘kacha’ sounded, like something was broken. The sound of something cracking became louder, and the golden lights were covered in cracks. JiYuan heard ZhaoHe coldly humph-ed, then the golden lights shimmered brightly; those cracks have disappeared altogether. Following that, sounds of sword vibrating could be heard like they were in the middle of a wasp’s nest. JiYuan was unable to withstand the sound properly, and tried to seal his hearing sense with spiritual power, but was pulled into Ye Junchi’s arms and hugged tightly. The top of his head was being rubbed from habit, and a low voice whispered, “Ah Yuan, hold tightly onto me.”

JiYuan subconsciously hugged his(YJC) waist tightly. The next moment, he could hear countless ‘zooming/whistling’ sound. Thousands of sharp weapons split the air and rushed towards them. His head was being pressed by Ye Junchi into his arms, so he can’t see what kind of a terrifying scene it could be. He poked System to ask for a live broadcast, but System replied, “Don’t want.”

“… why?”

“I have Trypophobia2(fear of concentrated holes).”

… ain’t you just some strings of data?!!

JiYuan softly cursed out a few words in his heart. He couldn’t break away from Ye Junchi’s hold either, so he could only take a deep breath and listened to his(YJC) steady heartbeat, forcing himself to calm down.

Ye Junchi seemed to be able to easily distinguish which sword was real and which was fake. Wielding Gui Chi, his gait was unhurried. He even has some idle moment to bow down his head to kiss the top of JiYuan’s head, and sighed, “Baby, you are really cute.”

Waiting until the ‘Ding! Ding! Clang! Clang!’ sound ceased, a long time has passed. The light in Ye Junchi’s eyes was cold. Just as he wanted to turn his hand to wield his sword to break the array, he was caught off guard as a few needles came flying towards him. He wanted to raise his hand to block but his intuition told him that it was fake so his action was slowed down. One of the needle struck him at his wrist. It was real? Ye Junchi’s pupil shrunk. He slowly reached out and looked at his wrist. When he saw a black spot on his wrist, Ye Junchi frowned and tried using spiritual power to force that black spot out. The black needle was successfully forced out, and his wrist doesn’t seemed to be in any discomfort but Ye Junchi keep feeling uneasy in his heart. After a moment of silent, he stroke JiYuan’s hair. His voice still contained a slight smile, “Alright Baby, it’s over.”

JiYuan separated from him after hearing that, then looked at him with a frown, “Did you get hurt?”

Ye Junchi replied without changing expression, “How could I? It’s simple matter.”

As he said that, he stabbed out with Gui Chi. A ‘Kacha’ sound was heard again but for a moment, the golden lights broke into pieces and revealed those cultivators who hid behind the array and their fearful expression. ZhaoHe’s face was pale. He unbelievably stared at Ye Junchi and his lips were trembling, but he couldn’t say anything.

Ye Junchi held onto JiYuan’s waist, and smiled, “Interesting.” Pausing, he glanced at them, his tone was calm, “I don’t have any grievance and resentment towards the Zhao family, I won’t do those things. Rather than locking targets onto me, it would be better to carefully trace back the clues. You don’t even have evidence, what rights do you have to say ‘destroy evil and eliminate foreign force’?”

After he finished his words, he turned away and left with JiYuan. All the cultivators silently watched them leave, fear caused them to be rooted on the spot.

JiYuan was relieved. Ye Junchi and him slowly left the vicinity of ChengYang mountain. Unexpectedly, they have yet to leave further away, and another person stood in front of them, blocking their path.

The author has something to say:
Hamster Ye felt comfortable opening Ji Melon Seed to eat.
(:з」∠) Slowly, slowly, preparing to wrap this up…..

Hamster Ye & Ji Melon Seed

#WhatWithThatNeedle ?!

Banana : Found a cute kissing meme from Tokimeki Memorial Girl while looking for stomach kissing pictures 😛 (artist unknown, please tell if you do)

  1. 食髓知味 – The actual sentence in chinese is ‘Having tasted the marrow, the longing for its savour grows’ 
  2. 密集恐惧症 – Google told me it’s Trypophobia. Do tell if I got it wrong. 

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