先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 47

[Banana : In case anyone has forgotten, YangNing is where the Ji family and Zhao family located, just that one is on the mountain while the other in the town.]

YangNing has already been covered in heavy snow, like being wrapped in silver. The mountainous terrains were heavily covered, like silver snakes dancing in the mountain; there was no end to it. In this winter where everywhere were covered in ice, don’t say common people, even cultivators couldn’t bear to leave their house.
The taverns inside this little town were full with customers. There were common folks, as well as cultivators in the tavern but most of them would sit with their own community. After all, in the eyes of the arrogant cultivators, it was already a great honor for common people that they sat inside the same tavern. If they sat together, they afraid those common people would get their life span shortened.1
Unfortunately, most common people shared the same view with those kind of cultivators. They were extremely afraid of cultivators.
Sitting in the middle of the tavern was a few young cultivators from a small clan. Proudly glancing at the common folks around the tavern, they started discussing in low voices on the recent strange and interesting happenings in the cultivation world.
Listening to them for a long time and still haven’t heard of his own name, the youth sitting at the corner of the tavern used the cover of his cup to poke the floating tea stems in boredom. The contrast of the pitch black tea cup has make the youth’s white slender fingers looked particularly nice. The man beside him couldn’t help it and reached out to hold his fingers. The man brought the fingers to his lips and kissed on it. Meeting that light gaze, he smiled and said, “Your fingers are so cold, I’ll help you warm it up.”
You are lying with your eyes opened wide.
JiYuan was expressionless, but he doesn’t mind the man being intimate with him in the public.
Ye Junchi proceed, being ‘given an inch and took a mile’. He leaned into JiYuan and sniffed at his hair. Parting the loose hair scattered at his(JY) neck, Ye Junchi looked at the marks at his nape and said with some regret, “It became lighter.”
He(YJC) blinked, a trace of something dangerous flashed in his eyes, “How about I work hard tonight and make those marks deeper?”
JiYuan maintained his expressionless face, “What did you promised me?”
Sighing, Ye Junchi looked at the youth where he could only ‘see but not touch’, he felt kind of depressed in his heart. When he finally get to eat JiYuan a few days ago, he accidentally did it a bit too much. JiYuan laid on the bed for a whole day as the result, forced him(YJC) to make promise with clenched teeth that he(YJC) won’t touch him again within a month.
After listening for a while, those few young cultivators still didn’t mention anything worthwhile. JiYuan frowned and said, “Let us change location ba.”
Ye Junchi nodded. Just as he wanted to get up, a little handsome cultivator from that table suddenly said, “Oh yeah, the Zhao family Head still haven’t wake up. I heard the Alliance Head daren has sent out a lot of people to search for miracle medicine. Martial brother Zhen, doesn’t your family has a miracle medicine handed down from generation to generation? How about using that to try? If you managed to wake the Zhao family Head up, then your family will have a big backing in the future.”
“Don’t speak nonsense.”
That ‘Brother Zhen’ berated him, then helplessly said, “My family’s ancestral medicine couldn’t be considered as anything. One doesn’t know how much of these things are collecting dust inside the warehouse of both Yun and Zhao family. Furthermore, the Zhao family Head was harmed by that demon Ye Junchi. How many cultivators in the human realm can help him?”
“Yes yes yes…“ That little cultivator smiled in embarrassment, “But talking about Ye Junchi, I heard the chaos at JinHe’s Jiang family was also done by him?”
“That is not necessarily true.”
That ‘Brother Zhen’ pondered for a moment, “The scandals of the Jiang family Head written in those letter, every each of them has eyewitnesses. I think the Jiang family Head did something bad to someone and caused that someone to do this as revenge. Really hard to believe that the rumored gentleman Jiang family Head was actually such a person.”
“Didn’t they said the Jiang family Head has transactions with the demons, and also kidnapped talented children to send to demon realm? I say, this matter certainly has connection with the demon Ye. Maybe the Jiang family Head is actually transacting with the demon Ye. Really couldn’t imagine what kind of hardship awaits those children…”
A girl said it with concerns in her voice, secretly glanced at Brother Zhen.
Brother Zhen’s expression was solemn as usual, lightly said, “Before the truth come to light, don’t recklessly jump into the conclusion. 3 years ago when Ye Junchi started a slaughter in the MingXu Temple, everyone thought he was bloodthirsty. Didn’t some also said that MingXu Temple was corrupted, aiding and abetting wicked deeds; resulting a massacre on them?”
“That kind of evil demon…”
“Except from massacring MingXu Temple and murdered ZhaoYang, I don’t think I heard of Ye Junchi doing anything else.”
Another girl at the side opened her mouth, “I think it’s strange. There are so many untraceable proof, why did he(YJC) get sentenced to a crime just like that? Moreover, ZhaoYang that kind of good-for-nothing, killing him is just….”
Brother Zhen frowned, “Martial sister Lin.”
Sister Lin knew that she spoke out of line, immediately shut up.
That young girl curled her lips, “What good thing would come from the demon race.”
“Right, plus the entire cultivation community is chasing that demon. Many entrance between the human and demon realms are guarded by numerous seniors. That devil probably knew his sins are deep so doesn’t dare to appear.”
That little cultivator immediately matched up.
After a while, the group switched to another topic to talk about. JiYuan listening at a side couldn’t help wanting to laugh. He threw a few more glances at Brother Zhen and Sister Lin, and then his eyes were covered. JiYuan pursed his lips, but didn’t pull away the hand of someone surnamed Ye. Wondering if he(YJC) was eating vinegar(jealous) of that social influencer2, he lightly said, “People are saying something good about you.”
This was the first time he came across a human cultivator who would say something good about Ye Junchi.
Ye Junchi didn’t object, he doesn’t care how other people thought of him. Else, he won’t bring his demon armies to level MingXu Temple to the ground with a revengeful intention 3 years ago. Not a word of explanation, he burned that filthy place down and returned home.
Recalling back of something that JiYuan said before, he became a bit worried. He pinched his(JY) cheeks and said in a low voice, “You are not allowed to glance at other people a few more times. Male is out of the question.”
Pausing, he added one more sentence, “Female is also out of question.”
JiYuan don’t know whether to laugh or cry, “I am already together with you, why are you still worried of woman?”
Ye Junchi released his hand, his gaze was a bit resentful, “When you rejected me last time, you said you liked woman and would want to get a wife and have children later.”
JiYuan : “…”
What is this? ‘Hitting his own leg with a stone’? ‘Chickens come home to roost’?
Locking gaze with Ye Junchi for a short moment, he helplessly said, “I was lying to you.”
Hearing that, Ye Junchi became happy and smiled joyfully.
The topic going on at the other table suddenly turned its focus back to JiYuan and Ye Junchi, so JiYuan quickly listened carefully.
“… oh right, the Alliance Head daren seemed to have arrived at YangNing yesterday.”
“YangNing? Isn’t the Zhao family Head in South Lake now?”
“Not to the Zhao House, but to Ji House…”
Sister Lin paused, pressing her voice lower and said, “I heard it is to catch people, that pair of brothers who have good relationship with JiYuan. One of them is also the top 10 finalist in the Immortal Sword assembly…”
“I heard this before!”
A young girl interrupted her words, “It seems that if JiYuan and demon Ye still doesn’t show their face there, they will kill them? Alliance Head daren was also helpless from being forced.”
Martial brother Zhen sighed, “No matter what, capturing people as a threat is detrimental to the Alliance’s reputation. I heard that many Elders in the Alliance were persuading Alliance Head daren to release those three.”
… JiShen and JiChen?!
JiSi’s blood-stained face flashed through JiYuan’s mind. His(JY) expression immediately changed, and he quickly stood up.
Ye Junchi naturally knew that he(JY) put heavy importance on those cousins. Seeing someone looked over at their side, Ye Junchi put down the money for their tea on the table and pulled JiYuan to leave the tavern.
Outside the tavern, heavy snow was blowing and the surrounding was chilly. Rows of ice were condensed into the shape of hooks under the eaves of the houses, as if they are blades of sharp knife hanging upside down.
JiYuan’s expression was a bit ugly.
He instantly understood what Yun Wuxiu was intending — he(YWX) knew that JiShen was very important for him(JY), and he(YJ) was very important for Ye Junchi.
Yun Wuxiu… no, Yuqiu was forcing them to South Lake to save people.
His hand was covered by a warm hand, JiYuan helplessly looked at Ye Junchi. After knowing about the danger at South Lake, JiYuan doesn’t want Ye Junchi to take any risk at all. But he couldn’t put JiSi aside and ignore him.
Similarly, Ye Junchi wouldn’t disregard him(JY) either, and he will not be able to hide from Ye Junchi to go to South Lake alone. If they want to go, they will go together. Otherwise, both of them won’t go.
Yuqiu won’t wait obediently for them to finish searching for evidence. The most likely situation could happen was Yuqiu running out of patience and directly kill off JiChen and JiShen.
It was chaotic inside JiYuan’s mind. At this moment, he suddenly found himself very selfish and shameless. When Yuqiu first captured only the original body’s father, JiYuan just felt that going to South Lake was for the sake of fulfilling the task, and taking the opportunity to return a favor for the original body, so it was not that urgent. But wait until the person being captured was someone he cared about, he couldn’t help wishing he could appear in South Lake at the next moment.
“Ah Yuan, don’t worry.”
Ye Junchi’s voice was calm, “Yuqiu won’t act for a while. I’m guessing that he has been secretly trying to practice that demonic skills but it was not successful. That’s why there was not much children being harmed. He need my body to complete his plan, so don’t worry. He won’t act now.”
JiYuan’s eyes met his quiet eyes, and strangely became calmer. Pausing a bit, he(JY) nodded.
Calmed down, he quietly let Ye Junchi led him by his hand. In his heart, he poked System and told it his thoughts earlier. He asked in a daze, “System, am I too selfish?”
System calmly said, “If you rushed to save people the moment you heard JiXuan(father) being captured, and stepped onto the trap people set for you, then that would be stupid and pitiful. Don’t think too much, no one is perfect. Coming so suddenly into this world, there’s nothing wrong in treating strangers with a cold demeanor. You are JiYuan(your world), not JiYuan(this world).”
JiYuan thought for a while, and was a bit touched.
“System, how could I never know that you are actually so good? Recently you … are more and more humane.”
System continued, “To tell you the truth, helping the host to fulfill the task is one way to get the bonus. Another way is to experience the emotions of human, and cultivate self-personality. I hoped you will stay back in this world because I have chosen the second option. If someone is selfish, that would be me.”
JiYuan doesn’t feel anything wrong with that. After teasing System with a few words, he returned back to his sense and met Ye Junchi’s worried eyes.
“What is it? I’ve called you a few times but you didn’t respond.”
Ye Junchi rubbed the top of his(JY) head, “You are that worried about them? How about we rush to South Lake today? It’s not a bad idea to reveal Yuqiu’s true face in the Alliance’s territory.”
JiYuan shook his head, “I’m worried about you.”
His(YJC) breath stilled, the gaze in Ye Junchi’s eyes was extremely gentle. Seeing that there was no one around, he bowed down and kissed his(JY) lips. His voice carrying a smile, “Rest assured, nothing will happen to me. Searching everywhere for evidences is indeed too slow. Let us search for evidence while we walk to South Lake.”
JiYuan thought for a moment, then nodded.
Both people found an inn to rest their feet. Since they have done the most intimate thing already, JiYuan doesn’t mind Ye Junchi secretly went to ask for only one room. The moment they stepped into the room, JiYuan who was still in deep thought was pressed against the door by Ye Junchi.
Raising his eyes to look at Ye Junchi, “What are you doing?”
Ye Junchi moved his hand to press lightly at JiYuan’s flat belly, and licked his earlobe. His tone was low, seemed to have some regret in it, “Baby still not pregnant yet, we clearly have done it so many times already.”3
JiYuan’s face immediately turned red. He pushed Ye Junchi away and said, “Don’t mess around.”
“I won’t do anything.”
Ye Junchi blinked, his hand explored underneath his(JY) robe, “Since cannot eat, can I touch a bit?”
Being stared by Ye Junchi’s eyes turning green, JiYuan shivered, “…”

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The author has something to say:
Ye Junchi : On the 5th days of abstinence, melancholy. [HatredAsDeepAsTheSea.jpg]

  1. It kinda mean cultivators think they are better than ordinary people so if those ordinary people get any nearer to them, their awesomeness might cause common people to shorten their own life :v ↩
  2. 门子 – Translated as social influencer but I think the author means Martial Brother Zhen who seemed to be someone with authority. ↩
  3. What is this play?! #SoStimulating ↩

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