先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 46

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Those few generals saw Ye Junchi and shivered. All of them knelt down with a clatter, and guiltily greeted in a small voice, “… My Lord.”
Ye Junchi slowly nodded, his fingers were lightly kneading JiYuan’s waist. He threw a glance at the box, and said with a smiling-yet-not-smiling smile, “Not bad.”
JiYuan’s brow scrunched up a bit, his intuition told him that this ‘Not bad’ from Ye Junchi was a ‘Bad’ for him. So after pondering for a while, he still decided to return the box.
Ye Junchi seemed to figure out his intention, and mischievously pinched his waist. The pinch was not light nor heavy, and yet it make his limbs turned soft. JiYuan immediately pursed his lips to hold back a groan.
Due to his body was still injured and his lust was not satiated, the demon lord daren recently indulged in tormenting(the fun type) JiYuan. JiYuan doesn’t want to be petty with a wounded person, but Ye Junchi happily ‘give an inch take a mile’ because he(YJC) was not admonished for his behavior. Except the ‘final’ step to do that ‘something’, basically they have done everything that needed to be done and also that doesn’t need to be done.
In the end, JiYuan hugged the box and took it back to their room with Ye Junchi.
In a position that JiYuan couldn’t see, Ye Junchi shot a look of praise to that general and nodded his head. That general revealed a simple and honest smile back to him.
System who was observing the whole thing, felt a little sympathetic towards this silly child. How did he get his hand on these ‘black-hearted’1 goods?
Not long after they returned to their room and sat down, Luo Xiuyi dropped by.
Demon lord Luo and Ye Junchi has an amicable friendship, so no one stopped him from entering the palace. Luo Xiuyi with a serious expression, walked all the way right to the front of Ye Junchi’s room without obstruction, and he pushed open the door without hesitation — to see JiYuan being swindled and coaxed into sitting on Ye Junchi and was in the middle of kissing. His expression instantly turned from serious to gloomy black, the expression that says ‘you despicable pair of couple!’.
JiYuan finally found a benefit of having facial paralysis. For example, you can avoid looking embarrassed.
He coldly climbed down from Ye Junchi’s legs, and prepared to look for a place to loiter; waiting until Luo Xiuyi and Ye Junchi finished talking to return. On the other hand, he can diffuse some heat away from his face and ears. But unexpectedly, Luo Xiuyi looked at him and said, “Little beauty, the reason I came today is to look for you.”
His peripheral vision saw that Ye Junchi’s face became vigilant, Luo Xiuyi clenched his teeth and said, “Excuse me, I like soft and fragrant girls, not men. Get a grip, Ye Junchi.”
Ye Junchi gave an ‘Oh’ and nodded, pressing Gui Chi back. With a calm voice, “My JiYuan is also soft and fragrant to hug.”
JiYuan gave him(YJC) a kick, then tidied up his own clothes and sat down, “Is there anything you need from me?”
“I presume that you already understood Ye Junchi’s body condition.”
JiYuan paused, then nodded.
The poison that the demon ruler fed Ye Junchi was too much. Although he(YJC) managed to force the poison into one of his acupuncture points and sealed it there, but in the end it was still deposited there in the body for many years. If the poison continued to be sealed, it won’t be purified. One day would come when it finally have an outbreak in the body. At that time, thousands of poison and toxic would attack, even with Ye Junchi’s cultivation, he won’t be able to suppress it; a risk like a time-bomb.
Out of expectation, this exotic body constitution of JiYuan’s could completely suppress and even purify those poisons.
Luo Xiuyi glanced at Ye Junchi and slowly said, “To meet you can be considered one of the lucky things in Ye Junchi’s life.”
Ye Junchi walked slowly to JiYuan’s side, then hugged that thin body into his arms. His eyes was gentle and quiet, “Naturally.”
“You are going to wait until your injury healed, then go back to the human realm ba?”
Luo Xiuyi self-serviced and poured himself a cup of tea. He lightly sipped the tea, not even raising his head and said, “I know a bit of the situation in the human realm. I heard that the Zhao family Head suddenly fell unconscious. On the other hand, many old scandals of the Jiang family Head suddenly came up in the open. This two arch enemies turned silent, people were clamoring that it was something done by you and this person inside your arms. If you and little beauty go back to the human realm, afraid that your situation would be worse than before.”
Ye Junchi raised his eyebrows.
As long as it was not thousands of cultivators attacking at the same time, he was confident he would be able to escape and even single-handedly handle them.
Unfortunately, the cultivators in the human realm has their own different thought. It was such a rare chance to have them gathered in thousands and work together to do one thing without fearing their own life and death. Even if one could gather thousands of cultivators together, but without a reliable leader who could unify their hearts, they will be a pile of loose sand and collapsing at the first blow. But then though they were quite incompetent, they could still work together in the face of a strong demon invasion; like twisting yarn into a strong rope, working together to resist foreign enemies. That phenomenon really puzzled the demon race.
“Little beauty’s blood in your body cannot stay anymore. Critical moments won’t give you enough time to bite little beauty a few mouthful of blood and biting is still painful. Moreover, what if both of you are separated? One has his spiritual power suppressed, the other has low cultivation. Even if you guys want to die, don’t die in such a sorry state ah. So… it’s time to transfer cultivation to little beauty.”
Luo Xiuyi blinked, his smile was strange, “Other than that, you still need to clean your body from those poisons. No matter how much I think of it, intercourse is the only way that can kill two birds with one stone.”
… why is it I felt like the whole world is advising us to go to bed.
JiYuan went silent for a moment, then asked with a frown, “If he transfer his cultivation to me… will his own cultivation get damaged?”
Luo Xiuyi lightly smiled, “Little beauty is quite concerned about you — don’t worry, the ‘double cultivation'(intercourse) is conducive for the progress of cultivation. This bastard’s cultivation not only wouldn’t regress, it will improve a few more points tremendously. Though your constitution at the beginning was really giving people trouble and make people unhappy, it is in fact a constitution that is beneficial to others and yourself. But this constitution is rare to start with. Once appeared, one could be directly easily strangled to death2, so not many people really know about these information.”
Pausing, he(LXY) took something out and gave it to Ye Junchi. He meaningfully looked at JiYuan, while his words were meant for Ye Junchi, “It has been quite some time now. Your injury should be almost completely healed. If little beauty still is being shy and refused, you should let him eat this. I just refined some good things.”
JiYuan : “….” Spring…. spring medicine? Giving this thing to Ye Junchi right in front of his face?!
Ye Junchi raised his eyebrows, and met JiYuan’s eyes for a moment. Seeing his eyes with surprise and grievance, Ye Junchi refused Luo Xiuyi’s good intention with a feeling wanting to laugh and cry.
“I don’t need this, you should use it for yourself.”
Luo Xiuyi lightly chuckled, didn’t say anything. After giving a few glances at JiYuan, he(LXY) finally couldn’t hold back his words and said, “… little beauty looked weak and fragile. Ye Junchi, you this animal need to remember to do it lightly ah. If you broke him, the one who will cry in the end is still you.”
Ye Junchi impatiently kicked him out of the palace. The room felt empty all of a sudden.
The windows were still open, so the cold wind blew into the room from outside. JiYuan and Ye Junchi was sitting facing each other in silent. Being stared intently by his hot gaze, JiYuan shivered and felt like the hot air was clashing with cold air.
“Very cold?”
Ye Junchi reached out to touch his cheek, then turned around to close the windows.
JiYuan blushed and his heartbeat quickened. Although he knew he would go to bed with Ye Junchi sooner or later, he still couldn’t help feeling afraid at this moment.
… these few days, they have bared their hearts and body many times. According to what JiYuan personally estimated using his hand, the size of Ye Junchi’s precious thing was not something a mortal can easily accommodate.
He has just quietly stepped backwards two steps, then he heard Ye Junchi’s gentle voice sounded from behind, “Baby, where are you going?”
As that was being said, his ear was licked. JiYuan’s body trembled, his own voice couldn’t help became smaller, “Your injury….”
“Almost healed, didn’t you see it last night?”
JiYuan blushed and closed his eyes, not saying anything.
Not taking any of his excuses, Ye Junchi stroked JiYuan’s waist. His hot breaths blew into his(JY) ear, “Ah Yuan, can I…. ?”
JiYuan helplessly opened his mouth and said, “You…. be gentle.”
“Before that, how about you look at what my good subordinate has given you?”
Ye Junchi carried him and sat on the bed. Handing over the box, his voice almost a whisper, “Open and see.”
JiYuan keep feeling that something was not right. After a moment of silence, he reached out and opened the box. In the box laid items with different sizes, thickness and length, almost 10 … jade … sticks?
System stifled a laugh, “…. Jade rods. Give me a second, I’ll pass the information to you.”
3 seconds later, JiYuan’s expression became strange and complex.

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Yes, people. Jade dildos ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Ye Junchi doesn’t have to look at the box to know what was inside. He secretly glanced at JiYuan and carved that delightful(for YJC) expression in his mind. His voice was really husky and hoarse, “Mhhmm, for your first time, does Ah Yuan want to use it?”
JiYuan slapped the cover back to the box like it was on fire, furiously wanted these things to be destroyed on the spot. He then turned around to glare at Ye Junchi with a black face, “If you dare to use these things, then you can live pleasuring yourself with it forever.”
He doesn’t dislike making love with the person he liked, but to use toys…. no need for that. There was one time in his original world, he went to search for a few danmei ‘meat text’ to read when he was bored. After reading it, he could even feel his chrysanthemum lightly throbbed with pain and his heart shivered with chill.
Hmmm, it seems some time is still needed to accept these.
Ye Junchi doesn’t force JiYuan, he put away the box of jade rods with a smile. Following that, he carried JiYuan and turned around, gently putting him down on the bed. Pressing down on JiYuan, he interlocked their fingers together. His gaze was gentle like a pool of spring water, so deep one would drown in it. His voice was like reading a poem out loud; deep and elegant.
“Ah Yuan, I like you. I will only want you alone in this lifetime.”
JiYuan called out in his heart a few times, confirming that System was indeed offline. So as he locked eyes with Ye Junchi, he revealed a faint smile.
The corner of the youth’s bright red lips curved up slightly, and his eyes were slightly narrowed. His original appearance was a clean and handsome look, but when he smiled, it was warm and gentle like the sun.
JiYuan : “Then I will give myself to you for time being.”
“For time being?”
“I’ll see how you would do later.”
Ye Junchi stared at him, “I won’t let you down.”
The muslin curtain fell down, and the bed was shaking from the movements within. Moonlights were hanging by the window, and sparse stars scattered in the sky. Within this silent surrounding, vague breathless groans could be heard coming out faintly from the room. 3
At a corner somewhere in the palace, a few generals were drinking while chatting, “Say, do you think His Lord will have any use for those toys?”
“Don’t know.”
One of the generals touched his own chin and laughed, “Maybe, he really can make use of it? His Lord followed behind that little brother every day, his eyes are going to turn green soon.”
“Really didn’t expect His Lord would like a man…”
“Why do you looked like you are feeling a bit sorry? Couldn’t be you like His Lord?”
“Pffft.” That general nearly choke on his drink, “I still want to live for a few thousands of years.”
When JiYuan woke up, the sky has already turned bright. However, he doesn’t have to ask to know that this was certainly the morning of the third day4. His whole body was so painful that even his fingers couldn’t move. He felt like he couldn’t feel his lower body, and could only lay on the bed. Without any expressions on his face, he pondered when did he lost his consciousness.
Not sure how many years has the demon lord daren held back, and now all the ‘fire’ were completely let loose on him. JiYuan could only remember that the sky was already bright when he fainted, Ye Junchi was holding him and whispering something in a low voice. Come to think about it, he seemed to be saying…
Wait until we rescued father-in-law daren, we will get married in the demon realm.
He was still in deep thoughts when he heard System’s cold voice, “Awake ah, nice or not?”
JiYuan’s eyes became empty, “Oh, I think I have become paralyzed. Is there any wheelchairs in this world?”
System : “…”
System : “Can you feel the surging spiritual power inside your body?”
Surprised for a moment, JiYuan closed his eyes. Indeed, he could feel a surge of spiritual power rushing through the spiritual veins in his body. The spiritual power made a full circle in his veins, making his whole body comfortable. Seemed like even the body’s soreness have reduced a lot.
“Congratulations, for you can finally be ‘Tiger Ji’. Do you need me to teach you a few skills?”
JiYuan smiled, “No need, my man will teach me.”
System : “…” Finally can understand how Luo Xiuyi feels.
Talking a few rounds of nonsense with System, JiYuan was suddenly aware of someone getting closer to him and his body stiffened. The moment he smelled the familiar fragrance of rosin, his body became relaxed once more. Then, he felt his forehead was hot, following by his nose, cheek and finally the hot feeling fell onto his lips. Under the quilt, a hand has also reached in to stroke his smooth and creamy skin without restraint. JiYuan exerted effort to maintain his calm, continue closing his eyes and pretending to be asleep.
After going through all those crazy lovemaking sessions, he really… don’t know what kind of expression he could use, when he opened his eyes and sees Ye Junchi.
That hand kneaded his chest for some time. Seeing that he didn’t respond, the hand slowly slipped downwards. Waiting until the hand went past his belly and heading towards his dangerous zone, JiYuan suddenly reached out to grab that hand — immediately caused his affected body to move. The pain was so much, tears were pooling in his eyes.
JiYuan grudgingly opened his eyes, using his pair of hazy eyes still wet with tears to meet Ye Junchi’s quiet eyes which were containing smiles.
“Finally willing to open your eyes.”
“… don’t mess around, I am very tired.”
JiYuan awkwardly turned his head around. Ye Junchi readily accepted the words and turned his own body so that he could face JiYuan. Reaching out to touch his cheeks, his gentle and soft voice said, “Be nice, I won’t move you anymore now. Why are you crying again?”
His mind suddenly recalled back when he was doing some ‘exercises’ with him(YJC), he couldn’t help it and cried for mercy. The result was the person on top of him didn’t stop but became even more excited and bullied/teased him into more vigorous scenes. JiYuan’s cheeks turned boiling hot, he doesn’t dare to look at Ye Junchi. His voice was hoarse when he opened his mouth, “Where did you go?”
“I was just outside, Luo Xiuyi came to ask for the result.”
Ye Junchi opened the quilt and his gaze swept over JiYuan’s body. When he saw his(JY) body was completely covered by the traces he left behind, the smile in his lips became deeper. He then laid down on the bed and clung at JiYuan, “Baby, you worked hard. Sleep a bit more.”
JiYuan has just woken up, so he doesn’t feel that sleepy. But being coaxed by Ye Junchi in a soft voice, he felt that his eyes were becoming warm and heavier. He vaguely muttered something, then peacefully leaned into Ye Junchi’s arms and fell asleep.
The author has something to say:
What is the most delicious thing that you ever eaten?
JY : Ah, there are a lot. But coming to this world, I think it’s good as long as it’s meat…
YJC (without hesitation) : My wifey!

  1. 黑心货 – Not sure if there are other meaning for this because the item in the box was nothing malicious :v ↩
  2. Weird sentence structure, it means the body constitution is rare. Even if someone has it, people would strangle that person to death for harming their cultivation, so not much people really know the actual benefit of the constitution. ↩
  3. That’s it? That’s the sexy first time? Yes. That’s it. If anyone need more, this Banana took up the task to make some ‘meat text’ for this scene :v Please see here – WARNING NSFW! (edit – Didn’t backup, the smut is lost). A warning by the way, it’s kinda half-assed and not extremely explicit :v ↩
  4. Apparently having crazy sex means sleeping for two days and waking up on the third day (for the receiver), else why would different authors wrote the same amount of day after a crazy sex?↩

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