先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 45

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The later part of the story was much more simpler.
Failing once didn’t extinguish the young boy Ye Junchi’s urge for revenge. The demon ruler still felt that he was an amusing thing, then slowly found out that his talent was really unusual. Eventually, the idea to cultivate him(YJC) gradually came to his(DR) mind.
Ye Junchi’s growth was as if he grew up soaking in venom. Every step he took was hard and painful. If he have even the slightest thought to slack off, then he would be beaten onto the ground; being thrown into the furnace by the demon ruler who has lost interest or pushed down into the pool of poisonous insects. Not even his soul could get relief.
That moment when he personally murdered the demon ruler under his sword, Ye Junchi felt like he has just woken up from a heavy and old nightmare. Heavily injured, Ye Junchi fled to the human realm, but he couldn’t find his own home anymore.
He doesn’t have anything.
He doesn’t have any place to go except the demon realm.
JiYuan stayed absent-minded for a very long time.
He has always felt that the reason why System chose him was to let him get salvation from this world, and Ye Junchi was his salvation. He never expect that he would be Ye Junchi’s salvation too.
“… story has reached the end.” Ye Junchi’s voice was low.
The person in his arms was extremely warm, Ye Junchi couldn’t help tightening his hug. Very fond of this point of warmness, “Ah Yuan, are you willing to give me a kiss? Consider it a late comfort for me?”
JiYuan absentmindedly rubbed away the tears that unconsciously formed at his eyes with Ye Junchi’s clothes. He raised his head wanting to say something, and yet couldn’t do so because of a restriction, so he could only closed his eyes and pecked at his(YJC) lower jaw.
His lower jaw being rubbed by a pair of soft and warm lips, Ye Junchi felt a bit itchy in his heart. The hand that was resting at JiYuan’s waist stroke JiYuan for a moment, while the other quietly untied his(JY) belt. Doing that while using conversation to attract his(JY) attention — Ye Junchi has figured out how JiYuan’s mind works. [T/N : Cannot multi-task :v ]
“Ah Yuan, I probably know who is the person behind the scenes.”
As expected, JiYuan immediately lifted up his pair of shiny eyes a bit wet with tears to look at him. The corner of his eyes was a bit red, a natural and pure clean charm.
Ye Junchi silently pondered, the food already arrived to his mouth, so not eating would be a waste. His smile became even warmer and he continued, “I have sent people to investigate South Lake. There are two ways we can choose.”
Seeing him smiling like a big-tailed wolf, JiYuan silently shuddered. He didn’t notice that his belt has been untied. The situation was increasingly dangerous, but his train of thoughts was following down the topic.
“One, we’ll marched 100,000 of demon soldiers directly towards north, and trample South Lake to the ground, rescuing father-in-law daren out.”
JiYuan : “…”
System : “I told you that Big bro has this mind, ain’t I’m right, Ji Daji?” [T/N : System put the surname Ji in front of the name Daji]
JiYuan ignored System, and asked with an indifferent face, “The other way?”
Following the first option would definitely cause a war between the human and demon realm, without a doubt. It was not easy for the grudges at both realms to be finally pacified for hundreds of years, so whoever caused another war between the human and demons would be eternally sinners, condemned by history forever. JiYuan refused to be the fuse that sparked off the war between two realms, this task was too heavy for him to bear. He doesn’t want to leave a name in the history which he would be described in details for being the roots of troubles, and to be criticized by future generations.
‘Cruel tyrant Ye’ doesn’t know that, he just placed a kiss on JiYuan’s forehead, then said with smiles, “This method is much more simpler, and those people couldn’t ‘fire arrows at us in the back’.”
Pausing, he continued, “The other way is we go back to the human realm and continue searching for clues, then seize those people by their tails. Although Yun Cheng was being controlled, he seems to retain some senses of his own, we could use that point.”
But this time back, how the furious Jiang Xuesong and the rest of the people would act was not necessarily predictable.
“What actually do they want from you?”
Ye Junchi absentmindedly smiled, and pointed at himself, “What they want is me. I heard it some time ago that the Zhao family has a special ‘Soul Summon Skill’. Only the family Head can study and practice it. Their motive is to get that skill from the Zhao family, but then they couldn’t bear to kill me, and lure me to South Lake…”
“… they wanted to summon the demon ruler’s soul to occupy your body?”
Ye Junchi’s eyes were cold, “En. I have practiced that set of demonic skills, just like the demon ruler. And I have human spiritual powers to restraint the evil nature of the skill. Hence, using my body to resurrect the demon ruler is the most ideal way.”
A light bulb lighted in JiYuan’s mind, “That man was Yuqiu?”
“Ah Yuan is really smart.” Ye Junchi stroked JiYuan’s hair like a praise, and sneered, “That man is really worthy of being called the demon ruler’s most loyal dog. Back then, I accidentally let him run away… didn’t expect him to hide and sneak around to make these little tricks.”
JiYuan silently digested the information for a while, then after a few words of discussion with System, he asked the final question in his heart, “Why must it be South Lake?”
“South Lake is the battlefield of the ancient wars. Thousands of soul of the deceased linger around there, the Yin energy is extremely heavy. It can be described as the place with the heaviest Yin energy between both realms. The Yun family’s immortal residence should be over there, in order to make use of the array to suppress the Yin energy. Those Yin energies are very harmful to normal people and cultivators with lacking spiritual powers. On the other hand, it is the best place to summon soul. Moreover … there were a few generations of demon ruler battled there before, and they were murdered by the human cultivators.”
Ye Junchi’s tone was faint, “Yuqiu should have done all necessary preparations, and is waiting for the resurrection of the demon ruler. Then they will take over South Lake, washing away their shame and at the same time, mercilessly give those cultivators a slap in the face.”
Human cultivators have lived too comfortably in these few hundreds of years, that they probably have forgotten that for the demons, in addition of having frightening level of cultivation, they are also very insidious and cunning.
JiYuan suddenly felt uneasy, “Yun Cheng was controlled… and the Immortal Swords assembly suddenly changed location, doesn’t that means Yuqiu is…”
“Don’t worry.”
Ye Junchi released a breath, his expression became gentler, “Human cultivators are not that stupid, and it’s not easy to provoke them either. Even if Yuqiu really managed to sit on that position, he still couldn’t sit on it peacefully.”
Nodded, JiYuan leaned into Ye Junchi’s arms, lightly pondering about the entire process of the development. He didn’t notice that the stare from someone was getting more and more burning. Until he came back to his senses and realized what happened, his own clothes has been loosened. One pull and everything fell off, revealing most of his white chest, two ‘red beans’ appeared in Ye Junchi’s line of sight with shyness.
System shouted a ‘Indecent picture, I’m dropping the line’ and then, there were no sounds anymore. Although his(JY) ‘dragon’ was buried under the quilt, but because his chest was suddenly exposed to the air, JiYuan still shivered. The next moment, he was pressed down by Ye Junchi.
JiYuan’s face was flushed, “Don’t! Go Down!”
Ye Junchi blinked, his gaze revealed a bit of surprised then he started admiring the youth’s long missed beautiful body. Pressing down JiYuan’s hands, Ye Junchi lowered down his head and experimenting-ly bit lightly on the bright red peaks on his(JY) chest. His voice contained smile, “Asking me to go down? Ah Yuan want to be on top? I heard being on the top as the first time will be very painful.”
JiYuan : “… we can’t, your body is injured.”
There was a dreadful bloody hole at Ye Junchi’s lower abdomen. When doing those indecent exercises, the lower abdomen need to use force. He doesn’t want when two people were passionately doing it, it suddenly turned into a bloody battlefield.
At that time, if Ye Junchi doesn’t wilt, his will.
Ye Junchi was crowding-in to JiYuan’s legs, half-kneeling between his thighs. He looked down at his own injury, instantly felt depressed. This hit from Yuqiu was not any ordinary injury. Even if it was himself, he also couldn’t heal in such a short period of time. He doesn’t mind if the wound really reopened later, but it was not good to frighten JiYuan.
Letting the duck already at his mouth to fly away?
Ye Junchi lowered his gaze and looked at JiYuan, whose body looked very delicious underneath his body. Gently raising his eyebrow, Ye Junchi leaned down and hugged JiYuan, his(YJC) lower body pressed down on him(JY) with a not-heavy-not-light pressure. With a thick husky voice, “I don’t care. Letting you go so many times, I can’t take it anymore.”
JiYuan originally thought to keep a spirit of righteousness and bravely refused him, but he doesn’t expect that his little brother would get excited with a mere friction; raising its head and made an intimate contact with Ye Junchi’s little brother.
Ye Junchi couldn’t help laughing out, “Baby, it seems that you want it too.”
Embarrassed, JiYuan couldn’t keep with the righteousness spirit, went to talk about reason, “You are still injured.”
“No hindrance.”
“There will be a lot of blood if the wound really reopened.”
“It’s okay.”
“… I’m afraid.”
Ye Junchi tilted his head and bit on JiYuan’s neck, his breath was scorching hot, “Then, what you say we should do now?”
JiYuan became silent for a moment, “You go and soak in cold water?”
Ye Junchi gnashed his teeth, “En? Baby, what did you said?”
JiYuan wanted to laugh and cry, he howled for a few minutes in his heart but didn’t hear System’s reply. Taking a deep breath, he said in a quiet voice, “I’ll help you relieve it with my hands.”
Although the proposed method deviated from the one his heart was looking forward the most, but having JiYuan agreeing to it could be considered a progress. The corner of his lips lifted up, and Ye Junchi lazily left a few ambiguous marks on the white chest underneath his body. As he felt JiYuan’s trembling touch down there, he sighed with a comfortable feeling.
JiYuan deeply thought, it was fortunate that System has considerately went offline. Otherwise, even if it was not considered OOC, being watched as he do this kind of thing was not an ordinary type of embarrassment.
Just as he was in deep thought, his thing was also being held. JiYuan’s face stiffened, then he felt his lips being kissed. Ye Junchi’s eyebrows were completely filled with joy, the joy of having his wish fulfilled, “My repayment back to you.”
Because Ye Junchi was injured, and the situation at the human realm was unknown, they temporarily couldn’t go out to the human realm to mix in the chaos. So JiYuan and Ye Junchi recuperated inside this fairly familiar palace for time being, just that JiYuan has moved from the original courtyard to demon lord daren’s room.
JiYuan pondered for a few days, then went to ask Ye Junchi if this palace is that palace.
Ye Junchi touched his(JY) head and smiled, “That palace has been burnt down by me, this palace is our home.”
The guards and maids inside the palace fully reflected how high their inner quality was, as no one revealed even a hint of surprised from seeing the original cold beauty became a young handsome man. As JiYuan wandered around the palace in boredom, he came across a few of Ye Junchi’s generals.
These demons were subordinates cultivated by Ye Junchi himself for a very long time. They gave a lot of support during the coup 13 years ago, and they earned their own merits in flattening that filthy MingXu Temple. JiYuan felt a rather favorable impression towards them, and these demons don’t have that much of a prejudice towards human too; they still can chat one or two things with JiYuan. Or they could be said as too idle and bored for years, and often gathered in a corner of the palace to drink and chatter. So when they saw a unfamiliar face breaking this idleness, they happily pull him into their talk about the great achievements of their past.
The fact that Ye Junchi brought back a young man to the palace, and also let the youth to stay inside his own bedroom was not spread out. Those generals thought that His Lord was just bringing back a small plaything to play, so they were quite sympathetic towards JiYuan, “Little brother, don’t be afraid. Our lord is actually quite a good person.”
Ye Junchi has always treated his subordinates in a cold and strict manner, he really didn’t particularly reveal how he was a ‘good’ person to them. These few generals of his racked their brains but couldn’t think of any other good words, so they could only blurt out a sentence in red face, “Our lord…. has good face!”
JiYuan : “…” Ye Junchi, the only impression you can give to your subordinates was just this one point?
Those idle generals quickly moved on from the current topic to the next, and winked, “Little brother, have you done it with His Lord?”
JiYuan was expressionless : “…” I heard that most demons are quite straightforward, that is quite true.
Seeing that there were no expression on JiYuan’s face, one of the generals nodded with a face of understanding. He sneakily pushed a rectangular box to JiYuan’s hand, “Keep it ba, you will need it tonight.”
JiYuan weighed the box in his hand, he doesn’t know what was inside the box as the content has quite some weight. Wanting to laugh and cry, JiYuan handed the box over, “No need, many thanks to the general’s good intention.”
That general solemnly pushed back the box and said, “Our lord has a bad habit. He won’t let go once he get his hands on the things he wanted, he won’t let go either if the thing still haven’t fall into his hands. Little brother, you can no longer go back, so you need to consider for your own future here.”
In his heart, JiYuan was thinking if the general has packed a boxful of potent spring medicine(aphrodisiacs) inside. He was about the refuse when someone abruptly stuck to his back. His waist was also being circled by someone. A touch of rosin smell wafted over, as the top of his head was being lightly rubbed.
“It’s a gesture of their kindness. My little beauty, take it ba.”
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