先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 44

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When JiYuan returned from a slow stroll, the angry Luo Xiuyi has left.
Ye Junchi was half-leaning at the bedside, looking out at the window. Not sure what he was thinking, there was an absent-minded look on his face. He didn’t notice even when JiYuan came to stand beside the bed.
Between the two of them, Ye Junchi has always be the one who took first step to initiate contact, while JiYuan constantly retreats and escapes. When JiYuan returned to his senses, he always found himself agreeing to something with Ye Junchi. JiYuan felt bewildered when he faced Ye Junchi, and doesn’t know what to do.
JiYuan hesitated for a moment, he has yet to start speaking when Ye Junchi turned his head and looked at him(JY) with a bright and gentle gaze, “Ah Yuan, I forgot to say it just now. Thank you for defending me.”
But how many times have you defended me?
JiYuan secretly asked in his heart, then shook his head, “How is your injury?”
“Hmm, Zhao Buchen was a bit ruthless. Broken hand has been connected, but it is too inconvenient.”
Ye Junchi smiled and looked at him, “Ah Yuan, are you willing to help me apply medicine?”
Hesitated a bit, JiYuan nodded. He turned sideways and saw the ointment that Luo Xiuyi put by the bedside. He took it and smiled at Ye Junchi, his tone was calm, “You also need me to undress you?”
Ye Junchi sighed with disappointment and took off his clothes by himself, revealing a tight and pretty upper body. His muscles were not exaggerated, and the tactile sensation was comfortable. His skin color was not snow white pale like JiYuan who stayed indoors all year long. JiYuan still remember how good it felt the last time he sneakily touched Ye Junchi everywhere. Trying hard to control himself not to touch or look anywhere out of the line, he sat down beside the bed and inspected the injuries on Ye Junchi’s body.
Those big and small injuries on his body were not much of a hindrance, they have even begun to slowly heal. The problem was the relatively large hole that caused people to feel horrified at Ye Junchi’s lower abdomen.
JiYuan felt unbearable to look at the injury, he carefully took a dollop of the ointment and started applying with trembling hand. However, his hand was caught by Ye Junchi. His tone was gentle and pampering as always, “If you are afraid, then don’t force it. I’ll do it myself.”
JiYuan shook his head, he keep taking note of Ye Junchi’s expression as he applied the ointment. JiYuan had an erection from tending to Ye Junchi1, so the room felt warm. Being stared so intently by Ye Junchi, sweat started to gather at JiYuan’s forehead. He couldn’t stop feeling that someone surnamed Ye was breathing heavier as the time pass.
System gave a ‘tsk’, “A man and a man2 alone in a room together. One even half naked, it’s easy to get ‘fired up’ ah.”
JiYuan indifferently uttered an ‘Oh’, “So? You want to spectate a bit more?”
System : “…” Little rascal, you have changed.
JiYuan was not prepared ‘to accidentally shoot a gun while polishing it’3, while Ye Junchi was injured. His gaze slid past Ye Junchi’s smooth and firm skin, lightly asked, “Can the wound be completely healed?”
Ye Junchi gave an ‘En’, then his hand lifted up a lock of his(JY) hair to sniff with his nose. Next, he(YJC) slowly placed it in his mouth and lightly bit on it.
Smiling faintly, he said, “Ah Yuan taste so nice.”
JiYuan exerted efforts to maintain his calm. Ignoring his boiling hot ears, he asked another question, “Then why didn’t the injuries at your back heal completely?”
Ye Junchi’s teasing actions paused. He saw that JiYuan has almost finished applying the medicine, he reached out and pulled JiYuan to the bed. Momentarily surprised, JiYuan only has enough time to kick off his shoes before he was pressed into Ye Junchi’s embrace. He struggled a bit out of reflex, he couldn’t see Ye Junchi’s expression. All he could hear was that low voice with smiles in it saying, “Shhh, story time. Don’t struggle, or my wound would reopen.”
The last sentence was indeed useful, JiYuan immediately stopped moving upon hearing that.
Ye Junchi became quiet for a while, he seemed to be organizing his thoughts. Caressing the hair of the person in his arms, he said in a small voice, “It happened when I was 6 years old.”
6 years old little Ye Junchi, he was born to a small cultivation family which has been in a decline state for many years. Not soon after he was born, he displayed some amazing innate talent. The whole Ye family proceed to treat this newborn child as their precious one and raised him with extreme doting. But they didn’t pampered him blindly as the family was expecting him to make a name for the family when he grew up. Little Ye Junchi could be considered living a life of luxury, and was a little spoiled. But he deeply loved his parents and uncles, so nobody would really blame him seriously if he did something wrong.
That accident happened on his 6th birthday.
Numerous unknown evil cultivators wearing black robe broke into the Ye House, and blatantly grabbed Ye Junchi away. Little Ye Junchi desperately struggled inside the arms of a cultivator. When he turned back to look, he only saw torrents of fire.
His happy family was destroyed in one night, Ye Junchi was brought into a temple and locked together with a group of equally panicked children. They were beaten and scolded at will, there was even some mental cultivators who would pick children with fair and pretty appearances to touch, knead and grope. If not for the cultivators who seemed to have some restrictions imposed on them, one afraid they would do things even more animal.
Ye Junchi at that time could only hastily hid in the corner and smeared his face with dust/ash. He was more mature and clever than his peers, and desperately tried looking for opportunities to escape. When he was about to succeed, he would get caught back and beaten up. There were times he almost get beaten to death.
After living a few months in the underground of the temple, they were blindfolded and sent to another Hell, the real Hell.
Ye Junchi has never thought that there would be such horrifying ‘people’ existed in this world, no, it was ‘demons’. He heard rumors of demons being ruthless and cruel before, but he did not expect there would be demons even more terrifying than rumored.
At the main hall of the palace, a young man with an indifferent expression inspect the group of trembling children like he was checking livestock. Suddenly, seemingly to found something interesting, he went to a child and asked with a tone appearing to be warm, “What is your name?”
The child was shaking like a leaf, he said his name between sobs and sniffles. In his eyes was a hint of expectation, seemingly to hope that this gentle-looking man would let him go back home.
The man frowned instead, “There is no redeeming quality in the name or appearance.”
As soon as he finished his word, he directly hauled the child up and threw him into a pool beside him.
Ye Junchi doesn’t know what was inside the pool at first, until he was almost thrown into it one time. What he saw inside the pool was endless amount of poisonous insects struggling to climb out of the pool. Densely packed, they looked like they could rush out and bite off his flesh and blood any time.
The demon ruler actually caught them to be his ‘Blood jars’. When he gets out of control (from practicing the demonic skill), he would grab a few children over and suck them dry of their blood.
They were shrouded in fear in every waking moment. They were kept inside a prison, and someone would come every day to monitor them to practice/meditate. But if ‘someone’ is to make those monitoring demons even a bit of dislike, or the demon ruler was in bad mood, then that ‘someone’ will be in bad luck.
There were a lot of them being beaten to death. Also were those who starved to death, froze to death, and died from sickness. Those still young and delicate children couldn’t adapt to the harsh environment of the demon realm. Ye Junchi was locked at the corner of the prison, silently grinding the stone he secretly picked up, trying to make the stones sharper.
It was impossible for him to kill that man with a status high above the ground. The stones were for himself, to slash open his own throat before he gets starved to death, froze to death, beaten to death or sucked dry of his blood to death.
That day soon arrived. Ye Junchi and a few children were brought to the demon ruler’s sleeping chamber. The few children at the front were caught, then no sooner later were thrown to a side like garbage. When it was Ye Junchi’s turn, he closed his eyes and abruptly stabbed towards his own throat with a sharp stone. He didn’t die, the demon ruler waved away that stone and grabbed his neck with a light smile. His(DR) voice was faint, “Want to die?”
Ye Junchi could only pray for the demon to exert a bit more strength with his grip, and directly crush his throat.
But the demon ruler released his(DR) hand instead, and looked at him with great interest, “Someone pointed you out(before). You almost escaped back then at Mingxu Temple? Body and bones4 are not bad.”
Ye Junchi pursed his lips tightly, not speaking.
“What is your name? How old?”
Ye Junchi kept his silence. In the end, he was sent back to the prison that day. Seeing him came back safely without problem, everyone was extremely surprised, including those few demon guards. After a long time, Ye Junchi was brought out of the cell; no need to be locked inside that dark and humid cell, and no need to worry of being starved to death anymore. He doesn’t know what the demon ruler really wanted to do, but he understood no sooner later.
The demon ruler thought he was interesting so he(DR) wanted to raise him as a dog.
When he(DR) was happy, he would teach Ye Junchi a few skills with pleasant countenance. When he was not happy, he would force Ye Junchi on the ground and ruthlessly whipped him, or he would feed him(YJC) with some poisonous insects or plants. Watching the young child being subjected to an extreme pain, howling with tears and rolled all over the ground, the demon ruler who was sitting on the high seat laughed with unspeakable pleasure.
In the end, the demon ruler became more and more excessive. It seems that beating up Ye Junchi has become a pleasure, covering his already scar-ridden back with more and more different weapon’s injury scar.
Having said until that part, Ye Junchi paused and the corner of his lips slightly raised up, “I survived, so I locked him in the array that would suppress his demonic power. After using all my efforts to beat him down, I returned every each of these scars back to him.”
Feeling the fingers which were holding onto his(YJC) clothes gripping harder and harder, and his arms were a bit wet, Ye Junchi’s voice became a bit hoarse. He caressed the top of JiYuan’s head, and murmured, “It’s alright, Baby. It happened a long time ago. These scars won’t disappear but it doesn’t hurt anymore.”
Responding to his words were moments of silent. Later, JiYuan’s voice with some nasal sound asked, “What happened next?”
JiYuan’s memory drifted back to a scene happened long time ago. He recalled back when he added something to the nuptial wine, Ye Junchi lightly smiled and not in the least concerned, saying that he grew up tasting hundreds of poison.
He really didn’t expect Ye Junchi would have such a dark and terrifying past.
Ye Junchi’s body unconsciously trembled a bit, he slowly said, “… he found out that I could practice demonic skills.”
The demon ruler was never someone who follows the rules. People from the cultivation world said humans couldn’t practice demonic skills as it was too overbearing. Delicate body will not be able to bear it and would cause the practitioner to burst open, then die. The demon ruler experimented it with a few human child. After all of them failed, he cast his gaze onto the reticent little dog following behind him. Ye Junchi’s body was unexpectedly compatible with both human and demon’s spiritual power. That caused the demon ruler to be very excited. He begun using all sorts of skills to torment Ye Junchi. Sometimes Ye Junchi wondered if the demon ruler was tired of him and wanted to kill him(YJC). But whenever he was one step away from dying, he(DR) would mercifully let go.
Without a shred of dignity, living all days in fear and pain and yet was unable to die, the only thing that supported Ye Junchi through these scarring years and not becoming crazy was revenge.
He didn’t conceal his killing intent toward the demon ruler but the demon ruler doesn’t care either. He(DR) would even pat his(YJC) head like he was comforting a puppy, and laughed out loud, “Little thing, try your best to grow up and kill me ah.”
The demon ruler belittled Ye Junchi, he didn’t think such a child who lived under his shadow and struggled on whilst at death’s door would be of any threats towards him.
Ye Junchi clenched his teeth, and slowly grew up bearing the pain no ordinary people could withstand.
The demon race advocated the principle that whoever could defeat another party, the loser would have to obey the winner. Ye Junchi’s cultivation got higher and higher, eventually earning himself a place in the palace. He even chanced across a spiritual sword by accident.
He was full of confidence, and planned for almost a year. Finally, he took action at the time when the demon ruler was at his weakest point, after coming out from madness(result from practicing demonic skill) state. When Gui Chi was about to pierce into the demon ruler’s chest, Ye Junchi was kicked into the pool of poisonous insects by the demon ruler.
The demon ruler’s stance was slow on the top, and he looked down at Ye Junchi, “Not bad, to be able to do things at this level at such age. It seems that you are worthy to be raised. Just right, as the demons in the demon realm are all useless.”
Gui Chi expelled all those poisonous insects, and Ye Junchi collapsed down on the cold ground. Seeing the demon ruler with laughter in his face, he felt like all the blood in his body has turned cold. He doesn’t have anything in his possession, even the spiritual sword in his arms was deliberately arranged by the demon ruler to let him pick up.
The author has something to say:
YJC : Materialistic society, only the warm and fragrant wifey has a bit warmth.
HY : … you are becoming more and more mental…

  1. One of the random times where even Cantonese couldn’t help me understand the meaning. 房间里为了纪垣的身体生了地龙 <- Feel free to try your hand with this sentence. ↩
  2. System modified the usual term '孤男寡女' – A man and a woman ↩
  3. Meaning in this novel – To accidentally ignite passion 
  4. 根骨 – See picture –  

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