先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 43

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That black-robed person didn’t move and stood still, just that the hand holding the sword involuntarily tightened.

Zhao Buchen’s gaze was complex, he stepped forward wanting to peer into that person’s face but the latter lightly evaded. Needless to say, whether he evaded or openly let Zhao Buchen check, the black-robed person has exposed his hidden face. Zhao Buchen’s expression instantly turned ugly.

JiYuan pursed his bloodless lips, and continued, “As the son of the Alliance’s leader, how could he use demonic skills? And also became so close with the Jiang family’s Head?”

Leaning comfortably inside JiYuan’s arms, Ye Junchi smiled and chimed in, “It was said that the Eldest son of the Yun family is filial and modest. Ah Yuan, do you think this is ordered by the Alliance leader daren?”

“Hard to say.”

Feeling a bit funny in his heart, JiYuan gently patted at Ye Junchi’s back and softly said, “You are hurt, don’t speak.”

Ye Junchi noticed that there were traces of blood on his(JY) collar and frowned, “Did they hurt you?” He was so dizzy and disoriented just now from being kicked and punched in anger by Zhao Buchen. He almost fainted too, so he doesn’t have the energy at all to pay attention at JiYuan’s side.

“No, those are your blood.”

JiYuan shook his head without his face changing color, and raised his head again. His gaze was quiet and cold, “Why don’t Zhao family Head think about it? As a dignified Head of the Jiang family, who would he take orders from someone else? And why does he wanted to leave Ye Junchi a sliver of life? Yun …”

“Shut up!”

Zhao Buchen ferociously cut off JiYuan’s words, and walked quickly to stand in front of the black-robed person. With one pull, he pulled open the hood covering the person’s head. The moment he saw clearly whose face was under the hood, Zhao Buchen’s breathing could be clearly seen became rapid. He gnashed his teeth in disbelief, “Cheng-er? You … you!” 1

Yun Cheng’s face was calm, and he coldly glanced at JiYuan. Just as he(YC) was about to open his mouth, a sudden ear-splitting sound of ‘HONG!’ sounded from somewhere not far from them. The whole area within the array violently shook, even the weeping sound from the surrounding ghost was lowered down.

JiYuan was stunned by a sudden force busting a hole in the array barrier. He has yet to understand what was going on, and the scenery in front of his eyes became blurred. Someone has grabbed him and Ye Junchi, and rushed out from the Soul Lock array through the hole. He absentmindedly turned his head to see and saw Luo Xiuyi, someone he had not seen for a long time.

Facing the rushing cold wind, Luo Xiuyi’s long sleeves fluttered rapidly in the air. His slender eyebrow raised up, and Luo Xiuyi lightly poked at JiYuan’s forehead. Smilingly said, “You guys ah, really know how to give me troubles.”

JiYuan wanted to explain that it was trouble that came up to their doorstep, and not that they were in a hurry to look for trouble. But he didn’t expect the moment he opened his mouth, he spat out a mouthful of blood. Immediately following that, he coughed a few more mouthfuls of blood then only he breathed out like he was relieved, and fainted straight away.


JiYuan dreamed of JiSi again. In an empty gray space, the youth sat down with his back facing JiYuan. His back was thin, as he was looking up at the endless sky. JiYuan was silent for a bit, then slowly walked to his side. He gave a sideways glance at JiSi, this was the youth’s most energetic look at his 15-16 years old time. His cheeks was still possessing the innocence of childhood.

JiSi was closing his eyes, his handsome face was full with smiles. Seemed to hear JiYuan coming, he turned his head and smiled at him(JY), “Brother dreamed of me again. This time I don’t look scary ba?”

“You have always been good.”

JiYuan also smiled, looking a bit blank at his face.

JiSi : “I think I had a dream too. Dreamed of myself inside another person, and saw brother. Although brother’s appearance was different from before, I still could differentiate in a glance.”

JiYuan replied in a small voice, “That is not a dream.”

“Brother… you have someone you like?”


JiSi leaned onto his(JY) shoulder and sighed, “That’s nice…”

JiYuan felt tart in his mouth, “I’m sorry, JiSi.”

“No need to say sorry. Brother didn’t do anything wrong. Also, Brother don’t have to take revenge on my behalf, I’m very good…”

JiSi’s voice was getting lower and lower until JiYuan couldn’t hear what he was saying in the end. A slight pain was throbbing at his chest, although it was not obvious, it was enough to make one sober.

JiYuan opened his eyes. He was being hugged inside someone’s arms and a faint nice smell of rosin lingered at his nose. There was a few strands of hair that fell on his face. He turned his face a bit to the side, then felt a slight itch. A hand was half-circling his waist, while his head was resting on an arm. His whole body was leaning onto the person beside him, even his legs were being pressed down. This person usually doesn’t show any display of feeling, but after falling asleep, he inadvertently revealed his possessiveness… it was quite big (feeling of possessiveness).

JiYuan looked up and saw Ye Junchi’s pale face. Unconsciously, he stretched out his hand to touch his(YJC) face, but his hand was caught.

Ye Junchi opened his eyes, there was a faint smile in his gaze, “Awake now? Still feeling painful?”

“Not painful anymore.”

“If you want to touch me, then tell me about it directly. Don’t always take the advantage to do it when I’m asleep.”

As Ye Junchi said that, he licked JiYuan’s fingers. His bright red tongue against JiYuan’s pale white fingers, it actually set off a levvd feeling.

JiYuan blushed and his heartbeat quickened. In his heart, he scolded himself for not able to hold back, and took back his hand.

Ye Junchi doesn’t mind, he pinched JiYuan’s cheek and said in a lower tone, “Didn’t I told you to stay inside the circle? Why are you getting impulsive? If they really wanted to kill me, they would have acted earlier and expose my location.”

Having said that, Ye Junchi frowned and took JiYuan’s hand to press against his(YJC) own left chest. There seemed to a bit of resentment and blame in his tone, “My heart felt painful.” (from seeing you getting hurt)

Without any expression, JiYuan said, “My chest is painful, you are pressing at me.”

Ye Junchi pulled open his(JY) collar, “How about I help you rub?”

Not sure wanted to laugh or cry, JiYuan pushed him away. But when he recalled those distressing injuries on Ye Junchi’s body, his movement became stiff; afraid to add more hurt onto the injuries.

JiYuan : “How… are you now?”

“Still good, not dead yet. I have endured even more serious injuries than these before.”

The person in his arms was warm and fluffy, Ye Junchi couldn’t help using his lower jaw to rest on the top of his(JY) head.

Once again, JiYuan suspected that Ye Junchi has lineage from the cat family2. Then he thought of Luo Xiuyi who suddenly appeared and saved both of them, instantly sat up straight and asked, “Where is this place? And Luo Xiuyi?”

“This is naturally my palace. I sent a message to him before we went into the secret grounds, he arrived quite fast.”

Ye Junchi tugged him back into his arms, “Don’t worry about those things now, you must recuperate properly first.”

JiYuan helplessly said, “The one who need to recuperate is you.”

Ye Junchi looked at him(JY), a gentle feeling bubbled inside his(YJC) quiet eyes, “Will you stay and take care of me?”

Pausing, JiYuan nodded.

“You promised me that you will smile at me.”

JiYuan blinked, and poked System, “Don’t play dead. Can I smile?”

System : “The original body is someone very committed to promises.”

JiYuan felt relieved, but then he heard System said, “You have maintained face paralysis for almost 6 months, do you still know how to smile?”

JiYuan : “…”

After a few seconds of silence, JiYuan desperately said, “System, quickly save me! I don’t know how to smile anymore!”

System expressed its sympathy and rejected JiYuan’s plea.

JiYuan could only looked at Ye Junchi, unskillfully pulled up the corner of his mouth, “I… I don’t know how to smile.”

The youth curved up his lips in an inexperienced way, even the corner of his eyes followed suit to bend a bit. The moisture in that pair of light colored eyes was glittering, causing Ye Junchi to feel itchy in his heart.

Being stared at by hot, passionate eyes, JiYuan felt like his cheek was burning. He awkwardly turned away, “… am I strange?”

“No, very cute.”

Ye Junchi raised his(JY) chin up, and looked at the white jade cheeks of the youth in his arms dyed in red. He couldn’t help wanting to get more intimate, and still remember to ask, “Ah Yuan, can I kiss you?”

“Cannot.” (Luo Xiuyi)

The sound coming from outside the door has destroyed the warm atmosphere between the two people, and Ye Junchi’s face turned black. He only have enough time to cover JiYuan with the quilt, as the door was pushed open at the next moment. Luo Xiuyi walked into the room, bringing the cold air from outside with him. Looking at the youth being wrapped up like a protected treasure in Ye Junchi’s arms, Luo Xiuyi couldn’t help laughing out loud.

“I say you have Red Phoenix star’s movement3, in the end it really came true? Don’t wrap him up like this, be careful this little beauty might get suffocated. Tsk tsk, being so mushy the moment both of you woke up. Are you not afraid of being icky?”

Ye Junchi’s expression was flat, “Widower like you won’t understand.”

Luo Xiuyi’s body was trembling from anger, “You!”

Ye Junchi gave a cold laugh, then turned to open the quilt and pulled the blank JiYuan to his body. Kissing his cheek, he asked with a gentle expression in his eyes, “Baby, hungry yet? Put on some clothes and go eat something.”

Luo Xiuyi’s eyes were soon going to get cross-eyed, “You!!!”

Indifferent, Ye Junchi said, “Alright, you should withdraw a bit.”

“Ha? To withdraw for what? A man without (big)chest and (perky)as.s, what’s there to see? Who haven’t seen a man’s body before? What you have, I also have.”

The corner of Ye Junchi’s lips curved up, he looked like he wanted to smile but didn’t.

“I don’t care if you watched someone else or not. This is my people, you cannot see, go out.”

Luo Xiuyi went out with a (imaginary)mouthful of blood.

JiYuan wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. He crawled up and started wearing the clothes he found. Then he looked at Ye Junchi. After a moment of hesitation, he went over and whispered, “Can.”

Ye Junchi was startled. Afterwards, he started to understand what JiYuan has just said. His eyes flashed with smiles, and he reached out one hand to hook behind JiYuan’s head, kissing at the red lips he has been coveting for a very long time.

On the outside, Luo Xiuyi heard vague noises coming out from inside the room, and his face became darker.

As they finished kissing, Ye Junchi rubbed JiYuan’s hair and whispered, “Quickly go ba, and eat a bit more. Too thin, it’s hard to hug.”

JiYuan couldn’t control himself and rolled eyes at him.

“Remember what you said, you will tell me about yourself.”

Nodding, Ye Junchi watched JiYuan leave the room. Some time later, he saw Luo Xiuyi dodgily entered the room. He frowned and asked, “What are you dawdling for?”

“Vomiting, you guys are really icky/greasy.”

Luo Xiuyi sat down by the bedside. The area between his handsome eyebrows contained hinted smiles, “Really fell in love?”

Ye Junchi uttered an ‘En’ sound. There were a few moments of gentleness in his gaze.

“You almost have no contact with humans at all, so falling in love is normal. Plus, little beauty is quite interesting…” Luo Xiuyi paused, “On the other hand, I need to congratulate you. Apparently, apart from suppressing your cultivation, little beauty’s blood can also suppress those toxic poison in your body. It could be considered as a blessing in disguise. You should be able to feel it ba, when you were in the Soul Lock array.”

Seeing Ye Junchi with a face saying ‘decline to comment’, Luo Xiuyi smiled and no longer continue on the topic. He turned to stare at Ye Junchi’s eyes, “You and I know each other since young, and I also know about the pain you suffered from the demon ruler. I have always felt strange why His Grace raised you like a dog, then suddenly declared that you are his son to the demon realm and vigorously cultivated you. Last night, I figured out some things. You tell me first, how exactly did His Grace died?”

The light was dim in Ye Junchi’s eyes, that it gave Luo Xiuyi a chill down his back.

His(YJC) voice was calm like he was stating the weather, “I killed him.”

Luo Xiuyi seemed relieved, “Alright. No wonder Yuqiu looked everywhere like a mad dog to kill you. He disappeared for so many years, is he also killed by you?”

“Almost succeeded.”

“I’ll ask you the last question…” Luo Xiuyi took a deep breath, “Are you a demon?”

Ye Junchi suddenly laughed instead, his smile was gentle but there was no smile in his eyes, “Don’t you already know it?”

The author has something to say:
LXY : … Ye Junchi and dogs cannot enter demon realm.
YJC sneered : You don’t want to go back to demon realm too?

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