先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 42

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That person laughed in a low tone, his voice was hoarse, not answering anything. He wielded the black sword and fiercely stabbed towards JiYuan. Ye Junchi frowned, and Gui Chi flew sideways to block that strike. Following that, Ye Junchi raised his head up and kicked out at the man. The black-robed person doesn’t dare to accept it head-on so the person flipped his body backwards and went back to Jiang Xuesong’s side.
Jiang Xuesong whispered a few words to the black-robed person. His expression seemed to be in between a little fear and respect.
JiYuan didn’t have the time to look, and was released onto the ground by Ye Junchi.
“This person is a bit tricky…” (T/N : to handle)
Ye Junchi strokes JiYuan’s hair, his gaze was a bit complex.
Gui Chi was unsheathed 3 inches from its sheath, and Ye Junchi conveniently brushed his own finger at the blade. His finger stained with blood, he quickly drew a magic circle beside JiYuan, then bundled JiYuan in it.
JiYuan opened his mouth, not sure what to say.
Last time when Ye Junchi was facing some hundreds of cultivators, he still managed to carry him(JY) and calmly walked away from within the midst of the cultivators. This time he(YJC) wasn’t that calm, and Jiang Xuesong seemed to mention something like Ye Junchi’s weakness.
“Be good and stay inside the magic circle, nobody would be able to hurt you.”
Ye Junchi’s finger slowly shifted to JiYuan’s cheek, and he smiled, “What is it? Are you scared?”
JiYuan was silent for a while, then reached out to hold Ye Junchi’s hand. Ignoring that his heart was thick with anxiety, he whispered, “If you die today, I will leave.”
Ye Junchi was stunned, his intuition told him that JiYuan’s ‘will leave’ was not what he thought as leaving to somewhere else. His heart tightened, Ye Junchi bowed down his head and lightly kissed at JiYuan’s forehead, “Then unfortunately for you, don’t even think you would be able to leave ever.”
When the black-robed person finished talking with Jiang Xuesong, he leisurely walked over with the black sword. The person’s voice was raspy, and his original voice was unable to be heard, “Finished exchanging last words?”
Ye Junchi caressed JiYuan’s hair, then turned around to look at the incoming person with a face full of frost, “Why the need to hide yourself, and also hijacking a junior’s body to come here?”
“I’m not like you.”
That person quickly activated a skill, and the black sword in hand shook. It spontaneously flew up and rushed towards Ye Junchi.
After a few months, Ye Junchi finally once again pulled out Gui Chi completely from its sheath. The pure and clear glow from body of the sword formed a sharp contrast against the black sword. When Gui Chi flew out, it looked like a moving glow of the moonlight. Two blades clashed against each other, issuing crisp ‘Ping! Pang!’ sounds. Up in the air, two spiritual swords were hitting each other while down on the ground, two people also started attacking each other.
Both people’s spiritual power exuded faint blood-red color, keep exploding upon collision, causing the earth on the ground to fly and scattered 3 meters away. The surrounding trees and flowers were completely ruined, sands and stones were flying around, and the sky turned darker.
That person laughed out loud, “Truly amusing, for a demon to be actually wielding a spiritual sword meant to eliminate evil.”
Ye Junchi sneered, his attacks were ruthlessly and mercilessly. His expression was indifferent, “It came to my hand in order to eliminate beings like you.”
JiYuan’s heart jumped to his throat.
System comforted after observing the situation, “Don’t worry, that black-robed person cannot beat Big bro. He has been contained by Big bro from the start.”
JiYuan : “That is my Big bro, how can I not worry?”
System being forced-fed imaginary ‘dog food’ uttered a curse sound, “Scram.”
[T/N : For those who doesn’t understand the meaning for dog food, please continue reading this. I found someone explaining the dog food in a funny way online (source) XD
Dog = Single dog(people)
Showing PDA in front of single dog(people) = Dog abuse
Abused dog could only silently eat its dog food = Being fed dog food]
Observing for a moment, JiYuan found out that the black-robed person was indeed hard pressed in the fight. Feeling relieved, he sat down cross-legged. After a moment of thoughts, he suddenly felt out of sorts.
If couldn’t win, why bother coming out?
Just to say big empty words?
Jiang Xuesong and the person behind him were that bored and idle?
Right! Jiang Xuesong!
Ever since Ye Junchi started fighting with the black-robed person, JiYuan no longer pay attention to the other side where Jiang Xuesong and Zhao Buchen was at. Now that he thought of them, his heart suddenly thumped. Those two were not weak, if they cooperated to join the fight, they could give Ye Junchi some serious trouble. But it has been quite a while, they still haven’t give a hand, why?
He abruptly turned towards the place where Jiang Xuesong and Zhao Buchen was standing earlier, just in time to see Jiang Zuesong fished out a small flag from his sleeve.1
Seemed to feel JiYuan’s gaze on him, Jiang Xuesong lightly looked over. His gaze met with JiYuan’s for a moment, then he(JXS) smiled and mouthed a sentence.
“It’s time.”
JiYuan opened his eyes widely, his body instantly turned cold. Not caring if he OOC-ed or not, he shouted out in a loud voice, “Ye Junchi! Leave this place!”
The two people who was fighting paused at the same time. Ye Junchi didn’t look back, but the black-robed person moved instead. He pointed the black sword at JiYuan with provocation.
In a trance, JiYuan seemed to see a pattern of a small floating cloud at the hilt of the sword. It looked familiar but he couldn’t remember where he saw it before at the moment.
Ye Junchi kicked away that black-robed person, and looked at JiYuan. Not waiting for him(JY) to say anything, his gaze fell onto the small flag in Jiang Xuesong’s hand.
It was a blood-red flag, and it seemed to be really dyed using blood; separated by such long distance between them but one could still smell a bloody scent that makes people nauseous. Ye Junchi’s pupil shrunk, he wanted to leave the area immediately but the person in black robe grabbed him tightly, exerting all efforts to keep him tightly in place.
Jiang Xuesong took the opportunity to wave the flag in his hand. Instantly, the sky turned turbulent; ‘wind blowing and clouds moving’. The sky was originally dark, now quickly shrouded with numerous black clouds. Even the surroundings seemed like it were covered in the color of blood; a never-ending scene in one glance. Low whispers could be heard from all four corners of the area, as if restless souls were crying. Desolate, it makes one felt terrified.
JiYuan gnashed his teeth.
This black-robed person was actually here to buy time!
What is this? Magic array? What the Hell Jiang Xuesong was trying to do?!
Very soon, JiYuan gets to know what the Hell Jiang Xuesong was trying to do.
Ye Junchi whose movements were originally agile and sensitive, in a split second between the Heaven and earth, his body slowed down, resulting him to receive a direct palm strike from the black-robed person right into his stomach. Following that, he(YJC) was kicked and flung off miles away. Gui Chi at the sky has gradually became dim. Shaking for a moment, it fell onto the ground with a Bang!. The person in black robe flicked away the blood from his blood-stained hand, and laughed in a strange manner.
JiYuan’s breathing stopped for a moment. In his eyes, the scene where JiSi died in front of him in his previous lifetime suddenly flashed through. In order to block a few gunshots for him(JY), JiSi pushed him away and was hit straight-on by a car then flung far away by the impact. Ye Junchi’s fallen figure at this moment coincidentally matched with JiSi.
JiYuan’s heart abruptly became painful, and his body were trembling. He really wanted to disregard everything and rush forward but Ye Junchi slowly propped himself up to a sitting position, then threw a sideways stern glance at him. Pausing, JiYuan looked at Ye Junchi with a frown but Ye Junchi broke away from the eye contact. Not caring that his stomach was bleeding from a hole in it, he rubbed away the blood from his lips and lightly said, “So you are using this method, it seems that you are not here to kill me.”
The black-robed person laughed with creepy sound, “No, I am going to kill you. But you cannot die now. You are familiar with this array right? 13 years ago, you used this array to trap His Grace…. humph, His Grace treating you generously and trained you with all his heart to become the next demon ruler, it was all in vain. An ingrate who bit the hands that feeds2 could only go that far.”
His face was pale white but Ye Junchi still calmly asked, “The array has been modified?”
The black-robed person was not in a hurry, slowly explained, “The Soul Lock array can suppress you and His Grace’s cultivated demonic power. But for not-human-not-demon things like you, upon entering the array, you won’t have even the slightest trace of spiritual power.”
“This is the so-called fatal weakness you mentioned?”
Ye Junchi looked at Jiang Xuesong, a faint irony smile appeared on his(YJC) face.
Jiang Xuesong frowned, he was feeling uncomfortable from being stared by Ye Junchi.
At a side, Zhao Buchen was completely clueless, “What happened? Jiang Xuesong, you are using an array from the demon race? That person is also a demon? You actually colluded with the demons?!”
Jiang Xuesong shot an impatient cold glare at him, “Shut up. If not for daren’s order, you would have been dead earlier on. This demon(YJC) right now doesn’t have the slightest spiritual power, you can vent however you want. Just make sure he still have the last breath.”
Zhao Buchen frowned, but seeing his arch enemy fallen on the ground from the black-robed person’s kick, he disregard Jiang Xuesong’s malicious talk and quickly walked to Ye Junchi’s side with his blood boiling.
That black-robed person cooperated, cupping his fist and retreated with an expression waiting to watch good show.
“Ye Junchi, your day has come.”
His face was showing a trace of grin, Zhao Buchen ruthlessly stepped onto Ye Junchi’s injured area, and heavily grounded his feet on it.
Ye Junchi frowned, his face became paler and the corner of his lips was overflowed by blood.
The corner of JiYuan’s eyes has already became red, his voice was trembling, “System… how is he?”
System checked for a moment, “His ribs are broken, and there is a gaping hole at his abdomen.”
Seeing that Zhao Buchen wanted to continue, JiYuan finally couldn’t stand it anymore and ran out from the magic circle Ye Junchi has drawn for him. He has yet to reach Ye Junchi, when that person with black robe leaped to stand in front of him, lightly asked, “Where do this little brother want to go?”
From his chest came a burst of tear-like pain, JiYuan almost lose consciousness from the pain. Until he fell down onto the ground with a Thump, his consciousness slowly recovered. Struggling to breathe, he coughed out a mouthful of blood, “… the Hell, what happened?”
System explained with sympathy, “You have been kicked and flown away from the impact. But that person with black robe spared some strength with that kick, otherwise you would have died from internal rupture.”
JiYuan raised his head to look at Zhao Buchen no far away from him. Zhao Buchen was laughing in madness, his(ZBC) eyes were scarlet red with anger and hatred. JiYuan doesn’t dare to see how Ye Junchi fare right now. Closing his eyes to take a deep breath, he struggled to get up. Then, he found that Gui Chi was beside him.
That black-robed person… ?
JiYuan was only stunned for a second, he raised Gui Chi and gathered the few remaining spiritual power inside him, chanting the spell that System has recently taught him.
After that person with black robe returned to Zhao Buchen’s side, his/her gaze has been paying attention to JiYuan. Didn’t expect that a moment later, his/her figure would disappear from JiYuan’s line of sight, couldn’t be found everywhere.
He turned to see Jiang Xuesong, a slight sound of wind sounded beside his ear. No time to think what happened, his sword has been stretched out was blocked behind the location of Zhao Buchen’s heart. Immediately, a friction sound between two weapons could be heart.
JiYuan suddenly appeared behind Zhao Buchen, his strike was fierce and ruthless, almost spending all of his spiritual power. Gui Chi slipped from the block by the black sword and stabbed at Zhao Buchen’s back.
[T/N : If the sequence of actions looked confusing, just note that JiYuan fell on the ground when Gui Chi fell down earlier. Then JY chanted something using all his remaining spiritual power. The spell lead JY to rush towards ZBC to stab him at the heart. But that black-robed person was quick too, because he has been paying attention to JY. The sound of wind was caused by the black sword zooming over to block the stab.]
Feeling painful, Zhao Buchen wanted to use his spiritual power to blast JiYuan away but his body abruptly turned numb and couldn’t move.
JiYuan retrieved his sword without any expression. Not even looking at the black-robe person, he half-knelt on the ground, and carefully gathered Ye Junchi in his arms. Then he coldly said, “I have coated the sword with highly toxic poison. If not given antidote within 1 incense time (around 15 mins), Zhao Buchen will die without a doubt. Jiang Xuesong, you don’t want the troubles caused by Zhao Buchen dying in your territory, right?”
Jiang Xuesong had a stupefied expression on his face, but upon hearing JiYuan’s words, he coldly laughed and said, “You should worry that if Zhao Buchen died, people in the cultivation world will know that it was Ye Junchi who was bloodthirsty and ruthlessly killed the Zhao family Head who was pursuing him.”
Having said that, he didn’t dare to let Zhao Buchen die either so he quickly ran to Zhao Buchen’s side. Meeting gaze with that black-robed person, he clenched his teeth and fished out a dazzling gold colored pill and stuffed it into Zhao Buchen’s mouth.
Ye Junchi and JiYuan were inside the array anyway, so as long as the array was not broken, Ye Junchi couldn’t use any spiritual power. As for the remaining JiYuan, he was very easy to take out.
JiYuan doesn’t have time to think about what they were thinking or doing. He shakily held Ye Junchi, doesn’t dare to look at the various big and small injuries on his body and lightly called out, “Ye Junchi?”
Ye Junchi’s eyes were closed, and his face was a pale as snow. He seemed to be falling into semi-coma when he heard that familiar voice. Barely opening his eyes, his gaze contained a trace of reproach, “… asked you to stay inside the magic circle.”
Meeting Ye Junchi’s eyes, JiYuan couldn’t say the words he wanted to say. His eyes couldn’t help feeling hot, he almost cried.
Ye Junchi wanted to raise his hand to wipe his(JY) tears, but helplessly found out that his arm was broken by Zhao Buchen. He could only softly coaxed, “Don’t cry, baby. I couldn’t hug you now.”
This was the first time that powerful and calm Ye Junchi to be in such a sorry state.
It was extremely difficult to bear for JiYuan’s heart, he opened his mouth and in a shaking voice, “Don’t die.”
Ye Junchi stared at him for a moment. Not giving a positive answer, he weakly smiled, “Suddenly remembered, it’s been a while since you last smiled. Baby, smile for me… ai, don’t cry. It’s alright if you don’t want to smile, don’t cry….”3
JiYuan’s tears were practically at the verge of falling down. Ye Junchi speaking those words with a weak look, as if …. he was stating his dying wish. He quietly bowed his head, his forehead touching Ye Junchi’s forehead, spoke in a hoarse voice, “Get better, and I’ll smile for you.”
Ye Junchi’s eyes became bright for a second, then immediately dimmed down, covering a wisp of craftiness. His voice was still weak, “You promised.”
JiYuan buried his head into Ye Junchi’s nape, all his breaths contained the smell of blood, and silently nodded.
On the other side, Jiang Xuesong finally burst into irritation, “What happened?! Boy, what poison did you coated on the sword?!”
JiYuan turned around and looked at him with sarcasm. How could he carry some toxic poison everywhere he goes? It was just his own blood. But according to Luo Xiuyi’s speculation, a trace of blood was not enough to make someone into his ‘tripod furnace’, what a pity.
After some time of meditation, Zhao Buchen finally forced JiYuan’s blood out of him, looking at JiYuan with an awe-inspiring gaze.
Not raising his head, JiYuan asked, “Zhao Buchen, don’t you want to know the real identity of this black-robed person?”
JiYuan didn’t wait for Zhao Buchen to reply, and coldly said, “You should be very familiar with Yun Cheng.”
His expression immediately changed, Zhao Buchen looked at the black-robed person beside him in disbelief.
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  1. For those who read Founders of Diabolism (FoD) , you will know that flags mentioned in cultivation novel are not normal flags :v for those who don’t know, flags have spiritual powers / charms imbued in them and often were a part of a summoning/spiritual setup. ↩
  2. 吃里扒外 – It’s actually not the same as ‘biting the hands that feed’ but that’s the only English equivalent I can think off. This one here has a meaning more like eating off others while scheming against them? [Additional info] ↩
  3. And I cried… (T W T) ↩

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