先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 41

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JiYuan’s ear became hot.
Ye Junchi’s treatment towards him was too warm and gentle. Before this, JiYuan was afraid that he(JY) would be addicted so he blindly escaped. A lot of (sweet) words spoken usually just went through his ears without being processed. Now, JiYuan felt that listening to those words makes him feel warm in his heart, and he really wanted to take the initiative to hug Ye Junchi.
System coldly warned, “According to the original character, he will not take the initiative to get intimate even if he liked someone. You still haven’t finish all the tasks so the OOC restrictions still exist.”
JiYuan uttered an ‘Oh’ without expression, the fingers of his hand resting at his back unconsciously flexed.
Although he didn’t get a response, he didn’t get shot down by a frosty face either. Ye Junchi was happy and worried at the same time, “Baby, you …. what did you figured out?”
Couldn’t be he has decided to run away, so compromising in the meantime?
JiYuan didn’t rush to answer that, and asked System a question first.
“How much tasks left?”
These days, there were still a lot of trivial daily tasks continued to appear in his taskbar. JiYuan gave an estimation, he already had a figure in his heart. As expected, System replied, “You have completed 341 tasks, still 1992 tasks to go. Please keep up the good work.”
…ah, there are still so much tasks to complete before I could take the initiative to hug hug demon lord daren.
JiYuan sighed in his heart, then turned sideways to look at Ye Junchi. Seeing him(YJC) frowning, he lightly said, “Don’t frown.”
Ye Junchi was stunned.
Locking gazes with Ye Junchi, JiYuan slowly said, “Wait until you tell me about yourself, and I will tell you what I have figured out. Ye Junchi, you…. wait a bit more for me.”
A moment of silence, Ye Junchi rested his head at JiYuan’s neck.
His eyes were closed and the corner of his lips was slightly curved up.
“Alright, as long as you can give me an answer, I will wait for you.”
It was rare for the atmosphere to be warm and harmonious, Ye Junchi sat down on the grass while hugging JiYuan, greedily sniffing the light fragrance from his(JY) body.
His(YJC) hands were not being polite and were pinching JiYuan’s waist.
In a distressed tone, Ye Junchi said, “Too skinny, should get a bit fatter.”
“I’m not a pig.”
JiYuan slapped away his(YJC) hand, but his wrist was grabbed. Before he managed to react, both of his hands were caught and pressed above his head. His whole body was pressed down on the ground, and the person above him raised his chin up. With a smile, Ye Junchi said, “It would be great if you are a pig, because I’m still waiting to eat you.”1
As he said that, his hand slowly stretched to secure the back of JiYuan’s head. He kissed on JiYuan’s lips in a probing manner (to check how JY reacts), then said in a low voice, “Ah Yuan, I am very happy. It seems that you no longer avoid me…”
Their bodies were stuck tightly to each other. JiYuan’s breathing was getting rapid, he stiffened his body and not daring to move in case the friction caused ‘a gun to misfire’. He let Ye Junchi lightly pecked on him as he pondered ‘what kind of story development is this’ in his mind. But then he saw Ye Junchi’s gaze became deeper, his(YJC) breathing becoming unstable, and ‘something’ seemed to be poking at his(JY) lower abdomen….
JiYuan swallowed, and said in a quiet voice, “I’m hungry.”
As soon as the words came out from his mouth, JiYuan realized that saying ‘hungry’ in this kind of situation was not very smart, so hurriedly went to backup himself with, “Should start cooking the fish.”
“Let you go again this once.”
Ye Junchi’s breath was hot, he bowed down to rub his own cheek against JiYuan’s face. With a light chuckle and a sentence ‘Really wanted to open you up and immediately devour you’, he then stood up and went to prepare the fishes he caught earlier.
After Ye Junchi has left, JiYuan carefully got up and released a breath, “Aiya, System. That was dangerous ah.”
System : “You are hard too?”
JiYuan : “…”
System ‘tsk-ed’, “As expected, men are the kind of animal that used their lower body to think.”
“How is that connected to your words?”
JiYuan was annoyed, and continued, “Moreover, two young and vigorous people acting in the heat of the moment, what’s the problem in reacting from being rubbed together?”
“Young people?” System sneered, “Do you know how old is your demon lord?”
JiYuan : “…” He really didn’t know.
JiYuan’s sexual desire has always been low. After he arrived to this world, he almost stayed beside Ye Junchi every day. Hence, afraid of being found out, he doesn’t dare to relieve himself with his hand. JiYuan only managed to calm his body down after lying back down on the ground for a long time.
His ‘body’ problem has calmed down, JiYuan assuredly got up from the ground. Ye Junchi has already prepped the fishes and roasting it, at this point he(YJC) has already disrobed, seemed to be getting ready to go into the water.
Turning towards him, JiYuan asked with some doubts, “…. you want to bath?”
Ye Junchi openly turned his body around and calmly pointed at his lower body, “If I don’t go to calm myself down, are you going to help me relieve it?”
“… please bath a moment longer.” JiYuan was embarrassed.
Ye Junchi didn’t take off all his clothes, he went into the water with his underpants on. Turning his head sideways, he saw JiYuan staring intently at the fish cooking by the fire. He felt that was funny in his mind, then he heard JiYuan’s voice, “Ye Junchi, I want to ask you a question.”
What kind of question for him to be so serious?
Ye Junchi : “Ask ba.”
“How old are you?”
Ignoring the fact that his soul was almost 30 years old, JiYuan seriously and solemnly said his age without face turning red or heart beating fast (not feeling shameless), “I am 17 years old this year.”
Ye Junchi : “…”
Ye Junchi was silent for a long time, then replied with much difficulties, “…. let me think for a bit.”
But no words were heard from Ye Junchi after that.
System was speculating, “Big bro should be having a depression caused by the age gap right now….”
JiYuan doesn’t really care how old Ye Junchi was, but he felt very funny watching the back of Ye Junchi’s silent figure. Pursing his lips, he tried his best to contain his smile and whispered, “I don’t mind.”
A sound of water splashing sounded, Ye Junchi abruptly turned his head, “Ah Yuan, what do you mean by that sentence just now?”
JiYuan declined to comment. Seeing that the roasting fish was almost done, he took it down and blew on it, then ate in small bites.
Ever since Big bro Ye picked up a small and weak mortal with him, he was afraid that the mortal would not be accustomed to eat outside food. Thus, he(YJC) would bring some condiments with him all the time. Whenever he roasted any game or wild animal, he would coat it one by one, so it was flavorful to eat.
Being a vegetarian for a few months, JiYuan now gets teary whenever he gets to eat meat. He no longer cared about Ye Junchi or what he was doing.
The fish was just half-finished, and he was pulled into someone’s arms. Just finished bathing in the cold river, the person behind JiYuan was still carrying a breath of cold air with him.
Ye Junchi pinched his(JY) earlobe, “Ah Yuan, what did you said just now?”
JiYuan turned around, and calmly stuffed the half-eaten fish into his(YJC) mouth.
Picking up another fish, JiYuan continued to eat slowly.
Ye Junchi blinked a few times. After pondering for a moment, he no longer asked about the matter, just comfortably hugged the person in his embrace. He bit on the fish a few times at the area that JiYuan has bitten before, enjoying this moment of tranquility.
For Ye Junchi, the secret ground was not dangerous at all. He relied on his own strength and could come and go as he wished. What dangerous was those who hid in the dark, not sure when those enemies would rush out and bite them.
After they finished eating the fish, both people stared at each other for a short moment. Just as JiYuan wanted to talk about some serious matters, he was forced down onto the ground by Ye Junchi. Frowning, he wanted to kick him away but then he felt his neck was lightly licked, “Don’t move, someone is here.”
His body stiffened, after JiYuan understood what happened, he relaxed his body, no longer resisting.
“I’m sorry, I was too rough in the past.”
Ye Junchi gently whispered before carefully bit on JiYuan’s neck.
The sensation was not the same as the excruciating pain from previous bites. Not only it was not painful this time, there was also a soft, indescribable itchy feeling coming from the place he was bitten. JiYuan looked at a side with scrunched up eyebrows, controlling himself not to groan out loud.
Afraid that JiYuan would feel painful, Ye Junchi loosened his teeth as fast as he could, then carefully licked away the blood left on JiYuan’s neck. He raised his head to flash a smile at him(JY), “I sensed murderous intent, afraid that the other party doesn’t have any good intention. Stick closer to me later.”
JiYuan was absentmindedly staring at the pair of lips stained with bright red blood, adding a subtle flirty feeling to Ye Junchi’s smile; JiYuan subconsciously nodded.
The moment after both people stood up, the trees in front of them moved a bit, and a person slowly walked out.
It was someone they have not seen for a long time, the Head of the Zhao family, Zhao Buchen.
For people who has forgotten who is who
Ye Junchi was lazy to put on the face mask to continue acting, so he looked on with great interest towards Zhao Buchen, who stood 3 zhang (around 10 meter) in front of them with a face full of murderous intent. His lips curved up, and his smile was cold and thin. There was not much smiles in his eyes, “I heard the Zhao and Jiang family are arch-enemies. Didn’t expect to see the the Zhao family Head inside the Jiang family’s secret grounds. Truly a sight for one to see.”
Zhao Buchen coldly looked at him, “Things like you can also be called human?”
[T/N : ZBC was catching the word ‘human/person’ in YJC’s sentence, a word play in the insult game. Moving on.]
“You are right. Rather than being a base and malicious human, it’s fine being a demon.”
The blue veins on Zhao Buchen’s forehead jumped up, he gnashed his teeth and gave Ye Junchi a death stare. His hand was on the hilt of his sword, but he didn’t manage to pull the sword out as his hand was pressed down.
The person who suddenly appeared was Jiang Xuesong. There were no longer refined smiles on his face. Jiang Xuesong’s eyes coldly swept over Ye Junchi and said, “You are not his opponent, you will only get killed if you rushed forward in impulse.”
Zhao Buchen was an arrogant and prideful person, so being pointed out bluntly by Jiang Xuesong, he almost burst out in rage but still get held down by Jiang Xuesong.
Jiang Xuesong smiled but his eyes were not laughing, “If you want to die, at least don’t die in the vicinity of JinHe. Lest the people from the cultivation world thought I have harmed you. Now that you have seen the people you wanted, where is the item I requested?”
Zhao Buchen threw a glance at him with a cold face. He took out a small wooden box from his storage ring without a word, and threw it at Jiang Xuesong.
Catching the box, Jiang Xuesong opened it to look inside and frowned.
“You divided the thing into 3 parts, right? Where is the other one?”
“Kill him, and I’ll give you the rest.”
“Zhao family Head is really vengeful.”
Jiang Xuesong smiled, and put away the wooden box. He turned around and looked at Ye Junchi, his gaze was as if he was looking at a dead man, “Demon lord daren, it’s an honor to meet you at last.”
Ye Junchi indifferently looked at him without a word.
Daring to aim at him(YJC), they should be clear with his(YJC) strength. Otherwise, they won’t go through such a big round to lead him into their territory. Since Jiang Xuesong appeared in front of him, he(JXS) must have prepared for something that could guarantee his(JXS) life. JiYuan was following beside him(YJC) so he(YJC) couldn’t rush indiscriminately into action. Ye Junchi turned his hand to receive Gui Chi from JiYuan, holding the spiritual sword that has not been completely blossomed with brilliance for a long time.
Jiang Xuesong didn’t show the slightest fear, but smiled instead; his expression was strange.
“Demon lord daren is indeed a rare genius. Even in the demon realm, you are a unique figure. Otherwise, you won’t be able to practice that set of demonic skills so fast.”
The feeling of his words was a bit strange, Zhao Buchen frowned in contemplation while Ye Junchi was still smiling faintly. But his(YJC) eyes became a few points colder.
“Just that, there is a fatal flaw in using an incompatible body to learn such an overbearing demonic skills.”
As Jiang Xuesong continued talking, he seemed increasingly excited. He(JXS) gave a loud laugh, “So today, Ye Junchi, you are dead meat!”
Upon his last word, his tone abruptly turned severe. Following that, a black blur figure sudden flashed. JiYuan was being pressed by Ye Junchi into his arms, he could only rely on System to check out how the attacker looked like.
It was someone completely covered by a black robe, the stature or appearance of that person couldn’t be seen. That person’s body seemed to be shrouded in wisps of black demonic qi. In the person’s hand was a sword, and the body of the sword was completely black.
Ye Junchi’s face instantly became icy. His voice was one that JiYuan has never heard before, it was a solidified killing intent. Word by word, Ye Junchi spat out, “As expected, it was you.”
The author has something to say:
JY : How old/big are you actually?
YJC : How big am I? Wifey, aren’t you most clear about it?
JY : …
YJC : Do you want to feel it properly tonight?
JY : … damm smelly rogue.

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